Aug 29

Once upon a time… in a land not so far away…

This week, we’re offering a MYSTERY based on the novel written by our biggest fans. It’s called NO REPEAT and you won’t find it at

It’s a story of several competent Mac developers. They all share a similar backstory. You know, the kids in school that often forgot to tie a shoe, dribbled a drink and walked silently in a group of friends. They weren’t outcasts, they were coders. Geeks at heart, they all had LEGO as part of their formative years and just understood how pieces fit together. In fact, they still do.

These developers all have a passion for their work and want nothing more than to expose the culmination of their efforts to as large an audience as possible. They want validation, they want feedback, and most importantly they want their nascent applications to grow legs and be able to stand on their own in this global market.

The story continues as they journey into the land of ZOT! A land where all the people share a common love – a passion even. This thread is seen in their choice of operating system and identifies them as superior to all the neighboring lands. The land of ZOT holds for these young developers the unknown. A chance for adventure and success lies within their grasp.

And how they advance in the land of ZOT is entirely up to you. With the click of your mouse, YOU determine how this mystery ends. Click Buy Now! Let the story begin.

77 Responses to “StoryZOT – A Mystery”

  1. Jesse Wilson Says:

    Well that was suitably vague. What exactly are we buying? The talents of unknown developers to bring their application(s) to market?

    Have to say, nice jab at your biggest fans with that intro.

  2. Jesse Wilson Says:

    Oh and, I’m in ;)

  3. Greg Case Says:

    I’m just confused…was there even a hint of the TYPE of application? The only thing I could guess would be that it’s some developer tool, though somehow I doubt that. Well, I’m goin’ to bed…maybe I’ll be more intelligent in the morning. G’nite zot

  4. Andre Says:

    Nice. I don’t think I’ll buy though – I don’t have $6. :-D

  5. LKM Says:

    I guess I speak for everyone here when I say “huh”? What the heck are we buying here?

  6. David Says:

    I don’t know… but for $6 and assurance of no repeats, I’m in.

  7. gryphonent Says:

    Yeah… what is it? NO REPEAT… that’s funny, granted, but I already am entitled to iClip 4, Disco, and the next app from the developer of Cast Life. Not that I would have any idea whether the promises/obligations are kept. And when are we getting the app? Now? Does it have to be coded first?

    I’m tempted… but rather than saving X% I will dis-save $6 on this, probably (again) on some app I don’t need. Hmmm… I will wait and see.

  8. Mickeh Says:

    As always I just have to buy these things. If I don’t buy it I won’t be like everyone else and if I do buy it then it will probably be something I don’t even want… Meh, I have come this far, there is no reason to stop going.

    I’m in! Even though I don’t know what we are buying… Is it a book or an app? What is it?

  9. Mark Says:

    I’m also very unsure. How is this different to a MysteryZot? When I saw the title I thought a “scavenger hunt” thing, like the collabozot. I hit buy, only to get the usual “click the PayPal” button.

    What is it all about? I don’t mind mysteries called “No Repeat”, but I really need more info before I’ll bite!

  10. Bunker Says:

    Well, I guess because it is about starting coders, it are apps most off us won’t even know that they existed.

    Because of the clear stab to us about no repeat I guess we got something we never had before.

    If it is to support starting developers, I’m in.

    Just let’s hope it are great apps.

  11. Mickeh Says:

    I always do this; I blindly spend money on things I don’t even know what are. I am addicted to buying MyzteryZOT’s… I think I have a problem… (By the way I bought it) :)

  12. Dan Says:

    I, too, forked out for this StoryZOT! I have no idea what it is, though I did wonder if it somehow relates to the MyDreamApp project. Certainly that would not be a repeat, and might also explain why there’s no mention of how much you save off the retail price — given there is no retail price for anything that comes out of MyDreamApp yet. :-)

    But who knows, really. I felt it was worth the gamble and a worthy cause if my wild guess was anywhere near the mark!

