Aug 17

Disco Pre Order

The guys behind AppZapper are currently working on their next app, Disco. While we can’t tell you much about it, we already have a special deal for you. You can now pre-order Disco for only $4.95 and you will receive it as soon as it is released (Fall 2006). In addition to the discount, you will also be admitted to a special Zotter-only pre-beta that will open soon.

The only catch is they’ve told us we can only sell 2,000 of these pre orders. So buy fast before they run out!

Jasper Hauser, the artist behind Disco and the near-famous AppZapper icon designer has posted two obscure previews of Disco: Preview One and Preview Two.

Still have no idea what it is? We’re not surprised. So here’s what we can tell you:

  • Like AppZapper, it is a simple and sexy utility
  • It has 3d particle effects
  • It can take advantage of the motion sensor on a laptop
  • It can detect when you blow in the microphone
  • The above 3 features are totally unrelated to the core function
  • So, if you want another cool app icon in your dock and love to be part of the insider-circle in the Mac community, PRE-ORDER your copy of Disco now.


    Click here to Pre-Order

    92 Responses to “It’s the Weekend – Time to Disco”

    1. geoff Says:

      Jasper is a really cool guy. I’m buying this simply because he is involved :-)

    2. Weiran Says:

      You can’t really loose for $5 eh? Thats less than a coffee here in the UK.

    3. eric Says:

      …I’m just afraid it’ll end up being something i’ll never use.

    4. William Says:

      I was spectacle whether I would find this useful or not. $5 seems like a good price to not take this offer but then again, I don’t even know what this $5 would go towards. Would I even use this? Looking at some of the tips, it’s got at least some functions that I may like to play around with so I ended up getting it. Now time to wait and find out what I actually spent $5 on. Hopefully something good!

    5. Mickeh Says:

      I think I will buy this; if it is made by App Zapper then it must be good!

    6. D Says:

      So, if this is anything like AppZapper, I’m sure over the coming months I’ll have 3 or 4 freebie or included-in-Myztery Zot copies of this software.

      That being said, my order is in.

    7. David Zülke Says:

      I would order but… last time I ordered, you got my name all wrong, because you don’t use the correct encoding when transmitting my name to PayPal… so I ended up with five licenses, each with a weird special character in it, and you didn’t even reply to my email regarding this.

    8. Glenn Wolsey Says:

      Like it? Digg it

    9. Christian Says:

      Intrigued… and sold. This is the kind of sales pitch I joined macZOT! for. I’m excited now.

    10. irulan Says:

      Wow, looks nice. My order was just placed. For less than 5 bucks you cannot go wrong. It’s a pack of cigarettes here in Germany – and since I recently stopped smoking for good..

    11. gryphonent Says:

      I’m in. Love AppZapper and I feel that this might be a neat software updater for shareware. Something like Versiontracker and MacUpdate are selling for a premium price. Just my gut feeling.

    12. xxdesmus Says:

      …yeah ok you’ve got me hooked and quite intrigued.

      I just hope this is something useful.

    13. Damon S. Says:

      Alright, so I bought it. Will I ever use it? I doubt it. (I’m barely on my computer anymore thanks to a little brother and a game called Starcraft.) But at less than five dollars, I’m okay with that. :-D

    14. Big-G Says:

      OK, I’m in. I’m feeling lucky this morning. $5? Not gonna break me.

      I’ve bit on many of the mystery zots before, and have always felt I got more than my money’s worth. This is part of the fun of macZOT!, and why I check in here every morning.

      Enjoy your weekend!

    15. Patrick Haney Says:

      I really have no idea what Disco is or does, but for $5, I’m willing to gamble. Besides, if I never use the application, I at least helped out some great software developers who deserve the money.

      I have to say though, I’m intrigued by non-core functionality mentioned above. Motion sensor and microphone input? Odd.

    16. RuMac Says:

      Taking the gamble too.

    17. Matthew Williams Says:

      Count me in.

      Although will we not be charged until we’re sent the software?

      I look forward to more details!

