Dec 29

MacZOT Coloring Contest 2006!

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ColorZOT 1.0
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Looking for a creative way to get a NEW iPod Nano?

MacZOT wants to help.

Grab this image. Put it into your favorite paint program and have at it.


Print it out and color it with crayons, markers or pencils.

Submit a digital image to

The best coloring will win an iPod Nano


A Free ZOT! each month for a year. (That’s 12 Free ZOTs!)

Get started now!

Submissions must be returned by 11:59 pm PST 12.31.2006

(the image is "Meteor" by Mike Biskup)


Dec 27

Party Pro for iPod

Normally: $9.99

ZOT Price: $3.97

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The Party Pro Scenario Selector:

A.) You’re out shopping for your New Year’s Eve party. You take your iPod along with Party Pro with you so you have the recipes of great drinks your guests will love.

B.) You’re at a bar, the cute gal / guy sitting there can’t get the bartenders attention because it’s so loud. You pick your favorite drink in Party Pro, find the picture on your iPod and show it to the bartender while holding up two fingers. Score.

C.) The family is gathering, you’re the one who always shows off the latest gadgets and you need to teach your auntie how to use her new iPod. You gift her a copy of Party Pro, and together, you take over the wet bar and get the whole family playing drinking games until your aunt is now dancing on the card table pretending she’s in an iPod commercial.

D.) Your going to college. The In-n-Out burger pays $10.00 but you know bartenders make a lot more. How hard could it be, they mix liquids. So, you put yourself on a program to learn every dink in Party Pro. You get some empty bottles, food coloring, and Party Pro. Your plan-b income is ensured, all thanks to Party Pro.

Well, we’ve enhanced your family status, helped your love life, got you back into your aunt-mary’s will, and ensured your financial success.

How is that possible all for $3.97?

Simple. MacZOT! – Go get it.

Party Pro contains the following that can be looked up on your iPod:

- The 800 most used drink recipes + photos of select drinks
- 55 drinking games
- Global bar and club database for every US + European city
- Bartender 411 (tips and tricks)
- 100 pick-up lines for men and women
- Post-party solutions feature

Dec 26

iDropper Personal

Normally: $49.00

ZOT Price: $19.95

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If you need to receive files from customers, clients and colleagues…

If you make frequent and repetitive FTP uploads yourself…

You need iDropper, the electronic self-addressed, stamped envelope.

What is iDropper?

iDropper is an FTP file transfer system in two parts: The iDropper application, and the uploader client "droplets" which it creates. You can distribute the droplets (Mac or Windows) to anyone you wish, or use them on your own desktop.

What’s a Droplet?

A droplet is a mini-application that sits on the computer desktop as an icon. Once a droplet is configured, FTP file transfer is accomplished simply by dragging files and folders onto the desktop icon. End users require no knowledge of FTP protocols, do not need to install and configure an FTP client, and NEVER need to know your FTP login and password information.

It’s like giving users an electronic self-addressed stamped envelope!

iDropper provides simple, secure, and reliable FTP file uploading.
If your users know how to drag and drop, they know how to use iDropper!

Who Uses iDropper?

iDropper is designed for individuals and companies that need to receive large amounts of files from outside sources, be they customers, clients or colleagues. Printers, publishers and service bureaus love it! Software developers use it to deliver builds. Distributed workgroups use it to share project files. iDropper Personal is great for developers, independent professionals, and smaller companies that do not require the advanced workflow and business integration features of our iDropper Professional and iDropper Enterprise editions. With iDropper Personal, you will still be able to create and distribute unlimited droplets for Mac or Windows.


  • Create unlimited, Mac or Windows droplets 
  • Upload files AND folders, keeping folder trees intact
  • Archive files and folders with multiple naming options
  • Pre-flight status check
  • Browse the FTP server with Pathfinder


  • iDropper for Mac and Mac droplets require Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher.
  • Windows droplets require Microsoft Windows XP SP2 with .NET Framework 1.1.

