Nov 30

AppZapper – Back by popular demand!

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ZOT Price: $6.00

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Back by popular demand – and lots of requests.

If you haven’t yet purchased this amazing little app, now is your chance to get the most popular uninstaller for the Mac OS!

Only 500 offered at this amazing price! Tell your friends now!! Offer ends tonight at midnight Pacific time.

AppZapper is for people who want to confidently try new apps while knowing they can uninstall them easily.

Drag one or more unwanted apps onto AppZapper and watch as it finds all the extra files, lets you preview them and delete them with a single click.

A slick safety system remembers which apps you want to keep safe, and the log tracks all the files you’ve zapped. Put simply, AppZapper is the uninstaller Apple forgot.

AppZapper is a very popular application right now. If you do a search on Google, you’ll see it’s linked everywhere. It’s localized in Japanese, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese, German and more. It’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s FUN! You have to try this application.


Just try it and you’ll know why it’s been downloaded nearly a million times.


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“AppZapper is a great piece of software that is easier to use than I had expected. There are very few obvious weaknesses of the Mac OS X, but the clean uninstall has been one of them and the AppZapper has taken care of that.”

“The graphical appearance of the application is so simple, its stunning. Everything has been kept to a minimum, therefore providing the user with a stress free, simple removal of applications.” … “A must have application for anyone who owns a Mac!”

“As a Newbie this is a Must Have application.” … “In many ways AppZapper captures the Mac experience totally – you open AppZapper, you get a neat box that you drag the application you want to remove into, you press OK and woosh – it has gone! A quick check on Spotlight and no residual files are lurking around in the depths of your system. It really is that easy, and I cant recommend it enough.”

“Not only does it help keep your system clean and save hard drive space, after using it today I have to admit theres a bit of fun when you zap an application. There is a satisfying flash and zap noise that prompted me to delete three or four unused apps just to hear it again.”

“This is soooo cool. So simple. So much a Mac application. It’s a one trick pony that does a trick you need.”
-Tera Patricks,

“I would highly recommend this to someone that downloads and tries out a lot of freeware or shareware. It’s ease of use only makes it more worth it.”

“This is definitely a must have thumbs up app…”

“This application is great for quickly removing a new program you just wanted to test. It almost always finds the associated preferences and support files, removing them is simple.”
-JetsGo, MacUpdate Review

“Great app, stable, easy to use, and very friendly developers ;-)”
-Billy Ray Valentine, MacUpdate Review

“Of course, OS X should have this functionality built in, but until then this little app is a life-saver. If you can’t resist trying every intesting looking shareware app out there, then AppZapper is an essential.”
-iPhillip, MacUpdate Review

“I like this app a lot!!! Fast, easy and stable. High recommended!”
-AlleyCat, VersionTracker Review

“Totaly worth it if you download and try apps off this site alot!”
-phatmancam, VersionTracker Review

“I’ve been waiting for something like this for years. Excellent concept and interface, just the right amount of eye (and ear) candy and a reasonable shareware fee. I bough my license right after the first zap.”
-tcloer, VersionTracker Review

Nov 29


Normally: $25.00

ZOT Price: $14.00

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Mailings is a full featured application for batch emailing that delivers any web page or plain text document with attachments to multiple recipients for marketing, news announcements, product updates etc.

Mailings facilitates the task of delivering regular bulk email distributions with such features as logging, progress monitoring, scheduling, error recovery, throttling, personalization and much more. Integrates with your mail client, browser and Address Book to simplify its functionality. The one window user interface makes the program a breeze to learn and fun to use.

Take A Tour of Mailings

Try the “tour” to familiarize yourself with many of the features and operation of Mailings. The tour uses a hands on approach making use of several sample files located in the “Tour Samples” folder of the software distribution. You can access the tour anytime from within Mailings. Just select the “Tour…” menu item located in the Help menu.

