Jun 30

Fast DVD Copy

Normally: $99.95

ZOT Price: $49.95

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The first software built for Mac OS X that allows users to copy their DVD video collections, Audio CD collections, PlayStation 2 games, DVD-ROMs or CD-ROMs without losing any quality from the original.

FAST DVD COPY is the most powerful digital technology copy software for Mac available on the market today.

FAST DVD COPY 4 Features

One-click copy interface allows you to copy:

  • almost all DVD videos to blank DVD+/-R(W) discs
  • almost all Audio CDs to a CD-R(W) disc
  • a CD-ROM to a CD-R(W) disc
  • a DVD-ROM to a DVD-R(W) disc
  • Takes advantage of Macintosh dual processors for faster processing
  • Removes CSS encryption and Macrovision protection
  • Free update patches available online
  • Privacy guaranteed with no digital mark written on the copied discs
  • DVD specific features

  • Copies an entire dual-layer DVD video to one single-layer DVD-R(W) disc
  • New Rip Only and Rip & Compress modes
  • Freedom to choose all items or specific items to copy including menus, trailers, audio
  • streams, subtitles, bonus material and special features
  • Movie only feature, to copy only the main feature without menus or bonuses
  • Copied DVD videos can be played on any recent DVD player
  • Removes CSS encryption and Macrovision protection
  • Support for ARccOS-protected DVDs
  • RCE protection handling
  • Duplication quality viewer available
  • Option to send copy logs to technical support
  • Fully copies multi-channel audio (Dolby Didital 5.1, DTS, THX)
  • Apple iDVD compatible
  • NTSC and PAL formats supported
  • Widescreen and Full Screen sizes supported
  • DVD copies are region free
  • “The product works great…
    Copying a DVD is a cinch – pop in a disc and press the Copy button.”

    System Requirements

    Any Macintosh running Mac OS X version 10.3.x to 10.5.x (Panther, Tiger or Leopard)
    Up to 17 GB free disk space
    Apple SuperDrive or any DVD burner compatible with Mac OS X
    Blank DVD+/-R(W) disc
    Internet Connection

    For more information, visit the FastDVDCopy website.

    Jun 29

    Back It
    Standalone backups made easy
    and more…

    Normally: $14.95

    ZOT Price: $9.00

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    Would you like to back up, sync, and transfer your important data in one easy step?

    You can use Back It to create a new stand alone application with your backup data inside. Then you can use this newly created application to restore, sync, or transfer your important data to your original computer, a new computer, or your friends computer. You need not have Back It installed or open to allow the new application to work.

  • Sync and back up iCal, Mail, and Address Book
  • Back up personal data easily to CDs or DVDs
  • Transfer game saves to friends
  • Use Back It to make specialized stand-alone applications for moving files, game saves, fonts, and more. It’s great for friends sharing information with each other, people who need to sync information in homes with multiple computers, or IT Professionals managing large labs on a budget.

    Everyone Loves Free Upgrades!

    Please download Back It and give it a try absolutely free! Back It licenses are valid forever. They’re good from version to version, there are no upgrade fees. This is because of the nature of this kind of program. I will not charge you for adding more things to back up, fixing bugs, and the like. It’s just not right.

    The Power is Yours!

    Now, I don’t have every application in the world on my computer. That means that there’s probably data you want to back up for applications that are not supported yet. Please send me an email so I can get them added as soon as possible! My goal is to continue adding support until Back It works for everyone. Everyone benefits from the rapid support behind this software.

    Back It will grow as the userbase does, and as people send in ideas and requests the face of Back It will change constantly which provides you with the ultimate tool! It’s almost like having your own personal developer.

    As with any super sensitive data, please be sure to make multiple backups. Do not rely on a single method for recovery as the worst can happen.

