Nov 30

GiftZOT unwrapped

Normally: $104.29

ZOT Price: $22.95


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GiftZOT! is sure to make lots of Mac users happy. We are pushing the limits with this offer and are making a final push for you. If you purchased GiftZOT 1.0 while it was still a mystery, you got it for $19.95 + a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you buy it today, you can see all the contents (except for the bonus game) and determine for yourself if the $100+ value is worth $22.95. It’s a great savings.

Please visit the sites of each developer, download the application, and try it out! This is a great value and we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Enjoy!

Diner Dash 2
Keep the restaurants alive – action game
Instant iCal access + compelling features
Tubular (pre-sell)
Browse, Search, Play video + YouTube
Photo Stickies
Paste frameless photons on desktop
LOOPS Water Pack
Your vacation is a screensaver away
Remove unnecessary code – save space
  Bonus Game (TBA)

  Total value:


83 Responses to “GiftZOT unwrapped”

  1. Thume Says:

    Frameless photons! Awesome!

    No, actually this is a pretty sweet bundle, especially for the Zotgeist price on first day with the extra grass loops. Wow.

  2. gryphonent Says:

    Yep… awesome bundle. However, I just purchased MenuCalendarClock when it was promoted on Excellent app! Especially if it comes in this package. I still have mixed feelings about this as I wouldn’t have purchased any of the other apps outside the Mystery bundle… having said that, it is a great deal. I will contemplate for a while…

  3. Woei Says:

    Wow.. Devon Technologies actually does business with Maczot. Hope to see Devon Think listed soon :)

  4. Mickeh Says:

    I might just buy this because of Tubular, I cannot wait for that application to come out…

  5. Gareth Says:

    Yea…. nothing all that interested there. I’m playing the “I want out” card.

  6. Klaus T. Says:

    Im also playing the same card as Gareth, Im affraid.

  7. Klaus T. Says:

    …. I wonder how we play the “I want out” card?

  8. Hessi Says:

    guys, that was a close one…
    I decided to join after getting the “I want out” card, but since I’ve been waiting for MenuCalenderClock for a long time now, 1 $ more for six applications I do not need but can play with for at least five minutes each is worth the deal.

  9. kibbynet Says:

    Not too bad if you “need” these kind of apps. I already own, the excellent, MenuCalendarClock. I doubt I’ll use the rest. I’d rather wait for something I really will use. How will we return Loops w/grass since the registration code was sent? It’s nice, but I can live without it.

  10. Glen Says:

    As good a pack as it is – not one app I’d have a good use for. I dare say I’m one of the few though… Was hoping for a developer’s app of some sort, but as they say, can’t please everyone.

  11. Andreas Pardeike Says:

    You simply keep the LOOPS Grass Screensaver. If you really feel the guilt, go ahead and promote LOOPS Screensavers by telling others about it.

    Greeting from Stockholm/Sweden,
    Andreas @ TwoSailors Network

  12. Jan Says:

    The Pzizz deal sounds great – but I already have it. The jury is out on this zot for me – some good stuff, but not that useful to me especially.

  13. slainer68 Says:

    How can I play the “I want out” card?
    I’m really not interested in all these apps, unfortunately.

  14. Kris Says:

    Sooo close to taking Maczot up on the guarantee, but I think I’ll keep this. I’ve been thinking about getting Xslimmer for a while anyway, MenuCalendarClock seems useful, and Tubular might be fun to play around with. Photo/screensaver apps don’t interest me, and I’ve got my Wii and 360 for games.

    Your gamble worked, Maczot! You got $20 out of me that you wouldn’t have gotten: A – If you didn’t offer the money back guarantee, and B – If you had revealed it all to me in the first place.

  15. Mark S Says:

    Not too shabby. Hopefully xSlimmer will turn out to be a little bit more robust than Monolingual. Love Devon’s stuff. I had been eyeing Photo Stickies but could never justify spending so much. I’m mostly impressed by this ZOT. I guess our friends have finally heard our complaints.

