Mar 07

Disc Cover

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Disc Cover — dress up your music and video

Imagine neat long rows of beautiful CDs and DVDs on your shelf.
Think of the unique labels of your personal style, bright and inspiring music
and photo collections. Sure you’d love to enjoy them for years. Now, with Disc Cover
decorating your music and video becomes an easy and exciting task.

Disc Cover is a slick and intuitive Mac OS X software
to create labels and covers for CDs, DVDs and more. Variety of professionally
made designs are just fine for a quick start. The program imports data and
images from iTunes, iPhoto, Finder, iDVD and many other sources. You can easily
experiment with styles and graphic tools. Disc Cover will fairly serve
to bring you more and more design ideas.

Sample TourDisc Cover will help you to:

  • Arrange music collection in a creative way.
  • Create beautiful-looking family photo albums.
  • Make convenient data Backup archives.
  • Label your presentations or clients portfolio.
  • Personalize DVD movies and home video.


Key Features:

SampleDesigning CDs and DVDs
Disc Cover inspires your creativity with 90+ professionally designed templates, a collection of 23,000+ images and 30+ photo-collages. You can apply more than 100 unique masks,
fill text blocks with colors, easily handle transparency and circle text. Insert
your own pictures in various supported formats. The Background and Foreground
layers serve to implement the advanced design ideas.

Sophisticated Import
Integration with iTunes, iPhoto and iDVD libraries allows you import text info
and images directly onto your design. You can use various data (playlists, track
titles and albums) from Finder, music CDs or tab-delimited text files. Adjustable
data selection lets you choose the way information is shown, many prepared
text templates are supplied.

Printing Capabilities
Printing CapabilitiesDisc Cover prints all types of design elements: CD/DVD covers, labels, tray inserts,
folded booklets, mini discs labels, VHS wraps, etc. The program has extended
library of label and paper layouts from most popular manufacturers (Avery, Neato,
Memorex and others). Advanced printing technology supports direct-on-CD printers.
You are assured to receive the high-quality output on most inkjet and laser printers.

LightScribe LogoDisc Cover supports advanced LightScribe technology, that allows to burn labels directly onto CDs and DVDs. There is no ink, no smudging, and no peeling with LightScribe burned labels, as they are laser-etched and absolutely pure.


Mac OS X Universal Logo
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or later.
Available in: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese.

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5 Responses to “Disc Cover”

  1. iScott Says:

    I’d buy it for $10 simply for a little extra convenience. Considering that to print directly to CD/DVD, you need a printer to do so, when you purchased that printer it comes with software packed in to do the design. Otherwise, all the same templates are available free from their sources.

    Sounds like a nice, simple little quick app, but the price should reflect that and stay low and simple.

  2. slainer68 Says:

    +1 iScott.
    Seems to be a great app. But I would buy it for $15 not more.

  3. machippo Says:

    My Canon IP4200 (great printer) came with software that does everything I need. For the distinct pleasure of the OSX look and feel I would pay a max. of $15,–. Zotgeist?

  4. gryphonent Says:

    Even at the MacZot price this app is just not competitive. I’ve got PrintShop and can do labels with that one. Even with OmniGraffle. Or Fireworks. There’s also a similar app from the guys behind GarageSale… I pass (again).

  5. Jim Says:

    Me? I would have to make labels to find this useful. I’m sure it’s a good program but the price sounds a bit high. If I were to start labeling my stuff, I might pay $10 but no more than that. My inexpensive sharpees have worked for me for the last 10+ years.