Nov 30

4W WebMerge
Publish any database on any server

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Publish any database or spreadsheet
with templates from any HTML editor
on any web server.

And then automate it.

Yep. It’s that easy.

WebMerge lets you export your database to HTML, generating static Web pages from your database content.

WebMerge works with any database or spreadsheet that exports in tab-delimited, Merge, or other tabular format, including FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel. Using HTML template pages you can make with your favorite authoring tool, WebMerge makes a new HTML page from the data in each record of the exported file. WebMerge can also create index pages with links to each of the detail pages. Generated pages can be hosted on any web server without the need for a specialized database hosting solution.

WebMerge 2.4 provides support for multi-column index page layouts, a new WM-FieldInclude tag which lets you insert a text file or HTML file referenced by a path in your field data, enhanced support for JavaScript and CSS in navigation tags, and a few other minor enhancements.

WebMerge works locally on your hard drive, uploading it pages using standard FTP. It requires no extensions to your system, ans no special CGIs or other components on your server. Everything you need to start generating pages is included in one easy-to-use application.

A wide variety of businesses, universities, and other organizations rely on WebMerge daily, ranging from web designers to the US Library of Congress. Most of our customers tell us that WebMerge paid for itself with the first project they used it on.

Here’s what others say about WebMerge:

"…easy, low-cost Web publishing software to create a database-derived site that doesn’t require any complex Web database infrastructure."
- MacWorld Magazine

"This product works incredibly quickly and smoothly. I outputted 19,000 hotel records neatly and quickly into templates that were extremely easy to put together. Workflow is actually fun now – watching this thing make a huge interlinked and organised website that rocks in the search engines all at the press of a button and in under a minute is such a pleasure!"
G. Hall

"WebMerge has been invaluable to me to significantly upgrade our site in an efficient way. Combined with Filemaker and a good html editor such as GoLive or Dreammaker, WebMerge is incredibly flexible. Webmerge has become an indispensible tool for me.

"Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of WebMerge is the ease of making updates. Make a quick change to the data, click a couple buttons…and it is done.

"Thank you Richard for a superb tool. And thank you for the first rate support that you and your contributing experts provide. The learning curve was swift."
Philip Brouwer
Accent on Rugs of Los Gatos

"I searched high and low to find a simple solution to the conversion of my FileMaker Pro files into pages that don’t look like some kind of database junk listings.

"WebMerge is still the best solution I have seen yet. I use weekly to generate 41 different categories of items into 200+ pages for my web site in about 90 seconds. Great program!"
JW Freeman
JWMercantile, LLC

"This is a GREAT product . . . powerful, logical, intuitive, and reasonably priced. I love it.

"I found WebMerge by searching for something like "mail merge" but for web pages. I thought I might find something, but I never expected to find something done by SMART PEOPLE.

"Thank you. I totally relate to what you’ve done."
Karen Kaiser

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.2 or later
At least 500MB total system memory
15 MB disk space

For more information, visit the WebMerge site.

Nov 28

Serene Saver Pro
Bring your Desktop to Life!

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Nov 27

Get Backup
We help you Get Back up!
Weekend ZOT Preview below…

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The hard drive of your computer stores a lot of files with your valuable information. Bad things sometimes happen – and hard drives do crash. Such things tend to occur when they are least expected. The best protection is to back up your data regularly. And this is where Get Backup can help! All you need to do is to restore your data if an emergency occurs.

Get Backup is a native Mac OS X backup software utility. This program is a simple and efficient tool for creating personal backups, suitable for both beginners and pros. It gracefully combines the simple and elegant user interface with powerful backup capabilities, such as automatic backups according to your schedule. Get Backup is flexible enough: you can reduce the backup archive size using compression tools, restore it on any computer as it utilizes tar technology, and much more.

Get Backup will help you to:

  • Backup your precious data and restore it on any computer.
  • Insure yourself against data loss.
  • Automate the backup creation process.
  • Set up the backup process once – and it will care for your data.
  • Features at a Glance:

    Flexible schedule allows you to automate the backup process
    The customizable scheduling tool allows to fully automate the backup process, so that backups
    are created on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly). You can specify the backup start
    time up to the minute. You can create separate schedules for different backup projects.

