Jun 22


Retail price: $4.00
ZOT price: $0.99 – a 75% savings


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Docktop is a launcher for Mac OS X with versatile customization options. This background-only application provides a dynamic launchbar on your desktop — behind or above the icons — to which you can add items to open applications, files, folders, weblinks, or AppleScripts.

You can place the launchbar anywhere you’d like and easily add items to it with any combination of icon, link (URL), title (displayed when your mouse simply hovers over an item), & label (optional text show directly below an item).

Docktop functions similarly to the Dock and you can drag and drop files or folders on to the launchbar items to handle the dropped items with the launchbar item. When dragging onto folders, the dragged items will be moved to the target folder. Holding down the Option key as you drag the item will copy it and Control or Command-Option will make an alias to the dragged item in the target folder. With an optional global hotkey, you can summon and dismiss Docktop at will.

Docktop makes a great launcher for kiosks (it includes password protection and can hide the Desktop folder) and companies can use it to provide consistent, persistent links on the desktop. With the Clone option, you can create as many instances of Docktop as you like, each with its own items, labels, position, etc. Docktop is also great for individuals to keep track of your most frequently used items.

No Responses to “Need Extra Docking?”

  1. Sam Says:

    For a buck? Who can pass this up?

    Thanks MacZot, I love Zots like this, keep it up.


  2. Jimmy Says:

    looks like the application that they use the apple store computers

  3. highfructose Says:

    Neat little app. This is handy for apps that I don’t use frequently enough to put in my Dock, but regularly enough that I’d like to avoid having to digg for them. Plus, the price is great!

  4. Jefe Says:

    Jimmy — totally.. what do the call it Concierge? Something like that.

    This is nice though. Great price. No-brainer.

  5. Dan Says:

    Yeah, I remember when they first started using those programs at the Apple stores. I stealthily zipped up a copy of the program and emailed it to myself, but there was no apparent way to customize it… nice to see someone’s made the good idea available to all!

  6. Alex Muller Says:

    It’s definitely under £1, so I’m going for it
    Nice looking app

  7. Alex Says:

    Is this what they use in the Apple Stores on the desktop?

    Concierge, book a genius etc.

  8. kL Says:

    Adding files is very unintuitive and preference window is odd and cluttered… worth $1 :)

  9. Danny Says:

    Funny… I asked someone at the Apple store, “How do you do that?”

    They said, “Only Apple stores can do that”

    PS: Thanks MacZot

  10. RuMac Says:

    I purchased this little program at full price. It is great! I first purchased it just to show off on my MacBook but really found that it was very useful. It also is incredibly custonizable I have my launch dock running top to bottom on the far right of the screen.

    I highly recommend this little program.

  11. kodac Says:

    Yes, this is the SAME app they use at the Apple store. I have heard this at a couple of stores. One guy even mentioned Jon’s applescript page-

    Thanks MacZot for putting this up.

    Oh while I’m at it, can I put in a request for a maczot of “Name those files!” ? :)

  12. chi Says:

    Nice app indeed. I purchased and its worth its mony. Unfortunately it does not play nice together with Virtual-Desktop tool I use. It will collect all windows spread on several desktops to the current one.

    Pity that! :-/

  13. ThorstenvPK Says:

    Bought and I love it!