Jul 31

Xyle Scope: A tool for web designers

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $11.95

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Debug and fine-tune CSS like never before!

Xyle scope offers new ways of debugging, fine-tuning, and discovering Cascading Style Sheets. It works like a web browser and is just as easy to use. Simply enter a URL and discover all the HTML and CSS files that make up the design of the given page.

Clicking on an element of a web page suffices to display its formatting box (box model) and the precise HTML and CSS code that is responsible for its appearance. You can immediately start changing the CSS code. The effects of your changes will be visible instantly without saving the CSS or refreshing the page.

And since Xyle scope is also a web browser it doesn’t just work for your own sites…

To learn more about the many features of Xyle scope and to sign up for Cultured Code’s newsletter to get all the latest information on their upcoming app “Things”, visit

Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Jul 30

TubeSock: YouTube on Your iPod

Normally: $15.00

ZOT Price: $9.00

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Save YouTube Videos!

TubeSock 2.0 downloads YouTube videos from the web and saves them to your video iPod, Mac, or PlayStation Portable. TubeSock knows how to convert the video using the codecs and bitrates best for each device. It can even add the video to iTunes for you.

Supports Macs and Windows!

Don’t be a victim of the platform wars! TubeSock runs natively on both Mac OS X and Windows XP.

Preview Playback

TubeSock can play back YouTube videos directly. Just copy & paste the YouTube URL, and TubeSock will play the video for you. Click “Save” to save the video to your computer or iPod.

Convert Videos to iPod or PSP

TubeSock converts YouTube’s native FLV file format into H.264, MP4, or MP3 files. It automatically determines the appropriate file format, bitrate, and naming convention for the selected target device.

TubeSock's conversion queue

New in Two: Conversion Queue

TubeSock 2.0 sports a built-in conversion queue. Just keep adding URLs and clicking Save. You can load up a long list of videos, put it in the background, and let it run.

New: DailyMotion and Porkolt!

TubeSock 2.0 supports downloading videos from DailyMotion and Porkolt in addition to YouTube. Since DailyMotion supports different file types, downloads are automatically grabbed in the highest quality format available.

TubeSock supports DailyMotion

Works with Audio-only iPods, Mini, and Nano

Don’t have a video iPod? That’s OK, we don’t either. For luddites like us, TubeSock can grab just the audio portion of a track and add it to iTunes, too. Find your favorite tracks, outtakes, and live recordings on YouTube, then click “Save” to copy them to your iPod. YouTube already uses MP3 for audio, so the conversion is quick and there’s no loss of audio fidelity.

Integrated with Safari and Firefox

TubeSock can install a bookmark script for your favorite web browser. When you browse to a YouTube video you like, simply click the bookmark button. The video will instantly appear in TubeSock.

Integrates with Safari and Firefox

Works with FrontRow

Don’t have an iPod at all? TubeSock can save videos into your Mac’s Movies folder, so that they can be played full-screen with FrontRow and your Apple Remote.

Play videos using FrontRow

Trial Version

TubeSock costs $15 and is on sale today only for $9. Until you register, TubeSock will convert only the first 30 seconds of a video.

Free updates for registered users! Future releases of TubeSock will support additional web-based video services, such as Google Video, Porkolt, and by popular request, Pornotube.

For more information, visit theTube Sock Website.

Jul 29


Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $12.95

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CDRevolution is a CD copying and archiving utility, designed for accuracy and ease of use.

Better Audio Copying

CDSome burning software will cut corners when it comes to making copies of original audio CDs. Not so CDRevolution. For instance, CDRevolution keeps the gaps between the tracks the same size as the original – just as the artist intended.

Copying an original with CD Text? No problem, CDRevolution will preserve this too. And for those with CD Text compatible equipment – CDRevolution lets you add CD Text to your new copy; even if the original does not have any.

Full Fidelity, Compact Audio Images

CDRevolution Image IconWant to backup your audio CD collection to hard-disk for safe keeping? Using CDRevolution’s image file format you can archive your audio CDs as full fidelity image files in a single convenient document package. No need to mess about with separate cue sheets and binary files.

Inside the document package each track is stored as a separate music file compressed using Apple’s Lossless Audio Codec for reduced image size without losing quality.

Searching with Spotlight

Magnifying glassSearching for the image file of a particular album is easy using Spotlight. The built-in Spotlight importer allows you to search amongst the album title, the title of any tack, the artist and other information about the album to quickly locate the image file you want.

