Oct 31

Celebrating Halloween on your Mac this year?

What’s the mystery behind the mask!

Today’s Halloween Mystery Bundle has some great titles. The applications have never been seen on MacZOT heretofore. For those who can harness the power of buying the unknown, you may be pleasantly surprised by the valuable contents.

Go get it!

Oct 30


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The long awaited Disco – media burning app is now ready!

The folks responsible for the application that took the Mac community by storm at the beginning of 2006 are finishing the year with a very strong release.

This app came about in an interesting, almost serendipitous way. While waiting the couple of days prior to our trip to meet with Jasper Hauser in Europe, we wanted to see what we could accomplish in a short time. Austin had worked on some different apps that were the impetus for what we’re now calling –
" The Best Sub-$30 Media Burning App Available."

This began at the end of June!

A HUGE amount of time, passion, and intensity have gone into this application. In fact, here’s the formula…

Mix one developer who has no other worries, responsibilities, or distractions in his life. He’s got the success of an application like AppZapper under his belt and spends more time on his MacBook Pro than you or I are even awake each day. Add in a world-renown designer who is EXTREMELY passionate about his craft and will in fact almost enter into fisticuffs if you even question the almost insane attention to detail he puts into his work.

Now, put those two in the same room everyday, feed them once in a while, and remind them to sleep every third day. What do you get? (ignoring the obvious temporary decline in ability for social interaction)

You get a Mac OS X app who’s name can only be followed by… "I gotta have it!"

  • Disco went through an initial round of beta testing with over 1,500 people putting it through it’s initial paces
  • It’s been worked on for months by people who are extremely responsive to input while still being detail oriented
  • It is now available in an exclusive offer here on

If you pick up your copy of Disco today; right now in fact, you could win one of three LaCie d2 DVD burners with LightScribe. This technology allows you to work with the latest media and even etch a label right into your disc as it burns – very COOL!*

There is even an EXTRA bonus for EVERY purchase of Disco while it’s on the home page of MacZOT –

The deal is special because we’re launching something that we’ve personally taken a hand in and we want to reward all the people who have been and are willing to support the development of great Mac apps.

Go watch the videos on the home page, read a bit more info about the application, but then come and get it here!

Burn baby BURN!






*Disclaimer: There’s no purchase necessary to enter into the drawing for one of the 3 DVD-RW drives. You can enter by sending an email with the subject line: Burn Baby Burn. If you are chosen, we’ll follow up via email to request the necessary contact information. This contest is only valid until 11:59 pm PST October 30th, 2006




Oct 26


"For those who use Money"

Normally $17.95
ZOT price $9.95

Click to MacZOT Download & Try

Keeping tabs on your finances can be a lot of work. You ask yourself, “Where is all my money going?” Your old-fashioned paper check register can’t provide the sorting and balancing features you so desperately need, but on the other hand, monster applications like Quicken make you sift through tons of features and distract you with their financial services ads. You could really use a middle ground – a personal finance manager that excels at the basics but keeps things simple. Thank goodness you found CheckBook!



  • Powerful Toolbar – everything you need to manage your Deposits, Debits and Transfers.
  • Single-window interface – keeps your data front and center.
  • Account Summary – visualize where your money came from and where it’s going. Specify a date range and choose from several additional options to get a quick look at your financial picture, including subtotals of all your Types, Descriptions and To/Froms!
  • Reconciliation mode – helps you locate missing entries and compare against Real World statements.
  • Scheduled Entries – configure CheckBook to remind you of repeating transactions.
  • Filters – speedy, always-on filtering let’s you find specific transactions in no time.
  • Interactive Balance – user-customizable field to keep track of any vital Account statistic.
  • Easy Import & Export – import Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) and export tab-delimited text.
  • Auto-completing Fields – streamlines data entry.
  • Printing – print all Entries, the results for the current search or an Account Summary.
  • Multiple Accounts – easily work with more than one account with CheckBook’s Accounts Drawer.
  • Password Protection – keep visitors out of your business.
  • Customizable Entry Types – label your account Entries any way you like.
  • International Date & Currency – settings in Mac OS X’s International preferences are completely supported.
  • Auto-Save – no need to worry about saving or file structure.
  • And more!
Oct 26
GL Golf

GL Golf

Sells daily at $25.00

Today only $14.99 on MacZOT!

Click to MacZOT Download it Now!

GL Golf is a 3D Golf game

At first glance, you think – hmm, this isn’t like X-Box or PS3 or any of the fancy Woods, Watson, and John Daily classics. However, if you try this game, you’ll be much more satisfied than you think. You’ll be playing in between projects for a few minutes and realizing it releases your brain from the tasks you’re working on. This frees you up to be more creative, productive, and relaxed. That alone is worth a lot if you’re earning with your brain.

