Aug 28

Musicast – ZOT Exclusive!

Share your iTunes playlists with anybody

Normal price: $18.00
ZOT price: $8.00

Click to download trial

 One of the most important parts of everyday life is music. Mac users can use GarageBand to create new music or iTunes to listen to existing music. We think sharing the music you own should be as easy as listening to it.

Musicast lets you broadcast iTunes playlists to the internet as a webpage and podcast. This allows you to access your music from any web browser, and subscribe to it in iTunes or an RSS reader.



Musicast is unveiled to you here today, coming from the original developer of Library, the predecessor to Delicious Library, Andrew Kazmierski. It may possibly be one of the nicest Mac applications to come out this year with its delicious aqua interface and classic ease of use. Get in now on this exclusive zot, and get Musicast before anyone else at over 50% off of the original price of $18.

If you’re using Airport, open the Airport Admin Utility. Double-click your base station, press Base Station Options on the Airport tab, and check on the “Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol” checkbox. Restart the base station and Musicast and you’ll be sharing your iTunes playlists with your buddies right away.

76 Responses to “ZOT Exclusive – Musicast”

  1. Mickeh Says:

    All I can say is “fantastic”… If this is made from the guys that made Delicious Library then I am definitely buying this, I’m in for it!

  2. Ric Says:

    Hmmm. Very interested, but can’t find much info on their website. Anyone know if you have to downsample bitrates for bandwidth concerns (my problem with Nicecast) or does this app do it for you (if necessary)? What codecs are supported? An exclusive is great, but where can we get additional info?

  3. Ric Says:

    Should I agree to this disclaimer? ;)


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  4. kodac Says:

    Ric I thought you were joking until I downloaded it and saw it for myself. The disclaimer page is full of placeholder text.

  5. Ric Says:

    Yeah, this really is a brand new exclusive. ;) Anyway for a little additional information this site appears to have just went up: Hope we can get more info on this app before this deal passes.

  6. Jeff Says:

    Doesn’t work on PPC G4. :-P

  7. Blender Says:

    Doesn’t work on PPC G5. ;-(

  8. florisb Says:

    Doesnt work on my macbook either, it starts but the window doensn’t show and the application is not responding.

  9. mosquito Says:

    Won’t work here either.

    Dual core PPC G5

  10. zotto Says:

    Unfortunately I can’t afford something not working on my PowerBook G4, where is homepage of this product?

  11. Andrew Says:

    It does indeed work on a PPC G4. I am not sure what you are talking about, Jeff. I just ran it on my old PowerBook G4 myself.

  12. Andrew Says:

    Musicast does actually function fine on a G4. I just tried and successfully ran it on my old PowerBook G4.

  13. MunichLover Says:

    Doesn’t work on iMac G5. No readme, no info, no url of developer…
    What a bummer, app sounds sooo great!!!

  14. angelocr Says:

    Hmmm…. on my Powerbook it just hangs upon launch…

    Somebody can offer hints?


  15. Christian Says:

    Can anybody who purchased this get the incredibly log registration code they provided to do anything?

  16. William Says:

    Sounds sweet but trying the demo version, I can’t seem to get it working… Followed the instructions found in italics here and no help. I just receive ‘Failed to open page’ when I try to visit my Musicast. :(

  17. stainboy Says:

    you know, i already have DOT-TUNES to share my music online, which is a nice program…but Musicast looks very straightforward and simple to use. at the macZOT! price i think i’ll pick it up. very polished for a 1.0 application.

    i stand by my opinion that macZOT! ought to provide a link to the developer’s site so people can find out more about the software…as a bonus, by providing this link, visitors have the opportunity to discover other great software the developer may have!

    @zotto: here’s the home page–
    (not much there, though, looks like work in progress)

    @William: it doesn’t appear to read your external IP address correctly all the time. since i’m testing this on a network that goes through a proxy server, i was able to preview my Musicast by putting in the IP address found in Network under the System Preferences. hope that helps.

  18. Andrew Says:

    William, what’s your network setup like? Are you behind a router or a firewall? Try to map Musicast’s port (from the preferences) to your computer.

  19. stainboy Says:

    @macZOT! (and Christian): whoa, that’s not right for a registration code.

    hey macZOT, can you please look into this? thanks!