For more information, visit, or read the manual at

Dec 25

Keynote Themes FX

Normally: $59.00

ZOT Price: $29.50

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The new era of presentations

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats and put your seatbelts on. For the first time in the history of presentations, we are introducing live themes. The innovative package of Keynote Themes FX features themes with motion backgrounds for Apple Keynote. Instead of still backgrounds, every single theme comes with high-quality backgrounds—movies, which helps make your presentations alive, fun and very captivating.

Designed with your presentations in mind

The Keynote Themes FX package includes three completely new themes. Water, Redsmoke and Brushstroke are designed to liven up your presentation, not to gather the audience’s attention. Every slide background in the theme includes a looped movie, such as flowing water bubbles, rising smoke or drawing pictures. Presentations created using Keynote Themes FX have all of the same elements or actions of simple presentation: texts, colors, places for images, special effects. Creating presentations using Keynote Themes FX is exactly as simple as creating presentations using usual themes—you can add, edit and format text; add photos or movies; and use Keynote’s transitions and special effects. Everything is the same. The difference is that your presentations created using Keynote Themes FX themes are more fun, charming and truly alive. And yes, you can export presentations created with Keynote Themes FX to QuickTime movies for later use in other applications or sharing with PC users. See Keynote Themes FX in action…

Water FX, Redsmoke FX and Brushstroke FX

The Water FX theme is completely suitable for fun and very alive presentations. It just bubbles liveliness. The theme has 11 different masters, enough to create an entertaining presentation. Alive Title & Subtitle, Title & Bullets, Bullets, Blank, Photo Horizontal, Photo Vertical and other masters are available.

Redsmoke FX is a modern theme for solid presentations. Redsmoke FX brings a calm and sexy feeling. Slowly-flying smoke mixing with a solid red background creates a beautiful scene for your presentation. It is great for more serious presentations. The theme includes 12 masters with elegant and simple layouts.

Brushstroke FX fills the gap between Water FX and Redsmoke FX: It looks great when used with any kind of presentation, but it is especially good for art, graphic design, photography, education, geography, and history presentations. Brushstroke FX includes 10 wonderful masters.

A little extra

If that were not enough, we also prepared some little animations for every theme. Keynote Themes FX Extras are tiny add-ons for Water FX, Redsmoke FX and Brushstroke FX. You can put little ripples, smoke, bubbles, or brushstrokes on your photo, text or any other object in the theme.

Built on the technology of the future

Keynote Themes FX are powered by the most powerful multimedia technology in the world: QuickTime. QuickTime codecs such as H.264 and Pixlet provide you with the highest quality and highest resolutions—every theme is 1024×768 pixels in size. Of course, without the support of outstanding Apple Keynote application, Water FX, Brushstroke FX and Redsmoke FX would be not possible. Thank you, Keynote!

Dec 21

The Mac Games Holiday Bundle

Normally: $200.00

ZOT Price: $24.95

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The gift of Mac gaming is here! With the holidays upon us and Christmas day just a few days away, we’ve worked with Santa’s helpers to bring you an unbelievable bundle. Get 10 awesome Mac games for just $24.95! That’s about $200 worth of Mac games (if bought seperately).

Order this weekend and on Christmas day (December 25th), we will email you the full downloads and registration codes you need to continue playing!

Pangea Arcade
Pangea Arcade is a collection of three exciting games: “Nucleus”, “Warheads”, and “Firefall”. All three are action-arcade games based on classic arcade themes, but these new games have been completely modernized and loaded with visual eye candy.

Download the free demo - Requires: PowerPC G4 1ghz, or any Intel Mac, Mac OS 10.3.9 or later, 512MB RAM, 64MB VRAM

Enigmo 2
Enigmo 2 is a 3D puzzle game where you construct mechanisms to direct lasers, plasma, and water to toggle switches, deactivate force-fields, and eventually get them to their final destination. In addition to the 50 levels that come with Enigmo, there is also a built-in level editor which allows you to create your own entire games.

