Jun 19

PHPStudio – Cocoa PHP Editor

Retail price: $25.00
ZOT price: $5.00

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PHP Studio – edit and render PHP with a great user experience.

PHP Studio has the features you expect from a code editor, such as syntax coloring, auto complete, and Regular Expression find and replace – but it also has some truly unique features that can’t be found anywhere else.

Visualize functions, parameters and all of the associated variables at a glance, then click to instantly jump to it. Double click a variable, and it’s inserted! The Function toolbar menu also allows you to quickly insert a local function.

Edit the fully customizable syntax coloring – simply jump in the prefs and edit a color – no messy template editing required! Use the built-in autocomplete to instantly narrow down a list of 3,000+ PHP functions. Use Regular Expressions to find obscure patterns easily.

Render your PHP code right inside PHP studio – and view results immediately. If there is an error, PHP Studio will jump you right to the problem line – complete with sound effects (that can be turned off, of course).

And integrated PHP help browsing, code cleaning, HTML export, and more…. take PHP Studio for a spin and learn what a true Mac PHP editor can be.

18 Responses to “Do you PHP?”

  1. n0mmo Says:

    Alright, now that’s pretty cool. I mean I already have BBEDIT which is pretty amazing, but a small editor built specifically for php. I can toss $5 your way. Good stuff.

    One small comment in case the author is reading this… double clicking the variable names in the drawer doesn’t insert them as is suggested in the description.

    Ooh also… here’s a little feature request: Collapsable text…. alla TextMate & the new actionscript editor to come out in Flash 8.5 (or is it 9 now?).

  2. Danny Says:

    Great app. $5 coming your way!

    I would like to see skEdit though :)

  3. Dean Says:

    I love these $5 Maczots. Even if the app is only vaguely interesting they’re a no-brainer purchase.

  4. Promethe Says:

    I love those amazingly cheap MacZots – great pieces of software for only a few bucks, sometimes even cheaper than your coffee in StarBucks ;-)
    And what’s more funny, I’m just beginning quite big project in MySQL/PHP.
    Thanks ZOT!

  5. Gareth Says:

    I’m about to start learning PHP, so I’m hoping this’ll help. For $5 it seems well worth purchasing.

  6. Winston Says:

    I’d like to see TextMate on MacZOT sometime. PLEEEEAAASE!

  7. elroy Says:

    Top work guys, these last couple of apps have been exactly the types of thing that people have been asking for. Oh, and speaking of which, thanks for adding the count down timer to the front page guys, it really helps us non-US residents keep track of what’s happening.

  8. boaisy Says:

    Wow, great find. I love the ZOT model, you guys keep churning out apps that I can’t imaging NOT having, and partnering with their authors to keep the price perfect. Keep it up!

    $5 coming your way.

  9. Dan Says:

    (I know what PHP is) – (I have no PHP experience) + (Only $5) = (I buy this!)

    I would never have bought it at $25 as a PHP amateur… So MacZOT scores a sale for another shareware developer!

    Can anyone recommend any good “PHP for rank beginners” websites?

  10. elroy Says:

    Try this site Dan, it’s usually where I turn immediately after scratching my head.

    Like you, I’m pretty new to PHP and that site has helped me get my thick skull around a few things now.

  11. Danny Says:


    That link will take you to a good list of CSS, Flash, and PHP sites.

    PS: Nice Name :)

  12. Danny Says:

    Thanks, I added that site to the list of Great PHP sites on my forum :)


  13. Dan Says:

    Thanks everyone! Yay!

  14. Jamie Says:

    Looks neat! I usually use VIM on remote servers, but one can’t beat this price.

  15. Rob Says:

    Should we have received our serials for this yet, as I have not.

  16. ZOT Says:

    Serials have been uploaded to your account and an email is going out now.



  17. Adrian Says:

    Damn, I missed it. :(

  18. IainD Says:

    On the positive side, I’m glad I only paid 5 bucks for this. On the negative side, I wasted 5 bucks on this. There is a really nasty display bug in this program that messes up the horizontal scroll when it loads up.

    I went to the developers’ web site to see if they knew of the problem or had an update available, only to learn that they were effectively abandoning the program. They were still selling licences for it, but there are no plans to maintain it, upgrade it, or make it universal.

    This is not the kind of company I want to deal with, and not the kind of company I think MacZot should be promoting.