  20. The_Englishman Says:

    Having tried it for a bit, it does seem to work on my G4 PPC mac mini. However, it does look like its not reading my external IP address properly so not generating the link/page correctly. I can however get to it through my LAN using my computer LAN IP, but not my external IP. I havn’t had a chance to try it outside my LAN though.

  21. Jeff Says:

    Just tried it again on another ppc g4–no luck. Too bad; I probably would have bought.

  22. Andrew Says:

    Jeff: What version of OS X are you trying Musicast on? What exactly is happening when you try it? Does the app simply unexpectedly quit or can you not visit your Musicast page?

  23. Tim Says:

    Shame, I was interested until I downloaded the demo and couldnt get it to run on any of my macs, g4 or intel, then I tried to find some info about the app on the web and found nothinging. Apps now been trashed.

  24. Tom Says:

    Doesn’t work on my dual G5 PPC either. :(

  25. iScott Says:

    Registration code DEFINITELY can’t be right.

    Can we get an email when that’s fixed please, so we don’t have to keep loggin in and checking back?

  26. Alex Says:

    Hmm, I’m unable to get this running on an Intel iMac, it just bounces in the dock and then application not responding.
    I’ll try a reboot, and see if that resolves, but I’m thinking of buying anyway. I’m sure the dev will quash these bugs quickly, and from the sounds of it, this app has a lot of promise.

  27. Jeff Says:

    Does anyone know if this will provide track selection remotelly, or will you have to listen to a single stream from wherever it is at the moment?

  28. Oklein Says:

    Does anyone have it working?
    I would like to see someones musicast before I purchase this.
    Thanks in advance.

  29. Frank Says:

    Save yourself the 8 bucks and application not launching headaches and check out MyTunesRSS. It’s free and java and does pretty much the same thing. I have been using this to listen to my iTunes stuff on my PSP wherever I am that has a hotspot around.

  30. Nat Says:

    So….what does one need in order to run this app? Doesn’t work on my mac either.

  31. ranphi Says:

    It’s working on my Intel iMac, FWIW. I got a “wonky” registration code as well, stainboy. Hopefully they’ll be issuing proper ones soon.

    @Jeff: you can see all of your shared playlists (and all the individual tracks in each list) via a web browser and then click on which ever particular song you’d like to hear.

  32. Andrew Says:

    Nat, how does the app not work? It just doesn’t open (with what message)? It crashes? Visiting your Musicast doesn’t work?

  33. scottjl Says:

    if you have a router or firewall in place it’s probably what is blocking you from connecting back to yourself. or a nat connection. when you click the button to connect back to yourself it will open a page in safari. check the IP address to see if it’s the IP your system is currently using. if it isn’t, try editing it by hand. also make sure that port is opened up on your mac as well.

    the software works just fine on my 12″ powerbook (PPC G4). i’m guessing people with problems don’t have application issues, just connection issues due to firewalls/routers/NAT connections.

    Jeff: it serves up a page with your playlist. if you click on a track in the playlist it starts playing that selection. so you can jump around as much as you want.

  34. happy Says:

    this app doesnt seem to work on my ibook. anybody figure out whats wrong or happening

  35. Tim Says:

    Well, I dont think its anything to do with what the poster above said as it doesnt actually open on any of my macs to change any settings!

  36. Jefe Says:

    Ric.. I strongly suggest you get a latin translator before using this software!!

    Hey.. side note.. has anyone noticed that MacUpdate is totally ripping off the MacZot model? They’re offering discounted software.. one title for one day only. Guess what today’s is.. iclip. hmmmm.

    Is this somehow tied into maczot ya think? or just a rip off?

  37. Jeff Says:

    Hmm, I have a 12″ ppc as well, and it’s not working–it hangs on load–nothing to do w/ connection.

  38. Ted Says:

    Wonders why I would purchase this when I can’t even get to the developer’s website (Error 404 when I tried).

  39. Chris Carter Says:

    The Email I got for this ZOT had teh subject of “Subscriber.FirstName – Multicast is a ZOT exclusive today.” I see that the name is acutally Musicast.

  40. Mike Says:

    No good for me. It INSISTS on using my external IP address rather than the internal address. I don’t want to share it externally – I just want to use it internally on my home network and I can’t.

  41. ranphi Says:

    It’s working for me on my Intel iMac. I was even able to access my shared playlist via the web browser on my cell phone.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t really stream the music to my cell, though. It downloads the entire song and then plays it.

    Still, pretty cool.

  42. Travis Bell Says:

    I have a Intel Mac Book and it just forever bounces in the dock. App won’t boot.