The boss wants good golf players who can focus, stroke well, and be patient as they get results – is that you?

GL Golf is a 3D Golf game with a realistic physics system and a great graphics, with all the features of a
true golf game, such as 216 different holes, obstacles like sand traps, water, and trees, an internet
highscore list and great music!

Included with in the Combo pack is the original 3 courses for GL Golf, along with the Course Pack which
adds 9 additional courses for a total of 12! By purchasing the combo pack you are entitled to free upgrades
to the game and additional courses. GL Golf is updated at least once a month, always adding new features and
fixing any bugs that arise.

GL Golf requires Mac OS 10.2.8 or greater and a video card with 16MB or more of VRAM. A 733MHZ+ System is
recommended for better performance.

GL Golf

Oct 24
PDFKey Pro

PDFKey Pro 3.0

"The Locksmith"

Normally $19.99

The eat-an-extra-lunch-out price: $11.99

Click to MacZOT Download


Ever needed a PDFs password but didn’t have it?

PDFKey Pro is to PDFs what a locksmith is to you locking your keys in the car – a Life Saver

Ever lost a password or received a protected PDF from somebody who didn’t send the password? Did you lose a day as a result? Have you ever had to process password-protected PDFs in bulk?

PDFKey Pro lets you easily recover from lost PDF passwords that keep you from copying and printing . PDFKey Pro makes an unlocked copy of your PDF, without requiring you to enter a password. If your files are protected for viewing, you must supply the password and PDFKey Pro will make a fully unlocked document. PDFs can also be processed in bulk, without requiring your intervention.

PDFKey Pro

Do you need to protect your files from unauthorized access? Do you want to restrict the usage permissions on your PDF files?

PDFKey Pro lets you protect your PDFs in a snap. You can set a password to view the file and a password to restrict printing and copy&pasting of your PDFs. The files created by PDFKey Pro will be identical to the originals and you will be able to open them in any PDF viewer.


Recover Lost Passwords:
Unlocks printing and copying capabilities in PDF documents
Unlock PDFs:
Unlocks PDF documents you cannot otherwise view after you provide the viewing password

Lock PDFs:
Protects PDF documents from unauthorized access. Allows you to restrict usage permissions on your PDF documents.

Supports batch processing of multiple files or folders
Automation Tools:
Includes an Automator Action (Mac OS X "Tiger" only) and a command-line tool.
Update Checks:
Includes an automatic update check and Unsanity’s SmartCrash technology for bug reporting.
English, Italian and French with others languages in the works
Oct 23
Alarm Clock Pro

Alarm Clock Pro

Sells daily at $19.95

Today only $5.97 on MacZOT!

"can send text messages to your cell phone?" Wow!

Click to MacZOT Download it Now!

Alarm Clock Pro is not just an alarm clock – it is a digital companion. Designed to perform various tasks and maximize your daily efficiency, you will always be in the right gear to handle life’s demanding schedule.

If you’re used to waking up to a mind-numbing buzzing alarm every morning or static-plagued radio station, and enjoy it, then Alarm Clock Pro is not for you. Wake up to your favorite internet radio station, MP3, audio disc, movie, random inspirational quote, or even daily task list being read to you. However, we understand that not everyone has their computer in their bedroom! Alarm Clock Pro can be configured to send text messages to your cell phone as well!

Alarm Clock Pro

As you may have already guessed, Alarm Clock Pro’s features give it a range that can extend to almost every aspect of your life. Have it periodically send security screenshots to an e-mail, randomize the iTunes playlist, remind you of holidays and special occasions, perform system actions, automatically send out birthday cards, text message your daily task list to a cell phone, and so much more! The applications are virtually unlimited.

Alarm Clock Pro is available for both Mac OS X and Windows for a free, feature-unlimited, fifteen day trial download. Licenses for this software are valid for both the Mac and Windows editions, as well as include free lifetime upgrades. Visit Alarm Clock Pro at Koingo Software.

Oct 23

Disco in Beta

More Info
Disco is in Beta



Disco is now in Beta!

If you purchased the pre-release of Disco, you’re in for a treat, click the image to redeem your ticket.

Oct 19

Instant Color Schemes

Color Schemer Studio is a professional color matching solution for anyone from hobbyists to advanced professionals.