  16. cannedbrain Says:

    So who do you email when you want out? I used the “Contact” link I found in the front or member page but I’m not sure if that’ll go to the correct address.

  17. cqix Says:

    I realy like MenuCalendarClock and xSlimmer sounds great (I need more space or a new Mac *g*) I´ll stay in!!

  18. Torben Says:

    Pzizz deal ??…I’m sorry, where does it say anything about Pzizz ?

  19. Hess Says:

    I agree with Hessi (coincidence on the names!). MenuCalendarClock makes this deal for me, and the others will be interesting to play with and might come in handy sometime. For an extra buck it’s well worth it. Maybe once I upgrade to Intel I will make use of xSlimmer (don’t want to slim then switch!) and Tubular could make for some interesting diversions. I’d be afraid of Photostickies until I have a faster machine so it’s sort of money in the bank waiting my use.

    Good deal!

  20. JaToAc Says:

    once again a nice Zot!

    MenuCalenderClock is no my list for the last weeks, happy to see it included here…

    also Tubular is one of the things i looked for, things are only getting better…

    PhotoStickies looks nice, have to give it a try, and the rest is a nice bonus.

    and makes me wonder which game will be the bonus game :)

  21. Reedy Says:

    I can’t believe some of you want out?….if you hadn’t already twigged, the whole idea of these ZOTs is that they’re a mystery bundle….a gamble….you pay your money and take the risk….you cant bet on a horse and afterwards ask for your money back cause the horse didn’t win!!!

    Id say with such a gamble, you’re never gonna get a bunch of apps that you’ll be able to make use of…and if you do have a repeat app…sell em onto your mates! :)

    Could be worse….at least these arn’t Microsoft apps!! ARRGGGHH!

  22. Matthew Says:

    awesome, I’m glad i brought this yesterday, i like the dinnerdash game and the desktop photo’s look great

  23. slainer68 Says:

    OK. After some minutes, i’ve finally decided i will keep the giftzot :).

  24. GetUp Says:

    Can’t run Diner Dash 2 on my MacBook (10.4.8), is this game Intel (rosetta) compatible?
    P.S. Is THIS site Safari compatible? Can’t leave a comment, runned paralells with IE for comments writing :)

  25. Jan Says:

    @ Reedy – Good point. I did make $20 on the horses last night so I’ll keep the giftzot :)

  26. jelveh Says:

    Nice, awesome bundle for me :).

  27. Jim Says:

    Oh yay! Once again my post regarding this won’t post.

    Fix the damn comments!!!

  28. Arne Says:

    Just purchased 1h before the unwraping, nice stuff in there :-)

  29. Greenie Says:

    It’s exactly as I thought it would be. Nice Apps with a good price-tag but I do not really need any of them, not even for $20. Sorry. I’ve just sent a message to MacZot, let’s see how it works out. nevertheless, keep up the good work in here.

  30. justG Says:

    I’m a wee bit disappointed in the bundle, but I understand the universal appeal and the lack of “just for me” apps. I do believe that I’ll get enough use out of some, if not all, the included apps/games to justify the cost. Though I currently use Entourage instead of, I hope to return to Mail/iCal upon Leopard’s release (depending on how robust they are), so the included menu calendar thingy will come in handy.

    In any case, paying $20 for a bundle of applications and games I may not normally have purchased ensures that both macZOT! and developers still get a little something from me, a show of appreciation for existing and supporting the community. As a recent switcher, I like the enthusiasm and support of the close-knit Mac user and developer communities, and this is a good way for me to peripherally support their efforts.

  31. Sandy W. Says:

    Can we give away just ONE app? I was given a copy of Xslimmer by the developers for helping out with bugs. I’d like to give that to my uncle. BTW the program works GREAT! And overall, this bundle is AWESOME! Thanks, MacZot!

    Who mentioned Pzizz, didn’t see anything about it. ???

  32. Ryan Says:

    Looks like an excellent bundle! I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with these apps.

    Plus, the bonus in the ‘one more thing’ email just sweetens the deal. Glad I hopped aboard on this one.