Mailings Key Features

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Send HTML or plain text
  • Imports comma-separated (CSV) or tab-separated (TSV) text files
  • Full Address Book support for groups & distribution lists
  • Imports Entourage groups directly
  • “Simulate Send” mode for testing or learning the program
  • Handles thousands of recipients
  • “Throttling” to control message rate: inter-message delay or batching
  • Scheduling mailings
  • Personalized greetings
  • Templates for adding Address Book data to message content
  • Templates support AppleScript content generation
  • Subject line can be a template
  • Plain text alternatives
  • Supports all character sets
  • Mail priority, return receipt, X-Mailer headers
  • Add attachments of any type
  • Detailed progress monitoring
  • Spotlight searchable documents
  • Embedded Image attachments
  • Can image HTML documents as JPEG
  • Much more!

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Nov 28

iShell 4.5 for Mac OS X

Normally: $495.00

ZOT Price: $99.00

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iShell is the perfect tool to build CD/DVD-ROMs, digital signs, kiosks and rich internet applications for marketing, sales, and education.

In short, iShell is a tool for displaying, playing and adding interactivity to your media. You bring the graphics, movies, and any other media imaginable, and iShell is the final tool for assembling all of these pieces into a single interactive, easy to navigate, customizable application.

Check out the iShell Crash Course Video for a quick introduction to the world of iShell or visit our website to learn more.

(iShell system requirements)

Nov 28

Hi Friends

I wanted to give you a heads up on a program we will be offering tomorrow. It is iShell and it is quite an expensive app, but we will have it at a tremendous discount – 80% off retail price!

I wanted to give you the information ahead of time so you have a bit more time to review it and see if it would be something you’d like to purchase.

iShell is the perfect tool to build CD/DVD-ROMs, digital signs, kiosks and rich internet applications for marketing, sales, and education.

In short, iShell is a tool for displaying, playing and adding interactivity to your media. You bring the graphics, movies, and any other media imaginable, and iShell is the final tool for assembling all of these pieces into a single interactive, easy to navigate, customizable application.

Check out the iShell Crash Course Video for a quick introduction to the world of iShell or visit our website to learn more.

(iShell system requirements)


Nov 27


Normally: $25.00

ZOT Price: $16.00

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K_Kitchen: A smart Mac OS X (PPC or Intel) based utility designed to burn CD / DVD media, duplication, image, and disc ripping…

Features in this version:

Complete utility for creating and ripping CDs and DVDs

Audio CD/DVD

Data CD/DVD (Filesystems: Mac and PC, ISO9660, Mac only, DVD-ROM)

Duplication CD and DVD

Burn image mode (Formats: ISO9660, DMG, CUE/BIN, cdrdao’s TOC/BIN)

Disc ripping mode

Erasing rewritable media

cocoa sparkle

Updating: Sparkle support
Crash Log: SmartCrashReports (Unsanity)

Outputs saved files:

File format:

audio document

data document

System requirements :
K_Kitchen currently only works with Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" and
10.5 "Leopard".

For more information, visit

Nov 27

PasswordWallet for Mac OS X and iPhone! Simple, Fast, Secure.

Normally: $30.00

ZOT Price: $18.00

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Using the same password for every web site?

Keep forgetting our passwords?

If so, PasswordWallet is for you!

PasswordWallet is a convenient, easy to use, secure place to store all your usernames, passwords, PINs, or combinations. It just doesn’t get any easier than this!

  • PasswordWallet has a tight user interface that allows you to use your passwords as quickly and as painlessly as possible.
  • The unique Auto-typing technology is more secure than copying your password to the clipboard.
  • Use Auto-typing to enter multiple usernames and passwords across multiple web pages.
  • For security, PasswordWallet uses the BlowFish encryption algorithm with 448-bit keys to protect your data. For safety, PasswordWallet can copy your password to the clipboard and clear it automatically after you paste.
  • Keep your master password in the Mac OS X keychain.
  • Easy to use file synchronization.

What people are saying about PasswordWallet: (Tons more quotes here.)

  • The interface looks SIMPLE and that is a plus. Many password apps allow you to catalogue everything including the kitchen sink! I want a simple interface for application names and serial numbers. This is it! Thanks. – Sea Cliff, NY
  • terrific, easy to use product; very straightforward — no unnecessary complications – Arlington, VA
  • Yes, I like to be able to create a password-secured read-only export file which I can take with me on hollidays on the laptop or when I travel on business. – Naarden Netherlands
  • Excellent product! Downloaded, tried it, bought registration! Thanks for useful, well-done piece of work! – Cupertino, CA
  • An excellent product. – London, UK
  • Good stuff! – Agoura Hills, CA
  • It’s an invaluable piece of software during my work day… thanks for the great job. – New York, NY
Nov 25

Disco: Powerful disc burning for your Mac!