  13. Dan Says:

    I bought in, although this will be my last
    “mystery” purchase here if I’m disappointed…

  14. victor Says:

    Sounds like a CSS editor to me…

  15. Erichd Says:

    I’m sufficiently hesitant after a few days ago to stay out alittle longer….

    the coming together of developers seems a lot like this dream app thingy.

    Though, of course, if it were that, they’d surely just make this another DevZot …. since who wouldn’t dive in for that?

    Other news, the developer of Stickler, Metafy has been phenomenal. He took all of our criticism and has pumped out new revisions in the program. Hats off to him, the other progs deserve a look-see….and other devs need to adopt that attitude.

    Oh, and Zot? What about that secret clb that was supposed to be a part of that penny-a-day thing? More news about that might loosen my pure strings.

    As would a serial for the ColaboZot thing(s). And news about the special for folks who referred a friend, too. And….

    thanks for the effort. keep pluggin away.

  16. shozen Says:

    I can’t see “Buy Now”

  17. offline Says:

    I’ve had enough “MysteryZots” for a while. It’s not fun at now.

    How about just telling us what it is and letting us decide if we want it?

  18. huangcjz Says:

    I think it may be that every person who buys gets a different app, hence the ‘no repeat’.

  19. ScottJL Says:

    nahh.. start giving us things that we know what we’re buying. i’m not in. sorry.

  20. Tyler Says:

    No Repeat.

    Chance for redemptionZot.


  21. HalBSure Says:

    Here is my feeling on MysteryZot’s. I am unwilling to risk my money on a single unknown app or even a 2 or 3-fer. With a low number of apps in the mystery bundle, the chances of getting nothing worthwhile to me is too high.

    A bundle with 4 or 5 apps increases the chance I will receive something good and the worst case scenario becomes that I end up paying the equivalent of full price or a little higher for a single good app. The hope is that I end up getting 2 or 3 useful apps at a discounted price. Just giving a little feedback.

  22. Allen Hancock Says:

    funny, there is no Buy Now or Click to MacZot in the Permalink.. again! I get here via RSS and there _used_ to be a buy now link here.. I swear!

    Seems to me that more editing is needed in general…

    Ok, off to find a Buy Now button

  23. Steven Fernández Says:

    MacZot seem to post one thing a week that I may have an interest in. The problem with these MysteryZots is that I have a 4/5 chance of getting something I don’t want. I admit they are fun but most of the time for me they are a waste of money.

  24. stainboy Says:

    i stand by my word that macZOT should continue these MysteryZOTs. it’s a gamble…fun for some, not for others. i think it’s a great idea and even though i will be passing on this one (bad time for risk–entire paycheck went to bills, eating rice for the next two weeks:)) it’s not really worth griping if macZOT doesn’t post an Amazing Unbelievably Great Deal That You Can’t Live Without every single day.

  25. gryphonent Says:

    I’m still undecided. $6 is $6 and there’s just too little information on this app. Is it already coded? Will I get a serial tomorrow? Or next year?

    I’ve also noted that seems to enter the mold offering one app per day for a discount. Great for users to have deals all over the place now.

  26. LKM Says:

    I’m not really annoyed at the mysteryzots in general. It’s just that I have no idea what the heck this is about. Is it an application I’m buying? A book? A story? Am I funding development of an app? Or what?

  27. the valrus Says:

    Oh, stainboy. This is the Internet. Everything is worth complaining about.

  28. lonniehb Says:

    ZOT . . . is it fun this time? any form of fun that’s not word processing? to buy or not to buy.

  29. Gabe Says:

    Maybe it’s an app for coders, since the story is about them? Regardless, i’m biting. If it’s one single app, and it’s still $6, then it’s probably a good one.. no? But yeah, if i’m disappointed in this one, it may be my last one. (even though i’ve never got a repeat, I just generally don’t use the apps I end up with.)

