Aug 17

Disco Pre Order

The guys behind AppZapper are currently working on their next app, Disco. While we can’t tell you much about it, we already have a special deal for you. You can now pre-order Disco for only $4.95 and you will receive it as soon as it is released (Fall 2006). In addition to the discount, you will also be admitted to a special Zotter-only pre-beta that will open soon.

The only catch is they’ve told us we can only sell 2,000 of these pre orders. So buy fast before they run out!

Jasper Hauser, the artist behind Disco and the near-famous AppZapper icon designer has posted two obscure previews of Disco: Preview One and Preview Two.

Still have no idea what it is? We’re not surprised. So here’s what we can tell you:

  • Like AppZapper, it is a simple and sexy utility
  • It has 3d particle effects
  • It can take advantage of the motion sensor on a laptop
  • It can detect when you blow in the microphone
  • The above 3 features are totally unrelated to the core function
  • So, if you want another cool app icon in your dock and love to be part of the insider-circle in the Mac community, PRE-ORDER your copy of Disco now.


    Click here to Pre-Order