    System Requirements:
    Mac OS 10.4.x or greater

    More Information:
    Developer Website

    ZOTLaunch?…Today Tim Parnell, the developer of Back It, shares his brand new product with macZOT members and visitors. We at macZOT are excited help launch this great new product, and to offer it for sale first. ZOTLaunch Graphic by Mike Biskup Thanks for joining us for the ZOTLaunch!

    Jun 27


    Normally: $34.95

    ZOT Price: $19.95

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    Journler: Chronicle, Organize, Find and Connect

    4 1/2 Mice MacWorld

    Journler is your digital notebook and information manager. In its most basic form Journler is an easy to use daily diary. Choose a date and write an entry. Talk about your day, take bulleted notes from a meeting or class and keep track of that pesky homework. But unlike a written journal you can do much more.

    Journler supports a wide range of media from pictures and videos to PDFs, personal contacts and web pages. Add images and contacts directly to your entries, or even record video and audio right in the program. And of course Journler includes native support for it all so you can watch the movie and read that business document without ever leaving your journal.

    From here Journler takes off! Under the hood you’ll find powerful information management capabilities that make organizing and finding your data a snap. An innovative smart folder system unlike anything you’ve ever seen keeps your entries together as you write. On-the-fly filtering and searching puts the data at your fingertips when you need it. And finally an incredible Lexicon makes it possible to see relationships between entries you never knew existed, like an index for your thoughts and files.

    Is Journler for Me?

    Journler is a daily notebook and entry based information manager featuring iLife integration, audio and video entries, extensive document importing and instantaneous searching and filtering, not to mention Mail, iWeb and Address Book integration, a dash of blogging and AppleScript and Spotlight support.

    Scholars, teachers, students, professors, scientists, thinkers, the business minded and writers of every persuasion use it on a daily basis to connect the written word with the media most important to them. Take notes? Have documents? Need to keep it all together? Journler is for you!

    Journler at a Glance

  • Word processing capabilities
  • Audio, video and photo entries
  • iLife integration: iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie and Safari bookmarks
  • iWeb, Mail and Address Book support
  • AppleScript and Spotlight support
  • Support for importing, viewing and exporting all kinds of data
  • Print single entries, collections of entries, or any dated range
  • The Lexicon for discovering connections
  • The Drop Box for getting stuff in
  • An awesome community of enthusiastic and helpful users
  • A Great Deal Gets Even Better

    Buy Journler now and not only do you save $15 on the list price but you get the upcoming 2.6 upgrade free! Great new features are planned for the 2.6 upgrade. Enhancements will make your journaling experience more enjoyable, and support for plugins will vastly expand the application’s potential. So buy now, start using Journler today and enjoy the great new features free when 2.6 comes out!

    System Requirements

    Journler requires Mac OS 10.4.11. Mac OS 10.5 Leopard is recommended. Audio and video entries require the appropriate A/V hardware such as the built-in iSight camera. Journler works on both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

    Find out more at

    Jun 26


    Normally: $18.90

    ZOT Price: $9.50

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    TuneAid is an iPod content recovery tool. It will let you import your iPod’s content back into a Folder or iTunes in no effort. Hard Drive crash ? Stolen computer ? Corrupted system ? No problem, TuneAid will salvage your Music !

    TuneAid is a leading iPod/iPhone/Touch media transfer tool

  • Transfers Music and Videos from your device to iTunes or folder
  • Dead simple to use
  • Robust all metadata file transfer (Ratings, Play Counts etc.)
  • Media Player for all devices (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch)
  • Anti dupe function makes it easy syncing multiple iTunes Libraries
  • Both versions (Mac OSX/PC Windows) have been developed NATIVELY, no java or other slowdowners
  • Minimum System Requirements: OS X 10.4 PPC/Intel

  • ****½

    What do people say about TuneAid ?