    18. rage Says:

      At least AppZapper might not get featured here as often now. There’s a new king in town, Disco :)

    19. the valrus Says:

      I’d pay $5 just for the gorgeous interface. I’ve been a whiner in the past, but this is solid. Intriguing and neat.

    20. Frank Says:

      If it is like AppZapper I will wait until it is free

    21. Eric Says:

      I’m taking the bate! :) I really hope I don’t end up with a few copies via Mystery Zot.

    22. Bruce Anderson Says:

      I think I’ll save my money and wait to find out exactly what it does before I buy.

    23. Sturek Says:

      Yeah, that sounds fantastic, I love to come home from work and look up what MacZot has up today :D
      I’d gladly pay 5 bucks (4 € ), even if it only is a Disco simulation ;) A beautiful one for sure ;)
      It’s the first thing I bought on MacZot, but still MAcZot is fun every day.

    24. withtlc Says:

      With a name like “Disco” – the program probably lets you spin virtual records overdubbing the music with your voice as you switch tunes (integrating with iTunes playlists) – potentially recording the overdubbing. The fact that it utilizes the Apple Motion Sensor device, makes one think that it will allow you to establish a sensativity level to the vibrations of the music (assuming you are outputing the must to a loud system) so as to display graphical interpretations of the vibrations the notebook is experiencing. For the ultimate disco experience – the application will let you place your mac on a DJ turntable (which is suspended on springs) so to sense rocking of the notebook to allow for rocking of the notebook to indicate transitions between tunes. – Anyone else guessing what this App will do? (Probably a Pinball game that has a tilt mechanism!)

    25. Jason Says:

      I just had to downgrade from an iMac G5 to an old eMac, so I probably won’t get the full experience from this one. Still, I can’t resist and I’m always up for supporting macZOT and developers.

    26. zod Says:

      This app has windows with corners. And buttons.

    27. Christian Says:

      Just wanted to say, I read the developer’s response to the rumors that this is a software updater…. it’s not. He does say, however, that there will be lots of “progress indicators”. So, guess again. I can’t wait to find out myself.

    28. Noah Says:

      I’m in, I can’t wait to see what it is. The pics look awesome and it may perhaps I may use it all the time!

    29. hessi Says:

      Well, according to someone who knows (but does not get paid for it):

      “believe me, it’s worth its money. Disco is very cool”.

    30. BashratTheSneaky Says:

      Can’t be anything else than a great app! Will buy it in a moment…

    31. Rick Baskett Says:

      Ok I bit.. we’ll see what comes from it :)

    32. Rodney Kerstetter Says:

      I’m in…I hate waiting…why do I do this to myself?

    33. SoftwareJunkie Says:

      I have no idea what this does.

      It’s a very odd mix of known functions, and their unrelated to the core function??

      I’ll probably have forgotten all about it by the time it ships, so it’ll be a surprise, and I’ll have forgotten about the $5, too.

      I hope I’ll get *some* use out of it. What we can see of it looks nice, and most macZot stuff is at least 50% off. I’d really kick myself if I didn’t bite and it turned out to be really cool and $15!

      So I’m in.

    34. Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner Says:

      Gambling ….. oh my god, jumped that train ;)

    35. F451 Says:

      Easily worth the price of admission no matter what it turns out to be.

    36. MacWack Says:

      Awesome. This is so cool. I can’t wait to get my hands on whatever it is. If I could make a feature request, it would be great if Disco (what a cool name) could have a “count down timer” that would count down and at midnight turn on a b*chin screensaver on my MacBook Pro. Wanta party like it’s 1999! Thanks again for the app. This will change my life, fo shizzle.

    37. Matt Says:

      Count me in!

      I can only wonder what it is…

    38. Austin Says:

      Hey all, if you can run AppZapper you can run Disco — and it is universal. Keep zotting!

    39. Ben Says:

      According to TUAW – At times, the app icon will begin smoking as an indication of certain application activity

      Disc burning app?

    40. Jargon Says:

      Haha I would dig if it was a cd burning program with a ton of fancy special effects just for fun, nothing better than having wow-factor programs to make my Windows friends jealous XD

    41. Ben Says:

      Yay, random guessing! No idea what the ‘core function’ is, but guessing from three of the eye candyness – smoking, tilt sensing, and (for lack of a better word) blowability – I’m guessing the smoke will go up, and you’ll be able to blow it out.

