Nov 30

GiftZOT! is sure to make lots of Mac users happy. We are pushing the limits with this offer and are making a final push for you. If you purchased GiftZOT 1.0 while it was still a mystery, you got it for $19.95 + a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you buy it today, you can see all the contents (except for the bonus game) and determine for yourself if the $100+ value is worth $22.95. It’s a great savings.

Please visit the sites of each developer, download the application, and try it out! This is a great value and we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Enjoy!

Diner Dash 2
Keep the restaurants alive – action game
Instant iCal access + compelling features
Tubular (pre-sell)
Browse, Search, Play video + YouTube
Photo Stickies
Paste frameless photons on desktop
LOOPS Water Pack
Your vacation is a screensaver away
Remove unnecessary code – save space
You’re the only hope for a once peaceful land


View My Portfolio iStockPhoto Credits

  Total value:
$104.29+10 iStockPhoto Credits


89 Responses to “GiftZOT FINAL”

  1. Greenie Says:

    No, I stick to my word. I don’t need any of the Apps in here nor do I care too much for the iStockPhoto-thing. 1.1-Zotgeist might be appealing, but I know where it will end: buying additional Apps I don’t really need just because of some exclusivity or special discounts. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed about the 1.1-Zotgeist thing. I mean, how many different levels do you want to create? And how do you justify selling a 1.0-Zotgeist alone for around the same amount you give away the 1.1-Zotgeist-membership now plus all these apps?

  2. Fonzi Says:

    The first ZotGeisters also got the QuadraZOT , so it didn’t come alone.

    I also think that 1.1. doesn’t mean a higher level but a new version, meaning ZOTGeist has been improved for all members… can ZOT please clarify this issue?

  3. Greenie Says:

    ok, forgot about the quadrazot, but still it sounds like a different level of exclusivity. But to be honest that wouldn’t change my mind.

  4. Seeker Says:

    The MenuCalendarClock website isn’t working – so it is not possible to learm more about this application – and whether it will have my interest or no.

  5. randyh Says:

    I recently joined and this is the first offer that I’ve taken advantage of…I am watching my cashflow, so I appreciate all the folks that are returning their Giftzots. At the same time, I consider this to be my investment in the future of Mac software. If my investment does a little to ensure that bright coders continue to produce high quality stuff for the Mac, I consider it money well spent. I also REALLY appreciate the work that the MacZot folks are doing (kinda like shopping at Costco, huh?). I love shareware–to me it is like giving money right to the folks that do the tough work…Thanks for my GiftZot…I’ll likely use 1 or 2 apps, and give the rest to friends…

  6. justG Says:

    It doesn’t sound like a different level at all. It’s like software, innit. You go from 1.0 to 1.1, you progress and evolve. The follow-up e-mail sent to us by ZOT! gave me the impression that this is a “new release” of ZG, 1.1.

  7. Rick Baskett Says:

    Where are you seeing this ZG 1.1? Im a Zotgeist member and haven’t seen anything about it…

  8. Eddie Says:

    IMO having a 1.1 that does not include the 1.0 members would be unfair to the people who went for the ZotGeist originally. I’m getting the 1.1 but I don’t believe I should get anything Zotgeist-wise that original members are not getting as well.
    Of the GiftZot software, the only one that interests me is MCC. Since I missed their recent offer I’ll get it now and maybe will use the other software occasionally.

  9. Britonius Says:

    Fifth try to add comments.

  10. Britonius Says:

    Is there some kind of text limit on comments? I have tried six times, the fifth time it worked but I did not add my comments to it. I am trying again with limited comments.

    From my reading of the email about the GiftZot options I was under the impression that existing Zotgeist members were already included in this new 1.1 improvement and that this GiftZot was simply a chance for new people who missed it the first time to now get involed in Zotgeist which will have even more exlusivity. But maybe I read too much into it. Any way I am in on both Zotgeists and I love it.

    Please clarify for existing Zotgeisters MacZOT.

  11. Britonius Says:

    I like Xslimmer as it will save me space on my space limited Powerbook since it will remove unnecessary Universal components that are simply taking up space. I think MCC will also come in handy.

    The games will be a fun diversion for me and kids on occasion. Loops I probably won’t ever use as I don’t normally use screen savers. Photo Stickies & Tubular sounds interesting, but is mostly eye candy and more diversion that I probably won’t really use.

  12. Britonius Says:

    It’s funny that sometimes I try to resbumit a comment and it says it’s a duplicate yet the first comment never shows up. MacZOT you need to look into this as it is quite annoying.