  33. JLee Says:

    You can find out about pzizz at

  34. Bendis Says:

    I did not join this time, but it is ok… Tubular looks interesting and Xslimmer too. That would be the only useful stuff for me. I’ll try Xslimmer and maybe buy it for $6.95 at the developers website.

    BTW, grab Pzizz if you can, it’s great. Unfortunately i paid the full price, but it is worth the money.

  35. Ben Says:

    Menu calendar clock is a wonderful little app. I have been using it for over a year (with the promise to myself I will register it someday) – It is in my list of essential OSX apps. Thanks Zot for taking care of that detail!

  36. Jimmy Says:

    Hey, I bought the Giftzot on the first day. Can I also buy the pzizz Modules? I tried to enter the code, but it did not work…

  37. Britonius Says:

    I’m not yet totally sure this bundle was worth it for me, but I’ll probably end up keeping it any way. I can’t think of anyone I would gift them to either, so this will probably be the only one I buy. I need to get more people converted to MAC, then my extra purchased software and giftzots might be more relevant to me.

    The game looks interesting, at least my kids will probably like it.
    The XSlimmer and menucalendarclock are the most productive looking apps I see so far. The others all seem to be eye candy that I probably won’t really use much, but we’ll see.
    Of course the second game for my kids at least will probably make it worthwhile.

    Where did you all find out about the pzizz offer? I never saw it mentioned on the main site nor did I receive any emails about this, not even for Zotgeist members. I did test the giftzot promotion code and it doesn’t seem to work at least for me, so I doubt this is a real offer maybe it was contemplated at one time.

  38. ogottfried Says:

    Anyone else get the “one more thing” email? Do we have to do something specific to opt-in, or is that taken care of already?

  39. bluloo Says:

    Perhaps I missed it but can someone post how to go about requesting a refund on this one?

    Nice set of apps but I don’t use/need or already have many of them.


  40. Christian Skorik Says:

    Well… I’m satisfied. I think this was a good bundle. I have a strong feeling that the bonus game will be Pangea Arcade, which is really FUN!

  41. Richard Peterson Says:

    I like it all, and there are several things i already wanted. Nice bundle!

  42. MarkT Says:

    Sweet – keeper – The water pack, while not the megapack, were exactly the loops that my wife will enjoy on her laptop. The game and photons sound nice, too to round-off my interests. Tublar and xSlimmer sound kinda interesting, but not sure I want to tinker with my professional apps (or many for that matter) like that.

    As far as the menucal, I tried that for a while but don’t like it much. I actually found soft-hacking Dashboard’s iCal widget displayed on my desktop all the time is free and prettier.

  43. Krayola Says:

    I’m really glad I didn’t buy this bundle.

  44. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    One of my comments disappeared, too.

    Good bundle- a keeper. Got in on the second day.

    Can’t please all the people all the time. Only had one repeat, and a couple I wouldn’t use. This is a good bundle.

    Curious about XSlimmer though. Spring Cleaning did a similar thing for Fat apps, removing either 68K or PPC code to save a few K of space. Don’t know that it’s worth it now, given the great prices on huge hard disks.

    A problem with Spring Cleaning and possibly (?) with XSlimmer is that trimmed apps could not be updated. Updates didn’t work on the app once they were modified. May not apply to apps that are completely replaced by updated apps or not at all to XSlimmer.

  45. lgbtech Says:

    I don’t know. I’ve got the pzizz modules (energizer from my dream app and the sleep module from another mystery zot. Btw, the promo code doesn’t work. And where did that notice come from anyway? I never got it and I’m a ZG member.) I use google notifier with gcal so I don’t know how much use I would really get out of the menu calendar thingy. The game looks cute, but I probably won’t actually play it. I’m really wary of xslimmer breaking my apps. I don’t really frequent YouTube and I don’t really need the screen bling. So that leaves the one remaining mystery game which will very likely turn out to be something else I’m not into. I’m trying to decide if I know any mac users that would like any of these apps.

  46. motherduce Says:


  47. nerdbunnie Says:

    I’m confused about the pzizz thing too…. I tried the code, but it didn’t work either. I bought into GiftZot, and would love to get this bonus! Any help would be appreciated in figuring this out!