Normally: $29.95

ZOT Price: $14.95

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Discography keeps track of every file on every disc you burn. You can instantly search through tens of thousands of burned files and find out info such as when it was burned, to what disc it was burned, and when it was last edited. If you find yourself constantly losing track of what disc your files are on then Discography will be a welcome addition to your toolset. Discography is always on and keeping track of your burns — so it’s only there when you need it.

Have more files than you can fit on a single disc but don’t feel like manually weeding them out and dividing them? Well, Disco can handle it for you. If Disco detects the total size of the files you’re burning is bigger than the disc, it will try to divide them amongst multiple discs so that they fit. Through its beautiful UI, Disco visually indicates how many discs you’ll be needing, and then you simply feed it new ones as it handles the burning for you.

With Disco we tried pushing the boundaries of interface, usability, and utter functional simplicity. Well, once you realize that Disco is emitting real time interactive smoke as you burn, we start redefining the boundaries. Want to push it out of the way? Blow into your microphone and the smoke will react accordingly. Or, go ahead and flick at it with your mouse. Remember, you’ll need a recent mac to play with the full interactive smoke.

Power Tools
Disco does more than just look pretty, though. Pro users will be glad that they can take advantage of the seamless multi-session support, many different file systems, and tons of disc image burning options. Disco can also handle creating a disc image from a set group of files, erasing rewritable media, VIDEO_TS burning, and it can even detect physical motion on laptops to prevent coasters.

We have dubbed the workflow technology we created for Disco “Crossroads.” Crossroads lets Disco assist you through the process with a beautiful animated interface, while also offering you full control. Crossroads doesn’t try to think for you, instead it works with and for you based on your actions. We sought out to make the most straightforward disc burning utility out there.

The Future..?
There are some amazing things in the works for Disco. First and foremost, as Apple adds support for Blu-ray and HD-DVD to their computers we intend to be right there with them. As soon as possible, Disco will support these new media technologies to the fullest. We’re also planning on introducing more innovative features in the vein of Discography, Spanning and the new Disc Naming.

For more information, visit

Nov 24

Diner Dash: Hometown Hero

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $11.95

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On a visit to her hometown, Flo and her Grandma Florence take a stroll down memory lane. Bring five restaurants back to life, and meet new customers like the Hungry Man and the Celebrity. Take special care of customers with reservations and place flowers at tables in order to make diners happier. Stuck with a 4 – person group and no 4 – person tables? Now you can move tables together to create a larger table. Help restore Flo’s hometown now!

50 New Story Mode Levels
6 new customers
New Reservations feature
New Moving Tables feature
“Train” new waiters for each restaurant

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer
G4 800 MHz or faster processor

Nov 23


Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

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The most easy to use and powerful bartending software on the market. Over 24,000 recipes, Mark your favorites, Export your favorites to your iPod, Add new drinks, See what you can make with what you have in your fridge, Take photos of your drinks using your iSight, learn with our bartending manual, and amaze your friends with our blood alcohol calculator.

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Nov 22

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Serene Saver 2 HD – Family Pack
(License for 5 computers)

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $24.95

Serene Saver 2 HD is a unique cross between a video desktop (moving wallpaper) and a traditional screen saver. It brings a bit of serenity to your daily life. Think of Serene Saver 2 HD as sort of a window into the world. Instead of static desktop images, actual nature scenes play as real movies on your desktop while you work. Subtle sounds suggest serene outdoor settings rich with waterfalls, ocean air, wildlife, and warm summer breezes.

You will receive over 3 dozen unique Serene Scenes with your purchase all professionally filmed and video taped. For a limited time, you will receive additional Serene Scenes as they become available.

For more information, visit

NOTE: Do you only want a single license? Log in to your macZOT! account and purchase today’s SPECIAL OFFER – Serene Saver (1 License) for only $19.95, regular retail price is $29.95.