May 29

MyzteryMegaZOT! – Final

If you were lucky enough to order this terrific bundle, please stay tuned. We’ll be rounding up all the registration information for you and getting it distributed.

If you have not received your email with serials within 48 hours (Wednesday May, 31) please send an email to And be sure to check your spam filters.

Meanwhile, feel free to use the More info links and find the latest downloads of each application.

** If you don’t already have the Pzizz Energizer Module, we’ll be sending you a coupon to order that at a great price. However, it is required to use the Sleep Module.

Item Description
Pzizz is a remarkable, patented software that combines several different proven techniques to give you the most refreshing and revitalizing ‘nap’ possible. They have combined NLP with especially composed music, sound effects and a binaural beat to induce a wonderfully relaxed state. Export it to your iPod and you’ll have Rest On Demand.
Pzizz Sleep – $20.00 More info
iClip is the popular Mac multiple clipboard & scrapbook. We’ve had more requests for an iClip return than almost any other application and it’s part of this MyzteryZOT!

And not only do you get iClip now in this bundle…you also get a FREE upgrade to the highly anticipated…über stylish iClip 4! What could be better?

iClip – $19.95 More info
Connoisseur makes managing your recipes as easy as iTunes makes managing your music. From the elegant and snappy interface to auto-completing ingredients, we have put in the hard yards so you can focus on what is important; entertaining your guests
Connoisseur – $20.00 More info
With PhotoPrinto, you can create gorgeous photo albums using scores of great templates and effects, while importing your images directly from iPhoto!
PhotoPrinto – $29.95 More Info
Like games by Freeverse? Can’t get enough of crossword puzzles? Try X-Words Deluxe, a fun, educational crosswords game that’ll test anyone’s word knowledge. Even Monty (not the world’s best speller) loves it!. Best of all, you can play X-Words your way, using a wide variety of boards, vocabulary lists and languages. A great game for the whole family to enjoy.
X-Words Deluxe – $19.95 More info
RadioLover splits iTunes radio and streaming MP3 radio into individual MP3 songs.

Listen to internet radio on your iPod.

Schedule recordings so you can walk the dog.

Myztery – $15.00 More info
Love to play Hearts or Spades? Play anytime, anywhere — without a foursome! Discover world-class card playing action of Ancient Hearts and Spades! Novice players will love the simplicity at which they can learn while Grand Masters of the game will find it a challenge to win. Ancient Hearts and Spades brings a fun and exciting gaming experience for the casual player to the hardcore tournament lovers that will have everyone coming back for more.
Myztery – $19.99 More info
FolderBrander lets you quickly and easily alter the look of your folders.

Feature Highlights
Easily add text to folder icon
Rotate/skew text
Text shadow effect
Extensible with your own base icons

FolderBrander – $9.95 More info
EasyCrop is a small app that launches in no time. And since it takes up little resources and is so useful, most users just keep it running all the time.
EasyCrop + SnapNDrag- $11.95 More Info
Bringing the systems screen saver controls right to your desktop, the Screen Saver Menu provides means to launch, lock or change your screen saver without opening the control panel or utilizing your hot corners. Screen Saver Menu’s instant screen lock and integration with iPhoto gives you full control of your screen saver settings.
ScreenSaver Menu – $5.00 More info

45 Responses to “MegaZOT Final”

  1. Scott Says:

    What a great MegaZOT!!!

    I am so glad that I heard about this site on the MacCast podcast. I managed to get in on the second day.

    All I can say, is well done and what a good idea to distribute software. I will use all the software in this MegaZOT…. Let’s hope that there are more to come.

    Half the fun was the way in which an application was released each day…

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. mat Says:

    I wonder if we can resell some licence, I see some stuff I won’t be using, anybody interested in anything?

  3. Allen Hancock Says:

    Just because software is cheap or free, doesn’t mean it was easy to create.

    We like getting deals, but the people who make this software need to eat and be appreciated for their hard work in creating the software….

  4. Steve Says:

    I’m not sure these Mystery Zots are such a great idea. I don’t really come here to test my luck. I’m mostly looking for great deals and or finding new tools I did not know about. Too many of the Mystery Zots have repeat software and or stuff I really have not need for no matter how great the deal is. I’m glad I did not sign up for this one.

  5. Jeffrey Says:

    I have to admit that some of the software in the MysteryZot aren’t all that interesting. However, that doesn’t meen MysteryZot is a bad thing. I see that as a way to support other small software companies, so they can keep making more great apps. And as someone already said, if you don’t like the idea, no one is forcing you to. Just my two cents.

  6. ckm Says:

    I just want to go on the record as saying that I think this MyzteryZOT was well worth it, and I’d like to express my gratitude to MacZOT for putting it together. I had been planning on getting the pzizz Sleep Module anyway…throw in iClip plus all the additional value bundled in this package, and that just made it all the more sweet a deal. I can see myself using iClip, Folder Brander, and EasyCrop + SnapNDrag quite a bit. The rest is just icing on an already delicious cake at bakery outlet pricing.