  13. Eddie Says:

    I agree on fixing the comments, both for posting and the duplicate indicator.

  14. Britonius Says:

    Sorry if I annoyed anyone, I was trying to see if there is some kind of pattern to this comment issue. Not finding one as it won’t take some comments and some it will, others I try to resubmit it apparently has in the system but is just not displaying them as it says its a duplicate.

  15. Eddie Says:

    Britonius, some of us have experienced the same issues with comments for a while now. Don’t worry :)

  16. Dane Says:

    The bundle is awesome, and I really wanted to do the Pzizz + GiftZOT bundle deal that was going on, so I actually cancelled my order to do the Pzizz deal.

    The only thing I’m worried about is that I got no confirmation from Pzizz that they registered that I was buying it along with the GiftZOT bundle as well.

    So I’ll be extremely upset if I miss out on this bundle due to Pzizz messing up my order.

    Already sent an e-mail to ensure that my name is on the list, but have yet to hear back from them.

  17. Lumineux Says:

    Why are the comments not working?

  18. Lumineux Says:

    Where do you find out more about ZG 1.1?

  19. Lumineux Says:

    Someone should really fix this comment system. I’m a current ZG member, but haven’t heard anything about 1.1

  20. Jan Says:

    the comments thing is awful – it seems to swallow long posts of mine if that helps

  21. Jim Says:

    I’ve wondered myself if there is some sort of scoring system that prevents certain comments from being displayed yet is still in the system. Just a guess.

  22. Rich Says:

    So do we need to gift it to “ourseleves” (assuming you don’t give it away) through the link in the “my orders” page to get the registration codes emailed?


  23. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    Got an e-mail about ZG1.1. Said if I kept the GiftZOT bundle, I’d be in. I am, so I am, and that’s all that I am.

    Mentioned earlier that xSlimmer *might* leave the remaining app in a state that would not allow it to be updated in the future. Don’t know that for sure, but that happened with Spring Cleaning. Hope that’s not the case here.

    Yeah comment handling is buggy.

  24. ZOT Says:

    Thank you all for your patience.

    Here are some updates:

    1. Please login to your MacZOT account. You can now Gift your purchase until the developers download and create registrations. This is a brand new feature, so please let us know if you see any strange behavior.

    2. We also realized we should have put a button in there that said, “I’m keeping this for me.” That way, we wouldn’t have to wait for those who will be gifting.

    Note, we’re expecting some NFL (new feature learnings) so please, again, contact us if you notice anything.

    GiftZOT is now officially over. We’ll begin processing registrations at around 12:00pm (noon) PST so we’re sure to give peope plenty of time to read the lengthy email we sent.

    The blog is only one place for this info, so all of you who follow the RSS, thanks for your participation.

    This was an AWESOME learning experience because so many people are giving helpful feedback.

    Thank you!

    ZOT! (a.k.a Brian Ball)

  25. Greenie Says:

    well, everything seemed to work quite well, I got my money back and it was done quick and in a professional way. Good job from MacZOT.

  26. JAXEMAC Says:

    So I bought this thing and want to d/l and access the apps. How do I do that? Is it not available yet?

  27. BeckySporkish Says:

    Ack! I’ve already played my limit on the free trial of diner dash2. I think i’m addicted. now i’m just waiting for my registration numbers so i can keep playing! Any idea when they might be arriving?

  28. Phil Says:

    I see nothing in my MacZOT account letting me gift or do otherwise with the GiftZot.

    I want to keep it.

    Also, do we not get email anymore alerting us to things? At the least could you offer an RSS feed for the Zotgeist and other announcements.

    That would be nifty.

  29. Woei Says:

    Erm… why are the games not licensed to our names?

    I am just rather concerned.

  30. Phil Says:

    I still have nothing at all, licensed to me or otherwise.

  31. nerdbunnie Says:

    Hmm…I’ve got the 2 games working…but cannot seem to register anything else.

  32. Eddie Says:

    I’ve gotten the information for the games and screensavers. Still waiting for the information regarding the applications.

  33. Christian Skorik Says:

    Ditto eddie

  34. Derik Says:

    Apparently multiple days aren’t engough to properly prepare to supply the registration codes promptly.

  35. Ryan Says:

    In addition to the missing registration codes, I also don’t see anything about ZotGeist in my account yet.

  36. Alex Says:

    Yeah I’m wondering about the ZotGeist thing too.

