Aug 28

1 cent mystery bundle revealed

1 Cent Bundle Revealed  

We had an amazing response to this bundle. Stickler is a great little app that makes reading your RSS feeds fun. xPad is being touted as a tremendously handy way to manage multiple documnents in one convenient location. Together, they’re easily worth the ridiculously low price invested in the 1 cent bundle.

If you ordered these apps, please check your email.


88 Responses to “1 Cent Mystery Bundle – Revealed”

  1. kodac Says:

    Ooh well, I guess I’ll have to wait until later to check this out. nothing new in my mail and no new Zot as of yet…

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    Ouch! xPad…

    I guess that will sum up most of the soon to be posted comments here.

  3. Jeffrey Says:

    That, but I will still be a fan for Mystery Zot just for the fun of it.

  4. Michele Says:

    xPad is a very nice app, but I’m the developer of a (free) notepad similar to xPad, so I guess I won’t use it… :)

  5. gryphonent Says:

    xPad… why did I expect that? Truly madly deeply disappointed. The MysteryZot were a great idea once, but they have started to become analogous with flushing money down your toilet. Most people should by now have 4 ApppZappers, 3 xPads, and 2 HoudahSpots. Did I forget anything?

    To cut this rant short: I urge MacZot to pick up the idea posted yesterday by another user. Run these MysteryZots to introduce new apps that may or may not be later featured in MacZot… i.e. the OTHER way around. Folks, you’re loosing your credibility if you continue running the show otherwise.

  6. relativesanity Says:

    First thought:

    Woot! xPad! Been thinking of getting this for ages. The feedreader might be cool to – fun to try for £silly money.

    Second thought:

    Hang on – didn’t macZOT already offer xPad? And in fact I did the $5 bundle a while back and remember hearing similar complaints…

    Seriously, this is BAD. I just got xPad for less money than previous customers, who are now no-doubt feeling rather ripped off. I’m guessing these mysteryZOTs are just there to get rid of overstock, but seriously, this is going to backfire. I’m already steering clear of the “real” sales to concentrate on the “mystery” ones because they seem to be MUCH better value for money. If the majority of your customers start doing that, I suspect macZOT won’t last much longer.

    As one of your previous commentators suggested, why not do this the other way round? My feeling is that it’s because these are overstock, and you can’t sell overstock without knowing how many you’ll sell. This implies that your pricing is maybe screwed (ie not enough people bought xPad at $x, so you’re now selling it at $y to make up), so needs to be looked at.

    My worry is that if this continues, macZOT will lose (a) credibility and (b) customers, as everyone just waits for the mysteryZOTs and your suppliers disappear…

    I don’t want to see that happen!

  7. brandon Says:

    Michele, would love to know when your app is ready for primetime! One thing I dislike about xPad, good as it is, is the lack of a document-wide search feature.

  8. Dean Says:

    MacZot need to point out which Mysteryzots contain apps previously sold on MacZot. I skip all of the mystery purchases now because I’ve had so many dupes. Good for newcomers to MacZot, bad for old timers.

    Just a simple message would do – “this MysterZot contains five apps, two of which are new to Maczot”.

  9. TommyW Says:

    Well, I”ve got neither and for a couple of bucks… I’m happy. I doubt I’ll use Stickler but maybe… and XPad has been on my radar for a bit, so I’m glad to have it.

  10. Gareth Says:

    “Run these MysteryZots to introduce new apps that may or may not be later featured in MacZot… i.e. the OTHER way around”


  11. mattt Says:

    Yeah, pretty disappointing. Unless the mystery zots become ways to intro new never-before-featured apps, I’m not getting any more.

    MacZot and the Mystery zots (sounds like a band) started as a great idea, but seem to be going a little squirrelly these days…

  12. mackid Says:

    Why do I need 2 xPads?
    I already got one for participating in the SuggestaZot. I do use it but i don’t need 2.