  30. Joseph Says:

    At least we can be pretty sure that they haven’t given this one away before. That’s what I got out of the name. That’s always what bothers me about the mystery packages.

  31. Joseph Says:

    It is VERY annoying to try to buy the stuff from this website if you subscribe to the RSS feed. As already pointed out by somebody, there is no “Buy” button anywhere to be found when I click through from the RSS article.

  32. Groxx Says:

    MacZOT, you’re the bane of my checkbook.
    And I got a chuckle out of the description :D

  33. irulan Says:

    Sound interesting although there is absolutely no info. I concur with Gabe: if this time the software is nothing generally usable, I’m out of the Myztery gamble for good.

  34. Chris Carter Says:

    Well, I’ll bite. My Paypal balance is slowly fadig away between ZOT! and iTunes. I bet it’s AppZapper :D

  35. DIMEBAG2 Says:

    I have been burned too many times my friend…off, I go to MacUpdate.

  36. Pat Barnes Says:

    This is getting boring. Enough with these MysteryZOTs and stuff, please! MysteryZOTs (and such) should be rare and fun occasions, not the norm. Take a queue from Woot!

  37. Curt Says:

    Hmmm… Weird intro – makes me think that we are funding the 4 dudes who are doing My Dream App (

    Could it be that we are buying The Dream App? And that, in a sense, we are deciding the app because it’s based on submissions from us?

    Betcha I’m right…

    Now I submit my Dream App idea… :-)

  38. yahtzeen Says:

    Boy I have to say that at one point I really did like the mystery when it was about once a week. But now it seems like every other day is either an app that I couldn’t possibly find a use for or a mystery. Too many mysteries. I bought the penny a day one and was probably the first time I was disappointed that I bought.

    My take on this is that most of the people here are hardcore mac users and not casual users so things like cute RSS scrollers aren’t very useful. I paid $40 for NetNewsWire…I’d like more apps to play with my feeds but give me something different. I’m willing to pay more for quality and innovation, the under $10 retail price type of apps though I’m really only going to be interested in about 1/10 of them.

    All that said, this one really intrigues me and even though I only have $12 to my name until Friday I’m sure by the end of the day that I’ll “buy now”.

    With MacUpdate entering the game it will be interesting to see how things go. I love my ZOTs so I hope they pick up their game and kick some ass with great deals and crazy ass software.

  39. Maczot member Says:

    I think this is getting a little less exciting everyday.

    Get creative, find some good apps and negotiate like your trying to win us back.

    Everyone who is tired of the mystery zot can check out

    Left hand side they are doing a app a day discounted. If you dont like whats here go check them out after.

    Interesting to how fast they mod down my post, as maczot is notorius for deleting anything that might sound in the least threatening.

  40. McCade Says:

    Question, if a the MysteryZot is something someone suggested first, do they get a refund or do they get two copies of the app?

  41. Big-G Says:

    I’m in. I’m the guy who suggested MysteryZOTS feature new-to-MacZOT! apps instead of repeating previously offered apps. I think that’s what the ZOT team is doing today, offering apps we haven’t seen here before.

    Looking at the clues, I believe the novel’s title, “No Repeat”, means these are new-to-MacZOT! apps. I believe “these developers” and “nascent applications” means there will be at least two apps in this bundle. I believe “written by our biggest fans” means the ZOT team listened to all the comments put forth by us, their customers, this weekend, and that they’re trying to give us what we want: new applications, not repeats. And I believe this StoryZOT is another example of their creative packaging/marketing.

    Good for them! So, whether or not the app(s) included in this bundle are anything I can really use or not, I’m in to at least show my support for this site and this team.

    I hope I’m not premature in saying “Thanks for listening MacZOT!”

