Jun 29


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It’s your data. Get to it.

EntourageABMenu is a convenient and intuitive way to utilize your Microsoft Entourage address book data through a system-wide menu. The application provides quick access to your contacts’ phone numbers, email, postal addresses, URLs, and notes. Selecting a menu item will trigger an action such as displaying the content in large type, copying it to the clipboard, creating a new email, dialing the phone (accomplished by running a customizable AppleScript), or showing an address on a map using any of several online mapping services. Phone dialing requires the use of additional software such as Jon’s Phone Tool.

2 Responses to “EntourageABMenu”

  1. gryphonent Says:

    Great app. Had this one before switching to JABMenu from the same developer… just because loading addresses from Apple’s AddressBook is way faster (2 min. compared to 15 min., importing some 2,000 addresses) and since Entourage can sync with the AddressBook now. You get my drift. Having said that: both EntourageABMenu and JABMenu are great apps and the developer was always very responsive to solve initial problems. It has now become a solid utility. Oh, and dialing through Skype/Gizmo works fine without additional tools by just adding an Apple Script!

  2. Dave Says:

    Ok, I’m in