Jun 29

iClip for Free!

Retail price: $19.95
ZOT price: $0.00 – a savings of 100% (June 30 – July 2, 2006 only)




A Web Exclusive for YOU, the macZOT Fan!

I’m sure most of you are familiar with iClip, the popular, award-winning multiple clipboard & scrapbook. Well, today, we’ve got a real treat for you on the ZOT!…

Inventive has been working hard on putting the finishing touches on the highly anticipated, über-stylin’ iClip 4:

iClip 4

And guess what we’ve done for you. Today, we did something HUGE we managed to talk them into giving ZOTters iClip 3 for free!

That’s $0…zilch…gratis…on the house.

That’s right…instead of paying $19.95 like everyone else is today, as a loyal MacZOT visitor, you get iClip absolutely free. No strings attached.

Do you love MacZOT or what?

25 Responses to “iClip 3 – for FREE”

  1. Cameron Majma Says:

    Will this allow a free upgrade to iClip 4?

  2. Silvio Tischer Says:

    i dont think so – but maybe?

  3. Phillip Ryu Says:

    Hey, if you guys appreciate the freebie and are Diggers, please digg this event here! :)

  4. Sam Says:

    Word. Love MacZot.

    Already have iClip, but will let friends know.

    Anyone want to come over for a beer? It’s about midnight, I’m 5 in and it’s so relaxing in my backyard it’s ridiculous. Let me know,


  5. Takeo Says:

    OMG, YOU ROCK ;)
    I already bought it in a MacZot, but who cares?;)

  6. fredo Says:

    The update to iClip 4 WiLL be free, because we BOUGHT iClip 3 from macZot today. We not only downloaded a “Demo” of iClip 3!!!

    We PURCHASED iClip 3 for $19.95 minus MacZot-rebate of $19.95 = $0.00

    The iClip Website says:

    ” … iClip 4 will be available soon for $29. If you purchase the award-winning iClip 3 now for just $19.95 you’ll get a free upgrade to iClip 4 when it’s released. That’s a savings of over 30% and you’ll be able to start enjoying iClip right now.

    But what about future upgrades you ask? Well, we’ve got one of the most generous upgrade policies in the industry…every single iClip upgrade has been free.

    And that’s not about to change anytime soon. We believe in treating our customers the way we like to be treated ourselves…to put it simply, we don’t like having to constantly pay for software upgrades. … ”

    This means: As soon as iClip 4 will be available we HAVE to get it for FREE.

  7. zotto Says:

    Nope. It’s only ver. 3 for free. Downloaded file is named “iClip free” and doesn’t require registration number. Only these who have valid iClip serial will get upgrade to ver. 4 for free. This means that iClip 4 will be available soon (as they want to advertise the application). This is really great app!

  8. ZicklePop Says:

    Something tells me this is just a free version of iClip 3 to get people interested to buy iClip 4 when it comes out. You most likely will not receive iClip 4 for free.

  9. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    I’d *like* to think iClip 4 will be free, but I don’t think it will be.

    It doesn’t look like you need a code for iC3.

  10. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    It looks like those who actually paid for it will get a free upgrade. Those of us who got this version free will have to pony up the $30, or wait for Zot to give is a better price.

  11. J Lane Says:

    Anybody else get:

    “An unexpected problem has occurred. iClip will now quit”

    On launch? Sure makes me want to buy….

  12. Bull Says:

    iClip was given away free on a few Mac magazines recently and is not that great a deal, The Maczot dude even said in the last great maczot bundle that it was a deal to get it for a slight percentage off in the bundle deal when it was already available freely. Sounds like a drive to make as many users as possible to kill off the other clipboard competition by incentive.

  13. dburney Says:

    No big deal – I don’t expect to get v.3 for free and then get a free upgrade to 4. This is just a nice way to introduce us to iClip. If we like it, we keep it. If we really like it, we’ll wait for a good Zot price on v.4.

  14. Data Says:

    Awesome. Already using the snot out if this. Saddens me that it’s not a UB though.

  15. Frank Says:

    iClip 3 while not a cool looking as iClip 4 looks more practical. Square “windows” for viewing text or image clips shows more of the clipping that the round window in iClip 4. Then maybe I am missing something not having used iClip 4.

  16. Frank Says:


    Not having an Intel Mac I don’t understand why Universal Binary is important for a small utility as iClip?
    I understand that speed is an issue and UB is important for big applications such as a Mircrsoft Office application or PhotoShop. But why is it important for such a small utility?

  17. gryphonent Says:

    Sometimes I don’t get people. I mean, there’s a hard working developer who gives away truly good software for free, software that most of us still can use on their system, because a new version is coming out… and all some folks can think of is whether they get version 4 as well without paying a dime! I purchased iClip 3 in the MyzteryZot and I’m glad I did. It’s a great app, worth every penny. A BIG THANK YOU TO MACZOT AND THE DEVELOPER… I hope the free app, as is the intention of this marketing promo, will convince people to register version 4 and support further development.

  18. Chris Says:

    I’ve been using iClip for quite a while now — I can’t imagine working without it. It’s a great little app!

  19. RuMac Says:

    I agree with gryphonent. In fact, I think that this is a great idea for developers that are panning a paid upgrade of their software to offer the old version for free. I may purchase the upgrade simply because I have now had time to learn iClip as well as the good karma the developer has shown in distributing a free full version of the software.

    Congrats to both Maczot and Inventive.

  20. Data Says:


    Some apps are pigs via translate. Here iClip is using 45MB of RAM just hanging out not to mention the other 20MB used by translate itself.

    By no means am I meaning any disrespect to the developer or to MacZOT. I just like my binaries just like my remotes, Universal.

  21. Frank Says:


    Translate is part of Rosetta?

    On my dual G4 iClip weighs in at just of 22MB. I am assuming that you are running an Intel Mac. Interesting thanks for satisfying my couriosity.

  22. Christoph Says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  23. mjhsieh Says:

    The linked dmg url already exceeded the bandwidth limit of the service provider.

  24. Erichd Says:

    This is an awesome app… I’ll regularly let people what I do and do not use on a reguler basis, and iClip, combined wiith iClip lite, are used more than anything else…. this is a phenomenal deal!


  25. weeeze1 Says:

    I think I screwed myself w/ this offer. I originally bought iClip for ~$20. AAMOF I got iScooper free w/ it. When I upgraded via the MacZot offer my new version says “iClip 3.7 (free) on the dmg.