  • When my hard drive crashed during an iTunes Library backup with Apple’s Backup utility, I was stuck with an “in progress” bundle that wouldn’t restore. I didn’t spend a great deal of time comparing offerings in the iTunes/iPod rescue application space; after reading reviews here on MacUpdate I picked TuneAid from DigiDNA. The price was reasonable and the application delivered on its promised results: it restored everything on my iPod back to my iTunes Library. I noticed on MacUpdate that a new version was ready and I upgraded. A new activation key was needed but before I could check about the inconvenience, a new activation key appeared in my Mail inbox. Good job and thanks, DigiDNA..
  • Works perfectly with at least iPhone, iPod Classic and iPod Nano (these are the ones I’ve tried it with). TuneAid saved my music library when my media drive crashed and it managed to import back my stuff from my iPod Classic. Great Stuff! The interface is very nice and it works perfectly with iTunes importing not only the songs but the playlists as well.

  • - TuneAid has been rated 4.5/5 at MacUpdate

    - Read more reviews

    - Go to developer’s site

    Jun 25

    Fortora Fresh Finance for Mac

    Normally: $29.99

    ZOT Price: $14.99

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    Introducing Fortora Fresh Finance for Mac

    Fortora Fresh Finance is the straightforward personal finance software for everyone. With Fortora Fresh Finance you can easily manage your personal finance-related tasks, such as balancing the checkbook, keeping track of credit cards, bill reminders, budgets and more. And you can easily generate reports to see where your money is going. Fortora Fresh Finance’s streamlined user interface has an easy learning curve, and you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Stay on top of your finances and know where you stand
    Track your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and expenditures much more easily than doing it manually, and always know your net worth.
    Enjoy a streamlined user interface
    The uncluttered user interface is super easy-to-learn and use, especially compared to other finance software out there.
    Never forget to pay another bill or make an important deposit again
    Easily setup recurring or one-time reminders for your financial tasks.
    Keep your budget on track
    Easily setup multiple budgets and compare your actual spending with your target spending.
    See where your money’s going
    Quickly generate detailed reports, such as Income and Expenses and Cash Flow reports.
    Import transactions from your bank
    Save time by optionally importing transactions from your online banking service instead of manually inputting them.
    Import your data from other financial packages
    Looking to migrate from your old financial software to something better? It’s no problem with Fortora Fresh Finance.
    Multiple-Currency support
    You can manage your foreign accounts with ease.
    Works with networks
    Simultaneously work with the same data from multiple machines over a network.
    Your data is portable
    Your data works with both the Mac and Windows editions of the software (great for users who use both Mac and Windows computers.)
    Use on up to 3 computers
    Each copy you purchase is valid for use on up to 3 of your computers (great for multiple-computer households and offices.)
    Superior support and service
    Enjoy excellent support and service from a company which understands it simply could not exist without its customers. Plus enjoy a product which is shaped in large part by customer feedback.
    And much more
    Packed with the features you need, nothing more and nothing less, you’ll find that this is the perfect solution for your finance management needs.

    System Requirements

    Fortora Fresh Finance is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 and later, and works with both Intel and Power PC-based systems. Fortora Fresh Finance is a native Mac OS X application and has no other requirements.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Jun 24

    Dejal Simon Standard License

    Normally: $59.95

    ZOT Price: $29.95

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    ATTENTION WEBMASTERS: Monitor websites and servers for changes or failures

    “…a feature-rich tool that’s ideal for Webmasters who need to monitor a variety of Internet services.”
    – Matt Vance, Macworld

    Dejal Simon is the essential site monitoring tool for Mac OS X. It checks servers for changes or failures, and notifies you via e-mail, sound, speech, or other means. You can use it to track updated sites, and to alert you when an important server goes down or recovers. Developed in Cocoa, it is a native Mac OS X application with an intuitive and attractive interface.

    Simon is very versatile. It can be used to monitor your own website and servers, track your clients’ servers, communicate on arbitrary ports, run custom scripts for monitoring and notifications, and much more.