  42. Minezamac Says:

    Well i bought the $3.65 mystery Zot and I think XPad was worth it, not a huge app but not a horrible app either. The Stickler app is extremely disappointing, I was glad that it was not the only app offered, I have already nuked it from my drive, with Appzapper ;)

    I know you don’t get something for nothing, but I have high hopes that the $6 I just spent is a real app today and not a future app as someone expressed above. I had no idea that was even a possibility and hope that it is not unless specified somewhere. Anyway, I look forward to finding out what I bought, just wish you would have at least posted in the after you bought it page when to expect it.

  43. mbazzoni Says:

    I’m in. I like a Myztery Story now and then…

  44. lonniehb Says:

    I bought the zot.

  45. dndgirl Says:

    After reading the comments, I’m in. But this may be the last mystery for me as well. I got burned by the last one because I don’t do RSS feeds and I already had XPad. The fact that I can give the extra license away doesn’t help me because I am the only enlightened computer users amongst my friends, i.e., they are all PC users.

  46. Matthew Williams Says:

    Could this be related but not related to MyDreamApp? Are we going to be shown developers who have apps in progress, those who bought in get to suggest features and in the end the winning developer gets the money from those who bought in and everyone gets the app?

  47. Randy Says:

    I think I’m through with Mystery Zot’s for a while. I’ve not been very happy with any of them that I’ve bought. While there is a certain excitement and curiosity about them, I’ll be better off buying specific Zot’s which come up (regular not mystery).

    Randy at

  48. Frank Says:

    Notice that ZOT did not say the application is not a repeat of what was offered before. What ZOT says is that “It’s called NO REPEAT…”
    Which is a guarantee of nothing.

  49. Erichd Says:

    Matt Williams,

    that’s a great idea! So great it shouldn’t be veiled in “Myztery.”

  50. Chris Jara Says:

    Im in and have been pretty happy with the choices so far.

  51. Chris Says:


    Technically this is true, they only called it NO REPEAT, didn’t SAY there were no repeats. But after all the comments yesterday, such an obvious tease without follow through would most definitely result in a mass exodus of loyal users from MacZOT, which I’m sure they wouldn’t want, and therefore wouldn’t do (I think).

    I think I may be in. Not sure yet. Basically, I think if this is a GREAT “apoloZOT”, then I most definitely want to be in. OK, that’s it. I’m in. But this is IT. Within realms of fairness, if this isn’t pretty good, this is definitely my last MyzteryZOT, and perhaps my last ZOT of all. I have gotten a few things I have been happy with in the past here tho, so ZOT has made some very sweet deals in the past. Let’s just hope that continues!

  52. Chris Says:

    I would vote for another games pack ZOT. I almost got in the last one, and almost wish I had. I was on the line on it. What would have tipped it over the edge (and this is a thought/suggestion, ZOT): there was one of the games makers (don’t remember which one) that actually had a LOT of games on their site. Many were available for Mac. I wasn’t very interested in the particular one offered, but if I could have had a choice of any of the games (just one), I would have been in for sure. There were 3 or 4 other games on there I would have liked to have had in that Games Bundle. So, if you could either just have a ZOT with a choice of any 1 game from a particular gamemaker’s site, OR have that as part of a bundle, that would be awesome, I think.

    Thanks for your consideration ZOT! :)

  53. Chris Says:

    Interesting, on the main page, NO REPEAT used to be a link to Now it’s no longer a link. Strange? Or … hmmm… strange.

  54. Clango Says:

    “And how they advance in the land of ZOT is entirely up to you.”

    Really? Then I’ll tell you how they’ll advance in the land of ZOT:

    Telling people what do they get for their money.

  55. Bill Says:

    Based on the number of Suggest-A-ZOT votes, and the fact that this is called “StoryZOT” …… I think this is Memory Miner.

    Just a guess, though.

  56. Justin D. Morgan Says:

    MYSTERY and NO REPEAT are in all capital letters. Let’s hope that they are our clues from an otherwise vague ZOT… but did anyone catch on to the fact that LEGO was also in all capital letters?