    Oddly enough I was JUST looking for an app like this but if it won’t even start…

  43. Duandan Says:


    my serial wont work… but this is a other topic. As i see, this isnt a streaming solution – no chance to hear my protected music at work… :(. its only a webserver with iTunes integration?!?

  44. Mark Says:

    This doesn’t work on my 15″ PPC Powerbook.
    try …it works.

  45. Jeff Says:

    Mark, mytunerss is perfect–thanks.

  46. Rodi O'Leary Says:

    I got excited and now I’m depressed. I have PPC iMac G5 and I can’t get it to work. “Safari can’t open the page”. I’ve tried setting up my airport express as recommended but still can’t get it to work. I have a router but don’t know anything about it, never had a problem before with any internet app. I have no firewall turn on.

    Boo. Will obviously not be buying this app. I’m going to check out this mytunesrss that people have mention.

  47. Andrew Says:

    To those who had trouble with launching Musicast, I suspect that I might have fixed the problem. Try re-downloading now (you’ll get the new latest build, 1.0 v427) and let me know if it works now.

  48. happy Says:

    sorry but its still not fixed

  49. Travis Bell Says:

    Nope, not fixed for me neither.

  50. Andrew Says:

    Is it possible that either or both of you could email with a Console log, system info (processor and version of OS X), and the number of songs in your iTunes library? It would be much appreciated.

  51. Travis Bell Says:


  52. rds Says:

    Excellent execution with this application, Andrew.

  53. Nat Says:

    Andrew -

    I double click on the app. There’s an icon in my doc and when I command-tab I see the multicast icon there too, but there’s no actual application running that I can get to to use. If I click on the multicast icon in the dock, it says “application not responding.” After a few “Force Quit” attempts, it goes away.

    I have an old Mac: Gual 2 Ghz PowerPC G5 1.5GB DDR SDRAM MacOS 10.4.7

    Will try the new download.

  54. Nat Says:

    The new d/l: The triange beneath the icon in the dock blinked for awhile to indicate that it was thinking. But it stopped and the beachball went away and now it’s back to “Application not responding.”

    Itunes Library: 10649

  55. lilaliend Says:

    I guess this’ll teach me to try before I buy. Even w/ $8. Woulda be real mad if I spent $18.

  56. happy Says:

    im not sure if this means anything but if i quit itunes while musicast is starting up, well jumping up and down in the dock, it gets the black arrow under it and it stops bouncing but alas nothing else

  57. lilaliend Says:

    Ok. This is complete nonsense.

    As with others, it simply doesn’t actually run. It bounces in the dock, stops and stays, and shows up in the CMND + TAB list. I get “Application not Responding” from a right click in the Dock, and it nevers actaully comes up.

    Tried on two machines;
    2.1 GHz PPC G5 iMac
    1.83 GHz MacBook
    Both running 10.4.7

    Why was this not properly tested BEFORE being sold!?

  58. Hobbes Says:

    I tried on a Mac Mini intel and on a Mac Pro. No chance to get it to work. Unfortunately I bought this before trying. Not a lot to lose, but still feels bad to have paid for a non working application. The idea was cool.

    Not buying from macZot anymore. Emailed them for help and still haven’t received a single note, not to mention no serial number either. It feels like a rip off to me.

    I will go wash the big L on my forehead now and learn my lesson.

  59. Nicole Says:

    Ditto for me, just not working. I don’t feel like submitting a bug report, I don’t think this was properly tested in the first place. If they can’t bother, why should I?

  60. Evangeline Says:


    You don’t get your serial number until the following day. That’s always been their policy.

  61. rds Says:

    I received my serial straight away (along with every other serial, too) and the application is working a treat.

  62. Travis Bell Says:

    Guys, try the latest version:

    I’ve been communicating back and forth with Andrew and this last build seems to finally work for me…

  63. Ward Says:

    I gather from the AirPort instructions at the bottom of the product blurb that Musicast wants to setup my router (which not an AirPort), probably to configure NAT port forwarding. If there were some documentation, I’m sure I could do it manually.

    I gave Musicast 40 minutes to start up before doing a Force Quit. During that time, my Command-Tab app switching was disabled, something (Musicast, most likely) would occasionally beep and steal focus from my browser window.

    If the Musicast eventually works as advertised, it’s worth the $8. I have 4 hours left to decide whether to buy today’s lottery ticket.

