Jun 21

MoRU – Know what you’re using

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MoRU is an application that provides an enhanced interface to Apple’s Spotlight searching tool
found in Mac OS X 10.4. MoRU allows you to create more powerful searches
than is possible using the basic Spotlight interface, while improving usability.

MoRU was designed not just as a searching tool, but as a utility that keeps recently used
documents and applications right at your fingertips. All searches in MoRU are automatically
sorted according to when each items was most recently modified, opened, or created, which
means that items that you have worked on recently will be right at the top of the search
results. As files are modified, opened, or created, they bubble to the top of the list,
keeping them easily accessible.

MoRU has many advantages over the basic Spotlight interface:

The Power of “OR”
The basic Spotlight interface only allows you to compose searches using
the “AND” operator (intersection). MoRU takes searching to the next level
by allowing you to mix in the “OR” operator (union) in your searches.
For example, you can search for files which are either “MP3″ or “Mpeg4″.
Be Precise
MoRU gives you more control over the way in which text is searched. You can choose to
match just file names, just content, or both. You can choose to match all words, any word,
or using an operator expression. In the basic Spotlight interface, the way in which text is
searched is neither obvious nor very controllable, and is frequently not what you mean.
Time for a Change
Files which have been used recently are more likely
to be needed again soon than are files which have not been used recently.
Acknowledging this fact, MoRU always keeps search results sorted by time
(last modification date, last opened date, or creation date), thus bringing
recently used files to the top of the results list.
The Path Less Traveled
With the basic Spotlight interface, you need to click on a file in the search results
to see its path. Never to be outdone, MoRU shows you the path to each file in the
search results directly in the search results.
Details, Details, Details
The basic Spotlight interface makes you jump through hoops to view details about
a file. In MoRU, the gory details are only a click away.
Be Exclusive
Don’t want to see certain files? MoRU allows you to exclude files from a Smart
Group by location, type, or name.
Not ’till I Say Go!
The basic Spotlight interface has an annoying habit of performing
your search while you are still in the middle of defining it. As a result,
you may spend more time staring at the “spinning beach ball of death” than
actually defining your search. MoRU, on the other hand, does not get in
your way like this. When defining a search, searching only starts when
you say so. You can hit the “Apply” button at any time while defining your
search to see the results of the current search criteria, or just wait
until you are done and hit “OK”.
Search within a Search
MoRU adds another dimension to searching by allowing you to filter the results
of a search by name, path, or content using an operator expression (“and”, “or”,
and “not”). For example, if you want to see all the PDF files within the
results of a search that contain other types of files as well, just type “pdf”
into the “Filter by Name” field, and all non-PDF files will be temporarily hidden.
Alternatively, switch to “Filter by Path” and see all matching files under
a specified path.
Copy To/Move To
Copying or moving a file from within MoRU couldn’t be simpler. In addition
to Drag and Drop support, MoRU provides popup menus that allow you to quickly
drill down to a target folder for a copy or move.

16 Responses to “MoRU – Know what’s Recently Used”

  1. adin Says:

    How interesting to see MoRU so soon!

    I’m glad to see it here…I think it’s an excellent addition to spotlight–I just wish it would save searches & would hide the dock icon.

  2. gryphonent Says:

    Now that we all have the excellent HoudahSpot thanks to MacZot… any reason why bringing up yet another allternative to spotlight? I’d be surprised if demand is going to be huge for that one… though it looks good and I’m sure is. But you should have brought this to us in a couple of months/weeks and not days following the HoudahSpot event.

  3. Gary Says:

    You got your HoudahSpot… no unlock or software showed yet for me. No return email from them asking about it. Very sad… I will continue to wait.

  4. mattt Says:

    I’m going to try it first and see, but by the screenshots it looks like the MoRU interface looks a little more intuitive than I found HoudahSpot’s to be. So HoudahSpot didn’t really do it for me, but it looks like this might.

  5. ct2000 Says:


    nuff said

  6. myscreenname Says:


    This app does amazing boolean searching. So more needs to be said.

  7. adin Says:

    OK, I may be dense, but where does QS have the AND/OR/NOT search functionality that MoRU & Houdahspot provide?

    I swear by QS for its various trigger based actions, launching apps, etc….but I seem to be missing out in a serious way (which is IMHO, easy to do and is QS’s achilles heel)

  8. Geoff Says:

    I don’t think you’re missing out. I certainly don’t know of any way that you can construct serious, complex queries with QuickSilver and I use it regularly.

    Personally, I’m glad to see MoRU on here — I like it better than HoudahSpot and this was an easy decision. (It doesn’t hurt that in a month, I’m giving a presentation and will be showing off third-party alternative interfaces to Spotlight. :-)

    One thing I like in MoRU is that you can have a huge number of saved searches. Houdah limits you to 10 “templates” but MoRU starts with 11. ;-)

  9. brab Says:

    I have HoudaSpot but I still bought Moru because the price was fair and it integrates well with SpotMeta.

    I was wondering however how long it takes to get the serial number.

  10. Shawn Says:

    I was wondering if anyone has gotten their serial number yet. Mine hasn’t arrived.

  11. GA Says:

    @ Shawn – I haven’t received mine yet….

  12. ZOT Says:

    If you haven’t received your license by now, something is amiss.

    Please send an email to support AT houdah DOT com and let them know.


  13. Shawn Says:

    I was wondering about my MoRU license.

  14. Dave Says:

    Sorry–I’m new to Zot, so forgive my noobie question. If I can’t find the ‘buy’ option on a Zot (such as this one–MoRU), does that mean that it’s no longer available at that price?

  15. myscreenname Says:

    I just got mine.

    Love the app.

  16. brab Says:

    I just received mine, so it took a few days to get here.