    Thanks again, MacZOT!

  7. the valrus Says:

    Allen, what’s your point? I’m pretty sure that every company that has software in a MacZOT agreed to participate and knew the terms.

  8. Harley Says:

    Well, my second macZOT! regret is that I participated in a MysteryZOT! again. I’ve never seen such a large body of software I will never use. Hopefully iClip makes it worth it. Conoisseur surely didn’t.

  9. Chris Says:

    I sincerely doubt if any of the negative comments would make macZot quit… well, Zotting… — that would be based on normal business considerations, I would hope. But, still, if you don’t like it — don’t buy them in the future. Stick to the regular Zots, or none at all. Maybe in the future there will be enough software available where they can have a MysteryZot and continue each day’s normal Zot at the same time. Who knows? I mean, they’ve done a lot of new things since they started. So just relax, have fun, enjoy the deals, or the opportunity to get deals, and can we try to keep the negativity to a minimum? There are several items here I won’t even install, but who cares. There are at least 3 or 4 that I will use… I got my $’s worth and had fun. Good enough.

  10. SupaFuzz Says:

    good question about selling licenses… I’ve wondered that too.

    And I’ll take anyone’s Pzizz Sleep Module for a reasonable paypal’d price since I didn’t buy this ZOT!!

  11. Mark Says:

    I just wish EasyFrame and Xyle Scope were in it … I missed them the first time round. EasyFrame at half price sounds good to me. If I bought it today, I could guarantee you’d all gt it in a Zot next week!

  12. ZicklePop Says:

    I gotta ask when do I get my BlogZOT sleep thingy? I blogged it and submitted it!

  13. mat Says:

    I can probably let the pzizz module go SupaFuzz, what is a reasonable price.

  14. TommyW Says:

    Well… I was glad I participated.

    Happy with and I’ll use quite a bit:

    Happy with and I’ll use from time to time:
    Folder Brander
    Easy Crop / SnapnDrag

    I’ll never use:
    ScreenSaver Menu

    My kids will use from time to time:
    Hearts and Spades

    Was Excited About but Now I’m Pissed At:

    I’d like to check out Pzizz, Man I need to check out Pzizz… but now it turns out that I have to spend more which is a real PITA.

  15. yahtzeen Says:

    I’d have to say this is one of the ones I’m happier with. I’ve purchased three MysteryZots prior to this to mixed reviews, though honestly there is usually one good app that makes it all okay. Getting the Pzizz sleep module this time is worth it alone since I picked up Pzizz in an earlier Zot and love it.

  16. Gerardo Algarin Says:

    Love this MysteryZot, previously purchased the one with Pzizz with powernap module so the sleep module alone make it worth, plus iclip, photoprinto, radiolover… very nice…

    Now i need my serials, send them in!

    Greetings from MEXICO!

  17. Dan Says:

    I was pretty happy with this collection for the price I originally paid. PhotoPrinto looks worthwhile and have had fun with XWords.

    But I gotta say, what I’m really looking forward to is an update on the Collabozot, which I’m sure must be coming any second now…

  18. Steve Says:

    So does anybody’d PhotoPrint actually work? It never reads in my iPhoto pictures.

    Other than that.. it was an ok MysteryZOT, a couple apps made the price worthwhile. Don’t think I’d do another one though.

  19. Chris Says:

    Huh… why did my previous comment disappear. I didn’t say anything offensive. Sorry if I inadvertently did. Very happy with the MysteyMegaZot.

  20. Zack Says:

    I’m really disappointed. None of this stuff I need. Here I was excited thinking that i’m going to get my hands on some great software for my macbook pro. A recipe organizer and a tool to put my screensaver menu on the desktop. Super.
    I’m not saying people didn’t work hard to make these apps, but come on, something a little more useful would be great.

  21. Dan Says:

    Yup, any minute now…

  22. SupaFuzz Says:

    mat- email me at supafuzz456 AT gmail DOT com

    I’d easily pay $10 for it, I dunno how much you ended up paying for this ZOT… so not sure if that’s worth it to you.

  23. Dan Says:

    Sometime today, I’m guessing…

  24. Ken Says:

    Man, I’m really happy I got in on day one of this MysteryZot. I already own and use Radiolover and Pzizz sleep, but iClip is a treat, and I can see using FolderBrander and Connoisseur. So for $20, I got a great deal!

  25. Dan Says:

    Yup, over here:

  26. Alex Says:

    theres a waste of 20 bucks…

  27. Aric Says:

    I think MysteryZots are great. According to the registration e-mail I’ve already received for Photoprinto, it only cost me $2 to register.

