Aug 25
One Cent Mystery Bundle

Pick up those pennies you see laying on the street and invest them in your productivity.


When we thought of the lowest amount we could charge without giving away the store for free, we came up with one penny.

So, we rounded up two applications and decided to spread out the value over a year. It’s 1 penny per day.

For only three-hundred and sixty-five pennies, you get two apps you might just use every day.

Okay, that’s also only 5 quarters, nineteen dimes, and 10 nickels for those of you who empty the change out of your pockets each day.

Paying in Euro’s? It’s even less for you.

If nothing else, this could be a great way to realize the value of MacZOT! Buy the 1 cent bundle and you’ll think about it every time you empty change from your pocket or each time you drop the 3 pennies, 2 dimes and a quarter into the tip jar for your favorite barista.

Now, here’s what $3.65 would get you if you’re where we are:

1. 73 minutes of meter parking in downtown San Francisco

2. 1.23 gallons of 87 unleaded gas ( maybe a 15 mile round trip in most cars)

3. A backup pair of socks

4. A hotdog on the street in NYC

As you can see, your choices might be virtually unlimited. The real question is. can you buy any of those right now?

If you’ve never seen a Mystery Bundle on MacZOT, this is a mini version. You won’t find out what you purchased until Monday at 12:00 am PST and the wait could kill you. So far, it hasn’t happened.

One more thing. This 1 cent blog gets you… membership into the MacZOT buyers club. It’s a semi-elite group of people who love their machines. They love treating their hard drive to some new bits and MacZOT deals are just the sort that make any Mac owner feel like they’re working the system.

Stop reading, scroll up and click buy. You’ll be one of those people who will have a fond memory when they see kids making wishes with their pennies in the fountain.

Throw your penny in (each day – but all at once – today) and make a wish!

Enjoy this bundle and your weekend.


93 Responses to “1 Cent Mystery Bundle?”

  1. Ken Says:

    Like the Myztery Zots, I’m all over this like a fat kid on a Ho-Ho.

    And again, I’m the first to comment. Woo-hoo!

  2. ThorstenvPK Says:

    I´l´l spend my holidays in Turkey starting Monday morning 5 am western european time for 10 days, without any internet-connection (great quiet time), so could I get the info what apps are in after paying earlier, promising to leave hand on mouth? :D

  3. Gareth Says:

    £1.99, is that still the price of a ‘Happy Meal’?

  4. wastern Says:

    Sure its cheap, but i can only do so many of these mystery Zots, a lot of apps are repeated and if you add up the number of licenses i might end up with for appZapper or some of the others…..well…’d be cheaper to buy it outright

  5. Dave Says:

    I’m in, but the bundle better not be AppZapper and Houdaspot! :)

  6. kurzz Says:

    I’m new here and just found out about macZOT today. As this sounds fun, I’m in also.

  7. flu Says:

    Hi. I wanna be in. But I’m new here and I don’t what I’m supposed to do, where I’m supposed to buy, or who I’m supposed to beg.
    Please let me in, I wanna be cool too.

  8. David Says:

    Ditto !

  9. gryphonent Says:

    Yeah… bring it on. Another AppZapper!!! Anyway, I’m in… just for the excitement. Hope we won’t have a repeat though, please.

  10. Nigel Says:

    Just wish no repeat for whatever I had … :D .. make a bet … it gonna be fun …

  11. Jan Says:

    Well, appzapper isn’t really an app that you ‘can use every day’. So maybe some note taking software will be part of it. (you can take notes every day) (notepad 2.0?)

  12. Mickeh Says:

    Wow, this seems like a great fun idea. I just can’t resist these things; I am defiitely buying it!

  13. Alexander Says:

    “2 fun apps you can use every day”
    I think were in the clear on AppZapper.

  14. umijin Says:

    I’m interested, but want some guarantees these aren’t apps you’ve already featured.

    I don’t need a fourth AppZapper license or a second Houdaspot or pretty much any of the previous apps you’ve provided.

    Fess up on this one Zapsters…

  15. Scottjl Says:

    Sorry, passing on this one. I don’t need a 3′rd AppZapper..

  16. LKM Says:

    What, Scottjl, you only got 3 AppZappers? Most of us got 4 or more! Come on, you need at least one more! :-D

  17. D Says:

    I’m still waiting on my beta copy of Disco…

  18. D Says:

    Wow, I just logged into my PayPal account to pay for this ZOT and found out that, for some reason, UPS refunded part of a shipping charge from an old eBay transaction. The amount was exactly $3.66! Now I can get this ZOT and had a penny left over.