    Back up to any mounted device/drive
    The program allows you to save backups to any locally mounted device/drive, including FireWire,
    USB, ATA, SCSI, CD and DVD devices, or network volumes.

    Diverse Backup Methods:

  • Full — all selected files are saved, and the
    resulting archive replaces the previously created one.
  • Versioned — all selected files are saved in a new
    backup archive, and the previous archives remain intact.
  • Incremental — each time a backup is created, only
    the files that were changed are saved in the new backup archive.
  • Get Backup is a rebranded version of Dobry Backuper software that was
    purchased by BeLight Software from DobrySoft in February, 2008.

    System Requirements: Apple Macintosh G3 or higher. Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later.
    4 MB of free space for application.
    Available in: English, German.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    This weekend’s ZOT? – November 29th and 30th
    Serene Saver Pro – Bring your desktop to life!

    Serene Saver Pro is a unique cross between a video desktop and a traditional screen saver. Serene Saver Pro provides a wide variety of stunning, relaxing high definition video screens for your desktop. You can also add your own video to the mix!

    Learn more about Serene Saver Pro here…

    Nov 26

    Easily and quickly rename a large number of files

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    If you’ve ever worked with a large set of files such as photos from a digital camera, a music collection or office documents, then you know that naming and renaming files can become quite a chore. Renamer4Mac puts an end to these chores: it allows you to easily and quickly rename a large number of files.

    Awarded with 4 stars in a recent Macworld review, Renamer4Mac was praised as a “genuine gem … elegantly executed … a brilliant buy”.

    Features in a nutshell:

  • Fast. Batch rename large sets of files at lightning speed at the tip of your fingers.
  • Convenient. Rename files with search and replace, number files, insert or remove text in names, and convert between upper, lower and mixed case
  • Powerful. Renamer4Mac supports regular expression, and ships with a Finder plugin that adds a contextual menu item for renaming files from within Finder
  • Clever. Renamer4Mac allows you to save your favorite rename patterns as templates.
  • International. Renamer4Mac speaks English, French, German and Spanish.
  • Watch a video about Renamer4Mac…

    Renamer4Mac requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, and runs on both Intel and PowerPC architectures

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Nov 25

    MacVide VideoFlash Converter
    Convert video to Flash SWF and FLV files

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $24.95

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    Convert most popular video formats to Flash SWF and FLV files. Simply select the file you want to convert, and click the Start button. VideoFlash Converter automatically provides ideal default settings for conversion.

    You can remove useless frames and also parts of the frames by cropping it, which gives a zoomed in, cropped image with much important video information.

    VideoFlash Converter is very handy because it has a video preview for rangebar and a frame preview for cropping. Rangebar will let you to choose the video from the first frame to the last. You can cut frames from the begining and from the end. You can be sure how the video will look after cutting. Also there is a preview for cropping. You will see Crop frame in the preview box and you will see which parts from each side you want to crop.

    By using VideoFlash Converter you can prepare your video files for publishing on your website, blog or just play it on your computer.

    MacVide VideoFlash Converter, developed specifically for Mac users, offers an easy-to-use interface that guides you through the conversion process.

    Feature highlights include:

  • Convert all popular video formats, including MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPG, ASF, DivX
  • Choose between FLV or SWF output formats
  • Modify resolution, frame rate, video and audio bit rates, width, and height for particular needs
  • Crop videos to remove black sides
  • Preview your video from the first to final frame using Rangebar
  • Compatible with PowerPC G4 or G5 and Intel Core 2 processors
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum Requirements:

  • Mac OS X Version 10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard
  • Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
  • 12.6 MB Hard Drive space
  • Read more about VideoFlash Converter at

    Nov 24

    ProteMac Meter
    Visualizing your Internet activity is simple.

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    ProteMac Meter is a network traffic logger that allows you to monitor all internet and network traffic on your Mac, showing you exactly what was transmitted and to where.

