May 25

MyzteryMegaZOT! – you get all these for $29.95

MegaZOT! Day 5. As promised, the value keeps getting revealed.

You get 10 applications for $29.95 today only.

If you wait until the end, you’d pay $39.95 (the price goes up $5.00 each day)

If you wait until Monday, you’ll pay $168.70 (5.29.2006)

Save $138.74 if you buy today.

Item Description
Pzizz is a remarkable, patented software that combines several different proven techniques to give you the most refreshing and revitalizing ‘nap’ possible. They have combined NLP with especially composed music, sound effects and a binaural beat to induce a wonderfully relaxed state. Export it to your iPod and you’ll have Rest On Demand.
Pzizz Sleep – $20.00 More info
iClip is the popular Mac multiple clipboard & scrapbook. We’ve had more requests for an iClip return than almost any other application and it’s part of this MyzteryZOT!

And not only do you get iClip now in this bundle…you also get a FREE upgrade to the highly anticipated…über stylish iClip 4! What could be better?

iClip – $19.95 More info
Connoisseur makes managing your recipes as easy as iTunes makes managing your music. From the elegant and snappy interface to auto-completing ingredients, we have put in the hard yards so you can focus on what is important; entertaining your guests
Connoisseur – $17.00 More info
With PhotoPrinto, you can create gorgeous photo albums using scores of great templates and effects, while importing your images directly from iPhoto!
PhotoPrinto – $29.95 More Info
Like games by Freeverse? Can’t get enough of crossword puzzles? Try X-Words Deluxe, a fun, educational crosswords game that’ll test anyone’s word knowledge. Even Monty (not the world’s best speller) loves it!. Best of all, you can play X-Words your way, using a wide variety of boards, vocabulary lists and languages. A great game for the whole family to enjoy.
X-Words Deluxe – $19.95 More info
FolderBrander lets you quickly and easily alter the look of your folders.

Feature Highlights
Easily add text to folder icon
Rotate/skew text
Text shadow effect
Extensible with your own base icons

FolderBrander – $9.95 More info
Myztery Application
Myztery – $19.99  
Myztery Application
Myztery – $15.00  
Myztery Application
Myztery – $11.95  
Myztery Application
Myztery – $5.00  

24 Responses to “MegaZOT! Day 5”

  1. Alex Kadis Says:

    Dang, so no TextExpander? :-/

  2. Jeff Says:

    Does this also include the coupon for the pzizz software w/ enegizer plugin?

  3. XT Says:

    Been wanting something like the PhotoPrint for ages. Great!

    And X-Words Deluxe looks like something I’m gonna be addicted to.

    Just bought the Sleep Module, should have waited a bit longer :(

  4. Steve Says:

    The Pzizz module is a bit of a con, i have to spend another $40 to use it as i dont have the player. I also havent received any information on the Blogzot, at least the player should be $15 cheaper if the voucher ever appears in my email.

  5. Allen Hancock Says:

    Hey everyone,

    if you haven’t bought the mysteryzot by now, you should have.

    by all rights it should be $40 today, (if it had gone up $5 a day) so you are getting an extra $10 off!

  6. Christian Says:

    What a deal!

  7. marty Says:

    Great Stuff:

    Can’t wait until more mysteries are revealed. Good work.

  8. Ian Cheung Says:

    yeah any update on the blogzot? I haven’t received any info at all.

  9. smokeyghetto Says:

    The pzizz sleep module looks cool, but I think that having to spend an extra $40 dollars to get the software is a llittle steep.

    Why not throw in the software and get rid of something else?

    spice it up a little so we will participate in the unknown again.

  10. jeff Says:

    Well, based on what Steve said, I’m gonna pass. What I really want is Pzizz, not the sleep module. Without the original player, it’s just money down the tubes.

    Unless a later revelation will be the whole player?… nah, I doubt it.

  11. Tony Jensen Says:

    The url to the blog list page has not been published. Can’t even remember where I saw it but here it is.

  12. rage Says:

    This is the best mysteryzot so far, thx maczot!

    Definitely makes up for my earlier complaints about AppZapper duplicates :)

  13. Phxdebaser Says:

    Awesome, I’m so glad I bought a few days ago! My X-Words Deluxe trial is about to expire and I needed to buy it anyways, and I LOVE iClip. This is a fantastic package, I’m just sad I bought it the second day rather than the first!

  14. Eddie Says:

    Thanks for the sleep module!

  15. DoubleFour Says:

    Great Zot! Very nice list of apps so far.

  16. Dave Says:

    Definitely very cool so far. As someone mentioned, the price should be $40 rather than $30, but I got in when it $25. I hope the full version of Pzizz makes it in as well.

    I’m glad I subscribed to the MacZot RSS feed a week or so ago. :)

  17. gryphonent Says:

    I second the statements above in respect to the Pzizz sleep module… it only works when you’re also purchasing the software, which is another $40. Adding the sleep module to the package is like offering Photoshop plug-ins without Adobe’s software. While I’ve gladly purchased the MyzteryZog bundle just for the fun of it and in order to support this innovative event… the sleep module should be replaced with the software, otherwise it is a con.

  18. Andrew C. Says:

    I got so excited yesterday after seeing that Pzizz was going to be included. I went ahead and purchased just for that program. Are you telling me now that the included module doesn’t work unless I buy MORE software?


  19. kodac Says:

    Thanks MacZot for trying to get your first-timers and return buyers something new. Can’t wait to see what the other 4 items are.

    In regards to the people asking why the main module for Pzizz isn’t included my guess is that since there’s only ONE zot item to make a repeat and it’s not the repeat. The main module has appeared on Maczot *Twice* (once in a MysteryZot and once by itself) as far as I know. So no it’s not a con, a sham, or anything else other than a new deal. I bet if they did include it, they would make more people mad than are now…
    Oh and while iClip3 has been offered before, iClip 4has not.

  20. kodac Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, I already have PhotoPrinto and iClip but I’m still looking forward to this bundle because of all the other software they’re including. Actually I’m surprised they didn’t do what they did last time they put up a smaller MysteryZot …
    “You’re very brave!

    And, if you get nothing else out of this $15.00, you can prove to your friends and family that for small amounts of money, you’re willing to roll the dice! ”

    Maybe it has to do with the fact that they’re actually telling you this time instead of it being a complete mystery.

  21. clearlydemon Says:

    I don’t know if these licenses are transferable, but I could use the Pzizz sleep module. Email me at (my nick)

  22. Mark Says:

    Shall we set up a _COMPLETELY LEGAL_ trading list for duplicate licenses?

    “To Exchange: iClip3 with free upgrade to iClip 4 for Xyle Scope license. Would be willing to consider similar priced apps if offered”

    (Not totally serious, but…………..)

  23. Pierre Says:

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