Aug 20

MacTank’s MailTemplate

Normally: $14.95
ZOT price: $9.95

Click to MacZOT Do you handle lots of eMail?

MailTemplate automates and streamlines the process of composing e-mail messages. Using predefined templates with embedded macros, MailTemplate dramatically reduces the time involved in both composing replies and new e-mail messages.

MailTemplate is a solution to a problem of sending similar messages to different people. It is NOT a bulk mail software, it helps composing messages to individual recipients. One example where mail templates are useful is when you provide a support via e-mail and you often receive similar or identical questions which require similar or identical responses (and it is always better to respond to customer’s e-mail than to send him/her to the FAQ or tell to RTFM). MailTemplate offers an easy solution: create your templates once and use them in your new messages or responses. It can save you a lot of typing and a lot of time.


MailTemplate ships as a Universal Binary or optimum performance both PPC and Intel-based Macs. It is designed to work with both Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage. (More Info at MacTank)

No Responses to “MailTemplates – Handle Mail Well”

  1. Mickeh Says:

    This seems like a good application; better buying this now than waiting until Mac OS X Leopard comes out with their templates.

  2. Lon Says:

    Mickeh – Hi I am with mactank. Leopard’s templates are actually quite similar to the current drafts functionality. We are going to leverage it among other features to expand the capabilities of MailTemplate.

  3. Rick Baskett Says:

    Actually I think this is quite a bit different idea then the Leopard templates.

  4. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    I think Rick is right.

    This doesn’t seem like anything the Leopard templates will do.

    I like the idea, but I’d have little to no use for this app. I’ll try it out, but I doubt that I’ll bite on this one.

    Maybe if it was $4.95. I’m not saying that the app isn’t worth $14.95/$9.95; just that I’m not the target market.

  5. Joost de Valk Says:

    I’ll try it out when i get home :)

  6. RuMac Says:

    Mail Template is a great program if you find yourself often sending very similar emails. I use it to send emails to subscribers of my podcasts, and as a sort of “form” email explaining how to subscribe to it. I know other developers that use it for the standard “We have received your email and….”. It is very different from the new leopard templates in that these templates are for the body text of emails. I find it very useful.

  7. Taz Goldstein Says:

    I’ve been using Mail Template for years. It’s been most helpful with all my eBay dealings. It’s saved me a ton of time. I recommend it 100%.

  8. DougRay Says:

    This is a very timely zot, because the fall semester just started, and I’ve been wanting to use MailTemplates to send students feedback on their projects. I used detailed rubrics for my feedback so the ability to reuse a template for each student is very helpful.

  9. Aric Says:

    I’d have bought it, except it doesn’t support anything other than Mail or Entourage. It doesn’t support Eudora, Thunderbird, Powermail or MailSmith.

    This is a shame as it is something I’d probably use regularly.

  10. Lon Says:

    Aric. You’re right. We are working on support for Powermail, Mailsmith and Gyazmail.

    We can’t support Thunderbird until AppleEvent is included, something that doesn’t exist today.

    Which e-mail client do you use?

  11. TommyW Says:

    Try it. If you have a business, it’s essential to be able to respond to the myriad queries which come your way. This app does the job, personalising each ‘standard’ response.

  12. Aric Says:

    I use Eudora, myself. It’s the only thing I’ve found that can handle massive quantities of mail without choking.