    This includes all traffic initiated by software applications, services, web sites etc. The capability to audit what flows in and out of every piece of software is critical for security aware users. ProteMac Meter provides real-time processes (applications and services) monitoring and shows the history of every network activity.

    The program shows extensive information about each connection: application network connections, host availability, remote host name, amounts of incoming and outgoing traffic through connection or application, timestamps of the first and last activity, application that initiated or accepted this connection, full path to the application the process belongs to, and much more. The traffic summary indicator shows an upload and download speed graph and traffic totals.


  • Display chart and table of network application’s or connection’s real time activity.
  • Display real time network traffic usage for each application on your Mac!
  • Display real time network traffic summary for your Mac.
  • Display real time network speed for your Mac.
  • Provides clear graphical and numerical network traffic details.
  • Log each session, include start/stop time, application, remote address/port, total transferred bytes and average speed.
  • Generate network traffic statistics report, display period network usage for each application and each remote IP.
  • Monitors multiple network connection interfaces at the same time.
  • Views connection details in summary, daily, weekly and monthly format, plus export to many different file formats.
  • Readout in either kB/sec (kilobytes per second) or kbps (kilobits per second).
  • Useful stopwatch to accurately time downloads and report the average transfer rates.
  • Includes complete window configuration and view options.
  • Alarms once a particular amount of traffic volume is reached in the period.
  • Alarms for specified Application, bandwith or time
  • The utility has a transparent user-friendly interface and is very simple in use.

    Visualizing your Internet activity is simple, even for inexperienced users. You can view all established connections, monitor network and per application traffic over a certain period, setup various notifications and much more. Use ProteMac Meter right from your menubar floating diagrams to see the application and network bytes flow.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

    Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
    12.6 MB Hard Drive space

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

  • Nov 23

    Sandvox Web Designs

    Normally: $28.00

    ZOT Price: $14.00

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    The SWD SUPER BUNDLE features 9 professional designs in 28 variations plus a brand new page style (plugin) for Sandvox … the Rich Text Plus page style.

    At Sandvox Web Designs we strive to provide quality and useful designs for Sandvox. You can rest assured that we take pride in all of our designs and put them through many hours of testing to make sure they work in all of the most popular browsers. We also strive to provide top notch customer support.

    The following designs come with the bundle:

  • The Brand New “Crafty” design
  • Override
  • Discovery
  • Inspiration
  • Mojo
  • Seclusion
  • Franchise
  • Suspicion
  • and New Day
  • Plus the all new Rich Text Plus page style

  • Sandvox is an easy, elegant website creation tool. – Today’s ZOT features Themes for Sandvox.

    FREE ZOTS!!!- We’re giving away Three copies of today’s ZOT to Three lucky ZOTbloggers.
    Post something interesting of your choosing on today’s ZOT blog. We’ll read the blog, choose 3 winners, and post the winners on the blog sometime during this ZOT. You can use your creativity! No guidelines will be given. Good Luck!

    Read about and view All the designs here…

    Nov 21

    RapidWeaver 4.2.1
    Powerful Website Creation for Everyone!

    Normally: $79.00

    ZOT Price: $51.35

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    The New More Powerful RapidWeaver

    RapidWeaver 4 is a revolutionary but friendly piece of web design software made exclusively for Mac OS X Leopard. Using easy drag and drop technology RapidWeaver lets you easily build a website tailored to your personal needs. Blogs, Photo albums, Movie pages, Styled text and more can be created at the click of a button and customised to make a site to be proud of.

    Once finished, you site is easily published to MobileMe, FTP or SFTP accounts and RapidWeaver has built-in Smart Publishing that only uploads changed files, making future updates to your site fast and simple.

    Not running Mac OS X Leopard?

    RapidWeaver 4.x requires Mac OS X 10.5, however serial numbers for RapidWeaver sold in this Zot are also valid for version 3.6.7 which runs on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and is available to download from the Realmac Software Downloads Page.