Integrate with iTunes

Musical NotesCDRevolution audio images can be added to iTunes and treated like a regular album; with the added advantage that an accurate copy of the original can be burned whenever you need it.

Burn Data CDs and Other Image Formats

CD and Image IconStandard data CDs are copied with 1:1 accuracy and can be backed-up to an image file. CDRevolution can also burn from standard image files such as DMG, ISO, CDR and even Cue Sheets from other platforms.

User Reviews:

“This application does exactly what it says it does, which is exactly what I was looking for: To make perfect backup copies of my audio CDs. (It also does data.) … So, skip Toast and save yourself $60-$80 if all you were looking to do was copy CDs.” – Scott Stilson (via VersionTracker)

“Thanks for this app – I love it. Exactly what I want to dupe music CDs. Responsive developer, too … I’d say if you want ease of use with perfect audio fidelity you can skip complex apps, and just rip and burn with ease using CDRevolution.” – Chizzola (via VersionTracker)

“Works perfectly to burn WAV files ripped with EAC for Windows.
I simply dragged the cue file in the window and bam it burned a perfect audio CD.” – Dan (via email)

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later (Universal Binary)

For more information, visit the CDRevolution website.

Jul 27

Super Game Offer!
Buy one great Mac game, get one FREE!

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $10.95

Buy Rainforest Adventure for only $10.95 and get Super Collapse 3 for FREE!

Rainforest Adventure

Follow a path of puzzling fun through a vibrant rainforest in this colorful new challenge. Swap tropical game pieces to make matching groups of three or more and turn the board to gold in more than 120 brain-bending levels. Show off your puzzle prowess and create perpetual cascades by creating matches while new game pieces are falling into place. Featuring stunning South American backdrops, engaging power-ups, and hours of family fun, Rainforest Adventure is a breathtaking experience for puzzlers of all ages!


Over 120 Challenging Levels
22 Bonus Levels
8 Engaging Power-Ups
Gorgeous South American Setting

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or better
Universal (PowerPC/Intel)

Download FREE Trial Version

Super Collapse 3

Super Collapse is back again – and you won’t believe the fun! The third installment of this highly addictive series holds more action and surprise than ever before. Adventure awaits as you explore 10 fun and unique lands in our all-new Quest mode. Earn coins along the way to purchase strategic items in the Shop, or take a breather and try your luck at one of 10 mini-games in the Casino. And for the true Collapse aficionado, new variations and classic favorites in our Quick Play mode deliver endless, back-to-back challenges! Whether you’re already a fan of Collapse or new to the frenzied fun, once you start clicking you won’t be able to stop!


Play the Quest or spend your time in the Quick Play area
3 New and Exciting Modes!
7 Total Collapse Modes
10 Unique Mini-Games
140 Brand New Puzzles
Explore the Secrets of Collapse World
Fun for any skill level

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2.8 through 10.4
G3 400MHz or Intel Core processor

Download the FREE Trial Version

Special thanks to

Jul 26

MailSteward – The Ultimate Email Management Solution

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $34.95

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Safely archive your large volume of vital email information.
Easily access your email database with fast, sophisticated searching.
Protect your essential email data from data format obsolescence.

MailSteward will archive all of your email in a database for easy retrieval. Click on the Archive button and MailSteward will go to work storing copies of all your email text, HTML, attachments, and raw source, into a relational database file. MailSteward has a wealth of features for importing, tagging, saving, and exporting, including the ability to export your vital email information to a number of standard data formats.


  • Works seamlessly with the Mac OS X Apple Mail app to archive all your email in a relational database.
  • Will import most mbox files exported from Microsoft Entourage, Eudora, and other email clients.
  • Works with all locally-stored POP, .Mac, and IMAP email accounts in the OS X Mail app.
  • Select email from archive by date range and keywords in the To, From, Subject, Mailbox, or Body fields.
  • Sort by date, To, From, Subject, Mailbox, or unique ID.
  • Add your own tags to email & import MailTags©
  • Schedule MailSteward to archive your email automatically.
  • Search binary attachments that contain any text.
  • Print email list, or individual email, or all email in a list.
  • Save email list, or individual email, or all retrieved email to a text file.
  • Reply to individual emails.
  • Export emails to a tab-delimited text file, a separate database file, an mbox file, or an SQL file.
  • Merge database files together.
  • All email folders are left undisturbed.
  • Options to store attachments, HTML, enriched text, and raw source, as well as plain text.
  • Universal binary runs on PowerPC and Intel Macs.
  • Native Cocoa application that supports OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and greater.

