May 26

MyzteryMegaZOT! – you get all these for $34.95

MegaZOT! Day 6. As promised, the value keeps getting revealed.

You get 10 applications for $34.95 today only.

If you wait until the end, you’d pay $39.95 (the price goes up $5.00 each day)

If you wait until Monday, you’ll pay $168.70 (5.29.2006)

Save $133.74 if you buy today.

Item Description
Pzizz is a remarkable, patented software that combines several different proven techniques to give you the most refreshing and revitalizing ‘nap’ possible. They have combined NLP with especially composed music, sound effects and a binaural beat to induce a wonderfully relaxed state. Export it to your iPod and you’ll have Rest On Demand.
Pzizz Sleep – $20.00 More info
iClip is the popular Mac multiple clipboard & scrapbook. We’ve had more requests for an iClip return than almost any other application and it’s part of this MyzteryZOT!

And not only do you get iClip now in this bundle…you also get a FREE upgrade to the highly anticipated…über stylish iClip 4! What could be better?

iClip – $19.95 More info
Connoisseur makes managing your recipes as easy as iTunes makes managing your music. From the elegant and snappy interface to auto-completing ingredients, we have put in the hard yards so you can focus on what is important; entertaining your guests
Connoisseur – $17.00 More info
With PhotoPrinto, you can create gorgeous photo albums using scores of great templates and effects, while importing your images directly from iPhoto!
PhotoPrinto – $29.95 More Info
Like games by Freeverse? Can’t get enough of crossword puzzles? Try X-Words Deluxe, a fun, educational crosswords game that’ll test anyone’s word knowledge. Even Monty (not the world’s best speller) loves it!. Best of all, you can play X-Words your way, using a wide variety of boards, vocabulary lists and languages. A great game for the whole family to enjoy.
X-Words Deluxe – $19.95 More info
RadioLover splits iTunes radio and streaming MP3 radio into individual MP3 songs.

Listen to internet radio on your iPod.

Schedule recordings so you can walk the dog.

Myztery – $15.00 More info
FolderBrander lets you quickly and easily alter the look of your folders.

Feature Highlights
Easily add text to folder icon
Rotate/skew text
Text shadow effect
Extensible with your own base icons

FolderBrander – $9.95 More info
Myztery Application
Myztery – $19.99  
Myztery Application
Myztery – $11.95  
Myztery Application
Myztery – $5.00  

14 Responses to “MegaZOT! Day 6 Radio Lover added”

  1. mat Says:

    Could that 11.95 app be World Of Where?
    The price match…
    Any other idea?

  2. marty Says:


    It just keeps getting better.

    Marty (Who bought in on day one)

  3. TommyW Says:

    I’m very glad I bought in on day two…

    iClip, RadioLover, Folder Brander, Pzizz and Connoisseur. I’m pleased with all of those…

  4. Eddie Says:

    Tommy, keep in mind that it’s Pzizz’s sleep module and not the full program.
    So far it’s the only program included that I expect to use regularly. iClip is great too, but I already had it :-)

    Thanks for the MyzteryMegaZOT!

  5. Mark Says:

    O doubt if it is WoWhere … that was a Zot a while back ( , and they said NO MORE DUPES (although I could make an exception for Xyle Scope if they wanted to “add value”!)

    What about the Day 7 comments? I just want to know what about the new one? Are we getting a coupon for $19.99 so we can get it … there doesn’t seem to be a free download

  6. gryphonent Says:

    I’m not putting up my hopes too high for the remaining two applications. Won’t need most of the bundle except iClip. Would love to use Pzizz, but I won’t buy the separate program to run the module that comes with the bundle. As for Hearts and Spades that was added today: I had this on my Powerbook when it was released… just downloaded the demo again: same problems as before. The game constantly crashes. Bummer. Anyway, participating in the MyzteryZot was fun while it lasted. However, I will wait next time a bit longer before jumping on board.

  7. Robert Says:

    Since “World of Where” has been featured before, it shouldn’t be included since we were told on 23 May that “Folder Brander” was the last duplicate.

  8. Robert Says:

    By the way, if you type the following into the Google search field, it will turn up about 45 apps on VersionTracker that are all priced at 11.95

    site:/ “$11.95″

    happy guessing.

  9. edmb Says:

    Some of these apps are really nice but MacZot has got to stop repeating in the MyzteryZot apps that were already available at other times. I didn’t buy this time and I’m glad I didn’t. I already owned Pzizz and iClip and I got a second copy of both in previous MyzteryZots so I would have had 3 copies if I had bought this Zot. The other apps seem nice but not anything I would have bought.

  10. n0mmo Says:

    This Zot does NOT include Pzizz. It includes the $20 add-on SLEEP module. So, if you got Pzizz in a separate zot, then GREAT, because now you have the full package and can create audio for sleeping as well as the napping one that came with the original Pzizz package (ENERGIZER MODULE).

    This has been a great MyzteryZOT so far… the CollaboZot was a good try at something new. I participated a bit, but the lack of feedback as to who won at the end of each day kinda took the excitement out of the game. Ahh well. The apps are pretty stellar so far! PhotoPrinto is probably the only app that I won’t use at least a little… and I’m not even knocking it, pre-built print templates just aren’t my style.

    So thanks, ZOT.. you’ve obviously been listening to the comments. :)

  11. Greg Says:

    So if you don’t have Pzizz then you need to subtract $20 from the value of the bundle because the “sleep module” is worthless?

  12. Mark Says:

    If Greg is right I can wipe off $20 cos I already own iClip? I still see it as a good deal (i was in on day 1 – Folder Brander was an “almost purchase” before; PhotoPrinto will be OK for the wife to play with – she doesn’t do photoshop! The iClip I will install on my iBook with a clear conscience … or give to one of the few mac-owners I know! Pzizz I own from an earlier mstery ZOT, but removed. However I may dig it out for the times when insomnia kicks in

    So I wouldn’t look to see how much is not for me… but how much I can use.

  13. Sir Not Appearing in this Blog Says:

    Have to say this has been pretty uninspiring so far. The only app I’m interested in-Connoisseur-costs $20 on its own. Everything else would be pretty much worthless to me. I’m glad I didn’t bite. I hope things get back to normal after this is done.

  14. n0mmo Says:

    alright, it’s 45 minutes into the new day… do we get a reveal of what we’re purchasing yet?