Jun 17

The Solve Soulver entries created some great ideas.

Here are the results & winners:


Jun 16

The BlogZOT participants seem to be taking some time and actually trying HoudahSpot.

These trials are helping people to actually understand the benefits of the updated (to 1.2) HoudahSpot – even if they don’t know how to pronounce it. – How-Dah-Spot

If you’re following the MacZOT RSS, you might consider checking it out and following the road to FREE on the BlogZOT list page BlogZOT List page


P.S. The blog submission form is fixed

Jun 16

Help MacZOT get HoudahSpot to Free!

For each blog entry, we’ll deduct $0.05 from the price of HoudahSpot’s normal $14.95

Once we get it to $0.00, it will be free!

  Download HoudahSpot 1.2 here
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The details of the HoudahSpot BlogZOT!

HoudahSpot is Launching and wants your help!

If you’re a blogger, and would like to help, you can.

Download HoudahSpot from the main Try button on and try it. (if you’re using Tiger) Then post your thoughts into your blog (bloggers will get a free copy as they help the rest of us Mac users try to get it for free.

Finally, come back and register on this page.

Please include a link to and (both provided in this template below)

* Please don’t just copy and paste the text as you won’t be counted. You should at least try the app and include your thoughts.


Enter the your BlogZOT post here

Sample of what the text above could look like on your blog
My review of HoudahSpot as seen on

– I found 20 GB of misplaced .mp3 files when doing a search for space-hogging files larger than 3MB –

NOTE: If you’re seeing this on June 16, 2006 head over to MacZOT, you might be able to get a Free copy of HoudahSpot

Search easily in Tiger, Mac OS X, with HoudahSpot

Jun 14


For the math in us:

Retail price: $12.95
ZOT price: $3.95


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Try Soulver

Win a $25 Gift Card (ends 6.16.06)

Soulver it and Win!

1. Download Soulver (click Try above)

2. Describe the application in a nutshell

3. Submit your entry below for a chance to win

Little Soulver Word Processor meets Calculator
Everything you would expect from a word processor plus the calculating power of a scientific calculator!
Lightning Fast Engine
Based on BC in the core of Mac OS X, Soulver delivers an aggressively zippy engine that allows you to numbers to 10 or 100 decimal places.
No Equals!
No Equals Button
The equals button is dead. Long live instant calculation.
Answer Column
Intuitive Answer Column
Your answers are exactly where you would expect them to be.
Intelligent Inspector
Customise the output of your answers.
Answer Palette
Answers Palette
Converts your answer into fraction, degrees, binary, hex and root form as you type.
Statistics Palette
Calculates the sum total, average, median, range, maximum and minimum values for your work while you type.
Functions Drawer
Functions and Constants Drawer
Powerful functions and constants are at your finger tips with this handy drawer
Trig, Logs and other Mathsy Stuff
Every math function you need from Sin to Log.
Cocoa Cup
Made in 100% Objective-C Cocoa
Cocoa is the language used by Apple computer and guarantees a beautiful and powerful application.

"A really cool concept."

"I can say this is a fantastic application… If you have kids at school, download the software and try it. It all just works.

"Interface is excellent… probably one of the best examples of user interface design I have seen."

"As an everyday tool for making maths simpler, Soulver would now be my top choice."


Soulver – What is it?

If you are clever and can help the Soulver team describe their application in a nutshell, you could win a $25 gift certificate to the iTunes Music Store. The top 2 Entries will be chosen within 48 hours.

*Only entries with proper contact information will be allowed

Submit your winning explanation below:

Email address
Soulver Description

(The more concise, the better.)
Jun 13

FileChute – email large files easily

Retail Price: $14.95
ZOT Price: $9.95 – save $5 instantly


Click to download and try

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How many times have you tried sending a large file as an email attachment
only to have it bounced? If you want to send large files but don’t
want to have to explain how to access your FTP server or .Mac iDisk to
each and every of your recipient, FileChute just might be the answer.

FileChute makes sending large (or small) files easy. Just drag-and-drop
the file you wish to send. FileChute puts the file on your .Mac account
and generates a URL (aka a web link) for retrieving the file.
Drag-and-drop the link into your email and send it off. That’s it.
And since what you’re sending is just a link, your recipients
can retrieve the file from a Mac, a PC or any other platform.