Download the free demo - Requires: 800mhz G4 or better, or any Intel Mac. 256MB RAM and 32MB VRAM. Mac OS 10.3.9 or later.

Teddy Factory
Try your skills in the exciting new game play of Teddy Factory. In this cut throat Toy industry it’s a wild mix of matching and precision aiming, all with the drive of constant orders, and Oh those demanding customers. How far can you climb the Corp ladder at the local Teddy Factory?

Download the free demo - Requires: Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Platypus is a clay world, shooter action game. Blast your way through four jaw-dropping worlds of incredible shooter action! Clay graphics that are nothing short of incredible. Every graphic was hand-molded with real clay!

Download the free demo - Requires: Mac OS X 10.2 or later

DeepTrouble 2
DeepTrouble 2 is the exciting sequel to the original action game DeepTrouble. This time the underwater aliens are fiercer than ever. DeepTrouble 2 features 11 levels with gorgeous and detailed graphics made possible by the use of OpenGL’s vertex and fragment shaders. Bump mapping, dynamic shadows and other advanced techniques add to the highly detailed graphics.

Download the free demo - Requires: G4 800 Mhz or faster, Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher, 256 Mb RAM, 32 Mb AGP Video Card – GeForce 2MX, ATI Radeon 7500 or better

Jewel Quest
Explore the ancient ruins of Mayan civilization while discovering hidden treasures and priceless artifacts. In this unique new take on the classic-style matching game, you must rearrange valuable relics to turn sand tiles into gold. As you venture deeper into the jungle, you will encounter increasingly difficult puzzles containing secret twists, cursed items, and buried artifacts.

Download the free demo - Requires: Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Mah Jong Quest
More than an addictive puzzle game – this is an original cinematic experience. After three dragons wreak havoc over the empire, young Kwazi must use an ancient set of Mah Jong tiles to restore balance. Enjoy sweeping animations as you help Kwazi journey through the Orient, meeting wise animal guides and using an amazing array of special tiles to solve tricky puzzles.

Download the free demo - Requires: Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Brain Boosters
Brain Boosters will evaluate your academic prowess with a series of eight tests. Depending on your results, you will know if you have the brain to get in the University or elementary school. Your tutor Edmund will help you along the way, giving tips and hints to perform better. Eight challenging games, each with increasing degrees of difficulty.

Download the free demo - Requires: Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Pop-A-Tronic electrifies the gaming world with a super addictive, popping frenzy! Popatronic was designed to be fun for everyone. It’s simplistic gameplay and hip music will keep you in the ‘just one more game’ mentality for a long time. Best described as a fast paced, arcade puzzler; Popatronic is packed with a variety of explosive challenges, power ups, game modes and cool tunes.

Download the free demo - Requires: Mac OS X version 10.3.9+, Ram: 256MB+

Five Card Deluxe
Five Card Deluxe combines solitaire and poker for a relaxing or a challenging game! Can you manage four poker hands at once? Four different game modes! Play against the clock or with no time limit. Save your game and resume later. Bright, professional graphics. Fun, challenging and educational.

Download the free demo - Requires: Mac OS X 10.1 or later

Dec 20

AppZapper + Xslimmer

Normally: $22.90

ZOT Price: $14.95

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Two Great Apps. One Great Deal.


A new, user friendly way to size down your Universal Binary apps, without losing any of their functionality. With an elegant and intuitive interface, Xslimmer makes slimming your apps a breeze. This is achieved by removing the code inside the Universal Binaries that does not fit with your machine’s architecture, a code that never gets executed and just wastes your disk space.

In order to go through the process securely, Xslimmer features a downloadable, self-updating, blacklist. Some applications perform integrity checks on themselves for anti-piracy or security reasons, and they do not work properly after being stripped of the binary code for foreign architectures. This feature automatically downloads the latest information about applications known to fail and places them in a blacklist, thus decreasing the likelihood to encounter problems. In addition you can select to backup the apps before they are slimmed or add them to the protected up list in order to avoid ever slimming them.

