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What is Linkinus?

Linkinus is an advanced, easy-to-use IRC client for Mac OS X. Connect to thousands of IRC networks all over the world and find people to talk to about any topic, from sports to computers, cooking to auto repair.

Advanced features

  • Perfect OS X integration and Aqua look-and-feel
  • Interface/Agent architecture (allows detaching)
  • Users rules
  • Shortcuts
  • Flood protection
  • Cocoa plug-ins, AppleScripts…

Requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later and 14 MB of free space.

For more information, visit the Linkinus Website.

14 Responses to “Linkinus”

  1. Mark S Says:

    I recently picked up a copy of this and it’s probably the best IRC client I have ever used. If you use IRC, you should be using Linkinus!

  2. adin Says:

    Does this cover the upcoming upgrade to the next version?

  3. Chad Says:

    I already have this and highly recommend. I agree with Mark S. This is the best IRC client for Mac out there and this is a price you can’t beat. Great Zot!!

  4. Chris Rodriguez Says:

    This is a nice app. I got it with the MacUpdate/Heist deal a few weeks ago and I really enjoy it. I’ve never used IRC before Linkinus and to be honest I probably wouldn’t have without it.

  5. sjk Says:

    Re: Does this cover the upcoming upgrade to the next version?

    Seems unlikely, e.g. says:

    When you buy Linkinus you receive free 1.x updates. When 2.0 is released, there will be a discounted upgrade fee for 1.x license holders.

    Linkinus looks like a decent IRC client though it’s hard to justify purchasing it right now (at any price) since Colloquy seems to work well enough for my relatively modest IRC usage. Anyone know what I might be missing by *not* switching to Linkinus? :)

  6. yngvede Says:

    At first glance Linkinus seems to be a very nice app. It’s actually the first IRC client on the Mac that makes it fun to hang out in IRC again. Coming from Windows I haven’t yet found a replacement for mIRC (with extensions like nnscript).
    But this app might actually be just that.

  7. nan Says:

    I got this in the macheist already. Good app. Worth picking it up if you don’t have it yet.

    I’m still bummed that I missed yesterday’s zot! I really wanted mental case! For some reason my paypal got all screwed up and I missed it cause it was too late! =(

    My advice – if you want something, get it early!

  8. Chris Messina Says:

    What are the most compelling to get Linkinus over Colloquy? It says that it runs a daemon that will record your IRC sessions when the app isn’t running, but in practice, given the volume of IRC channels, is that really useful?

  9. sjk Says:

    Re: What are the most compelling to get Linkinus over Colloquy?

    I doubt we’ll get (m)any Linkinus vs. Colloquy comparisons here, Chris. There haven’t been any responses to my asking essentially the same comparison question earlier. The background daemon feature your mentioned one obvious feature Linkinus has over Colloquy. I can see how it might be useful sometimes saving channel sessions without distraction from the GUI.

    Elsewhere I’ve noticed a few vague complaints about Colloquy being slow and buggy. There’s not much said about Colloquy on the Linkinus forum. Hard to quickly browse other info there because for some unknown reason the punBB software it uses doesn’t have next/previous topic links.

  10. cheerful Says:

    This is a good one for mac, if you do chat on IRC a bit, give this app. a go, you’re likely to fall in love with this easy to use app.

  11. yngvede Says:

    Re: What are the most compelling to get Linkinus over Colloquy?

    It’s hard to bring this down to the point because to me it concerns the overall look and feel. For example one thing that bothers me about Colloquy is the bubblish appearance. It may be nice for short chats. But for IRC where you get flooded with messages it’s impossible to keep track of conversations, especially when you are using different channels AND different servers. Here’s where Linkinus shines because it displays a lot of lines but still in a Mac-like beautiful way.

  12. justG Says:

    “Bubblish”? Hardly. You can create your own style sheets for Colloquy, so the aesthetic is up to you. It’s a tad slow, yeah, and a tad buggy, yeah, but for occasional IRC chatters it’s just fine. I recently got a Linkinus licence in a bundle so I’m looking forward to directly comparing the experience of using both, but haven’t gotten around to it and likely won’t before this ZOT! ends.

  13. sjk Says:

    The default Colloquy style doesn’t seem “bubblish” to me.

    I tried Linkinus and the default style was “challenging” to me because the iconed and colored status messages are too dominantly distracting, plus the light-grey-on-dark-grey operator(?) messages are blurry. Put simply, I found it overly busy. None of the included styles worked as well for me as Colloquy’s default. Erstwhile was most awful, a completely unusable blurry mess. I’d like a more subtle style, which might also be a more sensible default.

    There were several other things I noticed, probably at least a dozen in the first 15 minutes. One was that when new message arrived in unselected channels their corresponding unread “badge” count wasn’t always properly updated. Another was lack of a search filter in the channel list. The difference between Join Channel and New Channel wasn’t intuitively obvious. Wasn’t sure where nickname passwords belonged. A selected server/channel in the list is heavy-highlighted, but up/down arrow keys don’t navigate it (yes, I’m aware of using the Command key prefix for Go Up/Down commands). And so on.

    None of those issues were too severe (e.g. no crashers), though even if the developer were responsive it wouldn’t happen until after this macZOT! offer expired anyway. I did get a sense of the product’s potential value for me but a combination of things was the influencing factor to hold off on purchasing and see how it evolves.

  14. Techslacker Says:

    It’s been 10 years since I messed around with irc and I know alot has changed in that there seems to be quite a few more irc networks now. Back then efnet and undernet seemed to rule them all. Where’s the place to go now serverwise? What are the good Mac channels these days?

    I’m pretty rusty with my irc knowledge so hopefully no one will take it too negatively when I ask what is the big deal with Linkinus? Maybe I’m just a bit out of touch because I used to use irc clients on the Amiga computer 15 years ago(before I jumped to Mac) that had some pretty good, intuitive irc clients yet Linkinus doesn’t feel that intuitive to me. Now if I was up on my irc commands like I used to be I might feel a bit different but one of the things at least back then was to have a client that made getting around easier. I’ve tried Linkinus out and it doesn’t seem to be the case…yet anyways.

    So am I crazy because right now it seems like I hear from a bunch of Linkinus fanboys? Not many seem to give many answers other than to say “Linkinus rocks!” or something similar.