  48. RandyChev Says:

    Menu Calendar Clock was also on my list to get so I’m only spending $1 for all the rest. Even without looking I’m sure I can get a buck out of some of the other apps. For the record games have no use to me. I’m just not a gamer.

    Glad I took the mystery leap. The money back guarantee helped a lot.

  49. Russ Says:

    How do I say it, I want a refund?

  50. LIFilmGuy Says:

    First off I want to comment that these apps are a very nice bundle. I am pleased to have these in the “Applications” folder on my MacBook. Well done, MacZot!.

    However, in the interest of providing better “application to user satisfaction”, would it be possible to poll the MacZot! community as to which categories of apps they would like to see more of? This may give a sense of empowerment to the MacZot! constituency and make things even more pleasant on the discussion threads- not to mention it will give MacZot! some feedback as to how they are connecting with their community.

    A slight caveat to all this is that it will only work if MacZot! takes the polling seriously; and why wouldn’t they? They are doing great job so far IMHO. Yes, the practical impact of which remains to be tested and I am also aware that a deal is only as good/possible as to which developers will offer their apps up.

    I hope my comments are taken with a level head and an understanding that I offer this suggestion for the betterment and longevity of MacZot!. Keep up the good work!

    I could personally do away with games for the most part. These are most subjective as to who will use them. Fun, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder… Not saying this isn’t a cool little game- as it looks nice and all…

    All the best,

  51. M.Bischoff Says:

    @lgbtech: The deal obviously means that you can get the GiftZOT *plus* Pzizz for $49.95. Not free.

    Regarding the GiftZOT, I’m still wondering whether I keep it or not. For me it mainly is a matter of how useful ManuCalendarClock turn out to be for me. The rest of the software is quite superflous to me.

  52. autumnmist Says:

    *sigh* Gotta wait for them to email me so I can tell them I want out. No good. Don’t want the screensaver or desktop photos. I don’t want to use Xslimmer because some apps have problems if you remove part of the PPC code and then try to update them. Diner Dash just didn’t appeal to me much when I played it before. I already have IcalViewer so I don’t really need MenuCalendar clock. And definitely no go for Tubular–I don’t do the Youtube thing.

  53. Dave Says:

    A very nice bundle, but not a single thing I can use or even want.

  54. Eniregnat Says:

    MenuCalanderClock is something that I have used for a while now, in it’s crippled form. The Loops water pack seemed like something I was interested in. So these two applications alone have made it worth my while.

    Again, Maczot hasn’t failed me.

  55. Cameron Says:

    I wouldn’t say this is a complete failure for me. But it basically works out that I get a $19 app for $20… sigh. Still, not worth paying Paypal’s fee for a refund.

  56. Visa Says:

    Paypal has a refund button, afaik I know, when processed properly that way, there are no fees for anyone?

  57. autumnmist Says:

    Are we supposed to use Paypal’s refund button? Or are we going to communicate with Maczot and let them know we want a refund?

  58. Levi Says:

    I’m still wondering if I should stick with this or not.

    I do want Tubular; but is ZOTGIEST membership and a “mystery game” really worth $7 to me? I rarely play games (only games I EVER play are Solitaire and Minesweeper), and I buy shareware even less often….

  59. Jan Says:

    Sorry for bringing up the Pzizz controversy. The email I received was from Pzizz, not ZOT, but I didn’t realise and assumed everyone had got one.

  60. Woei Says:

    MenuCalendar and Xslimmer did it for me. The 2 loops modules are just sweeteners :)

  61. Jim Says:


    How about providing some forums for the zot community?

    Reviews could be written so that folks can get a feel for these apps if they’re not aware of them already. Developers of these apps might get some feedback as well on how their product is being received.

    Forums would be a good public place for the community here to provide suggestions as well. Sometimes people don’t think of things but then when they see another post something, they’re like oh yeah that would be cool.

  62. orb Says:

    Time to test the “I want out”.
    If Zot can be a bit more explicit on the procedure.

