May 25

The CollaboZOT Team Rankings are now fixed.

36 Responses to “Team Rankings are Fixed”

  1. Eddie Says:

    I don’t get it.
    Is an answer considered correct only if it was entered correctly the first time?
    I would have used a different strategy then :)
    Of course, this is independent of the “case-sensitive” issues we all have encountered.

  2. umijin Says:

    Umm, team Inazuma is not listed. How come?

  3. umijin Says:

    I can’t find my team rankings for Inazuma. What’s up with that?

  4. Allen Hancock Says:


  5. stainboy Says:

    how come ranking changes for teams that have the same number of answers? having answered all the questions, if i was #6 earlier today, why am i #9 now?

  6. Dave Says:

    So what is the third program in the bundle?

    I must admit. This contest seems really unorganized and I’m not sure everyone understands it? I sure don’t.

    How many programs are included? How many teams are awarded programs? Do the winning teams win programs that are in the Mystery Bundle or do they win different programs?

    Don’t get me wrong. I think the Mystery Bundle (with a rising price daily) is a great idea and I think the scavenger hunt is a great idea as well. Oh, and a free copy of a program if enough people provide free advertising on blogs is brilliant. I’ve done my part by advertising pzizz and I hope we get enough people so it is added.

    But this whole contest seems rushed and poorly explained.

  7. Tony Jensen Says:

    Thank you! Much nicer.

    Are you willing to tell us the sort criteria? I was expecting:
    1) Number of questions answered correctly (descending)
    2) Date/Time the team last correctly answered a question

    However, it looks like the second criteria is different.

    Again, thank you for making a good looking Team Ranking page.

    Go Team Mac-Headz!

  8. n0mmo Says:

    I have an answer for #33… but it doesn’t want to accept it.
    It’s correct as far as I can tell. What do I do?

  9. Nate Says:

    Please oh please bring back the mystery zot. Why have you left me?

  10. Allen Hancock Says:

    hey, where is the link for people to buy the MysteryZOT? and how much is it now?

  11. mofo-x Says:


    33 actually has multiple answers, I found 2 other pictures with that exact text on it in the same website ;)

    I have an answer for the potion factory clue that it won’t accept, all my math seems right to, i have all the other ones done except that one, but ya. keep browsing that site, there are 3 pics with that in it.

  12. Brandon Says:

    2 decimal places.

  13. Brandon Says:

    Dude, I found and tried all three image URLs. I found them all very quickly after the question was posted, but nothing I try works. I copy and paste the URL from the address bar, but no joy. I add and remove http://, I add and remove http://www., I try every variation I can think of!

  14. CrazyLittle Says:

    >how come ranking changes for teams that have the same
    >number of answers? having answered all the questions,
    >if i was #6 earlier today, why am i #9 now?

    Yeah, what the hell? My team was #3 earlier today and now we’re #20???

  15. n0mmo Says:

    Actually there are technically two more. I found the same one’s you had and now when I looked back at one of the pages.. lo and behold, another slightly more obscure one loomed it’s ugly little head.

  16. Brandon Says:

    n0mmo, Thanks! I finally found it!

  17. CaptainQ Says:

    I’m not sure the team rankings are fixed. I think I was the second person to finish the current round of questions, but now someone is in front of me. Did the answer more quickly? Fewer guesses? I could be wrong, hopefully you’re keeping track of the time for real. I wouldn’t want to have stayed up until 3:40am for nothing!

  18. Winston Says:

    I’ve tried everything on Potion Factory and nothing works. I did get 1 answer I tried that said I was close and gave me a hint “splits”, but I was already taking the splits into account. Why in the world would they choose answers resulting in a decimal number? Anyone want to provide more hints as to how to get the answer? Is there any rounding to deal with? Should the Apple I price be dollars and cents or just dollars?

    Too many ambiguities in the answers for my taste.

  19. Allen Hancock Says:

    how do we get to enter today’s answers?

    all we see are yesterday’s questions…

  20. unknown Says:

    Grr anyone have a hint regarding the unsanity date of births?

  21. Ben Says:

    Winston, I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve all but given up on the Potion Factory clue.

  22. mat Says:

    Potion Factory

    A- Easy, 1984

    B- That was in the help (prety hard if you don’t have your mac arround) 3

    C- (You could guess this one, but easy if you can just try) 6

    D- (apple-history is your friend ) 666.66

    E- (you could guess from the screenshot, as the effect are placed on a phone pad like grid 3+9-4 or 9+3-4 for that matter) 8

    F- (I believed for long it was 17.5, until I read the clue about the 4:1 split) 17.5/4=4.375

  23. mat Says:

    Got F from there

    it is the stock at market close the 02/02/1997, if you scroll dow you get aapl at 18, but the interesting part is the prev, which is then the price at market close for the 1st, and it is 17.5

  24. bk Says:

    I’ll trade an answer for the unsanity date of births, I have all of them but that one :-). Click my name to email me.

  25. bk Says:

  26. Mark Says:

    S*d the Unsanity clue … what about “Apex’s favorite screensaver”? I have the link. I have the saver. I have what I think is the secret message … but no matter how many combinations I try all I get is “Incorrect” … and I think my team are all asleep now!!!!

  27. Will Croft Says:

    Mark: I agree, the answer to that question is slightly broken – MacZOT should update their list of accepted answers, however I got it to work in the end.

    One of the words in the screensaver clue you find is a plural and shouldn’t be.

    Remove the ‘s’ and you’re on your way!

  28. mat Says:

    I don’t know if it is on purpose, and it might be after all because at some level it makes sense, but it is sure really misleading.

  29. Mark Says:

    Thanks Will!
    I hope it isn’t too late though – I’ve been away for the last 11 hours or so, with no access to the internet. If it’s a first come first prize I’m screwed (My team seems to temporarily be AWOL!

    Thanks again

  30. Dan Says:

    How about an update ZOT!? A lot of people tried hard on this for days. Tell us the situation, please.

  31. ZOT Says:

    Update on CollaboZOT!

    We worked very hard this week trying to organize a brand new idea on top of an expanding idea. ColalboZOT = New, MyzteryZOT expanded.

    Here are some lessons in no particular order:

    1. Have somebody to handle just communications. It’s very important and often that alone is enough to keep people engaged.

    2. Don’t confuse two semi-related events that aren’t really designed to be related.

    3. Have systems implemented before the contests begin and limit feature sets to what you had before you started. Expand features afterward.

    4. Have rules clearly stated.

    5. Have prizes clearly listed with clear pathway to winning them.

    6. Have fun even when it gets super busy.

    We’d like to thank you for an amazing week. ColalboZOT was strong though some detected the unorganization at times.

    So many people had fun learning, meeting others, and just getting stumped by PotionFactory that they consider it a win, if for nothing else to be able to say they’re true Mac fans.

    We’ve got all the information for the teams, questions & answers, etc. As we find some intelligent ways to organize those, we’ll be posting the results and distributing the prizes from many of the vendors that were happy to particpate.

    Thanks to everyone mostly for the patience and encouragement. We look forward to creating more fun down the road.

    Stay tuned!


  32. Dan Says:


  33. Frank Says:

    Did anyone ever get any prizes? This is like getting your Christmas presents on Easter.

  34. Dan Says:

    Yes, it’s time for another update, ZOT! Thanks!

  35. Dan Says:

    And now it’s PAST time for another update… :)

  36. Dan Says:

    Hmmm… If disgruntled CollaboZOTters decided to boycott purchasing from MacZOT until they resolved the CollaboZOT situation, could we call it a BoyZOTt?