    “Simon constantly monitors the content of critical pages and shows me the changes that have been made. Quality control is very important to me: usability, reliability, design, that’s what people pay me for! In Simon I also find those qualities — and this feels good to me. … Simon adds another reliable and highly customizable layer of control and feedback! I also appreciate the fast response when contacting Dejal. The developer knows what he’s talking about!”

    - Holger Hubbs, web/print/information design,

    Central to Simon is the Monitor window. It enables you to see at a glance the current status of all of your monitored websites, servers, and applications. In addition to a colorful status icon and up-time percentage, the tests table displays how long ago the last change and failure occurred, and when the next check will occur. But that’s not all. This window also displays further statistics about the tests, and tables listing recent checks (including the check duration and a bar chart), changes (including the text that changed), failures (including the error description), and notifications (that can occur for changes, failures, and recoveries).

    “I searched high and low for a product to monitor my server, and Simon was the only product that worked flawlessly. Simon is also great at monitoring changes on other sites; handy if you want to be the first to see new content on seldom updated pages.”

    - Gord Lacey, Owner,

    For more information and screenshots, please visit the Dejal Simon website.

    The ZOT price is offered for the STANDARD LICENSE of Simon which retails for $59.95. This allows up to 20 tests – perfect for many webmasters. If you have more extensive needs, check out the Enterprise license.

    Jun 23

    myNotes – Take it easy!

    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $11.95

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    Note manager for the rest of us.

    myNotes is a friendly and easy-to-use note manager for the Mac, ideal for keeping all your text snippets and ideas in one place. It allows you create, organize and share notes and clippings, sync notes onto your iPod or print them utilizing beautiful customizable themes.

    Enjoy myNotes’ auto-naming feature and real-time word count. Customize your widescreen work area to suit your needs or moods. Sort and search through all of your notes using myNotes’ flexible filtering engine. Quickly share your ideas with friends or colleagues using Apple’s award-winning Mail. Export notes to Rich Text, HTML or Word format. Use unique Address Book integration to look up your buddies by first or last name and send them an e-mail, start a chat session or open a homepage with just one click!

    And all these features come neatly packaged in a clean and intuitive interface that enables you to focus on your notes, not the Help menu.

    That is why students, teachers, designers, photographers and other creative people made myNotes their tool of choice.

    Let our users speak for themselves:

    To me, this is the most universal and clean note-taking app I’ve seen. It doesn’t have millions of distracting options, tons of tacky colors everywhere with drawers and buttons, it simply is an app that let’s you organize and write. A distraction-free environment to keep every note you ever take, whether it’s for class, writing a book, poetry, or simply day to day tasks. – via

    Excellent application: simple, great print options, minimalistic, unobstrusive. Many years now since I’ve found such a practical application for my Mac.- via

    System Requirements: OS X 10.4 or higher

    myNotes. It makes note-taking a joy!

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Jun 22


    Normally: $26.00

    ZOT Price: $15.60

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    Merges multiple files in PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG and other popular image formats into a single PDF document.

    Key features in a nutshell:

  • Merges documents, images, scanned files and photos into a single PDF document
  • Handles PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, PostScript, EPS, JPEG-2000 (JP2), GIF, PSD, ICNS, Windows Bitmap (BMP), PICT, SGI and TGA files
  • Supports multi-page PDF, TIFF and PostScript documents
  • Merges files with drag and drop onto iCombiner’s dock icon
  • Merges files directly from Finder through the contextual menu
  • Offers 3 different create modes: automatic in-place, prompt for destination file, and open in main window
  • iCombiner is a Universal Binary that runs on both Intel and PowerPC. iCombiner requires Mac OSX Tiger (10.4) or higher.

    Learn more about iCombiner.

    Jun 20


    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $9.95

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    The Handy Image Editor That Will Save You Time & Money!

    ImageWell is a small, but powerful, image editing application that lets you quickly resize, crop, watermark, edit your images, take screenshots and then instantly upload them to the web, save to your computer or email them to a friend. At the click of a button, the image is sent and a handy URL is automatically copied to the clipboard for quickly pasting into a post, blog page, email message, or any other document.