  63. ZOT Says:

    If you want to take advantage of the satisfaction guarantee, here’s how we prefer to handle it:

    1. Send us an email making sure to include your maczot screenname and paypal invoice id.

    2. Suggestions for apps you’d like to see in a bundle like this.

    We’ll get those taken care of quickly.


  64. Kenny Ye Says:

    The only useful one is Xslimmer that I can use to free up some disk space on my powerbook. It only costs 6.95.

  65. gryphonent Says:

    I’m a bit unclear about the whole Zotgeist 1.1 email… does this mean those of us who are already in Zotgeist have extended their membership when purchasing the GiftZot mystery package and those Zotgeisters who didn’t jump on the band wagon this time around drop out of the Zotgeist club because it has just entered a new round? Is Zotgeist time-limited? I’m puzzled. Would appreciate an explanation.

    Though I won’t need all the apps (got MenuCalendarClock already) and don’t play that much… I think for $20 this was a good deal.

  66. GetUp Says:

    Does Diner Dash 2 works on Intel (Rosetta)? Can’t run it on my MacBook… If not, i’ll quit, i’m think… :/

  67. Bendis Says:


    Here’s a link to preorder Tubular for $9,99: .

  68. evariste Says:

    Sorry, I don’t want this bundle. How can I opt out?

  69. Klaus T. Says:


    If you click the link to diner dash, you’ll see that it should be Universal binary, so assume it’ll work on our macbooks.

    On second thought, Im staying in!

    This guy who wrote about “contributin to the society, developers etc” – he got to me. heck, its just $20… that game looks a bit entertaining though :)

  70. Ryan Says:

    Wait… I’m confused about Loops… Its just a module, do we still have to purchase the actual Loops application or is it included with the module we are getting from GiftZOT?

  71. gryphonent Says:

    The Loops software is free… it’s the modules you’ve got to pay for. And as part of this package you get the all the water-themed screensavers.

  72. EveryZotter Says:

    Wow Brian, great bundle! MenuCalendarClock and xSlimmer are worth the price along. I’ve very excited! Keep up the great work.

  73. bluloo Says:

    The latest email changed my mind.

    Also, thanks for the clarification.

  74. Jim Says:

    I agree…the latest email I received swayed me off the fence to stick with this as well.

  75. nerdbunnie Says:

    I’ve had no problems running the demo of Dinner Dash 2 on my MacBook. I think I’m gonna stick with it. My first Zot too!

  76. Rick Baskett Says:

    Yeah menucalendarclock is really the only one I would use also. I use Trim the Fat for my xSlimmer needs and it works quite well. I opted out, but it was fun while it lasted :)

  77. therickster Says:

    Zot please clarify. I’m already in on Zotgeist 1.0. If I get a refund, does that exclude me from Zotgeist?
    And if so, will there be other opportunities to get back in?
    thank you

  78. cheerful Says:

    I believe that Zotgeist membership lasts for @least 1 year. Remember the birthday ZOT and etc … that came with it. But again, I’m assuming. Let’s await the official word from ZOT. p.s. maybe Zotgeist 1.0 + 1.1 = Double Zotgeist which means double the discount and etc.

  79. cheerful Says:

    btw, those who bought at the Zotgeist price and wish to refund, maybe you can offer that to me. I don’t mind getting one for my friend at that special rate. The usual paypal is fine with me.

  80. M.Bischoff Says:

    My comments keep disappearing.

  81. Jürgen Says:

    damn, i received the license file for xslimmer an the file ist corrupt. it´s called “_J (694)”. i can´t register the programm with this file. i have contact the xslimmer support team :(

  82. Phillip Deackes Says:

    Hmm. I posted about how dire the images in LOOPS are. My message appeared here and has since been deleted.

    If you like shimmering and pixels and absolutely dreadful picture quality the get LOOPS!!

    Purged it from my system.

  83. Burp Says:

    Seems all my comments have been removed as well.

    Not happy Zot. Oh, and by the way… I’m still waiting on serials from GiftZot…