  • Made exclusively for the Mac
  • Drag and Drop Site Creation
  • Photo & Movie Albums
  • iPhoto and Aperture Integration
  • MobileMe, FTP & SFTP Publishing – including support for MobileMe Personal Domains
  • Built in Image Editing
  • Blogging with RSS & Podcasting
  • Smart Publishing to reduce site upload times
  • Unlimited Sub-menus
  • Generates beautiful XHTML-valid sites
  • Support for Google Analytics and iPhone ‘WebClip’ Bookmark icons
  • Flash Based Slideshows
  • Live PHP Rendering
  • RapidWeaver in the Press

    5 out of 5 & Editors’ Choice Award, Macworld Magazine, July 2008:

    “With a simpler interface and streamlined workflow [RapidWeaver] beats just about any entry level site builder on the market.”

    4.5 out of 5, Christopher Phin, MacFormat Magazine, August 2008:

    “[RapidWeaver is] still the best way to build a professional website with ease on the Mac.”

    For more reviews, visit!

    Take a RapidWeaver QuickTour here…

    Get more info here…

    Nov 20

    Weekend ZOT Preview below

    Normally: $29.99

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    Jets’n'Guns GOLD is a heavy piece of ground shaking, rock blasting action with graphics and special effects that will blow your eyes out! Treat yourself to a journey of almost-insane action adventure of saving the universe from the deadly threat of more than 270 unique monsters in the campaign of 43 levels! Stand as one-against-many armed with tons of different weapons. Command a devastating armament fitted into one of the awesome spaceships!

    Game features:
    - 43 levels full of thrilling action, shooting and demolition
    - more than 270 unique enemies including 16 boss monsters
    - 70 different weapons
    - upgrade your ship with 20 special devices
    - superior graphic and particle effects enhancing the destruction
    - more than one hour of breathtaking original soundtrack
    - new scenario in every level (deep space, jungle, undersea, lava planet…)
    - fly in 12 different vessels, even in a horrible boss ship
    - combination of weapons give hundreds of possibilities how to equip your ship
    - sounds and sound-effects just like from a Hollywood movie
    - and much more

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.39 or later.

    Click here to visit the Developer’s Website.

    This weekend’s ZOT? – November 22nd and 23rd -

    Powerful Website Creation for Everyone.
    With powerful tools under the hood, yet a beautifully-familiar user interface built especially for Mac OS X Leopard, RapidWeaver is ideal for anyone looking to create a beautiful website.
    Whether it’s your first or five-hundreth website, RapidWeaver has all the tools you need quickly create pages you’ll be proud of.

    Learn more about RapidWeaver 4 here…

    Nov 19

    TextExpander: save keystrokes, save time!

    Normally: $29.95

    ZOT Price: $17.97

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    TextExpander saves you countless keystrokes with customized abbreviations for your frequently-used text strings and images. Type a few letters and — pop — your text appears!

    Use different email signatures?
    • Easily insert a customized signature with a few keystrokes. You can even include a photo or logo!
    Need easy access to boilerplate paragraphs?
    • Add them to your snippet library and insert them into your emails and contracts by typing a short abbreviation!
    Filling out forms?
    • Make it easy on yourself by adding your address, email, phone and fax numbers to your snippet library!
    Keep making the same typos?
    • Add common typos as triggers. TextExpander automatically replaces them with the correct spelling!
    Need to insert the current date or time?
    • TextExpander comes with date and time snippets that you can format the way you want!

    Try it! You’ll be amazed how easy it is to save hours of typing!

    Check out all the latest TextExpander features!
    • Date and time math (add or subtract years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds from current date/time)
    • AppleScript URL shorteners that automatically insert URLs from TinyURL, and

    • Accented Words: easily insert commonly-used foreign words in English, like crêpe, débâcle, or jalapeño
    • CSS and HTML snippet groups
    • MobileMe syncing

    “The single best productivity tool for the Mac, right after Quicksilver.”
    – Leo Laporte, host of MacBreak.

    “TextExpander is it. I’ve been using it for less one hour and I’m already weeping with happiness and wonder. And plunking down my credit card, to boot.”
    – Colleen Wainwright, The Communicatrix

    System Requirements:
    TextExpander 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4 and above.
    Mac OS X 10.3.9 users: Please download TextExpander 1.3.1.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.