    It was definitely a sign.

  19. ZicklePop Says:

    No repeats and I’d be in. (No AppZapper and I’d pay double!)

  20. Josh Says:

    Whoa! $3.65 for a hotdog on the street in NYC? You’re getting ripped off. DWDs cost $1. $1.50 if you actually use a good cart that has a grill on it.

    I’ve got money just sitting around in my PayPal account, so I’ll bite. It’s sort of like Christmas morning when the apps get revealed.

  21. Britonius Says:

    Well, it’s definitely not AppZapper & Hodahspot together, as that would be $29.90 retail, but it could be one of them and something else. I only have one appzapper and I don’t have Hodahspot. So I’m definitely open to whatever it is for this low low price. Especially since it is something they say I will use everyday, which kind of rules out AppZapper as I don’t plan on uninstalling apps everyday unless I’m erasing my hard drive one day at a time ;-)

  22. the valrus Says:

    Um, I don’t see the “buy” link.

  23. Big-G Says:

    What the heck, I’m in, it’s only a penny a day, and these Mystery Zots are fun. I, too, hope it’s not a couple duplicates, especially of apps I’ve already purchased here.

    Hey, MacZOT!, how about this: Instead of Mystery Zots made up of previously offered apps, why not put new apps in a Mystery Zot first, then offer them again later as a daily Zot? The cost may be higher individually, but it would eliminate many of us buying duplicates, and it would give those who missed/skipped the Mystery Zot a chance later on to pick up some of the apps they missed.

  24. Lee Says:

    How does one set up their Paypal account to send 1 cent everyday at 12 am to a specific email/business – can I set up a script or do I have to go there everyday and manually send the penny. I’m glad there is now a payment plan in place. ;) :D

  25. lobo Says:

    how about releasing some screenshot of DISCO ?

  26. lonnie Says:

    I don’t see a buy link either? How’s this site work? help :)

  27. Bill Says:

    I definitely second what Big-G said about putting new apps in Mystery Zots first, then offering them as a-la carte. Solid suggestion.

    That being said, who can resist the call of the Mystery Zot?!

    …especially when it’s this cheap!

  28. mattt Says:

    “Hey, MacZOT!, how about this: Instead of Mystery Zots made up of previously offered apps, why not put new apps in a Mystery Zot first, then offer them again later as a daily Zot?”

    This is a great idea.

  29. Debbie Says:

    Hey!!! I’m feeling lucky today. Where’s the BUY button??

  30. Kenneth Says:

    I’m in, hope it’s something I’ll actually use.

    Oh, and it’s 1¢ not ¢1

  31. Frank Says:

    I don’t need any duplicate applications. No more mysteryZots for me.

  32. Brandon Says:

    |“Hey, MacZOT!, how about this: Instead of Mystery Zots made up of previously offered apps, why not put new apps in a Mystery Zot first, then offer them again later as a daily Zot?”

    This is a great idea.|

    Let me sign this too.

  33. Damon Says:

    I only have one AppZapper license, and two Macs. So if I get another, all the better.

    This is too addicting.

  34. rage Says:

    My guess is that xPad will be in this, just a hunch :)

  35. Candy Says:

    I can’t make up my mind for this one. The last MysteryZot I bought, I got a duplicate of AppZapper and four other apps that I have not found very useful.

    If AppZapper is in this, the other app’s price would be $10. Anyone knows an app that’s exactly $10?

  36. ThorstenvPK Says:

    Waiting for a disco´s life-sign and now for two apps in mysterious ways … if I get Appzapper or xPad again, I´ll send my big brother :D

  37. gryphonent Says:

    Yep… I’m signing the petition too! New apps in a Myztery Zot first, then later – a bit more pricey – as a daily app. Great idea! Are you reading this MacZot???

  38. ZOT Says:

    It’s not AppZapper!



  39. Rob Says:

    This Mac n00b sure could use a good note-taking app. Glad to hear it’s not another copy of AppZapper. Count me in! =]

  40. ZOT Says:

    It’s not HoudahSpot!


  41. UnLogikal Says:

    I’m in….

    ZOT… any repeats at all? I guess it isn’t a big deal for not even $4 but still :-P

  42. scottjl Says:

    well thanks for letting us know that at least.. ok. i’m in then.

