Jun 26

NotePad 2.0

Retail price: $7.95
ZOT price: $4.95 – less than $5.00


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With widgets like Hula Hoop Girl, Chi Pet, and Morse Code Translator dominating Apple’s top widget downloads, it’s hard to take the Dashboard seriously. But that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. The Dashboard does serve a unique purpose. It’s a keystroke away, and certain types of apps that should be constantly and easily accessible belong there… such as NotePad.

Making the Dashboard, well, useful!

Unlike 99% of the other widgets out there, NotePad not only brings much needed functionality to the Dashboard, but does it with style and a wealth of features to boot. We’re pretty sure 2.0 does just about everything you’d expect a NotePad to do:

Multiple pages for multiple thoughts

Starting with something simple, you’ve probably found the built-in “Stickies” widget one of the more useful but highly limited widgets that Apple has included. NotePad supports as many pages of notes as you want, and navigation is as easy as flipping back or forth a page, or selecting it from the page selector at the bottom of the pad.

Search with ease

Once you have multiple pages of notes, it can be a hassle finding what you’re looking for. Have no worries, NotePad features built-in search. Type in what you’re looking for, and search results pop up immediately.

Not just text

NotePad not only supports plain text (font of your choice) for its pages, but new with 2.0, simple lists with checkboxes and even sketches! Just make sure you have a tablet, drawing with a mouse is tough!

Need some privacy?

We know that the contents of your notepad (or diary) can be private, and to protect your information, we’ve provided a virtual lock. Flip the notepad over and click the lock icon, and your notepad will be safe from prying eyes.

Open notes

Sometimes, you need your notes outside of the Dashboard. So we’ve provided three ways you can move them around. With a built-in cocoa plugin, printing a page is as easy as selecting the option from the gear menu, as is exporting your notes to the Desktop. And for all you iPod users, you’ll notice a little iPod icon show up when your music player is mounted on your Desktop. Click it, and NotePad will quickly sync all of your notes to view on everyone’s favorite music (and now notes) player.

That’s not all…

Try it out. Try resizing the NotePad to whatever size you feel is most comfortable. Try viewing our built-in tutorial. And of course, have fun with the three beautiful skins included by artist David Lanham of the IconFactory. Again, we think you’ll find it does just about everything you’d want a NotePad widget to do.

Still not convinced?

Here’s what our users say…

Second Place for Best Widget in the 2005 MacGenerations Awards

“Probably the most full-featured and powerful widget I’ve seen.” – iZac, MacUpdate Review

“Great little app. This uses the dashboard well and makes it functional as well as frivolous… This is just great for phone messages, etc.” – Chris Reed, MacUpdate Review

“I’ve tried every note book widget so far and this is easily the best and most elegant I’ve seen… You can search unlike the others. I used to keep my do lists in a diary and have tried iCal, Up to Date, Life Balance, Entourage but somehow I find that I’ve been more diciplined and like to use widgets to keep notes and lists because of the one key access and because it’s faster.” – jcrimmings, VersionTracker Review

Try it out, and if you’re ready to buy, we guarantee it’ll be the best 5 bucks you spend this week. And if you hurry, the first 50 customers will receive our popular VoiceNotes widget for free (a $5.95 value) making this killer deal even sweeter (over 70% off).

15 Responses to “NotePad 2.0 – More useful than Hula?”

  1. Christian Says:

    Great tool. Ordered it immediately. Hope I’m one of the first 50 customers because VoiceNotes is also really useful.

  2. James Says:

    Cool idea for a ZOT, when will we know whether we were among the first 50?

  3. Phillip Ryu Says:

    James, serials are being uploaded as sales come in for most customers (though there may be up to a six hour delay depending on when I sleep). You’ll find your NotePad and VoiceNotes serial numbers in the members area.

    And for the rest of you, better hurry up, there’s about 20 left! ;)

  4. UnLogikal Says:

    Fun little widget. I got it in the MyzteryZOT (number 2 i think). Which is a free upgrade to 2.0 (thanks guys!) and have been using it since it came out. Very useful widget and much better than 1.0. I just realized now that you can make lists… duh. So now it’s even cooler.

    For $5 it’s not a bad deal.

  5. gryphonent Says:

    Great app… and I was one of the lucky ones to get VoiceNotes as well!!!

  6. Jason Says:

    That’s sweet, I just downloaded this widget two days ago-was looking for a quick little dashboard way to take notes-and I’m glad it made it here on macZot, even happier to get the other free widget, which I haven’t tried out yet. Thanks!

  7. Phillip Ryu Says:

    I wanted to add a note here. I’m very happy about the response so far, and while we just recently hit 50 sales, I’m going to continue giving out VN licenses for a while. (Hopefully no one will complain about the added value.) So enjoy! ;)

  8. tozcam Says:

    I can’t find the i for the VoiceNotes widget. It just sits there and won’t refresh, is this a test?

  9. Conrad Says:

    I couldn’t get VoiceNotes to record, and according to several reviewers on MacUpdate it sounds like it might be a common problem. In my case, I was able to fix the problem. If you’re having similar trouble you can try my solution.

  10. Greg Says:

    I made this purchase yesterday and still don’t have my serial numbers. Should I be concerned?

  11. Shaggy Says:

    I’m in the same boat Greg. I purchased yesterday (well over 6 hours ago) and have not recieved anything except my PayPal reciept. I guess sometimes these things take a day or two. I’ll be patient.

  12. Phillip Ryu Says:

    Greg, I actually uploaded your serials (and Shaggy’s) within a minute of your purchase. They’re in the members area of MacZot. (Log in). :)

  13. Greg Says:

    So you have, heh. I didn’t even know that was there!

    Thanks, the widget is pretty darn cool, especially for $5!

  14. Phillip Ryu Says:

    Good to hear Greg, here’s hoping it’ll snag us an Apple Design Award this August for best widget! :)

  15. Scott Says:

    Hi. I made my purchase 3 days ago now and recieved my paypal reciept shortly after. I have been regularly checking the members area but it still just says ‘status : pending’. Is there an issue with my order?

    Thanks :-)