Aug 20

MacTank’s MailTemplate

Normally: $14.95
ZOT price: $9.95

Click to MacZOT Do you handle lots of eMail?

MailTemplate automates and streamlines the process of composing e-mail messages. Using predefined templates with embedded macros, MailTemplate dramatically reduces the time involved in both composing replies and new e-mail messages.

MailTemplate is a solution to a problem of sending similar messages to different people. It is NOT a bulk mail software, it helps composing messages to individual recipients. One example where mail templates are useful is when you provide a support via e-mail and you often receive similar or identical questions which require similar or identical responses (and it is always better to respond to customer’s e-mail than to send him/her to the FAQ or tell to RTFM). MailTemplate offers an easy solution: create your templates once and use them in your new messages or responses. It can save you a lot of typing and a lot of time.


MailTemplate ships as a Universal Binary or optimum performance both PPC and Intel-based Macs. It is designed to work with both Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage. (More Info at MacTank)

Aug 17

Disco Pre Order

The guys behind AppZapper are currently working on their next app, Disco. While we can’t tell you much about it, we already have a special deal for you. You can now pre-order Disco for only $4.95 and you will receive it as soon as it is released (Fall 2006). In addition to the discount, you will also be admitted to a special Zotter-only pre-beta that will open soon.

The only catch is they’ve told us we can only sell 2,000 of these pre orders. So buy fast before they run out!

Jasper Hauser, the artist behind Disco and the near-famous AppZapper icon designer has posted two obscure previews of Disco: Preview One and Preview Two.

Still have no idea what it is? We’re not surprised. So here’s what we can tell you:

  • Like AppZapper, it is a simple and sexy utility
  • It has 3d particle effects
  • It can take advantage of the motion sensor on a laptop
  • It can detect when you blow in the microphone
  • The above 3 features are totally unrelated to the core function
  • So, if you want another cool app icon in your dock and love to be part of the insider-circle in the Mac community, PRE-ORDER your copy of Disco now.


    Click here to Pre-Order

    Aug 16
    Todos: Everything at your fingertips

    Note: Only tested on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger


    "MacZOT is designed to bring great offers. Today we want to offer something you may not have heard of yet. It’s called Todos. In Spanish, that means "everything"

    We think this open-source project has great potential and want to support it."- ZOT!

    Todos View

    No Program Left Behind

    Sometimes you just don’t want to take time going to your Applications folder or searching around your hard drive. Just click a quick hotkey (Command-Option-Control-T) and Todos will simply appear. Todos’ job is simple. Todos doesn’t do more than it says. Like its definition in Spanish, Todos will show you everything. Todos shows you all your applications in a complete dock. All of us have a plethora of programs, and the Apple dock just can’t fit them all. Don’t worry. Bring Todos up when you need to get to any of your apps. Click any application in Todos and it will instantly launch. Todos will fade away after application launch. Perhaps you don’t want it go go away so fast? Just hold the command key and click. Todos will open the application and remain displayed. Don’t forget to stand back and wow at all those cool icons for all of your applications. OS X has beautiful icons, why not see them more?


    System Requirements

    • Only tested on Mac OS X 10.4+
    • Todos is a Universal Application


    For more information, click here

    Aug 15

    Call Recorder for Skype

    Retail price: $14.95
    ZOT price: $7.47 – a 50% savings

    Click here to download

    Record Skype Calls

    Call Recorder is an add-on for Skype which automatically records your calls. Great for lessons, podcast interviews or just having fun, Call Recorder saves exact reproductions of your conversations in AAC format.


    • Manually start/stop/pause, or automatically record all calls.
    • Record and save your voicemail messages.
    • Control file size and quality.
    • State-of-the-art AAC file format saves space.
    • Convert your calls to MP3 format.
    • Record each side off the call as separate audio tracks for easy editing.

    Simply Simple

    Ecamm puts ease of use first. The recording window and settings integrate seamlessly into Skype. Use the Record and Stop buttons to control recording, or activate Call Recorder’s automatic recording feature.

    Aug 14
    iPod Photo Liberator

    iPod Photo Liberator

    Retail price: $34.95
    ZOT price: $19.95

    Click to Download Trial

    The iPod Photo Liberator allows you to easily copy photos from your iPod to your computer, filling a missing feature of iTunes and iPhoto.

    You see, iTunes and iPhoto only allow for a one-way transfer of photos from your computer to your iPod.

    What if your computer crashes and all of your photos are deleted from your computer?

    What if you want to download your photos from your iPod to another computer as a backup or to show friends?

    iPod Photo Liberator

    What if your computer’s matter collides with antimatter your computer ceases to exist?

