Jun 29

iClip for Free!

Retail price: $19.95
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A Web Exclusive for YOU, the macZOT Fan!

I’m sure most of you are familiar with iClip, the popular, award-winning multiple clipboard & scrapbook. Well, today, we’ve got a real treat for you on the ZOT!…

Inventive has been working hard on putting the finishing touches on the highly anticipated, über-stylin’ iClip 4:

iClip 4

And guess what we’ve done for you. Today, we did something HUGE we managed to talk them into giving ZOTters iClip 3 for free!

That’s $0…zilch…gratis…on the house.

That’s right…instead of paying $19.95 like everyone else is today, as a loyal MacZOT visitor, you get iClip absolutely free. No strings attached.

Do you love MacZOT or what?

Jun 29


Retail price: $10.00
ZOT price: $5.99


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It’s your data. Get to it.

EntourageABMenu is a convenient and intuitive way to utilize your Microsoft Entourage address book data through a system-wide menu. The application provides quick access to your contacts’ phone numbers, email, postal addresses, URLs, and notes. Selecting a menu item will trigger an action such as displaying the content in large type, copying it to the clipboard, creating a new email, dialing the phone (accomplished by running a customizable AppleScript), or showing an address on a map using any of several online mapping services. Phone dialing requires the use of additional software such as Jon’s Phone Tool.

Jun 27


Supercharge the dock icon

Retail price: $8.00
ZOT price: $5.00


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DockStar is an add-on for that adds up to 5 new-mail indicators
to the dock icon. This lets Mail users keep track of
email as it arrives in various accounts and local mailboxes.

In addition, DockStar brings customizable shapes and colors to the
Mail dock icon. Seamless integration allows users to control
every aspect of the dock icon directly from Mail’s settings panel:

Download the free demo to try
out a full-featured version of DockStar
for seven
days. Instantly start enjoying the following features:

Assign a badge to up to 5 different mailboxes.

Assign badges to individual account inboxes.

Choose from four fun shapes.

Fine-tune the size of each badge.

Select just the right color and transparency for each mailbox.
Display combined unread count for all mailboxes.
In English, French, German and Japanese.

tips and tricks

Jun 26

NotePad 2.0

Retail price: $7.95
ZOT price: $4.95 – less than $5.00


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With widgets like Hula Hoop Girl, Chi Pet, and Morse Code Translator dominating Apple’s top widget downloads, it’s hard to take the Dashboard seriously. But that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. The Dashboard does serve a unique purpose. It’s a keystroke away, and certain types of apps that should be constantly and easily accessible belong there… such as NotePad.

Making the Dashboard, well, useful!

Unlike 99% of the other widgets out there, NotePad not only brings much needed functionality to the Dashboard, but does it with style and a wealth of features to boot. We’re pretty sure 2.0 does just about everything you’d expect a NotePad to do:

Multiple pages for multiple thoughts

Starting with something simple, you’ve probably found the built-in “Stickies” widget one of the more useful but highly limited widgets that Apple has included. NotePad supports as many pages of notes as you want, and navigation is as easy as flipping back or forth a page, or selecting it from the page selector at the bottom of the pad.

Search with ease

Once you have multiple pages of notes, it can be a hassle finding what you’re looking for. Have no worries, NotePad features built-in search. Type in what you’re looking for, and search results pop up immediately.

Not just text

NotePad not only supports plain text (font of your choice) for its pages, but new with 2.0, simple lists with checkboxes and even sketches! Just make sure you have a tablet, drawing with a mouse is tough!

Need some privacy?

We know that the contents of your notepad (or diary) can be private, and to protect your information, we’ve provided a virtual lock. Flip the notepad over and click the lock icon, and your notepad will be safe from prying eyes.

Open notes

Sometimes, you need your notes outside of the Dashboard. So we’ve provided three ways you can move them around. With a built-in cocoa plugin, printing a page is as easy as selecting the option from the gear menu, as is exporting your notes to the Desktop. And for all you iPod users, you’ll notice a little iPod icon show up when your music player is mounted on your Desktop. Click it, and NotePad will quickly sync all of your notes to view on everyone’s favorite music (and now notes) player.

That’s not all…

Try it out. Try resizing the NotePad to whatever size you feel is most comfortable. Try viewing our built-in tutorial. And of course, have fun with the three beautiful skins included by artist David Lanham of the IconFactory. Again, we think you’ll find it does just about everything you’d want a NotePad widget to do.

Still not convinced?