    42. Green Says:

      I am guessing:
      it will be something like OmniDazzle, especially it’s flashlight variant. The screen turns dark and the cursor becomes the flashlight beam (or possibly turn into something else), following your mouse movements around. You will also be able to move the beam by tilting and shaking your laptop, and you can “blow” the candle by blowing in the microphone.
      Looks like a spotlight in a disco -> thus the name. The “previews” already show the main function: spotlighting. The progress bar interface elements in the picture are only supposed to distract your attention.

      Am I right?

    43. Brad Says:

      I’m in – great idea to help support the development. Frankly, his Disco update having been posted from the autobahn combined with the fact that Jasper has the same hairdo I had when I graduated high school in 1981 is enough to squeeze 5 bucks outa me just to support the guy’s work. Getting the software is a bonus.

    44. macsamurai Says:

      Are the developers aware that there is already a Mac application (dj mixing software)called Disco?

    45. Soulblaze Says:

      Looks like it might be a skinning program? It shows different sections of a window and they all have a different color scheme than normal.

    46. Rob M Says:

      I really want to buy this but a 4001 PayPal error is stopping me! I hope I can get it fixed before the copies are sold. Anyone had this before?

    47. TJ Says:

      All I have to say is that AppZapper was a remarkable piece of SW that OS X much needed desperately! Not only was it useful, but built into a pretty solid utility over time. So now the fun begins with Disco, eh? I’m ready to boogie, so let’s get down!

      Best believe that PAY button was luring me in since I ZOTed this!

    48. Frank Says:

      I wonder how many of these messages are planted the ZOT!
      They do remove the ones they don’t like.

    49. Krishna Sadasivam Says:

      Well, I broke down and succumbed to curiosity. $5.00 for a software package called Disco by the guys who wrote AppZapper. Deal.

    50. Jason Says:

      Sooooo, what’s the special Zotter-only pre-beta that will open soon? any ideas what this is about? Hopefully disco will be like appzapper as in free updates in the future, went ahead and got it, appzapper is too fun. i install shareware just to zap it at times. — sigh –

    51. Tony Jensen Says:

      It is for stuff like this that I love MacZOT. Count me in…

    52. Keith Says:

      Maybe it’s an easy to use tool for making mashups. That would be interesting.

    53. Dave Says:

      Yeah, I’m in

    54. SoftwareJunkie Says:

      Frank said: I wonder how many of these messages are planted the ZOT!
      They do remove the ones they don’t like.

      • • • • • • • •

      Do they? I didn’t know that.

      Some of the posts don’t make much sense. AppZapper is an interesting app, but was NOT “desperately need” for OS X. Sure some pieces might be left behind, but they’re almost always benign.

      That Disco comes from the people who brought you AppZapper doesn’t guarantee that is will be a great app.

      But then how does pre-selling this app “pay for beta testing?? Plenty of people would beta test this for free.

      It IS good marketing, making a quick $10,000 before it even comes to market. It’s possible that this app would never have had nearly the appeal if we knew what it was. The lure of getting something potentially very cool on the cheap is more of a sell.

      I bought in and can’t wait to see what this is.

    55. Kaktus Says:

      Disco is a virtual CD burner (extract .m4p to .aiff buy emulating a CD burner) and music jukebox. And as D said above, Disco will be free at some point, and I’ll get it then.

    56. Kaktus Says:

      by emulating even

    57. Mickeh Says:

      I wonder what this is… Well, I will have to find out on Monday. I just had to buy this; I couldn’t resist the temptation.

    58. Chris Says:

      Nothing against this promotion, it’s cool, but… Has it occurred to anyone else that Zot seems to be maybe running out of apps to Zot lately? First we have a bunch of repeats, then the DevZot, then something that many feel is overpriced (not a typical Zot, IMHO), then a freeware app, now a not-even-released app? It seems like it just dropped off a cliff a few weeks ago. Did they tap out their resources of developers who wanted to work with them? Is that why we had the Suggest-a-Zot, they were out of leads?

