Jun 25

Bin-it – desktop trash

Retail price: $12.99
ZOT price: $2.99 – amazing!


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Bin-it is a desktop trash can that gives you quick and easy access to your Trash. Key features include:

  • Desktop Trash: Keep a floating trash can on your desktop. Don’t have it hidden in the Dock!
  • Trash Level Display: Your Trash icon changes depending on the amount of files in the trash (your trash isn’t just empty or full, so why is your icon?).
  • Adjustable: Choose from multiple Trash icon styles, change its size, opacity and size thresholds. Take control of your Trash!

6 Responses to “Bin-it : easy trash access”

  1. Dave Says:

    Anyone see a purpose for this? I can’t see anyone paying $4 for it and $13 is incredibly overpriced.

  2. gryphonent Says:

    I have Compost registered from the same developer. It’s cheaper and has much more functionality. I thought hard about registering Bin-it now that it is on MacZot… however, I too cannot see a purpose for this app. There’s no interaction with Compost, and (at least on my system) Bin-It has a huge footprint, eating up some 29% of my CPU. Also: the trashbin doesn’t stay fixed on the desktop and “moves” when using expose.

  3. Jeffrey Says:

    True. I downloaded the demo just because it’s from the same author of Compost. However, it fails to show the same quality of the Compost. Eating up hugh resources is one thing and the lack of customization is another. Dragthing (which has a trash can option) takes way less cpu and memory.

  4. Frank Says:

    I also recomend Dragthing no only for the trash can option but as one of the most versatile launcher. toolbar and doc utitities I have found.

  5. Sir Not Appearing in this Blog Says:

    Yeah, DragThing is the bee’s knees. Of course, in a perfect world the trash would be right where it’s supposed to be, which is right where it was from 1984 until 2001: the desktop.

    I said that on another forum one time and somebody said, “No, it’s always been in the dock and that’s where it belongs!” Kids these days got no appreciation for history, man. :)

  6. RuMac Says:

    indeed Sir not appearing, well said.

    I also want to mention that Pathfinder has trash on the desktop with minimal CPU. However, I tend to be a little more unix-geeky and just command delete or rm -r my files.