Here’s what our users say…

Second Place for Best Widget in the 2005 MacGenerations Awards

“Probably the most full-featured and powerful widget I’ve seen.” – iZac, MacUpdate Review

“Great little app. This uses the dashboard well and makes it functional as well as frivolous… This is just great for phone messages, etc.” – Chris Reed, MacUpdate Review

“I’ve tried every note book widget so far and this is easily the best and most elegant I’ve seen… You can search unlike the others. I used to keep my do lists in a diary and have tried iCal, Up to Date, Life Balance, Entourage but somehow I find that I’ve been more diciplined and like to use widgets to keep notes and lists because of the one key access and because it’s faster.” – jcrimmings, VersionTracker Review

Try it out, and if you’re ready to buy, we guarantee it’ll be the best 5 bucks you spend this week. And if you hurry, the first 50 customers will receive our popular VoiceNotes widget for free (a $5.95 value) making this killer deal even sweeter (over 70% off).

Jun 25

Bin-it – desktop trash

Retail price: $12.99
ZOT price: $2.99 – amazing!


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Bin-it is a desktop trash can that gives you quick and easy access to your Trash. Key features include:

  • Desktop Trash: Keep a floating trash can on your desktop. Don’t have it hidden in the Dock!
  • Trash Level Display: Your Trash icon changes depending on the amount of files in the trash (your trash isn’t just empty or full, so why is your icon?).
  • Adjustable: Choose from multiple Trash icon styles, change its size, opacity and size thresholds. Take control of your Trash!

Jun 22


Retail price: $4.00
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Out to launch.

Docktop is a launcher for Mac OS X with versatile customization options. This background-only application provides a dynamic launchbar on your desktop — behind or above the icons — to which you can add items to open applications, files, folders, weblinks, or AppleScripts.

You can place the launchbar anywhere you’d like and easily add items to it with any combination of icon, link (URL), title (displayed when your mouse simply hovers over an item), & label (optional text show directly below an item).

Docktop functions similarly to the Dock and you can drag and drop files or folders on to the launchbar items to handle the dropped items with the launchbar item. When dragging onto folders, the dragged items will be moved to the target folder. Holding down the Option key as you drag the item will copy it and Control or Command-Option will make an alias to the dragged item in the target folder. With an optional global hotkey, you can summon and dismiss Docktop at will.

Docktop makes a great launcher for kiosks (it includes password protection and can hide the Desktop folder) and companies can use it to provide consistent, persistent links on the desktop. With the Clone option, you can create as many instances of Docktop as you like, each with its own items, labels, position, etc. Docktop is also great for individuals to keep track of your most frequently used items.

Jun 21

MoRU – Know what you’re using

Retail price: $10.00
ZOT price: $4.95


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MoRU is an application that provides an enhanced interface to Apple’s Spotlight searching tool
found in Mac OS X 10.4. MoRU allows you to create more powerful searches
than is possible using the basic Spotlight interface, while improving usability.

MoRU was designed not just as a searching tool, but as a utility that keeps recently used
documents and applications right at your fingertips. All searches in MoRU are automatically
sorted according to when each items was most recently modified, opened, or created, which
means that items that you have worked on recently will be right at the top of the search
results. As files are modified, opened, or created, they bubble to the top of the list,
keeping them easily accessible.

MoRU has many advantages over the basic Spotlight interface:

The Power of “OR”
The basic Spotlight interface only allows you to compose searches using
the “AND” operator (intersection). MoRU takes searching to the next level
by allowing you to mix in the “OR” operator (union) in your searches.
For example, you can search for files which are either “MP3″ or “Mpeg4″.
Be Precise
MoRU gives you more control over the way in which text is searched. You can choose to
match just file names, just content, or both. You can choose to match all words, any word,
or using an operator expression. In the basic Spotlight interface, the way in which text is
searched is neither obvious nor very controllable, and is frequently not what you mean.
Time for a Change
Files which have been used recently are more likely
to be needed again soon than are files which have not been used recently.
Acknowledging this fact, MoRU always keeps search results sorted by time
(last modification date, last opened date, or creation date), thus bringing
recently used files to the top of the results list.
The Path Less Traveled
With the basic Spotlight interface, you need to click on a file in the search results
to see its path. Never to be outdone, MoRU shows you the path to each file in the
search results directly in the search results.
Details, Details, Details
The basic Spotlight interface makes you jump through hoops to view details about
a file. In MoRU, the gory details are only a click away.
Be Exclusive
Don’t want to see certain files? MoRU allows you to exclude files from a Smart
Group by location, type, or name.
Not ’till I Say Go!
The basic Spotlight interface has an annoying habit of performing
your search while you are still in the middle of defining it. As a result,
you may spend more time staring at the “spinning beach ball of death” than
actually defining your search. MoRU, on the other hand, does not get in
your way like this. When defining a search, searching only starts when
you say so. You can hit the “Apply” button at any time while defining your
search to see the results of the current search criteria, or just wait
until you are done and hit “OK”.
Search within a Search
MoRU adds another dimension to searching by allowing you to filter the results
of a search by name, path, or content using an operator expression (“and”, “or”,
and “not”). For example, if you want to see all the PDF files within the
results of a search that contain other types of files as well, just type “pdf”
into the “Filter by Name” field, and all non-PDF files will be temporarily hidden.
Alternatively, switch to “Filter by Path” and see all matching files under
a specified path.
Copy To/Move To
Copying or moving a file from within MoRU couldn’t be simpler. In addition
to Drag and Drop support, MoRU provides popup menus that allow you to quickly
drill down to a target folder for a copy or move.
Jun 20
Jon's Phone Tool

