Sep 01

It’s up to you to determine…

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  1. F451 Says:


  2. Rick Baskett Says:

    If any of you had a problem with the above link.. with my stealthy skills ;) here’s the address:

    or let’s see if html works


  3. jailerjoe Says:

    When the hell is this thing over?

  4. Jesse Wilson Says:

    And where’s this game we were told about? Damnit, we want something for nothing and now!

    Yes, that was sarcasm folks :p

  5. Eddie Says:

    That looks very useful. I’m still waiting for Formation 2 to become a reality, so this looks very exciting.

  6. Jim Says:

    Alright the possibility that it could have Kit in it pushed me over the edge. Gonna miss a lunch so I hope this is worth it. ;-)

  7. Dan Says:

    They could also be wrong, of course. What’s the retail value of three installs of AppZapper? ;) :D

  8. Jason Says:

    lol @ the appzapper.

    i too hope this thing is over soon, getting tired of checking back to be greeting by more story.

  9. Sturek Says:

    Well if TUAW isn’t right, then make sure it’s in one of the next ZOTs, because this app seems to be just what I’ve been looking for ;)

  10. Mickeh Says:

    Wow, this seems cool!

    Still waiting for the game…

  11. Jan Says:

    hmm, I think zot might have leaked the app on purpose to TUAW! I know that was what made me give in and click buy :)

  12. Mickeh Says:

    Wow, Blocky is fun!

  13. Erichd Says:

    What happens after level 6 in Blocky?

    I’ll have to find out later….

  14. Sturek Says:

    Argh, I made it to 5 several times now, but it’s getting nasty :/ And I think I found a bug, it just jumped to level 3 without a level 2 :D

  15. Erichd Says:

    So long as it also eventually jumps past level 6 to give a serial for some other game …. :)

    one can hope for more free stuff, right?

  16. Sturek Says:

    Doesn’t jump anymore….and I’m too bad to reach level 6 :( Gotta ask my sister, she’s good at these kinda things ;) Anyways, we’re close to a new message from teh Z0T I guess……uuuhhh intense ;)