  37. Phillip Deackes Says:

    I just installed some of the Loops screensavers and will promptly remove them. The quality is absolutely dreadful!! I really can’t believe how bad they are. The image shimmers and pixallates all over the place. On a scale 0f 1-100 where HD movies are 80, I would give a 2 or 3 to Loops. Truly Appalling.

    Unless I’ve done something wrong, of course. I downloaded and installed the Loops engine, then installed the screensavers.

  38. Christian Skorik Says:

    ditto ryan

  39. Christian Skorik Says:

    Still waiting.. I’d really like my code for menucalenderclock… I like that app, but it keeps bugging me about putting in my code. Really quite annoying.

  40. nerdbunnie Says:


  41. Rubyhugsparks Says:

    Has anyone got their codes for the photo stickies?

  42. Hal B Sure Says:

    Just throwing this out there so as much info as possible is available.

    Got the codes for the screensavers and xSlimmer.

    My account has no info on download links if that is how people have been getting the games.

  43. nerdbunnie Says:

    Same here…I got the game codes. Then I got the email for Loops. I just got the email for Xslimmer this afternoon. They seem to be slowly trickling in… Gotta say that Fairies, as much as I thought I’d hate the game, is quite addictive. In fact, I spent a good amount of time that I should have been working on my take home final playing that instead. I imagine that there’s a lot of work for these providers to do, plus it’s the weekend…they’d probably prefer to be out drinking than manually filling out emails and sending codes to a whole bunch of people…

  44. mjholland Says:

    Hey everyone-

    I am still waiting for my registration codes for the games and the menucalendarclock. Ihave, like most it seems, gotten the codes for the Screen savers and for Xslimmer…

    Any idea on how much longer it will take? This delay is making me rethink the mystery zot altogether.

  45. Lisa Says:

    Just wanted to mention this as well…
    As of Sunday night I have the registration info for Fairies, Diner Dash 2, Loops screensavers (too bad they are so blurry when scaled to fit), and most recently Xslimmer.

    @Hal B Sure — I received the game info in an e-mail from MacZOT entitled “GiftZOT Registration Information Part 1 – MacZOT”.

  46. Rocky Says:

    Has anyone received registration codes for PhotoStickies as well?

  47. ZOT Says:

    Regarding registrations for GiftZOT 1.0

    Some of the developers are taking the weekends off, which is a good thing. We should all do that more. :-)

    We’ll try to have the GiftZOT registrations out 100% by the end of day on Monday.


  48. Christian Skorik Says:

    I noticed someone complaining about quality in loopsavers… I must agree. The quality is awful. I understand that video is harder to make crystal clear than say pictures or vector images, but the quality really is quite bad, even though the loops are pretty seamless. I don’t think I’ll be using those screensavers anytime soon, because the point of screensavers is to show something nice on the screen; none of this pixelated garbage. Oh well. I suppose I pretty much got it for free anyway, so no use in complaining much. But in my opinion, loopsavers is useless on computers with a res higher than say 800×600. Piss poor on my 20 inch cinema display.

  49. Charles Martin Says:

    Unrealistic expectations on the LOOPS stuff, guys. Stand back 6 feet and look at it again.

    Looks fabulous on my 20″ widescreen.

  50. Charles Martin Says:

    I am beginning to wonder about the MenuCalClock code as well, but maybe I just have to learn a bit more patience.

    I’m enjoying Fairies and Diner Dash 2 more than I thought I would.

  51. The Notorious BB Says:

    Okay, I sort of understand taking the weekend off but how about letting people know? Loops is just not up to speed, every app I’ve tried with the Slimmer won’t slim any further and while Fairies is pretty good, the two pieces I want the most are not to be found (Tubular and menucalendarclock). It is now 6:00 PM PST and nothing so I’m in the no more mysetry zot club as of now.

  52. Christian Skorik Says:

    Btw… still haven’t gotten my reg. codes…

  53. nerdbunnie Says:

    I’ve got the 2 games, Xslimmer and Loops. Really looking forward to MenuCalandarClock so it can stop pestering me about using registered features…

  54. Paul Says:

    I’m not thrilled with the quality of loops either. Reverted to Flurry…

  55. PaulG Says:

    Looks like it is taking a bit longer then expected. I too have received the codes for the games, Xslimmer and Loops. Gotta love Xslimmer, works great! Faries is awesome, although a little unstable, it likes to unexpectedly quit. Loops are cool. As for the quality, I am sure that was to keep the size of the files smaller.

    Looking forward to the remaining codes…

  56. Burp Says:

    Any info on when we get the remaining registration codes?

    Seems i am like everyone else, so far only getting Loops, games and XSlimmer.

