Apr 18

Multithemes RapidWeaver Themes Bundle II

Normally: $91.40

ZOT Price: $33.80

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5 Professional Themes
for Rapidweaver

We make professional Themes for RapidWeaver. The graphics and structure of our themes are carefully crafted, including the advanced color picking features. You can expect them to work flawlessly in the most common browsers for Mac and PC. Our themes are optimized for Safari and Firefox , Internet Explorer Safari (PC) and Firefox (PC).
All themes are top quality, and very customizable!

Freestyle I

Freestyle II

Freestyle III

Black Shadow


3 “Stickers”
Images to customise your themes with RWmultitool

Here are image packs to customise your themes and make them unique: very high quality files to enhance your website and add style. A precious collection of paintings, photographs, sketches. The creation of a human, not a machine. Turned to digital from their “analogue” origins… It’s not “everyday stuff”, but authentic “graphic jewellery” by your digital artisans! Enjoy.

2D Fantasy

3D Fantasy

MacMania (Hi-res version included)

Note: RWmultitool lite is included in all our Multithemes themes and it is completely free for Download.
Moreover our images can also be used with other software, e.g. Photoshop or Gimp

The MultiThemes Bundle II on MacZot
• You will get a Single DMG ( 5 themes + 3 Stickers + RWmultitool Lite )
• Future updates will be sent to the customer’s email address used during purchase.

Visit Multithemes for further information!

Next Weekend’s ZOT! April 26th and 27th…


Pick up today’s amazing themes, download a trial of Rapidweaver, and get to work!
Next week you’ll get a great deal on RapidWeaver!

5 Responses to “Multithemes RapidWeaver Themes Bundle II”

  1. Luna Says:

    Fingers crossed in hope there is a great upgrade deal for those who bought 3.5…

  2. Rees Maxwell Says:


    Not quite sure what you are meaning … this MacZot isn’t for RapidWeaver, but for a huge collection of themes and artwork for use in RapidWeaver. I’ve used one of their themes, and it is really professional, with a huge number of options.

    Oh wait, you were probably talking about next weekend’s Zot. Well, anything sold through MacZot is already a great deal, silly. :D

  3. John Ackert Says:

    Multithemes makes very professional themes. I had bought their themes with regular prices.
    But: I NEED BLOCKS! Please, please, please.

  4. dave Says:

    I’m a sucker for RW themes and plugins, but the first 4 themes look exactly the same and the last theme is generic.

  5. Eddie Says:

    Luna may be referring to “Next Weekend’s ZOT! April 26th and 27th”