  13. stainboy Says:

    well, i guessed one out of two. what happened to games on fridays?

    and i’ve decided don’t have a problem with how these MysteryZOTs are run…you either gamble or you don’t. macZOT is a fun resource for the Mac community even if some don’t agree with how they run everything. i’ve picked up some sweet deals on software i had been holding off on and even got great software for free here.

    you can’t please everyone all the time. :)

  14. D Says:

    You know, it’s certainly not illegal for MacZOT to offer a pay-in-advance mystery bundle. And really, at $3.65 it’s hard to complain. But that’s $3.65 times a lot of people as I’m sure this site has grown in popularity steadily since it started. If you’ve even been the most cursory of MacZOT user over the past month or so you probably have a copy of xPad, either when it was offered for $2.99 or given free to people who used Suggest-A-Zot. What will it do to the ZOT’s long-term reputation?

    The problem is I come by every day, because every once in a while the ZOT will offer up something awesome, like today’s Musicast. I feel like somebody who keeps going back to the spouse that beats them. “Just give me another chance baby, I’ll change!”

  15. maximzodal Says:

    OK, I received an invite from my son to join maczot last Fridday. Being a new iMac owner it sounded interesting, so I plunked down the $3.65. Now, where is the software? I go to status and it says “pending”. Is this delay normal? Am I missing something?


  16. jason Says:

    well, since many of you got the app for free (xpad) during the suggest-a-lot, if you enjoyed it, think of your modest 3.65 as a gift to the developers, I was out of town during the suggest-a-lot and did not get xpad, so I’m glad I got this. not sure how much I will use stickler, I was about to buy newsfire in the coming weeks, but maybe now I will hold off. It would be nice to know if their were new to macZot apps, as every maczot seems to give the registration to the account used to buy with paypal, I dont see giving away excess copies registered to me as gifts.

  17. Dave Says:

    This blows.

    He JUST gave away xPad.

    Now I have two copies of a program I’ll never use.

    You better believe I’ll think long and hard before I buy into another mysteryzot with the amount of repeats that occur.

    Don’t get me wrong. With mysteryzots I fully expect some software that I’ll never use. I just don’t want multiple copies.

    This blows chunks.

  18. edmb Says:

    MyzteryZot is a gamble but with so many repeats it has become a gamble where losing is more common than winning (just like Vegas). I think that the way to approach the MyzteryZot is to ask yourself how often you buy the daily Zot app. If you are a frequent buyer you will get repeats, but you also often like the apps MacZot offers so you will get some great deals on apps you will like. If you rarely buy the daily Zots then you won’t get many repeats, but you also won’t get many apps you want because you already passed them up as daily Zots.

    I will pass on MyzteryZots until they are either introducing apps that have never been on MacZot or Zot tells us how many repeats there are in the bundle.

  19. lonniehb Says:

    Yeah let me tell you “TWO FUN APPS YOU CAN USE EVERYDAY” – uh huh. What exactly is fun about these? :( We’ve been “Fogaled” by MacZOT in the search for the ultimate mac treasure! lol

    I’ll wait with my head hanging low for my email (which I haven’t gotten yet) – and to think I could have had a cup of joe instead.

  20. RuMac Says:

    Lonniehb makes a good point. I could of had that coffee instead.

  21. Jason Says:

    ZOT – please stop pushing duplicate apps on us. Host a retroZOT or copyZOT day to give folks a second chance at programs already zotted earlier. But please don’t lure us into paying for stuff you’ve already given away for free. It’s just not good business ethics.

    If you continue to trick us with re-hashed apps, MysteryZOT will soon become known as MysteryNOT.

    Aside from my valid upset over duplicate programs, I’m still a ZOT fan.

  22. kurzz Says:

    How do I get these apps? I only received an email that was just a promotion for the mystery bundle with a “buy” button on top. I paid for them, how do I win them?

