Mar 20


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Get organized! Organize the paper that clutters your life. Think of Yep as iPhoto for your documents.

Yep. Deceptively simple. And remarkably powerful.

For PDFs

Photos have iPhoto. Music has iTunes. But when it comes to PDFs, you’re on your own. That is, until now. Now there is Yep and there’s no looking back.

Start Yep for the first time and it automatically shows you all your PDFs tagged based on where they were found on your hard disk. But the real fun begins when you start adding your own tags. You’ll never go back to a hierarchical filing system again.

And you might even think that iPhoto, iTunes and the Finder could learn a thing or two from Yep.

For Paper

Every house has cardboard boxes and filing cabinets full of receipts, important medical records, old letters and income tax returns, usually inconveniently stuck in the basement somewhere.

Now that Yep makes it so easy to keep all your PDF documents in one place, instantly retrievable and searchable, it might just be time to start scanning some of those paper documents into your computer and Yep will help you do it.

Note that Yep owners get a substantial discount when purchasing Leap at the ironic software store.


“Great program! I’ve been wanting an iPhoto type application for PDF’s for a long time. So simple to use and very intuitive. Well thought out. Finally I can get rid of all this paper! Works very fast on my Intel iMac.” – Review on MacUpdate

“I’ve been keeping a paperless office for years. I started way back in OS 9 with WorkingPapers, and have tried just about every solution for the mac. Yep is the best one I’ve ever found, and I personally think it keeps getting better. Certainly worth the price to have this kind of functionality on the Mac!” – Review on MacUpdate

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(Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later).

22 Responses to “Yep”

  1. Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner Says:

    I own that and have to say, I love it. Also I do so with LEAP :D

  2. Dan Says:

    Yep is truly great software, handles all the PDFs that Papers doesn’t :)

  3. Mark Says:

    I purchased Yep as part of a bundle and didn’t realize what I had. The first time I tried it out, it was like, this is OK, but why would people buy it. Then I started using it as part of my scanning process with my ScanSnap and found out it’s true power.

    I love it and will be glad when I finally get all of my pdf’s cataloged.

  4. peter Says:

    can we get a leap/yep combo deal through maczot? or just even leap on its own.

  5. deb Says:

    I would love to get Leap too – how can we get the discounted price on it when buying Yep through Maczot?

  6. misu Says:

    leap would be verry nice :-)

  7. iamcarlo Says:

    I bought Yep! sometime ago and just tried Leap. From the FAQs, owners of Yep! can get a discount coupon by purchasing through Leap. Well when I went to check out how much that discount would be I was pleasantly surprised to find that the developers, as a service for early purchasers, automatically licensed Leap for me! Wow! Thanks so much!

  8. Tom Andersen Says:


    I have talked to the macZOT team, and we will be having a Leap deal in a week or so (perhaps the last few days of March). Leap will be on at a usual macZOT deep discount, with an extra discount for Yep owners! This means that there is no reason not to buy Yep today.

    of Ironic Software

  9. Collin Says:

    Tom – What if you already own Yep?

  10. F451 Says:

    By far and away one of the most useful applications in the Mac world today on a personal, academic, and even an enterprise level; coupled with Leap the combination becomes unbeatable. The evolution of this software, in conjunction with Leap, has been wonderful to watch, and participate in, as Ironic is very much involved with its end users. Worth every penny at full price.

    If you are a connoisseur of data, this is for you!

  11. Tom Andersen Says:


    If you already own Yep, then there will be a god deal :) for you too on the end of March Leap deal. It does not matter if you bought Yep through macZOT or not, the extra discount will be the same for all Yep owners.


  12. Bryan Says:

    Hi Tom

    Glad to see you present in today’s discussions. I was just wondering if you could tell me the main differences between Yep and Leap? I noticed when I opened Leap for the first time that it started displaying my PDFs, so I guess my question is, what can Yep do for me that Leap cannot?