In the upcoming release, we will be including:

  • - Removal of unused language packs.
  • - Fast search to identify all the applications installed anywhere in your system.
  • - Automatic detection of new applications installed, with the option to enable an automatic, “hands-free” slimming operation.

Your Xslimmer license will give you access to these new features at no extra cost.

(If you got a free version from MacAppADay, this will upgrade you.)

Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9


AppZapper 1.8 (recent update)

Now has UnZAP and User authentication

– The Uninstaller Apple Forgot !

“The graphical appearance of the application is so simple, its stunning. Everything has been kept to a minimum, therefore providing the user with a stress free, simple removal of applications.” … “A must have application for anyone who owns a Mac!”

“As a Newbie this is a Must Have application.” … “In many ways AppZapper captures the Mac experience totally – you open AppZapper, you get a neat box that you drag the application you want to remove into, you press OK and woosh – it has gone! A quick check on Spotlight and no residual files are lurking around in the depths of your system. It really is that easy, and I cant recommend it enough.”

“Not only does it help keep your system clean and save hard drive space, after using it today I have to admit theres a bit of fun when you zap an application. There is a satisfying flash and zap noise that prompted me to delete three or four unused apps just to hear it again.”

“This is soooo cool. So simple. So much a Mac application. Its a one trick pony that does a trick you need.”
-Tera Patricks,

“I would highly recommend this to someone that downloads and tries out a lot of freeware or shareware. Its ease of use only makes it more worth it.”

“This is definitely a must have thumbs up app…”

“This application is great for quickly removing a new program you just wanted to test. It almost always finds the associated preferences and support files, removing them is simple.”
-JetsGo, MacUpdate Review

“Great app, stable, easy to use, and very friendly developers ;-)”
-Billy Ray Valentine, MacUpdate Review

“Of course, OS X should have this functionality built in, but until then this little app is a life-saver. If you can’t resist trying every intesting looking shareware app out there, then AppZapper is an essential.”
-iPhillip, MacUpdate Review

“I like this app a lot!!! Fast, easy and stable. High recommended!”
-AlleyCat, VersionTracker Review

“Totaly worth it if you download and try apps off this site alot!”
-phatmancam, VersionTracker Review

“I’ve been waiting for something like this for years. Excellent concept and interface, just the right amount of eye (and ear) candy and a reasonable shareware fee. I bough my license right after the first zap.”
-tcloer, VersionTracker Review

AppZapper is for people who want to confidently try new apps while knowing they can uninstall them easily.

Drag one or more unwanted apps onto AppZapper and watch as it finds all the extra files, lets you preview them and delete them with a single click.

A slick safety system remembers which apps you want to keep safe, and the log tracks all the files you’ve zapped. Put simply, AppZapper is the uninstaller Apple forgot.

AppZapper is localized in Japanese, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese, German and more. It’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s FUN! You have to try this application.


Just try it and you’ll know why it’s been downloaded over 600,000 times


Get more info here:


Dec 19

Socialist – Launch Party!

Normally: $18.00

ZOT Price: $9.97

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Are you a Socialist yet?

If not, then join our Launch Party today

Are you ready for social bookmarking? Have you heard of but don’t know what it’s all about?

Whether you’re a pro, or inexperienced with, itt’s a great site with an even better name. It allows people to tag* bookmarks with keywords and find new websites tagged by others with similar interests.

Socialist goes further than the average bookmark manager and includes an extensive set of features:

  • Subscribe to tags and users on
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds from your favorite blog and news sites
  • Access your bookmarks from anywhere
  • Share your bookmarks with others easily
  • License allows you to use Socialist on multiple computers
  • Tag bookmarks for easier browsing and retrieval
  • Organize bookmarks with Socialist.

    Assign “tags” to your bookmarks instead of putting them into folders.

    Tags are simple keywords describing your bookmark so you can find them quickly.

    Example: If you had a bookmark folder called New York City, and a bookmark folder called Photographs, where would you place a website with photos of New York?