  23. happy Says:

    after finding out what the apps are and being dissapointed, id atleast like to get them. i have recived no email yet. whats happening maczot

  24. mfichtner Says:

    Less than 10 days after giving free copies of xPad to Suggest-A-ZOT users, the same app is now part of this Mystery Bundle? That’s not really funny. I think I’ll pass on the next MyzteryZOT. :(

  25. DIMEBAG2 Says:

    kurzz = noob

  26. geoff Says:

    if anyone out there is interested in switchng mt an appzapper serial, I will give them an Xpad key, any takers? em-mail to

  27. DeathAxe Says:

    kurzz: you wait for another email from maczot to come :) It will contain the serials of the 2 softwares.

  28. Eugene Cook Says:


    First of all, let me tell you that I love Maczot…however…

    You are quickly becoming the bane of my existance. Every time I do one of these MysteryZots, it is based on the presumption or maybe hope that you have finally decided it prudent to stop ramming multiple licenses down your repeat customers’ throats.

    The thing I find so damned confusing about your insistance to conduct business in this manner is that you end up agitating your most worthwhile customer…the loyal ones. The ones that are only periodic customers come out fine, but you are literally punishing those that have either been long term customers, are repeat customers. This is exactly OPPOSITE of how you should conduct your business IMHO.

    I am hoping that I won’t be disspointed for much longer…and I know others feel the same way. Maybe you should offer a yearly subscription to MacZot…then the 542 AppZapper licenses that we will recieve during the course of the year will just be part of the territory…psychologically at least I can say it was an unintended part of the subscription, and that I didn’t go out of my way to pay directly for another copy.

  29. ZOT Says:

    We wanted to try something with this bundle. With xPad, this time, you’ll be able to actually GIFT it to a friend or family member using a Mac. In fact, you’ll be able to do it in THEIR name.

    So, we think the ability for you to be the vigilant person who watches MacZOT and finds great deals is now paying off.

    We also believe that if you don’t have any friends or family you could gift xPad to (assuming it’s a duplicate) then you have bigger challenges and we recommend actually getting away from your computer once in a while.

    Also, if you’re complaining on this blog, we encourage you to actually do something to contribute to this community rather than just voicing your unhappiness. Submit an application idea, develop an app yourself, or maybe go out and negotiate some great deals that we can all benefit from.

    We love our MacZOT members and there are enough new members to warrant the occasional repeat. With this new idea of being able to gift a duplicate serial, maybe we can create a new model by which people can mitigate the risk of duplicates and still feel comfortable participating.

    Also, if there’s any problem with a ZOT, we have been able to sort anything out. Just send a quick note to support AT maczot DOT com


    P.S. If it seems like a comment you write gets filtered, it might be burried in blog spam.

  30. Mike Says:

    I already got xPad for suggest-a-zot and I don’t use it. I already use StickyBrainSOHO Notes.

  31. Matthew Says:

    so when do i get a seriel code for xpad? no point telling me i can give it to someone else!

  32. Data Says:

    Is it just me or does anybody else have an issue even STARTING Stickler? It just beachballs and then crashes here.

  33. lonniehb Says:

    It’s all cool Zot man. You need more games, more fun! WooooHooooo!

  34. Angel Says:

    “We also believe that if you don’t have any friends or family you could gift xPad to (assuming it’s a duplicate) then you have bigger challenges and we recommend actually getting away from your computer once in a while.”

    Not really sure if this thinly veiled insult was necessary considering this app is for an OS that only a small percentage of computer owners operate.

  35. rage Says:

    I think it’s great that you can gift xPad, it would be great if all mysteryzots could be gifted, then there should be no complaints from anyone. Thanks Zot!

  36. jho Says:

    Uh, yeh… Stickler just crashes on launch, and the developer’s website is VERY slow right now.

  37. Tyler Says:

    Stickler crashes for me as well.