Use Color Schemer Studio to…

  • Work with a dynamic visual color wheel and instantly explore color harmonies and relationships
  • Save your favorite color schemes and share them with others in the Color Schemer Gallery
  • Build color schemes from photos and images
  • Preview color schemes on the built-in web page preview
  • Import and export colors to and from your favorite applications
  • And much more!
Color Schemer Studio OSX

Normally: $49.99
ZOT Price: $29.99 – Save 40%

Color Schemer Studio OSX Color Wheel

Color Wheel View
This is the main window with the Color Wheel tab selected. A color wheel is created starting from your selected base color.

Color Schemer Studio OSX Color Harmonies View

Color Harmonies View
This is the main window with the Color Harmonies tab selected.

Select the type of harmony you would like to display from the dropdown box and Color Schemer Studio OSX does the rest!

Color Schemer Studio Suggested Colors

Suggested Colors View
This is the main window with the Suggested Colors tab selected. Color Schemer Studio OSX can suggest a color scheme for you based on a number of different styles!


Use the PhotoSchemer tool to build unique color schemes based on any picture, image or photograph.

Color Mixer

Color Mixer
Use the built-in Color Mixer to create a single mixed color or a gradient path between two colors.

Color Scheme Analyzer

Color Scheme Analyzer
Use this tool to find the best text & background color combinations from among your Favorite Colors.

Select a background color and the Color Scheme Analyzer will automatically tell you which text colors would provide sufficient contrast and readability.

QuickPreview Window

QuickPreview Window
Drag and drop colors onto the elements in the QuickPreview to test color combinations in a web page setting.

Print Color Schemes

Print Your Color Schemes
Use the built-in Print utility to print your color schemes and their color values. Great for making hard-copy reference sheets or showing to clients.

Import Wizard

Import Wizard
Use the Import Wizard to import colors into Color Schemer Studio OSX from a number of different sources, including:

  • Any web site or style sheet
  • GIF images
  • Photoshop Color Palettes (.aco)
  • Color Table files (.act)
Export Wizard

Export Wizard
Use the Export Wizard to export your color schemes to a number of popular applications and formats:

  • HTML color chart
  • CSS style sheet
  • GIF image
  • Photoshop Color Palette (.aco)
  • Illustrator Color Palette (.ai)
  • Macromedia FreeHand/Adobe FrameMaker
  • Corel Painter Color Set
  • Color Table file (.act)

What others are saying:

“I am so color deprived — which is so sad considering how I make my living — that I seriously use this app whenever I start a new design.”
- Adam Howell, CSSReboot

“My work would’ve been considerably more grueling if it hadn’t been for Color Schemer Studio, which is just a damn near perfect application for assisting in web design.”
- Michael Heilemann, Binary Bonsai

“There was no way I couldn’t buy the software after trying it once. This program is amazing when designing sites. I am only sorry that I didn’t find it sooner.”
- Bianca Rosenbaum

“I’ve used your products for years!!! Your stuff truly deserves the description of “Insanely Great!!!” I love it when a nice cool little company produces kickass products like you guys do!”
- James Nordstrom

“Not FIVE minutes ago (I am not kidding) I was once again saying to myself that Color Schemer is the only tool other than Photoshop that I could NOT do without.”
- Klaus Gebhardt

More user feedback…

More Information

Oct 19


Pandora is the media collector’s web spider and search agent for Mac OS X

Click to MacZOT Try it!

Pandora is the media collector’s web spider and search agent for Mac OS X. Images, video, music, and more
– Pandora can scour the web and retrieve your precious files in no time flat*.

(*that’s marketing jargon… it actually takes a little bit of time to retrieve all those files :-)

In the time it takes to grab a glass of water, Pandora is able to hunt down images by spidering a URL or performing a keyword-based search. A clear and intuitive interface guarantees you are underway in no time, and extensive preferences allow power users to flex their muscles. It can multitask, and after a rapid search based on the given criteria, Pandora prepares a slideshow, providing you with a quick and comprehensive glance at discovered files.

For the first time ever, Pandora is available via MacZOT at the special reduced price of $19.95, down from $29.95 – get ‘em while they’re ZOT!

Oct 16
Idea Generator

Idea Generator

A great use of your Dashboard

Requires MacOS 10.4 "Tiger"

Click to MacZOT Try it!
MacZOT is featuring a great new widget by the team at MonkeyBusiness Labs

Idea Generator – a favorite around here at MacZOT! HQ

Idea Generator Screenshot

Try it and see if it doesnt spark at least one idea you can implement today! It’s likely you’ll have several ideas that are a far-cry from your normal thinking.

We’ll be returning with great deals you can buy once we get our site moved to the new server!

Here’s to GREAT IDEAS!