    Perhaps this is a new variation on the MysteryZOT, where you know in advance what the app is, but you don’t know if it will ever work on your Mac. :-{

  64. Andrew Says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks to all of you who have contributed information about the launch issue. It seems that the port mapping framework was causing the hangup for some people.

    Try redownloading and the issue should be corrected. However, note in this version there is NO automatic port mapping. You’ll have to configure your router / firewall to port forward yourself.

  65. Jehan Says:


    I got it working great with NAT, AirPort Extreme + Express, from multiple comps and OS’s. Thanks, Andrew! I’m totally buying this, for reals.

  66. Ward Says:


    I downloaded again. Get Info shows Created: Today at 10:41 PM (just in the nick of ZOT time).

    Musicast launches in a few seconds and reports my meager list of iTunes playlists — I have LOTS of tunes but only a handful of ages-old playlists — gotta get to work on that.

    I just clicked the Buy button three times, once for me (MacDad) and once for each MacDaughter.

  67. William Says:

    Ah sweet! I got it working now, thanks guys. :)

  68. Hobbes Says:

    I will have to eat my words. Ever since I emailed both MacZot and Musicast support I’ve been getting awesome feedback. The application now launches without any issues and tomorrow I will be able to put it to some good use.

    Thanks to Andrew for his great support and speed at addressing this issue.

    After this experience I WILL be certainly coming back to MacZot for more treats.

  69. William Says:

    Hang on, hang on. Okay, from what I gathered is, Musicast does not work with my external IP (the one Musicast uses when I try to visit my Musicast from there) but it works with the one in my Network preference. So at the moment, I am able to use and visit my Musicast but I can’t seem to get it working for other people.

    I’m not much of a computer whiz so I don’t really know much mapping the port and things like that, that Andrew suggested. The server port that is being used at the moment is just the default 5554. I have downloaded the latest version of Musicast (v430) and just don’t have a clue what to do. Anyone care to help me out?

    So yeah, I thought it was all working because it was working on my machine but broadening it out to other people, it doesn’t seem to work. :( But still, it’s a great product from what I have used of it, it will just be better if I had it working to its full potential.

    If needed, I’m using 10.4.7 on a MacBook…

  70. David Says:

    William –

    As I understand, Musicast is designed to work with your external IP, it just requires configuring for some peopel. Are you accessing the internet through any wired/wireless router? If so, you need to make sure to configure the port forwarding. Read the description at the top of the page for more help.

  71. Andrew Says:

    Hey William,

    What kind of router are you behind? If Airport, try the instructions here:

  72. rds Says:

    William, your router is probably blocking access to Musicast from outside the local lan. You would need to open the port and forward it to your MacBook’s local IP.

  73. Alex Says:

    Hi William,

    I’m not actually at my Mac, so forgive my roundaboutness. It took me a while to figure out how to get this to work with an external IP. I don’t use an Airport, just a normal wireless router.
    What I did was log into the router and under port forwarding I input my computers IP address, and the Port number specified in Musicast. Still no dice, but I could now access within my network using my local address:port address.
    I then searched in System preferences > Network and I believe under the second tab I scrolled all the way to the bottom and was able to open that port (I believe I created a custom one).
    This allowed me to access from the external IP that View Musicast gave me.
    Once again, sorry I can’t give specifics, but hopefully it points in the right direction.

  74. Alex Porter Says:

    I’m having similar bad luck. I’m on a mac mini, accessing the internet through Airport Express. Here’s what I’ve done:

    Checked my public IP addess – the address musicast sends me to matches my public IP:port.

    Updated my router using the airport administrator: Under the airport tab, clicked “base station options” and then checked off Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol. Under the port mapping tab, added a row with 5554 as both the public and private port, and changed the private IP address field to 2 (which my network settings say is my local IP).

    I can’t access the server (either local ip:port or pubic ip:port) under any of these configurations. Any other suggestions?


  75. Alex Porter Says:

    Wow, right after posting that last message, I restarted the musicast program and now it’s working fine.

    My advice for people having trouble (using airport express) is to update your router as described in my previous post, and then RESTART THE PROGRAM.
    Good luck!

  76. William Says:

    I tried both suggestions, the first, I couldn’t seem to find the right options. I couldn’t seem to find anything about port in my router settings besides the NAT ones though they aren’t configurable. The latter I attempted but it failed to work. Thanks for the help anyways, guys.