  38. Steve Says:

    No luck with Stickler here either

  39. redsoxnation Says:


    I’ve had my Penny’s worth for today.

    Makes no cents, it keeps crashing.

    Ahh… Buck it, I hope it’ll work eventually

  40. Joe @ Metafy Says:

    Stickler (and the rest of the site) is officially “Slashzotted”, we’re working on rebalancing the load right now. As soon as we get it cleared up, everything should return to normal. Thank you for your patience!

  41. gryphonent Says:

    Stickler crashes… of course it does. It hasn’t been updated since October 2004. Which was what? Jaguar? Or Panther? Don’t know.


    And yes, I do go out… but I don’t want to play the Samaritan. We’re talking about opportunity costs here, and I could have used the 3.95 on something that actually works on my machine and that I don’t already have. Just my two cents from the peanuts gallery.

  42. jho Says:


    I sent a email to the developer of Stickler! and this is was his response:

    – SNIP –

    The problem right now is that we’ve been “Slashzotted” with all the downloads, so the entire system is non responsive.

    I’m in the middle of trying to rebalance the load, and as soon as that’s done, it should all just start working again. If you’re willing to try, try again, it’s getting through about half the time it appears, so once the app launches, you should be able to use other RSS feeds with it without issue.

    Working on 1.0.5 which should also help fix this problem for the future.

  43. Jill Says:

    It sure seems like there are some passionate fans here! That’s great.

    The complaining seems a bit mis-placed considering they’re giving us a chance (almost daily) to support the guys behind the cool software that makes our Mac enjoyment even possible.

    While my husband would say I’m just being bitchy, I do have an idea – if you’re getting upset that the ZOT folks aren’t meeting your every need, just be patient. They’ve only been out for a few months it seems and all of us are getting in on the ground floor of something really cool. I for one have gotten several great deals here and my expectations don’t keep getting higher.

    If you can’t handle the mystery – don’t buy. At least its not like you’re buying mystery meat sandwich or something which could be substantially more problematic… err, don’t remind me about my trip to China.

    MacZOT is innovating. Mystery bundles and gifting duplicate serials is not easy. There’s probably a ton of logistics going on that we can’t see – (or sometimes can when they make mistakes). Regardless, if you do the math, there’s not millions of dollars exchanging hands here. The team is probably just very passionate about what they do and we can be grateful that we’re part of something as exciting as the Mac community.

    If we leave comments that would help MacZOT, maybe it’ll get better. If we just bit** all the time then… well, knowing them, they’ll create a bitc*ZOT and we’ll all buy it.

    Okay, that’s my 3.65+0.02

    Keep up the good work ZOT! We love the deals and we love to bitc*! And as my parents told me, “we’re beating you because we LOVE you!”

  44. Joe @ Metafy Says:

    PS – Just FYI, Stickler 1.0.3 was released in March of 2006, and 1.0.4 is an update for this MacZOT promotion, plus, with what we’ve learned from having thousands of MacZOT visitors at once, 1.0.5 is already in development…

  45. Popagandhi Says:

    I signed up for this mystery bundle, having missed out on the last. Well, I’m quite intrigued by xPad, though I don’t think i’m too *thrilled*, overall, but I also know that for $3.65, that’s a steal.

    Since so many of you here are talking about having too many Appzapper licenses… do you guys want to sell them? I have many friends who are new Mac users, who I think could do with having Appzapper for themselves. Just a thought.

  46. DIMEBAG2 Says:

    MacUpdate now has a feature that competes with Maczot…just my 2 cents.

  47. Rick Baskett Says:

    Well Ill be skipping the next couple mysteryzots until I see things changing. And from what I hear a lot of people will be doing the same thing.

    “Also, if you’re complaining on this blog, we encourage you to actually do something to contribute to this community rather than just voicing your unhappiness. Submit an application idea, develop an app yourself, or maybe go out and negotiate some great deals that we can all benefit from.”

