Aug 21
iLing Euro Pack

iLingo – Euro Pack 2.0

Normal price: $49.95
ZOT price: $12.95

This is the same app that’s a best seller in the Apple retail stores.

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Talking Panda iLingo sets a new standard for language translation software. Designed for the iPod, it’s stocked with over four hundred essential words and phrases of the language you want to speak, organized for instant access.Euro Pack 2.0 (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian)

Organized for Quickness and Ease

iLingo is organized into categories such as: Greetings, Shopping, and Emergency, so if you are lost or stuck without a bathroom, you can find the sentences you need instantly.

A Lot To Talk About

iLingo contains all the basic phrases you’ll need while traveling. To add to the fun we’ve tailored the translator for each country you’ll visit. You’ll be able to find a vegetarian restaurant in Paris.

Perfectly Pronounced

Conventional language phrase books can’t teach you proper pronunciation. With iLingo you can replay the words and phrases as many times as necessary for you to sound like a native.

Local Lingo

Discover local conventions, traditional cuisine and historic landmarks with our customized database of words and phrases unique to specific countries. Going to Germany? Make sure you know how to order some delicious Schweinebraten!

23 Responses to “iLingo – Euro Pack 2.0 – for iPod”

  1. Ken Says:

    Wow. This looks like some actually useful iPod software. I’m on this like a pocket on a shirt!

  2. Erichd Says:

    I have to agree that this software makes me want to goout and get an iPod. Almost.

  3. Mickeh Says:

    Wow, this is a steal for 74% off!

    Not for me though, I don’t see any use in it… Maybe someone who is travelling a lot would find it useful!

  4. gryphonent Says:

    Hmmm… hasn’t been updated in over a year, only 400 phrases (which isn’t that much and proably doesn’t include the one you’re looking for anyway). I’d stick to an old fashioned dictionary. Purchased the Webster Dictionary some time ago for the iPod, and “wheeling” through the database and clicking through to the entry you’re looking for is a hassle. If there’s a demo, give it a try… if not, be wary.

  5. Matt Says:

    Unfortunately, there is a big problem with this software. When you install it, you are unable to access the notes on your iPod as it takes up all of the note space. This is the reason I never purchased it in the store. Otherwise, it seems like a perfectt piece of software.

  6. Mickeh Says:


    Sold out?

    Is that bug back again…

  7. Scottjl Says:

    sold out already? wow..

  8. Christian Says:

    Haha… I kinda think the sold out bug is cute… but then I think again. It should be squashed. Get on it, macZOT.

  9. Christian Says:

    Tried this. Tried the competition. The competition is much, MUCH better. Check this out:

  10. Kevin Says:

    Guys, also check out the iLingo downloadable demo at

  11. Marc Says:

    Kinda stinks that for a good app, you can’t get it at 8am ( Sold out ).


  12. Bruce Says:

    Has anyone tried either of the demos? Neither the Flash demo nor the iPod demos work for me. The Flash demo displays nothing to select on the Notes screen. The Japanese demo loads on my brand-new nano but clicking the links to play the phrases doesn’t seem to work either.

    Too bad. An interesting selection, this was.

  13. scottjl Says:

    sold out.. and not keeping my login either. maybe they should have a developer work on the site and we can buy “fix bugs” for a day? lol.

  14. bgarlock Says:

    Is this really sold out, or is it a bug? I got the sold out, at 6:15a EST today, so it must be a bug.

  15. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    Is it is, or is it ain’t sold out?

    Is it a bug, or a marketing ploy?

    Not updated in a year? Sounds like Zot has priced it right, then.

  16. D Says:

    Not updated in a year? Have the included languages changed much since then?

  17. gryphonent Says:

    Oops, apologies. The version I was referring to was 1.2 and this is 2.0. However, while I don’t know what has improved over the old version I still feel that the handling of these dictionaries on an iPod is cumbersome and I tend to find stuff faster on my Palm or using an old fashioned booklet.

  18. Gareth Says:

    Very tempting, too bad it’s “sold out’

  19. macZOUNDS Says:

    Hey, c’mon! I wake up a few hours ago, log in… SOLD OUT! Bug? No bug? No answer??? My guess ( taken in the best of all possible worlds) is that it’s the bug, otherwise there would be more comments. Whatever, is anybody home?

  20. ZOT Says:

    Sorry about the Sold Out sign up so early. We had to bake up some more copies.

    No, actually it wasn’t a bug, the field that determines the Max quantity was set incorrectly.

    Fixed now!

    Try iLingo.


  21. bondav Says:

    When I click buy button I gop through the checkout… then get told to download it with the TRY button… but that takes me to the demos on the iLingo site that would not work… I bought the software but can not down load it .. what gives?

  22. F451 Says:

    Sprung for this one immediately as my wife travels extensively and needs to brush-up on her languages. She’ll be happy to know that I purchased this for her. Quite the bargain for what it is and I hope to see the Asia Pack version here shortly. Thanks MacZOT and Talking Panda!

  23. dantini Says:

    I use the Asian language version. It’s fei chiang hao!

    Don’t need this version now, as I am leaving for a year in China in 3 days!

    Don’t forget to click on my name to visit and help me out with the mounting expenses in exchange for goodies from China!