  43. Gerardo Algarin Says:

    For some reason, i always get lucky with this things, i have now a nice collection of software thanks to the mysteryzots… and i don’t have duplicates!!! so i’m in…

  44. midas Says:

    Isn’t it about time for another BlogZOT? Its been two months since the last one

  45. KevinV Says:

    it’s HoudahZapper! :-P

  46. Gipetto Says:

    But he didn’t rule out previously featured Zots either.

    Decisions, decisions…

  47. lonniehb Says:

    I gave it a try, this is my first ZOT purchase, although I’ve watched the site for awhile now I just haven’t found anything useful enough to buy that I didn’t already have.

  48. Jim Says:

    Why do I have this sneaky suspicion that whatever it is, the license is for one year to use it.

  49. Jefe Says:

    I’m in.. but the whole thing about “Give them as gifts to your family and friends” kind of leads me to believe that they are repeats.

    But for $3.65… I promised a while back that I’d be in on almost any

  50. Dennis Says:

    LOL KevinV :):)

  51. Frank Says:

    Is it one or more copies of Todos

  52. Noah Says:

    I’m in, I have one AppZapper so If I get another not so bad and I’m just afarid I’ll get xPad. I won this app and it really isn’t that useful

  53. stainboy Says:

    more frequently than not, these have been previously-featured items.

    my guesses: Soulver and xPad.

    hmm…not feeling lucky today.

  54. MK Says:

    Most of us already have xPad for participating in Suggest-a-Zot… Besides, I just discovered Sidenotes, which fits my needs better than xPad… it would be really disappointing if it was xPad.

  55. mbazzoni Says:

    I’m in, again…

  56. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    I’m in.

    The last Mystery Zot wasn’t a big deal for me, and it’s my first and only brush with AppZapper. The other stuff didn’t do a thing for me.

    I came to mZot during the Houdahspot giveaway, so there are some apps I wouldn’t mind a shot at.

    One might be SizzlingKeys. A great app I use daily.

    I’m still waiting for my Meander license.

  57. Gipetto Says:

    Hm… 365 days…

    are there any calendar/todo/scheduling apps that could appear?

    Ok, I’m in.

  58. Jesse Wilson Says:

    Love these MysteryZots, but I agree that it’s starting to become a slight rip-off when previously featured daily zots are the mystery. It’s not so bad for the prices being paid, but come on, there’s guys with 4 copies of one app.

    Nevermind that there’s little recourse, save for handing the license off to a friend, if you already have a featured app (in a MysteryZot), regardless of whether you obtained it on macZot or elsewhere.

    That all said, we of course don’t have to participate in these things, so it’s not like we go into them without knowing the potential for duplicates is there.

    Hrm… now, to zot or not to zot…

  59. Mark Fleser Says:

    Please no apps from previous mystery/blogZOTs. If everything starts containing AppZapper it’s not going to be a mystery anymore.

  60. Quazie Says:

    Hey… if anyone does have a spare appzapper liscense could you send it my way?

  61. Randy Says:

    I sure hope I don’t get yet another AppZapper and World of Where!

    I love both apps, but come on, how many registrations for them does one person need.

    Randy at

  62. kodac Says:

    I ordered mine last night.

    Already have 2 copies of XPad (bought one and was given one for SuggestaZOT) and a copy of Notepad but I’m looking forward to finding out what it is… :) :)
    These are always fun …:)

    “register it for family and friends” …

    Does this you’re letting us do this now? My GF tried to sign up for the free AppZapper in April using my net connection and couldn’t [didn't guess it would get repeated]. Something about only one account per IP address some thing like that…

  63. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    ZOT said it’s not AppZapper or HoudahSpot. The total MSRP for both apps is $22.95.

    So what possibilities to we have?

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter much for me since I’ve already clicked ‘Buy”.

  64. Wazza Says:

    I wouldn’t actually mind if AppZapper was in the Zot (I know it’s not).

    I did the blogZot for AppZapper, but missed out on downloading it.

    Ah well… this and Disco should be interesting.

  65. yogi Says:

    probably iCal :P

  66. Lee Webb Says:

    Hey, I’m in, but if any of you have a spare Appzapper license I’d gladly take it. Get in touch.



  67. Rich Says:

    Anyone know when the apps are supposed to be revealed?



  68. Frank Says:

    ZOT has not said that no duplicate applications are in this mysteryZOT

  69. Dana Says:

    So when do I get this mystery bundle? I ordered yesterday, but so far, nothing in my inbox.