    I must admit, it takes a while for the serials to come through.

  57. Burp Says:

    I agree with Paul as well, Loops doesn’t impress me much.

  58. henrikl Says:

    Still haven’t received the codes ? It’s Tuesday here…

  59. Mark S Says:

    Loops are pretty cool although some of them look a little blocky (i.e. Streams). Love the Aqua and Beach ones. I am also still waiting on the rest of the serials and it is now Tuesday here too.

  60. Drew Says:

    Only got the LOOPS codes so far … still waiting on everything else.

  61. Burp Says:

    Just got PhotoStickies serial.

    Its a neat app, i like it a lot. Damn shame it doesn’t integrate with iphoto library though…

    oh well

  62. Mark W Says:

    Only got loops and games serials so far…. :-(

  63. Tronstr Says:

    Like everyone else, it appears, I am also waiting on codes. AGAIN. I thought we were told we should have them sometime Monday, well, it’s Tuesday and still waiting…….

  64. Chaz Larson Says:

    No information on MCC, Tubular, iStockPhoto, or ZG 1.1.

  65. kodac Says:

    Well, I just got photostickies. Still waiting on MenuCalendarClock.

  66. kodac Says:

    ohh, and nothing from iStockPhoto either …

  67. ZOT Says:

    Note to those following this thread:

    It seems that the Object Park email servers aren’t getting the registrations out in a timely manner. I wonder if they’re not use to this size of hit.

    I did talk to Dirk – one of the developers and he was sending them out on Monday. So, it’s not that we’re not trying to get them out.

    As for Photo Stickies, those should be all out.

    iStockPhoto credits will be coming this afternoon (CA time)

    Tubular updates will come as Steve gets that app completed. I can’t wait.

    Thanks for your patience. It’s a lot to ask.


  68. nerdbunnie Says:

    Yep. Got my Photostickies code just a little while ago…

  69. gryphonent Says:

    I’m sure we’ll all the the serials on time. Never had a problem with MacZot, and I’ve been around the block. Good things come to those who wait. Patience is a virtue.

  70. Christian Skorik Says:

    Just got mcc!! Yay!

  71. Dan Ridley Says:

    Fairies and Diner Dash are both pleasant surprises; fun li’l games and they work fine on a MacBook despite running in Rosetta. xSlimmer is nice. My first impression was that it was better designed than Monolingual but not something I’d pay for; it’s such a one-trick pony. However, it does have one standout feature: you can drag a downloaded app from a disk image into xSlimmer, and it’ll slim it and copy it to Applications. That’s cool. MenuCalendarClock rocks, and I’ve considered buying it anyway. Tubular I’m looking forward to. All in all, another solid value from the ZOTerati.

    The Loops screensavers range from meh to blech, though.

  72. Jim Says:

    I think I’ve got everything now except for Tubular that isn’t out yet and iStockPhoto. Any word on iStockPhoto?

    Thanks btw. I’ve found myself enjoying MenuCalendarClock much more than I thought I would and the kids really enjoyed the games. Too bad I only have this Powerbook as I have to fight them off now. lol

  73. Eddie Says:

    Also waiting on Tubular and iStockPhoto.

  74. Christian Skorik Says:

    Ditto eddie.

  75. zero9ine Says:

    I received the Mail Calendar Clock, Stickies, and Xslimmer but have yet to get the codes for the games and iStock (also Tubular which obviously isnt released yet anyway)

    Do the games require a keycode? I saw you can download the demo but wasnt sure if there is some code to unlock it or a link to a full version?

    I gather things are taking a while to process all the serials / orders, which is understandable.

  76. Andrea Says:

    I’m waiting for the two games codes…And even for the code of the grass…How can I get them?
    Are they needed?

  77. BeckySporkish Says:

    I received Xslimmer, LOOPS, the two games, Photostickies, and MenuCalendarClock. Still missing iStockPhoto, and Tubular. But I’m happy!

  78. Drew Says:

    Still waiting on xSlimmer, Tubular, iStockPhoto, Diner Dash, and Fairies … any word on when?

  79. justG Says:

    @Drew and anyone else still waiting for license information: This is when I received mine. If you haven’t, you might want to contact the developer.

    Xslimmer: 03 December

    Tubular: Not yet. The GiftZOT e-mail stated we’d get this when it’s released. Perhaps that’s when we’ll get our registration info.

    iStockPhoto: 08 December

    Diner Dash and Fairies: 01 December, in an e-mail from macZOT! titled “GiftZOT Registration Information Part 1 – MacZOT”

    Hope that helps.

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