    This is the thing with MysteryZots… every single time there are people who complain… but why the heck are they complaining? No one forces you to buy the Zot… If you don’t like taking chances, don’t buy it. It really is as simple as that. They are a tremendous value, but you take the risk that there are things you may not want or need in the bundle.

    As for those people saying “they should have included that I would have preferred” — It’s not called PsychicZot… ;-)

  28. the valrus Says:

    What Aric said.


  29. Tony Jensen Says:

    I, too, am grateful for the macZOT folks. Where else within the Macintosh community have we ever had a scavenger hunt like CollaboZOT? There may have been something but I can’t think of it. Sure it could have been run better with daily prizes and better communication but next time it probably will be.

    These guys are adding value to the community. Developers get some marketing. They also get their product put in front of people like us that are willing to part with our hard-earned money for a good Mac app that we will use. We, on the other hand, get to see some of these smaller developers that we would probably not notice otherwise. And we get a bit of a discount on the software.

    In the case of MysteryZOT, we get a HUGE discount. The only question is whether you are willing to risk getting apps that you won’t use.

    For the scavenger hunt, I was a member of one of Danny’s Mac Headz teams over at (forgive the blatant plug. go check it out.). He did an amazing job of getting a site put together on short notice that helped us communicate better with our teams. Thank you Danny.

    An even larger thank you goes out to everyone on the macZOT team. It was a fun ride last week. Please do it again. There are a lot of us who enjoyed ourselves greatly and probably have some constructive feedback to give if you are interested.

  30. kodac Says:

    What’s that old expression? Something like -

    You can please some of the people all the time and
    All of the people some of the time but
    you can’t please all the people all of the time …

    Just like people reading rumor sites before a keynote and then complaining about what was announced.
    Even if Apple released a Octoplet core 16 Ghz Laptop with a removeable, expandable, bendable screen with a 52x Dual-Layer DVD drive with the ability to burn BlueRay and HD-DVD discs with a 24 hr battery life and built-in solar cells that could recharge from room light and the ability to pick a wireless signal without amplification from 10 miles away and the ability to control it via brain waves (especially helpful for the Universal Access group) while putting the price under 1000 dollars… People would still find something to complain about.

  31. TommyW Says:

    Yes, I ordered one of those, have you got yours yet? It’s kind of heavy although I like the fact it can bounce.

    Photoprinto is the only serial I have received so far, but the rest can’t be far behind.

  32. KevinV Says:

    I’ll pass on that laptop, I heard it doesn’t have 5.1 surround sound built in.

  33. Mark Says:

    Is it available in Glossy Black?

  34. smokeyghetto Says:

    Serials would be nice.

    Hurry up and send the coupon for Pzizz before I change my mind.

  35. kodac Says:

    As far as serials go, this is what I’ve gotten-


  36. brab Says:

    There was no final word on the Pzizz blogzot. Did it make it?

  37. ZOT Says:

    Pzizz made it. AND, they gave a very generous coupon.

    Please check your emails if your purchased this amazing package.


  38. Greg Says:

    Wow, after getting the e-mails I was very very surprised at how great the bundle ended up being, especially from Pzizz. I got in on Day 1, so the price I paid was worth it for iClip alone and all the other stuff exposed me to a bunch of stuff I would never have known about otherwise.

    Thanks, this was great!

  39. kodac Says:

    Thanks MacZot, I’ve got all my codes now…

  40. Erichd Says:

    I’ve just gotten all my codes, and man am I HAPPY! Especially, or mostly, because of the email regarding the BlogZOT … a serial for the Pzizz + Energizer AND the Sleep module! WOW THANK YOU MacZOT!!!!! I’m also looking more at the programs in the myztery bundle, and they seem more useful every minute…

    I will definitely blog about my uses of Pzizz for five days … I’d love to win an iPod!
    That would take some burden off my Treo.

    And I’m very likely to go in afgain on the first day of am myzteryZot. Much better than the Mystery deals at those Mac-less deal-a-day sites….

  41. Silvio Tischer Says:

    Hello, i recieved yesterday my Serials for the pzizz – BlogZot and would THANK YOU for this. Also, i will write a blogpost about my use of pzizz – my sleeping tonight was indeed wonderfull after listening to the sleep-nap…

  42. Sebastian Says:

    I’m still waiting for my serials :( and no response from the support…

  43. the valrus Says:

    Same as Sebastian. This is getting ridiculous.

  44. consumer_q Says:

    Are naughty people circulating the Pzizz code?
    Cuz, it is not working for me – rat bastards.

  45. TommyW Says:

    No… I am happy the Pzizz coupon was very generous and I now have both modules.

    After a couple of weeks, Pzizz and iClip are daily usages. Snap n drag and Easy Crop are weekly regulars and Connoisseur has finally provided an occassional focus for my food tasks.