May 31

BumperCar – Safe Web Browser for Kids

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Keep your kids safe while they surf the net!

BumperCar: the Mac OS X Web browser just for kids. Offering unparalleled content-control and customization features, BumperCar is the most powerful Web browser for concerned educators and parents on the Macintosh.

BumperCar earned a prestigious Best of Show award at MacWorld San Francisco and garnered rave reviews in the press. Now, the all new BumperCar 2.0 runs on the same engine as Apple’s Safari, and adds a host of new features for both home and educational use!

New in Version 2.0

BumperCar 2.0 has been completely re-written using Apple’s WebKit allowing for enhanced stability, speed, and compatibility. We’ve also designed new homepage options for a wider age group of children. Safety settings are now available across all accounts on the computer, so a parent who is logged in can change their childs account settings without logging out. This is just a few of the hundreds of improvements to the new BumperCar 2.0!

The BumperCar Start Page

BumperCar’s start page is attractive, and encourages children to explore a collection of kid-friendly sites. Browse the Internet by clicking on any of the categories, or type a destination in the Address or Search fields. Children may also guide the bumper car into the Tunnel of Mystery to be teleported to a kid-safe site. BumperCar can be configured to be in either a Home, School or Pre-School setting, with personalized features appropriate for each location.

Forces Google (and other popular search engines) to use their Safesearch features. This reduces objectionable content when a child visits these necessary sites.

Blocks profanity
If a page contains a curse word, BumperCar will detect it and redirect to a built-in page. The profanity list is completely customizable.

Prevents use of personal data
This checkbox allows parents to specify the information that children should not be allowed to type in a Web browser window… a child’s name or home address for instance.

Children can only access the sites that are listed on an approved list of websites. The age-appropriate whitelists in BumperCar are easily modified to include the websites of your local school, church, or to reflect your child’s individual interests.

To quickly and easily block a particular site, simply add it’s URL to a blacklist.

Full support for ICRA (Internet Content Rating Authority)
Filtering of pages whose publishers have self-rated their content.

Limits time the child can spend online
Prevents use during certain hours, (bedtime), and limits the total number of hours your child can spend online per day.

Reviews & Awards

BumperCar 1.0

"…A web browser with the purpose of restricting access to websites of questionable content and still…the most entertaining web browsing experience we’ve experienced yet"
– AppleLinks

BumperCar 2.0
"Easy to use; reliable; excellent safety, security, and filtering features."
– Macworld Magazine

"My daughter and I found a bunch of great kid-friendly sites and have added them to the ‘white list.’ As a parent, I have local control of the sites she visits instead of handing over control to a remote group of people that I don’t trust to do my job of being a parent."
– Mark Frauenfeldere – BoingBoing founder (and father of two)

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