Jon’s Phone Tool

Retail price: $15.00
ZOT price: $7.95 – save 47% today only


Download Trial

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Dialing Has Never Been So Much Fun

Dialing the phone? Fun? How can that be? Simple: Jon’s Phone Tool.

See a phone number on a webpage? Two clicks of the mouse and the Bluetooth-enabled phone in your pocket is connecting your call. Have a number entered into your digital address book? Click and talk. Trust us, it’s so much fun you’ll be calling people just for an excuse to use JPT.

Click image for more info

Telephonic Synergy

Apple provided you with a digital hub. With JPT you can finally add your phone to the party. And we’re not just talking about your mobile (though that’s a good start). Prefer to use your landline? OK. How about Vonage, CallVantage, Skype, IP phones from Cisco or Snom, softphones from the Gizmo Project, CounterPath, LoudHush, or ohphoneX, advanced telephony solutions such as Phlink, PhoneValet, or Fritz!Box? No problem. Are you getting the picture? JPT is versatile!

You’ve already got your contacts in a digital address book, why are you still manually dialing? JPT can automatically add calling card prefixes, enable or disable caller ID and call waiting, translate mnemonic numbers to digits, add international long distance prefixes, and more.

It’s even smart enough to know what type of call you’re making and route it to the dial method of choice. For instance, local calls could go to your landline, domestic long distance to your mobile, and international calls to a VoIP softphone. With the robust AppleScript support, you could even have it determine the proper dial method by time of day or your physical location to determine the most economical way to call. The possibilities are limitless.

Jun 19

PHPStudio – Cocoa PHP Editor

Retail price: $25.00
ZOT price: $5.00

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PHP Studio – edit and render PHP with a great user experience.

PHP Studio has the features you expect from a code editor, such as syntax coloring, auto complete, and Regular Expression find and replace – but it also has some truly unique features that can’t be found anywhere else.

Visualize functions, parameters and all of the associated variables at a glance, then click to instantly jump to it. Double click a variable, and it’s inserted! The Function toolbar menu also allows you to quickly insert a local function.

Edit the fully customizable syntax coloring – simply jump in the prefs and edit a color – no messy template editing required! Use the built-in autocomplete to instantly narrow down a list of 3,000+ PHP functions. Use Regular Expressions to find obscure patterns easily.

Render your PHP code right inside PHP studio – and view results immediately. If there is an error, PHP Studio will jump you right to the problem line – complete with sound effects (that can be turned off, of course).

And integrated PHP help browsing, code cleaning, HTML export, and more…. take PHP Studio for a spin and learn what a true Mac PHP editor can be.

Jun 19


Retail price: $39.00

ZOT price: $15.00 save 62%

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SQLiteManager is a database manager for SQLite2 and SQLite3 databases. You can manage any SQLite database created on any platform with SQLiteManager. Some features include:

  • New InstantQuery technology for blazing speed queries.
  • Full SQLite2 and SQLite3 support.
  • Full REALSQL Server support.
  • Browse tables, views, and indexes.
  • Rename tables and add columns to existing tables.
  • Create new tables, views, indexes and triggers.
  • Drop tables, views, indexes, triggers.
  • Manage tables by inserting, editing, and deleting records.
  • Built-in virtual machine analyzer.
  • Built-in optimizer.
  • Show JPEG, BMP, TIFF, QuickTime from BLOB records.
  • Save frequently used SQL for later use.
  • Convert SQLite 2 databases to SQLite 3.
  • Powerful reports generation with flexible report templates.
  • Advanced import and export capabilities.
  • Built-in language reference.
  • and much more…

It is a "next generation" GUI database manager that combines an incredible easy to use interface with blazing speed and advanced features.

SQLiteManager allows you to open and work with sqlite 2.x, sqlite 3.x, in memory databases and REALSQLServer databases. It allows you to create and browse tables, views, triggers and indexes. It enables you to insert, delete and updates records in a very intuitive way and it supports you arbitrary SQL commands.