    Umm.. not to point out the obvious, but those people that did this.. didn’t we get xPad in the first place? *heh* And from what you said, this site isn’t really aimed at developers is it, I thought it was aimed to users?

    Seriously less zots with newer things would be more beneficial to those people that are indeed active here.

    Duplicates are fine, but like it has been mentioned several times before.. why give a duplicate that has been given away free to those that are active and have taken your advice and have suggested a zot, then those same people who are most likely to buy a mystery zot.. sell them something you just gave them? Im pretty good at figuring out what people were thinking when they do something.. but this time.. Im really not sure what the thoughts were in this decision.. unless it was with the intent to introduce the new way of giving your license away? *heh*

    Anyways you did and could continue to have a good thing going here, but please listen to your long time users and be a bit more transparent in dealing with us.. it makes us feel more like a community instead of guinnea pigs.

  48. redsoxnation Says:

    i got it working, but when i drag an RSS icon (per the instructions) it does not let it drop. I drag the entire address of the RSS to stickler and that does not work either.

    what’s the deal?

  49. D Says:

    “Also, if you’re complaining on this blog, we encourage you to actually do something to contribute to this community rather than just voicing your unhappiness. Submit an application idea, develop an app yourself, or maybe go out and negotiate some great deals that we can all benefit from.”

    You’re kidding me, right? Submitting an application idea is exactly how most of us got our second copy of xPad in the first place, and now we’ve got THREE. Gee, thanks for letting us “gift” it. It’s really the least you could do.

    Develop an app yourself. Yes. I’ll get right on that.

    Go out an negotiate deals with software vendors… for what? To be featured on MacZOT? Do your work for you, so you can then double or triple charge us via future MysteryZOTs and make a tidy profit?

    Dude, just let us know if a MysteryZOT contains a duplicate! That’s all most people are asking for! Never have I see such a young company go so far out of their way to insult their fast growing and very loyal customer base.

    “With this new idea of being able to gift a duplicate serial, maybe we can create a new model by which people can mitigate the risk of duplicates and still feel comfortable participating.”

    Great, well how about doing this retroactively so I can actually do something useful with my 3 or 4 AppZapper licenses?

  50. Joe @ Metafy Says:

    PS – I think we’ve got the “slashzot” load back under control. If you had any trouble with downloading or running the app earlier, please try again now (about 12:45pm Pacific). If you still encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you all for your patience and for a really great promotion, it’s great to know that there are so many dedicated Mac users out there. See you here! -Joe

  51. Michael Says:

    This was my first mysteryZot so its also my first copy of Xpad =P. I would say it was worth it just because I didnt have a copy yet, but Stickler is probably just going to sit in my applications folder or get AppZapped. Maybe im missing the point of it completely but it seems kind of useless…

    Probably won’t purchase another mysteryZot again just because of so much feedback regarding duplicates. I’ve been following the ZOts for a while and I have noticed the duplicates pattern too.

    I just wanted to say that I’m pretty surprised regarding the comments your company posted.

    I for one would never say anything like that to my customers. I guess to each his own but that turned me off this whole buzz macZot has going on.

    I’ll check in for the good deals on daily apps but probably not supporting the mysteryZOts as it seems like a cash grab more than anything.

  52. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    I’m having a lousy time with Stickler, too.

    I’ve got v1.0.5, but it just freezes when I drop a URL on it. Nothing shows up unless I stretch it out.

    Does this app depend on the developers site, once we get it? Or is he just having trouble getting out new versions?

    The “get away from your computer” crack was unwarranted.

    I’ll have to check my e-mail, because being able to give away xPad with the giftee’s own license is cool.

