May 29


HoudahSpot – Powerful Searching

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You really wanted to love Spotlight. We all did. Really did.

Now you may. HoudahSpot leverages Apple’s Spotlight engine to bring you a powerful, fast and easy to use desktop search tool.

Here’s why we at MacZOT think it’s worth the money:

  1. You’ll start playing with it and seeing different search results that you hadn’t though of searching on before, and that makes you understand what’s on your machine more.
  2. You can do a search based on file size, and see which applications / documents / folders are taking up a lot of room. When we searched on of our machines based on file size, we found 20 GB of mp3 files we had removed from their normal location during a file backup. This itself was worth it.
  3. Getting your query thought out and entered before SpotLight begins searching is the best. It’s annoying to have your machine slow down while the search starts. It can even be distracting.
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You can’t beat the MacZOT price.


HoudahSpot is a file search tool based on Apple’s Spotlight technology. It enables users to quickly create and store powerful search queries.

Easy to use

HoudahSpot has been designed from the ground up with ease of use and convenience in mind. You will feel right at home. We feel it is not the user who needs to be educated, but the software that should be made to the user’s need.


With HoudahSpot you may search by name, contents, date, type or any other file attribute. It all starts with a basic query form. Take it from there to pinpoint the files you are looking for. Create complex queries by combining criteria using boolean operators.


HoudahSpot leverages Apple’s powerful and fast Spotlight engine. It does not waste this engine’s horsepower to run searches before you are done entering criteria. The search starts only at your command.

Live results

Search results remain up-to-date as long as they are on screen. Create a new file and it instantly shows up in the searches that match it.

Two-paned query window

The top half of the query window allows you to express search criteria. The bottom half defines the search scope.

Three-paned results window

The top half of the results window lists the file matching your query. This list may be sorted at wish. The action menu enables you to open files, reveal them in the Finder, move them or trash them.

In the bottom half you will find a column based file browser. The left-most column shows the siblings of the currently selected search result. To the far right is a larger view of the currently selected file.

Hot keys

HoudahSpot may be configured to start up as soon as you log in to your Mac. It is then ready to jump to your service at the press of a simple key stroke.

Query stationeries

You may save your queries for later reference. A query set up with a few basic criteria and a search scope might serve as a starting point for future searches.

Saved searches

Saved searches are much like smart folders. When saving a search its run state and result sort order are saved along with the query. A search saved while running jumps back to life as soon as it is opened. HoudahSpot comes with 2 such predefined searches: ‘Applications’ and ‘Recent Documents’.



Queries saved to the template directory always are readily accessible from the ‘Template’ menu. You may assign keyboard shortcuts to up to ten templates. Templates may be used as stationeries or as smart folders.



HoudahSpot requires Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.5 or later with Spotlight enabled.

Download HoudahSpot Here

Get more info here

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  2. Pierre Bernard Says:

    Be sure to check out the included “Long Lost Documents” template. It’s worth your while.

    It is configured to find all files you have opened 10 years ago. Adapt it to find more files.

  3. Ken Says:

    Eh. La de freakin’ da. A search tool.

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