      This is all different, and interesting, so no bad intention toward the Zot guys/gals… it just seems strange. Just gets me thinking. I hope they continue with both the creativity AND finding new apps to Zot like the usual old Zot did.

      And as an aside… other than the pretty cool design, why do some people feel AppZapper is so cool? The Mac doesn’t really need an uninstaller, and you can do the same with spotlight anyway if you want to. I remember there was some other little function that I liked, but nothing that was that big of a deal. Can someone point me in the direction of something I may have missed? Thanks.

    59. Mark Says:

      I must stop reading MacZot! I must stop reading Maczot ….

      Another hand over the cash jobby – like a single app myztery zot. ANd over the weekend so I have time to mull over the comments!

      Yeah, count me in! (My second unknown app in as many weeks … I did the DevZot, despite owning Cast Life!)

      Now where was I? Oh yes

      I must stop ….

    60. Ben Says:

      Will it only work on Tiger?

      I need to know before buying.

    61. metfoo Says:

      I am in for one. I figured that I might as well try it for $5. I did get a free copy of xpad the other day, so it was worth spending a few bucks on. Thanks maczot!

    62. Frank Says:

      SoftwareJunkie said: Do they? I didn’t know that.

      My writing (typo corrected this time) “I wonder how many of these messages are planted by ZOT!” was speculation. I have not proof.

      However “They do remove the ones they don’t like.” was based on the observation of seeing at least a half dozen critical non-abusive messages being pulled. Obviously some critical messages are not deleted. Because some polite well reasoned critical messages have been pulled I don’t know what the ZOT criteria are. I have not seen any non-sensical postings pulled, but then I don’t keep that close of a track.

      This is a theory: adding a smily face increases your chances that a critical message will not be deleted. ;-)

    63. Christian Says:

      It seems like some people think we’ll get this app after the weekend. I don’t believe that is correct…

    64. Frank Says:

      Regarding “get this app after the weekend.” It is not an expensive application, if it is that good I will pay $10 or $20 if I can’t live with out it. I don’t like having applications I don’t use on my drive.

    65. Brett Says:

      I thnk it will be a lot like AppZapper, but designed to tidy up your wallet.
      You know how it is, you uninstall a $50 note at the shop and you always end up with that pesky loose change.

      The motion/tilt sensor in your laptop notices that the left leg is being weighed down, switches on the microphone to check for the sound of coins rattling, then begins the smoke effects to let you know you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket.

      The update button takes you straight to MacZot, and the progress bars indicate how long it will be till you receive your new software.

      Count me in.

    66. Christian Says:

      Let me clarify… I meant to say they won’t release this app to us until Fall, just like the rest of the world. We’re just guaranteed to get a copy, and we most likely won’t know anything about Disco until it actually gets to us.

    67. Frank Says:

      Christian, I obviously misunderstood you. Thanks for clarifying. Wow talk about delayed gratification. I am glad I swore off mystery zots.

    68. Frank Says:

      Love your post

    69. dantini Says:

      Thanks. I am often accused of having a sarcastic sense of humor, to which I respond, “Yeah, right! Like *I’M* gonna be sarcastic!”

      To the issue of messages being deleted, I am not sure about this, but I do not ZOT! will censor your message if you say [THIS POST HAS BEEN ALTERED BY THE MANAGEMENT].

    70. Groxx Says:

      *hems and haws for a day*
      Curse you macZOT!!! You’re draining my bank account!!

      Curiosity killed the cat? Nah. Geeks are much more vulnerable.

    71. Sean Says:

      I don’t think that they censor messages. I think the software they use for the site is just buggy. I have posted messages a few times that vanish for 2 days then come back. Perhaps the system flagged it as spam and they just have to say it is not. But everything I have posted has eventually made its way back.

    72. Frank Says:

      I have seen half a dozen or so critical messages deleted from Zot. I have never seen, a positive message deleted.

      I am serious (this me be a contridiction) a smily face may help to keep a critical message from being deleted. I am not talking about abusive, rude messages which should be deleted.

    73. ZicklePop Says:

      A lot of messages get deleted if its not in MacZOTs interest.