User Comments

“Your mail back-up/archive program has been essential to my being able to operate my business. It solves most of my problems with Apple’s Mail program…. It is fast. It is elegant. I hope you and your team are (justifiably) proud of your accomplishment.”

“You, your support, your program…. all Fantastic…. best software I have ever purchased!”

“I have never had such a quick and good service.”

“Your upgrade policy is wonderful. Your service is extremely thoughtful.”

For more information, visit the MailSteward Website.

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Jul 25

Did you check out the main page of MacZOT today?

The guys at Agile Web Solutions are celebrating again. They want you to help them welcome their newest team member, Carl — and it just happens to be his birthday today, too!!

Boy, is this good news for all you MacZOT fans! You get to pick up one of the best applications made for Mac – 1Passwd – at an incredible discount today, and that’s not all!

The first 100 purchasers will receive a Special Gift — private invites to their upcoming and unannounced new product!

PLEASE NOTE: You are being directed to the Agile Web Solutions website today and your purchases will be made directly with the creators of 1Passwd, not through MacZOT. They are great at customer service so you should have a very pleasurable experience. And please tell your friends!

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Jul 24

ImageWell Xtras

Normally: $14.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

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Take your image editing to the next level with ImageWell Xtras!

What could be better than the free ImageWell image editor? How about a kicked-up ImageWell image editor with even more cool features?

ImageWell Xtras adds Batch Image Processing (batch resize, watermark, upload), Templates for Saving Styles, Multiple Images on the Canvas, More Draw Objects, Shapes, Arrows and Line Styles, Gradient Patterns for Draw Objects and Backgrounds, and Custom Canvas Sizing. If you already have the free ImageWell, get the Xtras today!

I can tell ‘ya, you should have ImageWell. If you ‘ain’t got it, get it. – Leo Laporte, MacBreak Weekly, Episode 22,

Need a tool for all the simple, everyday image editing that you need to do? Need to
watermark your images, make screen grabs and annotate them, or just a quick crop, resize and send them off to the web? Whether you need to make screen shots or are adding images to your HTML documents, editing offline images, or posting photos to the web for others to see, ImageWell will do the work for you. It’s easy, fast, and lean.

Drag images in and out of the well, resize, crop, shape, rotate, flip and add a watermark, border, or drop shadow. Use the handy screen grab feature to take a screen shot and instantly begin editing it, and then send it off to the web, email it, or save it to your computer. No need to launch multiple applications to add text, labels, arrows, circles and squares to your image. Add a thought cloud or talking balloon, give your image a shaped border, adjust the border color and width. Save the edit attributes as a template and batch apply styles to your images all at once.

Upload to a .Mac account, S/FTP server, WebDAV server, or send to a Flickr, SmugMug, or ImageShack account. It takes only a few simple clicks, and bang, your images are off to the web instantly. At the click of a button, the image is sent and a handy URL is automatically copied to the clipboard for quickly pasting into a discussion board post, a blog page, email message, or any other document. Just like that, it doesn’t get any easier!

ImageWell is the indispensable lean image editor that will save you time and money. Say goodbye to opening large heavy-weight applications for all the simple things you want to do, and discover what ImageWell can do for you!

To learn more about ImageWell, please visit XtraLean’s website. To learn more about the Xtras, please visit the ImageWell Xtras page.

After you have downloaded ImageWell from the Zot download link above, please be sure to check the special Read Me file for a temporary serial number to use so you can try out all of the Xtras before you buy.



Jul 23

Dejal Simon

Normally: $29.95

ZOT Price: $14.95

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ATTENTION WEBMASTERS: Monitor websites and servers for changes or failures

“…a feature-rich tool that’s ideal for Webmasters who need to monitor a variety of Internet services.”
– Matt Vance, Macworld

Dejal Simon is the essential site monitoring tool for Mac OS X. It checks servers for changes or failures, and notifies you via e-mail, sound, speech, or other means. You can use it to track updated sites, and to alert you when an important server goes down or recovers. Developed in Cocoa, it is a native Mac OS X application with an intuitive and attractive interface.