  53. Joe @ Metafy Says:

    SoftwareJunkie – the app checks for a new version on startup, and that was where the problem with the “Slashzotting” came from earlier. I’d be glad to provide support on any other issues, just drop me an e-mail. I’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails from people who had the “rainbow pizza” (beachball) this morning, and it seems like many (most?) of them are now up and running. I’ll be glad to make sure you are, too! -Joe

  54. Jesse Wilson Says:

    I’m somewhat put off by the fact that the people running macZOT don’t appear to be listening to the very people who the site is supposed to be for. Instead, it’s being put off on the users/customers that hey, they can gift an app they might already have. Which, I do commend macZOT for allowing, but given the very nature of the site it should almost be a default function for any app purchased.

    I also worry about the quality of some of the apps being offered. The majority have been first-class Mac software from respected developers, but there are some highly questionable ones working their way in that have nothing to offer over alternative apps (many of which are free). Yes, the most recent was this paltry attempt at a feed reader/ticker.

    Of course, xPad itself is well worth the cost of participation, unless of course you already own it (three ‘copies’ here now, two from here and one from long before). Then again, it appears macZOT owns xPad now (take a gander at the copyright details on the software site). Maybe I missed this little tid-bit of information previously, but generally a disclaimer of sorts is in order for that sort of thing. Not calling foul, just interesting.

    Despite all this, it has to be kept in mind that the guys here at macZOT have brought out some awesome deals on some superb software. A few bricks here and there shouldn’t negate that.

  55. Mark Says:

    I just want to stick in my response to the ZOT posts, although I know why they were in (we whine too much!)

    “We also believe that if you don’t have any friends or family you could gift xPad to … we recommend actually getting away from your computer once in a while.”

    But what use would my PC owning colleagues have witha Mac app?

    And, as has been said before …

    “Also, if you’re complaining on this blog, we encourage …. submit an application idea”.

    and been given a freebie for it which you later pay for?

    Sorry ZOT; you’ve annoyed a lot of people (unintentionally, I know). Yes, $3.65 is still a good deal but I don’t believe many – or at least the one typing this – is annoyed at the cost as such, just more at the feeling of being taken for a ride.

    I have bought mystery zots since I found the site – from the one with WoW and Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab; I donated to the DevZot (despite owning CastLife/Cast Easy); I bought Disco before it is even ready (yes, another mystery but at least I know I haven’t got it!); I have bought other Zots, blogged in the BlogZots, Collaboed in the Collab-o-zot and suggested in the Suggest-a-zot. I visit this site daily. I even have a Mail Tag note to indicate serials for items bought through Maczot. I think this confirms me as an enthusiast.

    Still, I feel cheated at joining the ranks of multiple-license owners.

    Please consider the idea proposed about using Mystery Zots as a way of introducing new software – cheaper than the “full zot price” maybe as an incentive.

    But for now, I am going to be very wary of the next couple of mystery zots.

    Sorry for wingeing


  56. Mark Says:

    Me again
    Sorry for the long post – what a chatterbox I am after a drink !!!! :)

  57. xnedwriter Says:

    Oh well. 3 copies of xPad in 3 weeks. Not like I didn’t expect at least 1 of the aps to be a repeat. But pairing it with Stickler? I’m really at a loss to see how this would be a useful app for anyone. Reading RSS feeds this way is downright painful. Definitely a sub-par zot this time, in my opinion.

  58. Dan Says:

    Wow, kind of let down. Won’t be bothering to d/l either app. I thought I’d never think $3.65 was wasted, but that’s how I feel on learning what’s ion the deal this time…. Sigh…

  59. ZOT Says:

    Here’s a great comment and our response:

    “MacZot folks,

    3 times offering xPad in what – a 3 week period of time – is definitely too much. Could you PLEASE not put things into your bundle offers that you’ve offered within, say, the past 3 or 4 months? I really don’t know that many people with Macs to give these extras to.


    Hi [name withheld],

    We really appreciate ALL the feedback we get. We’re really always testing ideas to learn what works. An analogy I liked today was that we’re like baseball players. We simply cannot hit a home run on every pitch.