    Of course, LEGO’s trademark is LEGO in all capital letters, so it may have no bearing on the goods.

  57. Chris Says:

    Memory Miner is on special right now for $45, the regular price is $60. While that’s not an app I would probably use, I’d be more than thrilled to have it, and to throw $6 toward the developer anyway. It’s pretty awesome. However, I doubt it’s that. That would be a seriously good deal. 90% off regular price? mmmm doubt it.

  58. Josh Says:

    Memory miner is very nice, and I wish them amazing success…

    But if this is Memory Miner I will claw my eyes out with an optical mouse.

  59. Rick Carlton Says:

    Something to do with Lego Mindstorms NXT maybe?

  60. Justin D. Morgan Says:

    I don’t think it will me Memory Miner. The story seems to allude to a Mac-only application, and I noticed that a Windows version of Memory Miner is due for release soon…

    I’ve put in my $6 worth, and I’m on the edge of my seat.

  61. Eugene Cook Says:

    Boy, after your thinly veiled insult to your customers previously in the discussion of the penny a day deal, to slap us with yet another “mystery” deal (which is really honestly getting on everyone’s nerves), and entitling it “no repeat” is just insulting.

    I am guessing someone was taking queues from Woot, and took a stab at creative writing. Unfortunately, none of the good qualities and all of the bad qualities of this approach were achieved. It was convoluted, asinine and overall just lacked any sort of wit. It is like someone was trying to say something, they just didn’t know what.

    I don’t even know if I am purchasing a product…or just facilitating individuals etc. For the love of god, at least with Woot, I know what I am getting myself into.

    Stick to making deals happen, that seems to be what you are good at. This whole marketing thing isn’t your cup of tea. The whole idea that your loyal customers will find the daily mysterious repeatZot intriguing rather than a big giant circle jerk has been a huge miscalculation on your part. Not to mention your intentional insult of your aforementioned loyal customers is absolutely unacceptable. Personally, I would like an apology, let’s see if you are man enough to give one.

  62. Chris Says:

    This really seems like make it or break it time for ZOT.

  63. ZOT Says:


    This is some creative writing. Unfortunately, we have a strict policy against taking insults personally.

    Thanks for your feedback.


  64. Jeff Says:

    Jeez, I think MacZot could make a fortune selling cheese to go along with all the WHINE on this board.

    No one here is entitled to some unbelievable deal on their dream software every single day. Zot’s whole business model is novel, so if they’re trying out some new things to see what works and what doesn’t, let them. Give constructive criticism, but chill out.

  65. Micah Says:

    My local coffee shop just cut their prices last week, and now I have a place to spend that extra change. To everyone getting frustrated by repeat apps: I had no use for the last two mystery ones, but I bit again this time. It isn’t a whole lot of money, and the seven apps I’ve so-far spent $8.65 on have been more than worth that. If the chance of finding a useful app isn’t worth the price, just chill for a day and wait for a better deal tomorrow. There’s no guarantee that you’ll like every app MacZOT has to offer; just think of this as one of those days.

  66. Josh Says:

    Cheese with the WHINE – I get it!

    I think we’re all in agreement that Maczot is all shades of sweet. But it is also very clear that there are a few issues here:
    1) People feel a bit lied to
    2) Zot gods seem not to listen that much

    The two breed a bad future for the exceptionally cool MacZot. I think many feel their complaints will be taken to heart and MacZot’s faithful will rejoice in their app nirvana.

    Not to completely be a pack animal (moo) but this may be my last Zot as well if it isn’t the second coming of Christ wrapped in a Mac universal binary… :D

  67. Mickeh Says:

    Only three more hours until we find out what this is… I can’t wai to find out what I blindly spent my money on!

  68. Frank Says:

    ZOT it sounds like you are thaking the criticism personaly or maybe you just forgot to type the smiley face.

  69. Erichd Says:

    I ended up buying anyways…..I am an addict.