Simon is very versatile. It can be used to monitor your own website and servers, track posts and new comments on your or friends’ blogs, check for web mail, get notifications of updates to favorite news and entertainment websites, keep an eye on auctions, and many other uses.

“Simon constantly monitors the content of critical pages and shows me the changes that have been made. Quality control is very important to me: usability, reliability, design, that’s what people pay me for! In Simon I also find those qualities — and this feels good to me. … Simon adds another reliable and highly customizable layer of control and feedback! I also appreciate the fast response when contacting Dejal. The developer knows what he’s talking about!”

- Holger Hubbs, web/print/information design,

Central to Simon is the Monitor window. It enables you to see at a glance the current status of all of your monitored websites, servers, and applications. In addition to a colorful status icon and up-time percentage, the tests table displays how long ago the last change and failure occurred, and when the next check will occur. But that’s not all. This window also displays further statistics about the tests, and tables listing recent checks (including the check duration and a bar chart), changes (including the text that changed), failures (including the error description), and notifications (that can occur for changes, failures, and recoveries).

“I searched high and low for a product to monitor my server, and Simon was the only product that worked flawlessly. Simon is also great at monitoring changes on other sites; handy if you want to be the first to see new content on seldom updated pages.”

- Gord Lacey, Owner,

For more information and screenshots, please visit the Dejal Simon website.

This ZOT offer is for the BASIC VERSION of Simon only. If you have greater needs, please consider the Standard or Enterprise versions.

Jul 22

PageSender: the fax software that really works!

Normally: $39.95

ZOT Price: $24.95

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With PageSender, fax or email anything you can print. Use the built-in PageSender Fax Center to manage and automate your fax activities.

Need to fax something fast?

– Print it with PageSender, enter the fax number, press Print and it’s off.

Need to fax your latest price list to all your customers?

– Print it with PageSender, drag your customer group into the address list, press the Print button and it faxes them all.

Need a scriptable solution for faxing invoices from FileMaker Pro?

PageSender includes just such an example that is customizable to your needs.

Macworld August 2007 issue (4.5 mice)

“PageSender 4.0.1 is a must for anyone who handles more than the occasional fax. Like OS X’s built-in feature, PageSender lets you send faxes via OS X’s Print dialog box and receive incoming faxes automatically. But PageSender provides post reception features that actually work, integration with most popular contact-management and e-mail-client address books, the ability to attach PDF documents and custom cover pages to faxes, and even spam filtering on incoming faxes. It also works with fax services such as eFax, jConnect, EasyLink and MaxEmail.”

PageSender features:
- Send faxes and (PDF) emails directly from the print dialog
- Receive faxes using your fax modem
- Print, Email, and even AppleScript received faxes
- Filter out spam faxes by station name

- Design custom fax cover pages
- Use with any popular address book or Email client
- Live addressing with Address Book, Entourage, Now Contact (4.2.5 and later), and Palm Desktop (4.1 and later)
- Attach additional PDF documents when faxing
- Use any font on your system (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
- Send faxes easily via eFax, jConnect, EasyLink, MaxEmail or RapidFax services

- Automate sending of faxes and (PDF) Emails via AppleScript
- Available in English, Japanese, German, Italian, and French

- PageSender 4.0.3 requires Mac OS X 10.4 and above

For more information, visit

Jul 20

Ricochet Lost Worlds

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $10.95

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The most addictive game ever?!

With its stunning visuals and sound effects, gripping soundtrack and compelling level design, Ricochet Lost Worlds could quite possibly be the most addictive game ever made. This remarkable breakout action game will entertain your whole family for hours on end! Throw into the mix a slew of innovative power-ups, a new “Ring Game” and a level editor where you can make your own levels and you have an unbeatable combination. You just have to download this brick-busting game… it’s a blast!


Fully updated, brick busting action!
Ingenious new specialty bricks!
An engaging new ring game!
160 levels that come alive with motion!
Create new levels with the Level Editor!

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2 or later
G3 500MHz Processor, or better
256 MB of Memory
Keyboard and Mouse

User Reviews

“This is a very simple game that is totally addictive. I downloaded it then purchased it AGES ago but its still a game I play every day. The great feature of this game is the fact that there are NUMEROUS additional level sets that can be downloaded and played. This makes the game very good value for money and great fun.”
- Review on Reflexive Arcade

For more information, visit MacGameStore.