    We swing a lot so we realize we’re going to foul, strike, and get hit once in a while. It’s part of being willing to stand at the plate.

    Thanks again, we’ll keep learning.


  60. Kaktus Says:

    I think that when Maczot and developers agree to do a Zot together, the price and number of licenses are negotiated. And I think the developers are asked if they want to be a part of a MyzteryZOT or not. And for a developer a MyzteryZOT is not as hot as a MacZot. So, I think it’s hard for Maczot to find good MyzteryZOTs.

    I mean, developers are selling quite a lot of licenses for very cheap money already. And that money is probably split 40/60 with Maczot.

    Just my two cents.

  61. Kaktus Says:

    DIMEBAG2: Cool! Thanks for the tip! :)

  62. Jim Says:

    What a bunch of whiners? I’m glad to see some with some constructive criticism. Really though wtf is the bit about those claiming that they were lured?!?! LOL

    I guess some folks don’t know how to say no. I’ve managed to not get dupes so far because I’ve known when to say no. That may not always be the case but good lord, it’s not like anyone has been ripped off unless they made the decision to buy something that they didn’t get. I probably won’t use all of the software I’ve gotten yet I still feel like I’ve gotten some great deals. I’ve even got some new software that I never would have looked at before and love them.

    Anyways there will always be some who live for this stuff. They need the drama in some fashion. Sure they care but in the end the key word some need to learn is to keep things in perspective. In the recent case what do you truly expect for $3.65?

  63. Dave Says:

    I like the concept of being able to send registration to someone in their name, and reccomend that this be an option for all Zots. This would make it easier to send Zots as gifts, and ensure that the registration is in the correct name.

  64. Jesse Wilson Says:

    “In the recent case what do you truly expect for $3.65?”

    As I said previously, we definitely got what we paid for with this one. It’s definitely silly for anyone to say they were lured or tricked into this, as we all know what ‘risks’ are involved with a MysteryZOT.

    The problem is that there is not only a chance of getting truly worthless software (which honestly hasn’t happened but once or twice), but there is an extremely high chance of getting a software title you already own via previous ZOT participation. That result really does no one any good, save for maybe the developers. Participants lose because they’re out of pocket for something they’ve already purchased and macZOT ends up with irritated members.

    The gifting option is a great idea and one, as I said before, that should be an option for every ZOT. However, none of this changes the fact that 1) no matter how great the guys running macZOT are, they’ve failed in a very important area – effectively communicating with your member base (their replies in this thread are perfect examples of being dismissive to dissentors); and 2) that the current system has to change in a manner that eliminates (as much as possible) this increasingly common occurence of people ending up with multiple licenses for an application because previous daily ZOTs are being included in MysteryZOTs and other after the fact.

    There’s no greater thing than a member base who will continue to support you even when they’re displeased, and are offering some very constructive criticism as per certain practices. Don’t throw that away and categorize everyone as whiners.

  65. Groxx Says:

    While I haven’t read all the ones about Stickler! crashing, here’s what worked for me:

    YES, their page is slow. It’s been Zotted. It’s working now, though.

    download it from the Metafy page. While the first crashed for me, the one from Metafy didn’t. Apparently, MacZOT got a bad copy somehow. Oddly enough, it verifies and mounts correctly… I wonder if it was an older copy, and mislabelled?

  66. Chris Says:

    Some people may be interested in giving away copies of their duplicate apps, and while it’s a nice gesture and should continue, I am not interested in this. I know a lot of people with Macs due to the industry I’m in mostly, but *I’m* not even interested in the apps I have dupes of (or could have gotten dupes of).

    Think about it — by the time you have 3 or 4 copies of something (assuming they weren’t giveaways), you’ve paid full price for an app that you didn’t want to begin with!

    This definitely needs to stop, and I have full faith that ZOT will learn from their loyal customers.

  67. Chris Says:

    Okay, I just looked at today’s (this week’s?) ZOT, and it looks like they’ve learned… unless it’s a trick! Which I doubt. Good deal. Thanks ZOT.