    ImageWell also lets you annotate your images with text, shapes, arrows and lines, quickly and easily. And it doesn’t stop there – add a drop shadow, a shaped border, flip or rotate your image, adjust the sharpness and brightness, plus so much more.

    Don’t want to send your image to the web? You don’t have to, it’s not the law. Edit your image, give it a name and file type, and simply drag and drop the image to the desired destination on your computer to save it there. Or drag and drop it into an email message, a document or presentation. Want to send other types of files to the web – you can do that too. It’s easy-shmeasy, just choose the location, and drop the file over the Send button…done!

    And the list just keeps getting better…ImageWell also offers batch image resize, batch watermarking, batch upload, the ability to drag and drop multiple images onto the canvas, plus a Template feature for saving and applying your favorite styles. You also get a slew of draw objects and border shapes, a variety of arrows and line styles, gradient backgrounds, custom canvas sizing, and a “Favorites” box
    for storing your favorite objects…plus much, much more…

    Powerful Punch with a Small Footprint

    Available in 15 different language localizations and backed by world class customer support, ImageWell offers a ton of useful features than first meets the eye. ImageWell packs a big bang for the buck, removing the need to open large heavy-weight applications for all the simple, everyday things you want to do.

    Say goodbye to opening large heavy-weight applications for all the simple things you want to do, and discover what ImageWell can do for you!

    To learn more about ImageWell, please click here.

    System Requirements:

    - OS X 10.3.9 or greater. Tiger & Leopard Support.

    - Universal Binary – Intel-based Mac & PPC support.

    - Internet connection and .Mac account or other Web Host required to upload images. Supports dot Mac, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP, Flickr, SmugMug,ImageShack, and Send to a folder.

    NOTE: ImageWell V4 is currently in development. Registered Version 3.x users will be able to upgrade to V4 for free and will also get first dibs on the private V4 Beta.

    *All images and screen grabs used in this listing were created and edited with ImageWell.*

    Learn More:

    ImageWell Features

    A Closer Look at ImageWell

    ImageWell Resources & Help Docs

    User Feedback and Ratings

    About XtraLean Software

    We are a small two-person (husband and wife) company who consider each and every one of our customers a part of the team. We are committed and dedicated to our products and the people who use them. Founded in 2002, XtraLean Software develops solely for the Mac, and has over 20 years of experience in the software development industry. Located in Kitchener, Ontario, in the heart of Canada’s technology triangle, XtraLean serves customers in all parts of the world.

    To learn more about our mission, and how the name “XtraLean Software” was born, please visit our About page.

    Jun 19

    Rainbow Web 2 welcomes you again to the wonderful world of the Rainbow Kingdom!

    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $9.95

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    Rainbow Web 2 welcomes you again to the wonderful world of the Rainbow Kingdom! Your hero has already broken the spells laid upon the magic land by a wicked and powerful Sorcerer Spider.

    But the Royal Palace is still in the grip of the Spider, who weaves a web of spells, making the palace into the last citadel of evil in this magic kingdom.

    So, a difficult journey lies ahead. What was begun must be finished!


  • 82 challenging levels
  • 7 spider web patterns and 14 unique rooms to restore
  • 2 kinds of mini-games: Jigsaw Puzzle and Hidden Object
  • Rich story and amazing graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
  • 50 Mb free hard drive space
  • mouse
  • Sugar Games has been around for quite a while. Our primary emphasis is making fun games for children and adults. And games are not simply business to us, they have become an essential part of our life. If you ask anyone here, at Sugar Games, why he is in this industry, he will inevitably say it’s because of some great game he played as a kid. He will say it was fun and is something he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing. So, we are all true gamers who once decided to turn their hobby into profession.

    Click here to visit official Rainbow Web 2 site.

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    The Handy Image Editor That Will Save You Time & Money!