    Using tags, assign keywords “newyork” and “photos” and you’ll be able to find that link again easily.

    Don’t have time to read news?

    Many of us have tried an RSS reader or at least heard of RSS by now. There are RSS feeds available at almost every blog and news site including here at MacZot!

    RSS is a web format used to publish frequently updated content (like news, videos, etc.)

    If you’re like us and don’t have time to read news as it’s published, you’ll love Socialist.

    The power of Socialist in action: Subscribe, Scan, Bookmark

    1. Subscribe to RSS feeds that fit your interest.

    2. Scan the latest content quickly

    3. Bookmark anything you want to read later.

    If you’ve tried other RSS readers that interrupt your work by bouncing in the dock and beeping, you’ll probably enjoy Socialist’s more leisurely reading experience.

    Your bookmarks everywhere!

    Discover a great website on another computer and forget it by the time you get home. Nothing is worse!

    Socialist gives you access to your bookmarks from any Mac, and even online (if you find yourself on a Windows or Linux computer).

    Socialist also offers the ability to share your bookmarks with other people. Have a close friend that shares a common interest in cars? Subscribe to each other’s bookmarks and find new websites.

    Don’t believe us? Ask them:

    Steve Streza [Tubular] says,

    “Socialist is the last bookmark manager you’ll ever need.”

    Socialist is launching here on MacZOT!

    Be in the first crows to get access to this cool new app from the developers of Musicast and Domain Tracker.

    See the Developers web site at:

    Dec 18

    Direct Mail

    "mailings made easy and organized"

    Normally: $29.00

    ZOT Price: $12.95

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    Holiday Letters Anyone?

    Direct Mail is a powerful and user-friendly mailing manager that lets you stay in touch quickly and easily — without worrying about the details of mail server configurations.

    As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

    Direct Mail makes staying in touch with multiple people a snap. Need to get a newsletter out to your database of subscribers? A holiday update out to your extended family? It’s easy:

    1. Compose your message in Direct Mail’s fully-featured email editor. Styled, HTML, and plain-text emails are all supported — as well as inline images and attachments.

    2. Enter the list of recipients. Email addresses can be entered by hand or by using Direct Mail’s powerful “Import Addresses” feature to grab email addresses from any type of file.

    3. Click the “Send Message” button. Your message is delivered instantly to your list of recipients using Direct Mail’s powerful internal mail server.


    How does Direct Mail stack up feature-wise? Direct Mail contains a rich set of easy to use tools to help you get your work done quickly without getting in the way. A few key features:

    Create custom HTML messages
    Hand craft your messages in HTML or automatically import the message body from any web page.

    Import email addresses from any file or folder
    Quickly and easily grab email addresses from all sorts of files, including your Mac OS X Address Book and even MySQL databases.

    Direct delivery support
    If needed, Direct Mail can bypass your ISP’s SMTP server and deliver email straight to the recipient.

    Optimized for Intel Macs
    Direct Mail is a universal application, meaning that it runs native on both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

    More Information

    For more information, including screenshots, please visit

    Dec 17


    Normally: $9.95

    ZOT Price: $4.95

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    VelaClock is valuable for many reasons, one of which is:

    We constantly interact with people in different time zones and VelaClock puts that information in front of us quickly

    See what others are saying here

    “My business has me communicating with people all over the world, all day long. One glance at VelaClock, I know exactly what time it is any where in the world. For me, VelaClock is the most functional widget available. Once again, thank you.”

    “I want you to know VelaClock is by far my most favorite and most widely used of all my widgets. What a bargain!”

    “This latest version of VelaClock (1.5.1) continues your wonderfully simple, clean and functional design philosophy. I admire the clarity of vision and understanding of user needs. Nice work and thanks.”

    Macworld magazine called VelaClock one of their favorite widgets. [info] Macworld magazine reviews VelaClock and gives it four mice! [review]


    A world clock widget with a highly configurable user interface. Besides displaying local times, users can quickly display the time of sunrise, sunset, or twilight, duration of daylight, current phase of moon, time zone information, and much more.