    74. Joel Heflin Says:

      I’ve known about MacZOT for a while but this is my first purchase. I hope it turns out to be something good but if it is trash I guess we just made a charitable donation of $10,000 to someone, lol.

    75. Jon Says:

      I tried to pre-order, but it took me to the mail template order form. How can i pre-order disco?

      jonbrown2 at

    76. metfoo Says:

      anyone know when we will learn more?

    77. dantini Says:

      MacZOT! should have a competition to see who can get the closest to what Disco really is…

      The winner would win a copy of AppZapper, of course. ;)

    78. Frank Says:

      How about a MacZOT contest where they let you know the winner ;-)

    79. lobo Says:

      so, still we haven’t news …

      please release AT LEAST some clear screenshots

      AT LEAST




    80. offline Says:

      I’ve thrown away more money under worse situations. But even when you play the scratch-off games, you can tell quickly if you won or lost if you know the letter codes (find an x and you’ve lost).

      “How long…do I have to wait?”

    81. lobo Says:

      how long WE have to wait ???

      maybe coding at 190 km/h it’s a bit dangerous …

      far far far to the autobahn …

    82. Joel Heflin Says:

      I wish we would find out something soon. I am begining to think the developers don’t even know what they have. They just had some cool effects and didn’t decide what the program would do until they got some phat cash

    83. Oliver Nielsen Says:

      This is not to be rude or condemning at all, but with my deepest respect:

      I find it amusing and puzzling that so many people are like:

      “Well, it’s only a few bucks, so I’ll drop my coin”

      I figure it’s thrilling to some people not knowing what they’re buying, and that excitement is worth the few bucks, but isn’t it being a zealot? Like: “Woah, Maczot says so I’ll do…”

      (no insult intended)

      My hat off for really new and fresh marketing strategies. And new ways to increase revenue. It proves that useful, but inexpensive shareware can be a healthy financial model.

      Anyway, besides from that, I sure do hope myself it’s a virtual cd-burning app, so I can free my iTunes purchases from the m4p-curse. Whoi wonders if I specifically want an iPod in 5-10 years time…

      Well, if that’s the app, then I’ll probably kick myself for not doing like you all did and drop the coin now and gettting it cheaper. Anyway…

      Have a nice day people;-)

    84. Schlaeps Says:

      So… my Order History says that my order is still pending… but I sent in the money… so do I get a receipt or something?

    85. Alex Hillman Says:

      i got a very inocuous email today titled “Disco Admission Ticket” with no text content, just an image like a movie ticket with an order number on it.

      I nearly trashed it, cuz it looked like spam. thank goodness i didnt.

      everyone else, be on the lookout.

    86. dalton Says:

      Yup, I got the email too. Except, the website that it points to doesn’t really have much going on. I remain clueless.

    87. Fred Says:

      Yeh I got the email too but I’m not able to figure out where I can use the ticket. Do I just have to wait and check the site daily until I can enter the number on it?

      Please somebody explain.

    88. Alex Hillman Says:

      i’m sure we’ll get some kind of invite email when the site is ready. hopefully, the email wont be as prone to being lost as this first one, though.

    89. Frost Says:

      I never got the “Disco Admission Ticket” e-mail. Nothing in my Junk mailbox; should I be concerned?

    90. Big-G Says:

      Just got an e-mail from Austin Sarner (beta @, if you want to check your mail filters) announcing the launch of the Disco Blog. Apparently sent to those of us who preordered. Still no definite word on the blog as to what Disco is/does, but does say it’s an optical disk utility that accomplishes a realistic goal most Mac users have. Also, a beta will be sent soon to those who preordered.

    91. Jason Says:

      Hmmm… Maybe it’s an app-getter program, to go along with their app-remover program. Or maybe not.

    92. Jesse Wilson Says:

      It appears they are offering betas to more than just those of us who pre-ordered. Then again, the zot said we would be in on a pre-beta, which I would assume either means we get an almost beta version to play with or we get the beta before the ‘public’ beta is sent out.

      It’s either that or MacZot misrepresented the deal or the Disco devs aren’t going to follow through. Hoping those are the case…