You can even drop multiple files and/or folders at once. FileChute
automatically creates an archive in the format of your choice – it
supports dmg, zip and tar – and sends the archive file.

FileChute works best with a .Mac account, configuration is super easy.
But since not everyone has a .Mac account, FileChute also works
great with other FTP or WebDAV-accessible web server. Perform the
one-time set up by following the built-in Help. Once it is properly
set up, FileChute works just as perfectly with non-.Mac servers.

Still not convinced? Here’s what our users say

Dan Frakes on MacWorld Mac Gems:”…and if you frequently send larger files to others across the Internet, it’s the easiest solution I’ve seen…”

gulliver on VersionTracker:”I just tried this out last night,
and I am so hooked. Rarely have I seen such a perfect little app,
I can’t think of what could be improved.”

sinemacula on VersionTracker:”Very nice little app – does what it says and does it well. I particularly like the built-in ability to get a short download url via snipurl – very cool indeed!”

Jun 13

Art Collector – Grab CD Covers for your iTunes library

Retail Price: $7.95

ZOT Price: $3.95 – save 50%

  Download it here

Album artwork has been sorely missed in the digital music collection. Art Collector is here to get you back up to speed.

Art Collector provides the ultimate, streamlined interface for users to find and apply album art to their music library, making the solution to the problem as simple as selecting your nude albums and dropping in your preferred art from the choices Art Collector automatically provides, courtesy of Amazon. And if you want to take a closer look at the art, a simple double click will open the image in Apple’s Preview at full resolution.

Tired of an anonymous, faceless music collection? Art Collector is available only today for MacZot members for the outrageous introductory price of $3.95, or 50% off. Best of all, the price of a few song downloads on iTunes Music Store will not only get you a fully art-stocked music library, but vastly improve the user experience in these recommended free and shareware applications:

Recommended for use with Art Collector

Apple iTunes: iTunes contains a built in panel on the bottom left of its window used to display album art of currently selected or playing tracks and albums.

Apple iTunes Screensaver: Included in Mac OS 10.4, this elegant screensaver displays a dynamically changing mosaic of random album art from your music library.

Menuet: The ultimate iTunes remote and extender can display artwork in its many remote skins and Growl bezels when tracks change. Get some visual indication of what song’s coming up next! Users who are interested in purchasing Menuet will also receive Art Collector included within the app. ($12.95, more info)

iChatwork: Display the currently playing track’s album art as your buddy icon in iChat or Adium. (free, more info)

And who can forget your iPod? Apple’s newest color iPods (including regular iPods, iPod Nanos and iPod Minis) support album art, featuring it prominently while playing songs. The simple fact is, it’s fun and easy to quickly identify songs based on their art!

Still not convinced? Here’s what our users say

iZAC on MacUpdate: “Awesome, awesome, awesome. The first artwork grabbing app that actually works. Lovely interface, totally intuitive, and the fact that it gives you many different covers to choose from is great. 10 points!

robotspacer on Digg: “This is definitely the best album art grabber I’ve used. I like all the options in CoverScout, but it’s expensive, and this seems much easier to use.

RichP on MacRumors Forums: “Neither are perfect, but having used both [Art Collector and Clutter], Art Collector is the “better” solution.

Art Collector require Mac OS 10.4 Tiger, and is a universal binary for Intel users.

Jun 12


Bring out the musician in you!

Retail price: $12.95
ZOT price: $6.00


Click here to MacZOT

Click here to download



Part tool and part toy, SimpleChord is the premiere chord reference and composition tool for Mac OS X. It can show chords, play them, and order them into progressions. Use it to learn your favorite tunes, or create new ones.

Students, hobbyists, and even professionals have found SimpleChord an indespensible part of their Mac music toolkit.

Many Musical Possibilities – From power chords to jazz, it’s all there.

Your Composing Assistant – Arrange chord progressions right in the application to try out new sounds or use it to create accompanyment.

Have iPod, Will Travel – Chord dictionary and saved progressions can be exported to your iPod.

Works with MIDI keyboards – Use a MIDI keyboard peripheral to find chords that work with your melodies.

Print and go Print out progressions for easy learning when you’re away from the computer.

Reverse Lookup – Punch in the keys, find out the chord.

Right on time – Convenient metronome and tempo-finder tools built-in.

Built for Mac OS X – Simple, shiny, and sweet.