  70. chris Says:

    anyone want to sell me an extra app zapper liscense cheap?

  71. Alexander Says:

    I want another one of those buy the serials in bulk that you had for i htink appzapper. If it were a different program, I’d be all over it.

  72. Blender Says:

    how do we know that ZOT is legit? He could be anybody, just using as his url…

  73. Christian Says:

    What exactly do you mean by that? We pay, we get our apps… seems pretty legit to me…

  74. Evangeline Says:

    I think Blender is referring to the comment poster “ZOT” who gives updates.

    I tend to think if he isn’t a legitimate member of the team, the actual MacZot people would have stepped in.

  75. Frank Says:

    ZOT is quick to pull comments they don’t like

  76. Andre Says:

    I bought in. :)

  77. Taylor Says:

    I already bought it, but I thought I was buying Disco from the creators of AppZapper. Can someone fill me in here? My E-Mail is Thank you!

  78. kodac Says:

    Just FYI SoftwareJunkie,

    I received my meander lic on Sat. afternoon.

  79. Mews Says:

    Buying at the 11th hour. Whoo. Can’t wait till tomorrow to see what it is.

  80. Andre Says:

    Not repeats? Explain xPad then. >_>

  81. Tyler Says:

    Stickler and xpad eh?

    Is this the same as the 2004 Stickler?

    It’s my first xPad, though it seems like there will be quite a few people with doubles.

    My second purchase from MacZot. First was Disco…..

  82. kodac Says:

    Hmmm… xPad. Now I have that extra copy I needed :) [that's not a joke]
    stickler looks like it’ll be fun to try out…

  83. GoMac Says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t need another copy of xPad. I may have to give up the mystery bundles. Pennies do add up.

  84. Alexander Says:

    Yeah, I may have to give up the myzteryZOTs as well. I already have xPad, and an RSS ticker? eh.. well, that’s the gamble.

  85. Mark Says:

    xPad. Hmmmmmmm, when so many got it for Suggsies! (New pet name for Suggest-a-zot – keep using it then we’ll google it later!)

    Still, I have subscribed to a fair few feeds so the other might be OK.

    I think I’m going to cry off mysteries … until the next one!

  86. zotto Says:

    No more mysteryZOTs either. Or… maybe one more, which will contain AppZapper, xPad and HoudahSpot! :)

  87. Jesse Wilson Says:

    Surprise, surprise… an app that’s already been featured and a skinnable RSS ticker… I guess this is a perfect example of getting what you paid for.

  88. Erichd Says:

    No more Myzteries here either, and quite possibly no more anything.

    xPad? why did Zot give it away for FREE last week only to give it away as “myztery”? this after trying to sell it TWICE.

    Stickler: not as intuitive as Safari.

    It cannot read a feed that starts with “feed,” unlike every other RSS reader I’ve tried, including Safari and the free ones for Dashboard.

  89. Rick Baskett Says:

    Yeah Im going to skip the next couple MysteryZot’s until I see some apps that I might need in those MysterZots. I do find it very strange that they would sell xPad as a mysteryzot when they just gave it away, especially since the people they gave it away to would most likely be the people buying the next MysteryZot… kind of like shooting yourself in your foot in my opinion. So hmm.. anybody want xPad or Stickler? I use PulpFiction and have xPad already and don’t use it.. so post here if you want my copy of either or both :)

  90. Joe @ Metafy Says:

    Sorry to cross post, but the updates about Stickler! are on the other (newer) thread.

    We definitely were having issues today due to being “Slashzotted” but hopefully those are now fixed. Version 1.0.4 is posted for downloading which fixes the window width issue. Based on what we learned today, version 1.0.5 is already in the works.

    Just a note about Stickler! vs. the other programs, Stickler! is not necessarily only intended to be a replacement for your other RSS readers, it’s supposed to help you keep your favorite feed’s headlines up on screen and yet out of the way while you’re doing other work.

    Thanks for everyone’s patience and thanks for this great promotion. Seeing how dedicated Mac users are makes us glad to be developing for the platform. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any issues. THANK YOU! -Joe

  91. Colin Says:

    Where are my serial #’s for Stickler and xPad? It’s Tuesday and it still says pending.

  92. Eugene Cook Says:

    How convenient…all my posts were deleted.

    Thanks ZOT…maybe it was the “spam filter”

  93. wncmacs Says:

    I bought the package before Friday’s deadline, but I’ve never received my free game. What was it and where do we go to get it?