  68. Mark Fleser Says:

    I haven’t received anything yet. And BTW: what the h*ll is wrong with you guys choosing these apps, seriously. I already have xPad thanks to Suggest-A-ZOT, I can kind of understand that because not everyone participated in that but you really shouldn’t put apps that have been given away in one way or another in a paid ZOT! And stickler is possibly the worst piece of shareware I have ever seen and they expect people to pay for that? It doesn’t even remember your set up when you quit and there is no way to dismiss articles that you don’t want to see anymore..

  69. Kasey Says:

    If you have a duplicate of XPAD and are in a generous mood, why not give me a license???

    kaseyb at mac dot com

  70. Colin Says:

    I still haven’t recieved an e-mail and the order still says it’s pending. I also see that my previous post about not recieving anything yet is taken off. I want my serials.

  71. Eugene Cook Says:

    Oh my god, that was a long rant…

    Many apologies for that…

    I am officially a dorkZOT.

  72. Joe @ Metafy Says:

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback, positive and, er, well, not so positive!

    In terms of listening to customers, we’ve already released two new versions of Stickler! (now up to version 1.0.6) that fix many if not all of the most pressing issues that were raised here in the last two days, (e.g., the ability to accept “feed” urls, document autosave frame not working, scrolling text color panel).

    It seems like there’s a real broad misunderstanding of the app, it is NOT intended to be a replacement for your existing newsreader. It’s just a way to have the headlines from your favorite feeds scrolling on your desktop. That’s it, really. If you’re looking for a competitor to NetNewsWire or NewsFire or even Safari, this is not it. In comparison to those great full featured apps, of course it seems like it falls short!

    There are also some specific functions that seem to be misunderstood. The “saved settings” issue is most likely because a key detail is being overlooked: this is not a single document/window app like iTunes, instead, it’s a multiple document application, so you can have multiple tickers open at the same time. Each set of feeds is saved in their own document, and it’s the document that maintains all the settings such as the skin, the font, the feeds, and so on. Really, try it! Add some feeds, change the skin, then save the document. Quit the app. Re-launch the app, and then open the saved document. Voila, saved settings, in the document. PS – We also changed this so that it better reflects the other single-window app behavior as users here might have been expecting.

    Obviously some folks have already decided that we’re “the worst” (or even worse than that), but we’ll continue to do our best to keep getting better. It’s true that Stickler! is not our number one flagship application, it was originally intended as a basic “viewer” to be used with the RSS output of our other application.

    Thus, we were thrilled when Mr. Zot asked us to participate, but perhaps we should have thought about it more. It certainly doesn’t do us any good to have people disappointed or angry, and that was definitely not what we hoped to get out of it, nor did we have any idea how passionately upset people would be that we’re not something we’re not, no matter what the price.

    I’ve certainly learned a lot from this, and the application is already getting better thanks to all the feedback, perhaps especially the complaints! Thanks also to the many people who have sent positive notes via the feedback form and e-mail, there are some great features that people have suggested that will work their way in to future releases.

    If you haven’t already, be sure to download the latest version, 1.0.6 and see if it doesn’t answer all or most of the issues raised here. If not, well, send ‘em along and we’ll keep working to make it better.


  73. Eugene Cook Says:

    Joe, I honestly don’t think that there is any ill will towards your firm, quite the opposite, I think you have garnered a lot of respect for the way you have conducted yourself.

    I for one don’t have a use for your product, but you are now on my radar screen, and any other products that may arise will definitely get my consideration.


  74. ThorstenvPK Says:

    10 days on vacation…. back and: now 2x xPad and a ticker I do not need cause of using a great rss-client ….

    mysteryZOT, I think I drop the line :(

  75. Kasey Says:

    anybody with an extra xpad serial, please send to me! kaseyb at mac dot com

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