Jun 20
Jon's Phone Tool

Jon’s Phone Tool

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Dialing Has Never Been So Much Fun

Dialing the phone? Fun? How can that be? Simple: Jon’s Phone Tool.

See a phone number on a webpage? Two clicks of the mouse and the Bluetooth-enabled phone in your pocket is connecting your call. Have a number entered into your digital address book? Click and talk. Trust us, it’s so much fun you’ll be calling people just for an excuse to use JPT.

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Telephonic Synergy

Apple provided you with a digital hub. With JPT you can finally add your phone to the party. And we’re not just talking about your mobile (though that’s a good start). Prefer to use your landline? OK. How about Vonage, CallVantage, Skype, IP phones from Cisco or Snom, softphones from the Gizmo Project, CounterPath, LoudHush, or ohphoneX, advanced telephony solutions such as Phlink, PhoneValet, or Fritz!Box? No problem. Are you getting the picture? JPT is versatile!

You’ve already got your contacts in a digital address book, why are you still manually dialing? JPT can automatically add calling card prefixes, enable or disable caller ID and call waiting, translate mnemonic numbers to digits, add international long distance prefixes, and more.

It’s even smart enough to know what type of call you’re making and route it to the dial method of choice. For instance, local calls could go to your landline, domestic long distance to your mobile, and international calls to a VoIP softphone. With the robust AppleScript support, you could even have it determine the proper dial method by time of day or your physical location to determine the most economical way to call. The possibilities are limitless.

2 Responses to “Skyp, Gizmo, BlueTooth – Dialing is Fun”

  1. Tom Durbin Says:

    I bought JPT to use with Filemaker. It never worked and I got zero support. I’d like to use it to dial out with my address book with a landline. What assurance do I have that there will be someone on the other end to help me when difficulties arise??

  2. john Says:

    I think they went out of business in the mean time, they haven’t had an update in a while.
    They didn’t support the zoiper softphone either. ( )