Jun 27


Supercharge the dock icon

Retail price: $8.00
ZOT price: $5.00


Click here to MacZOT

Click here to download DockStar

DockStar is an add-on for that adds up to 5 new-mail indicators
to the dock icon. This lets Mail users keep track of
email as it arrives in various accounts and local mailboxes.

In addition, DockStar brings customizable shapes and colors to the
Mail dock icon. Seamless integration allows users to control
every aspect of the dock icon directly from Mail’s settings panel:

Download the free demo to try
out a full-featured version of DockStar
for seven
days. Instantly start enjoying the following features:

Assign a badge to up to 5 different mailboxes.

Assign badges to individual account inboxes.

Choose from four fun shapes.

Fine-tune the size of each badge.

Select just the right color and transparency for each mailbox.
Display combined unread count for all mailboxes.
In English, French, German and Japanese.

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25 Responses to “DockStar – Supercharge icon”

  1. Dan Says:

    Worth $0.99 tops. No Maczot for me today.

  2. Frank Says:


    Hang in there if past history on this site is any indication it may be free some day like Houdah Spot and AppZapper

  3. n0mmo Says:

    I’ve gotta agree with Dan… is the developer really getting $8 from anyone? When incredibly useful little apps like Pukka start at an incredibly reasonable $5 (they seem to have bumped it from $4) and get dropped to $1, it’s rather unreasonable to sell an app which only minorly enhances an application for so much.

    For a worthwhile enhancement check out Letterbox.. it’s a free bundle that turns Turns mail into a three panel display (for those of us w/ widescreen monitors)… oh yeah, and it’s free.

    To the DockStar Dev:
    Sorry, I really don’t mean to be knocking on your work.. you’re really asking too much for such a limited functionality.

  4. Frank Says:

    My favorite free enhancement is Mail Act-On

  5. Dan Says:

    Looks like freeware to me, and has since I first heard of it. Useful idea, good programming, nice looks, but not worth paying for given what it does…

  6. UnLogikal Says:

    Actually. If you have multiple email accounts, I’d say it’s easily worth $5. I got it in one of the MyzteryZOTs and have been using it since. Pretty nice little plugin to let you know which of your accounts has new mail. I have my personal mail set to blue, my business email set to red (red for HEY LOOK AT ME), and it works very very well. $5? Yea, I’d say $5 is worthwhile if you use email a lot and want to know this type of information. If you’re a casual user who doesn’t care, sure.. maybe not worth the money.

    You guys sure are a tough crowd to please sometimes.

  7. Allen Hancock Says:

    I’m with Anonymous.

  8. ZOT Says:

    NOTE: We don’t put up stats on sales yet, but the numbers would say that people really, really like this app.


  9. Dave Says:

    It looks cool and if I used Mail I would probably get it.

    Entourage is so much better.

  10. Data Says:

    This little app is worth $5 for the missing feature you’d think that would have. Rather silly to not know if a seperate mail folder has new mail in it.

  11. Danny Says:

    I use GyazMail with SpamSieve

  12. Ralph Says:

    I disagree with Dan — I’ve had it for months now and its a great add-on for Mail. No complaints @ $8, well worth $5 if you’ve got multiple mail accounts. So then ditto to a lot of what anonymous said.

  13. Phillip Ryu Says:

    So I got my serial number. How do I put it in? I see only options to Buy, not to unlock the demo.

  14. rage Says:

    Same problem here, the message in the order page says to use download link but there doesn’t seem to be one.

  15. John Says:

    Has everyone got their serial number? I paid for it yesterday but have not received anything from MacZot.

  16. Mitch Says:

    so when are we going to get our serials?…usually its next day….

  17. UnLogikal Says:

    You need to uninstall the plugin, goto the website and enter tha serial in. You will download a full version copy .. i had the same problem when I got in the myzteryzot.

    Follow the instructions in the email, it probably tells you what to do.

  18. ZOT Says:

    The registration link is now in the MacZOT account area along with your serial.


  19. John Says:

    Thanks for putting it in account area but in addition to the account area I really would appreciate an e-mail also.

  20. ThorstenvPK Says:

    Bought it for 8 bucks some time ago and really love it!

  21. ThorstenvPK Says:

    Bought it for 8 bucks some time ago and really love it! :)

  22. Liro Says:

    It would be nice if the stardock could also color the folder in the mail software. so that you got also some stars on each folder of your different mailaccounts on the left side.

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