Jun 08

This weekend only…get 5 great games for just 25 bucks for MacZot buyers only. That’s a savings of over $75 off the regular price. Get your TGIF Super Game bundle and start playing!

If you’re anxious to play, you’ll receive your serials and download links immediately. Only $25 for 5 fun games.

  Click to MacZOT
Bejeweled 2
Take the classic game of gem-swapping to euphoric new heights! Adapted from its predecessor, Bejeweled 2 features four unique ways to play. Solve handcrafted brain teasers in puzzle mode while up against the clock or kick back, relax and enjoy endless mode. With awe-inspiring planetary backdrops, explosive new gems and dazzling special effects, Bejeweled 2 is more wildly addictive than ever before!
Flip or Flop Home Edition
Poor Granny has gotten herself in trouble again. She forgot to pay her taxes and now the Government has taken beautiful house. Now you have to help your poor Granny and start buying, renovating and selling houses. This is no easy task with over 99 houses to improve and make money selling you will have to match your way through tons of hours of gameplay to achieve your goal.
Platypus is a clay world, shooter action game. The vast, continent-spanning city of Collosatropolis has finally reached the limits of its expansion. Tall buildings cover every available space. The air is thick with smoke and poisonous chemicals. Parking is a nightmare. Collosatropolis has invaded the peaceful land of Mungola! All that stands between you and complete destruction is an antique aircraft called Platypus!
Magic Vines
A puzzle game like no other. Get ready to travel the jungles and plains of the world. Explore each location by solving a series of increasingly difficult puzzle boards. Once you have completed one geography you fly off to a new part of the world and new challenging puzzles. Stunning graphics, great world music, and some of the most addictive game play ever!
Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game where you move various streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets get to their destination. Liquids (water, oil, and lava) fall from "droppers" and will bounce around the walls of a mechanism. You move and rotate into position various types of bumpers, sliders, accelerators, and sponges in order to divert the flow of the falling droplets. The faster you complete each level, the more bonus you will receive.
Jun 08

Hi CollaboZOT participants,

There’s been a modicum of silence on our end regarding the results of the CollaboZOT.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. We wanted to have a whole set of great stats that showed detailed views of results by the questions coming in.

2. One of our main programmers had a life situation that took him away from the work for a bit, so we wanted to respect that.

We thought we could sneak back in quickly with the results but it’s taking longer than we could have imagined.

We’re still have results and will post them – though the fire and enthusiasm has likely diminished.

We apologize for this but will continue to post results as we get them.

Kind regards,


Jun 07


Retail Price: $5.00
ZOT Price: $2.50 – a 50% savings

  Click here to today’s MacZOT!

Pukka: Simple. Delicious.

Fast posting to We’ve got it down cold.

If you use, you need to get Pukka!

Pukka is a productivity program for people who post to!


  • Fast & lightweight
  • Handles multiple accounts
  • Auto-completes tags
  • Stores passwords in the keychain
  • Accesses over SSL
  • Bonjour auto-discovery of local Pukka users
  • Drag URLs to window or dock
  • Efficient keyboard navigation
  • Can use bookmarklets for fast posting from any recent browser
  • Use as an external weblog editor in NetNewsWire
  • Growl integration
  • Dynamic display of notes length while typing to stay within limit
  • Compatible with .webloc and .url files
  • Main window gets out of the way after posting
  • System service for sending a URL from other applications
  • Self-updating with Sparkle
  • Universal application

Need to see it in action? Watch the screencast and see all of the time-saving features that have been built in! Pukka seems simple, but when you try it, you’ll see just how much time you were wasting before. Pukka makes posting to fast, fun, and convenient.

Read what others have to say about Pukka:

  • “I didn’t think this utility was super necessary but tried it out today and was pleasantly surprised. It truly cuts down on the wait for the tag page to load.”
  • “I bought my copy just a couple days ago. I love it. The timing is great, and everything seems to be working really smoothly. Nice work!”
  • “I’m a big fan of Pukka (so much faster than other posting methods). Thanks for making it!”
  • “I’ve recently traded in the Firefox extension for a licenced copy of Pukka for the multiple accounts and fast/rich ui.”
  • “Can I thank you again for a great piece of software? THANKS!”

Or see what people have to say about it on itself!

Pukka was recently featured on CocoaRadio and Apple and has a five-star rating at MacUpdate.

Read more about Pukka over at Code Sorcery Workshop.