    The interface of VelaClock can easily be configured to use a minimum amount of screen space or if the user wishes, more detailed information about the currently selected city can be displayed. The user can choose whether to display up to four additional lower panes (each pane has a full and a minimized version):

    • A light level bar that gives the user a picture of the 24 hours of natural light (bright daylight, three kinds of twilight and night) for the current day. A thin white bar indicates when the moon is visible. Daylight duration and the change in minutes of daylight from the previous day are also displayed.
    • Specific times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset. Begin/end times for civil twilight, nautical twilight, and astronomical twilight can also be displayed.
    • An image of the moon as seen in the sky above the currently selected city. This image accurately depicts the angle of the moon’s crescent. Because this angle can change dramatically within the span of an hour, it is updated once a minute, as is the moon’s phase. This view also contains the name of the current phase, as well as local times for the next and previous phase events (new, quarter, full).
    • An analog clock and detailed time zone information, including full time zone name and the number of hours the selected city is ahead or behind the user’s current time zone (as set in System Preferences). The current season name (winter, etc.) is also displayed.

    VelaClock is a unique widget in that it is completely self-contained. Many widgets are light weight front-ends to web services; such widgets require an Internet connection. By contrast, VelaClock is designed to function without an Internet connection, and so is particularly useful for laptop users away from their home or office. Astronomical calculations are performed by an internal code module.

    Dec 15


    Normally: $29.95

    ZOT Price: $20.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    receipts quickly

    If you’ve
    ever looked for a receipt for a warranty repair, you
    probably had trouble finding it. With ReceiptWallet,
    receipts are located quickly and easily.


    Do you have to prepare expense reports? If so,
    ReceiptWallet can help. Once you store your receipts in
    ReceiptWallet, you can select the receipts to email, print,
    or export to PDF.

    Taxes and

    In many cases, the IRS (or other tax
    authority) may accept electronic copies of your receipts.
    ReceiptWallet makes gathering information for taxes a snap!


    If you have ever had to get a product
    repaired under warranty, you know how hard it is to find
    the receipt to prove it is under warranty. With
    ReceiptWallet, simply scan in the receipt, add some notes
    about the product and now you can find the receipt quickly.


    Everyone is enticed by rebates, but handling
    the paperwork and remembering about them is such a hassle.
    With ReceiptWallet, scan it in, put in a note that it is a
    rebate and you can quickly find the rebates later on. To
    make things even easier, add an appointment to iCal to
    remind you to check on the rebate. Without leaving your
    desk, you can now look up the rebate and see where it is.

    Flexible Spending

    Do you have a flexible spending plan or a cafeteria plan at
    work? If so, then you know how much of a pain it is to
    gather up all the paperwork when the time comes to submit
    the receipts. With ReceiptWallet, put items into a category
    called Medical or Flexible Spending, then create a smart
    collection for the time period, say the last six months.
    Next select the receipts, hit print and you’ve now handled
    most of the work already. If your plan accepts it, you can
    even export the text content of your receipts as a CSV file
    and import it into Microsoft Excel; you can print this and
    might be able to simply submit it.

    What is it?

    So what is ReceiptWallet? ReceiptWallet is a
    Mac OS X program that allows you to scan in and manage your
    receipts. When you scan in each receipt, you enter a few
    pieces of information about the receipt such as the
    merchant, the amount, and category and then you can quickly
    and easily locate your receipts. You can view the receipts
    right on the screen, print them, email them, or save them
    as PDFs. In addition to the powerful search built into
    ReceiptWallet, you can organize your receipts into
    collections. These collections can contain whatever you
    want and even better than that is the ability to create
    smart collections that automatically create collections
    based on whatever criteria you like. For instance, you can
    create a smart collection that contains all of your grocery
    store receipts or one that contains receipts for a certain
    year. The possibilities are endless.