    Your photos are precious because they capture the memories of your life.

    Save your photos, recover your memories, (unless they are from Vegas – in that case you are probably happy they are gone).

    Click here for more info for support email

    Want to WIN a copy of iPod Photo Liberator? Use Suggest-A-ZOT to suggest it and be entered into a raffle.

    Aug 14

    xPad 1.2 is now Universal

    Save 50% on today’s ZOT price of only $5.00


    Click to Download and Try

    xPad 1.2 (recently updated to become universal) is the ultimate: notepad, TextEdit and Stickies replacement for Apple’s OS X.

    With a simple, easy-to-use interface and powerful multi-document features, xPad will quickly become your daily text editor of choice.

    With xPad, create as many documents as you like. Manage them in one window. Attached to that window is a drawer containing a list of all the documents you’ve created. Any document can be selected and loaded instantly — at any time — allowing you to easily create and manage hundreds of documents without cluttering your desktop.

    Staying organized with xPad is easy. With the category editor you can create and color-code categories, then quickly assign documents in the drawer. Documents can be sorted by name, date or category. Now you can efficiently manage limitless documents with color coding that provides a constant reminder of your organizational scheme.

    xPad - a Great Text Editor

    You can quickly rename documents, delete one or many, and export a single, multiple, or all your documents in both Rich and Plain Text formats using both drag and drop or conventional panels. You can also instantly export to your iPod, allowing you to read your documents when you are away from your computer.

    xPad automatically saves your work, so you never have to worry about manually saving what you’re working on or accidentally closing something without saving and losing all your information.

    Aug 08

    WWDC is great!

    If you haven’t watched the Keynote, you might be able to pick it up at Engadget

    Lots of great new stuff coming out.

    Meanwhile, we’ve had the opportunity to meet several developers, hang out with folks like Jan from MacRabbit, Allan from Macromates and Dirk from ObjectPark – all great folks.

    Only 2 hours until they announce the Apple Design Award winners! Though I’m sure there’ll be lots of bloggers like Phill who will provide a great update, we’ll update you here as well.

    Stay tuned!


    Aug 08

    The MacZOT team is at WWDC 06 working to bring you more great Mac software. In the meantime…

    Can you guess who’ll win the Apple Design Awards?

    The categories are:

    • Best Mac OS X Developer Tool: development tools that increase programmer or interface designer productivity
    • Best Use of Mac OS X Graphics: innovative uses of Max OS X Quartz, OpenGL, and QuickTime
    • Best Mac OS X Dashboard Widget: widgets that bring relevant, innovative functionality to Dashboard
    • Best Mac OS X Automator Workflow: innovative, efficient workflows that eliminate repetitive manual tasks
    • Best Mac OS X User Experience: products that deliver the functional elegance characteristic of Mac OS X
    • Best Mac OS X Game: games that take full advantage of Mac OS X to offer compelling entertainment
    • Best Mac OS X Scientific Computing Solution: scientific software that enables researchers quickly and easily push the limits of knowledge and understanding
    • Best Mac OS X Student Product: Mac OS X products developed exclusively by student developers

    If you’re following the companies and applications that might win awards, we’d like to hear from you.

    Send an email to with your guesses for each category.

    If you can correctly guess the winning application in all categories, we’ll buy them for you. The first person to guess them correctly is the winner.

    *All entries must be in before the announcement at WWDC06. One guess per person please.

    Aug 03
    iPodulator Pro

    iPodulator Pro

    iPod Compatible Reading

    Retail price: $9.95
    ZOT price: $1.99

    Click to MacZOT Click to Download Trial

    Everybody loves their iPod. And now they will love it more. With iPodulator Pro, compatible with most iPods, you can put text-only versions of your favorite websites on your iPod.

    iPodulator Pro is a software program that puts websites on your iPod. Keeping your websites updated is also important, so we made iPodulator do that too.


    iPods usually have a size limit on text, but not anymore with iPodulator Pro. It will bend the rules and give you your websites, in full.

    iPodulator Pro requires Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 or higher. If it doesn’t work, run Software Update and make sure you have “J2SE 5.0 Release 4″ or higher installed.

    iPod must have disk mode on for use with iPodulator.

    Aug 02
    On The Job

    On The Job

    Time tracking with style

    Retail price: $24.95
    ZOT price: $14.95

    Click to Download a Trial

    On The Job is an unobtrusive, easy to use time tracker. It’s not bloated with features you’ll never use, yet it’s powerful enough to handle all of your time tracking needs. On The Job is perfect for anyone billing by the hour.

    On The Job Screen Shot