  13. iSaw Says:

    Recently, I bought a new external hard drive to free up space on my MacBook Pro. I got Yep to track my e-books in the new location. I then started to realize that some of my e-books were not being shown by Yep but were visible in the Finder. I thought the problem was with Yep, when in fact it was with Spotlight. Yep uses Spotlight to find the PDFs. Me moving the huge number of files to the external hard drive had ‘confused’ Spotlight. Spotlight had become slow and unable to find files but I didn’t connect this to causing Yep to not ‘see’ my PDFs.

    I rebuilt the Spotlight database by adding my internal and external hard drives to the Spotlight Privacy list (in System Preferences…); waiting 10 minutes; then removing both hard drives from the Spotlight Privacy list. This hiding of the drives and re-showing of them caused Spotlight to rebuild its database and for Yep to work beautifully again.

    I only mention this in case anyone downloads Yep and thinks it’s rubbish because it doesn’t show PDFs that are clearly there in the Finder; the problem is with Spotlight not Yep.

  14. MrStinkEye Says:

    I’ve had Yep on my wishlist for a while now. This MacZOT offer was exactly what I was waiting for. Sold!

    With Tom’s announcement of a upcoming offer on Leap, I’ll be purchasing that one, too. Thanks, Tom and Ted.

  15. misu Says:

    what is this? leap 41% discount on cool osx apps?

  16. Paul B Says:

    I see Yep’s usefulness for organizing my existing PDFs. However, if I scan text-on-paper (newspaper clippings, letters, etc) into Yep, will that yield text documents which can be searched by words, and read aloud to me by Leopard’s “Alex” etc? Or will I wind up with mere images of text documents, inside PDFs? (My printer/scanner is a 3-year old Epson CX6600 — I doubt that matters.)

    Given my VAST collection of home-clogging papers, I wonder if it would be better, in the long run, if I bought Devonthink Pro Office, which includes optical character recognition (OCR) — or better to use Yep plus some OCR program — which one? A quick search turns up Readiris. Or would skipping the OCR and settling for images of text, within PDFs (if that’s what scanning into Yep yields) probably be sufficient, if I use adequate multiple tags for each PDF? Does Yep plan to add OCR someday? Or consider it unnecessary? Or recommend some 3rd party OCR software? Is Yep plus some add-on, or by itself, better than or more cost-effective and/or easier/faster/wiser than DT Pro Office? Would some specific scanner improve the process (maybe by incorporating OCR)? Is VueScan relevant? Hoping for guidance from Tom of Yep, or users of Yep or Devonthink Pro Office or unknown alternatives…

  17. iSaw Says:

    The OCR in VueScan is not very accurate in my experience but it’s better than nothing. My understanding is that Yep will not convert scanned image PDFs into readable text.

  18. Martin Says:

    Great ZOT!

    had looked at this before but it was just up on the price bracket that made me question just how much I’d really use it. With the zot offer, it puts it firmly into the category of buy now, think later ;)

    And the major bonus is that I got to pay through MacZot’s own payment system, thus avoiding the nasty, nasty Kagi system that inisits on adding VAT on top!

  19. Martin Says:

    Okay, so now I need something to quickly get all my non-pdf documents saved as PDFs – I’ve been looking for hours. Any pointers?

  20. peter Says:

    thanks for that yep/leap combo discount link at cool osx apps. i thought better sooner buy than wait longer for it to possibly come up on maczot.

  21. Giltinan Says:


    Just open the non pdfs docs and print to pdf using the option in the printer dialogue. In case you are not familiar with this dialogue box, it is the “PDF” button to the right of the “?” in the lower left corner. Click on it and choose “save as pdf” or if Yep is already installed, further down the list you will see “save to Yep”, and that’s all you need to do unless for some reason you don’t see the Yep option. in that case, click the “edit menu” button at the bottom of the list, go to the “+” button at the bottom of that box and navigate to the Yep app, click it, click “open” and Yep is now added to your print to pdf list so you can select yep automatically when you need a pdf copy. enjoy

  22. Martin Says:

    @Giltinan: Thanks for the tip, but I’m aware of that route. I’m not keen on sitting here doing that for several thousand files though!!

    I may just crack open XCode and take a look. It’s the kind of development work that I do every day in the windows world after all.