    So, Zot, live up to YOUR expectations. Keep your word. That’s how you build customer loyalty.

    Understand that when you take people’s money, they will be emotional. You will be too, when it’s your money being taken.

  70. ZOT Says:

    You’re right, I did forget the smiley face to Eugene’s comment.


    If you’re following this Story, our team is here trying to have fun. MacZOT is designed to allow developers to do what they love, allow our audience (you) a chance to try out lots of great applications at great prices, and allow us to do what we love – find creative ways to do business with a smile on our faces.

    All these commens are terrific. We feel supported by the kudos and realize we’re not perfect when we get critized. But we’ve known that for a while.

    What keeps us encouraged is the massive development we’re doing behind the scenes. Though the daily change in the ZOT deals can make a week seem like a moth, we’re doing what we can with what we have.

    Those who stay through a season will very likely see the returns.

    Please enjoy your time on MacZOT


  71. DIMEBAG2 Says:

    Thank you Zot, why can’t all of you correspondance with us be this nice and straightforward? It is greatly appreciated.

  72. stainboy Says:


    i’ve never experienced a week seeming like a moth…but i have had some like a mosquito.

    another deal on macZOT, can’t pass it up, drain the bank account, slurp slurp!!!


  73. Eugene Cook Says:

    Thank you Zot for your responses. And I also apologize if you took my intentions as anything but constructive. Sometimes I go overboard, but I don’t think this is one of those cases.

    As was very accurately stated, whenever you are in a business that involves monetary transactions, there is going to be emotion involved. This isn’t a matter of the amount of money like some people seem to be making it out to be, as if the extent by which they have lost monetarily should be some kind of litmus test in regards to whether or not their frustrations are constructive or not, rather than basing it on principle.

    I, myself, had a passive angst in regards to the way the ZOTs were being operated. My very participation in these gives me the right to speak out accordingly when I find some types of impropriety. However, it was the post that was made by ZOT in the comments of the penny deal that really sent me over the edge. With snide references to not having family or friends, and worse yet, the claim that we shouldn’t be “complaining”, but rather if we take issue with the ZOTs, we should ourselves broker a deal, or create our own software…it certainly is easy to see why some people would take offense.

    Keep up the good work ZOT…what you don’t realize are the people who take the time to complain and try to make changes are the ones that are the most interested in the success of MacZOT. With the recent changes in MacUpdate bringing you competition, the loyal customers such as myself are going to be the ones that stick behind you.

  74. MK Says:

    Could be some sort of a digital hub thing, since the story claims that it’s relevant to how Apple is positioning Macs…

  75. ZOT Says:

    With regard to Eugene’s Post:

    “…what you don’t realize are the people who take the time to complain and try to make changes are the ones that are the most interested in the success of MacZOT. With the recent changes in MacUpdate bringing you competition, the loyal customers such as myself are going to be the ones that stick behind you.”

    We (I) do realize that to be vocal at all, you have to care. Else, you’d just go spend your time elsewhere.

    That’s one main reason we came up with StoryZOT. One of the most intriguing aspects of this business is to see the developers straddle two worlds. One is the “working for somebody else’s dream” and the other of “building products with your brain and own two hands” the latter of course which is very satisfying when you get validation.

    We’re all in this dialog together and our team here at MacZOT is having a blast. It’s frustrating when we can’t do things beyond our control, but that challenges us to be creative.

    Thanks to all who are reading this and know in their hearts that we’re really working for all involved.


  76. Eugene Cook Says:

    Thank you ZOT. I feel good affiliating myself with an endeavor that allows and listens to the concerns of even its most ardent detractors.

    I am part of the loyal ZOT army, and will be for some time to come…

    well…until I get another dupe :P

  77. adam Says:

    very intirguing business model. you should be applauded for trying something different and novel. I’m curious enough to try it.

    hope your hard work and passion brings you the results