May 24

If you’re looking to help everybody get the extra Pzizz apps included, one way might be to search for “maczot fans” on

Then, Digg it.

More complicated clues coming soon as well as prize listings.


16 Responses to “Help with BlogZOT”

  1. mark Says:

    apple .mac blog

  2. Robin Hood Says:


  3. Will Croft Says:

    You may have to use the full search at to find the article as the ‘quick search’ text input at the top of every page didn’t seem to turn up the result for me.

    Get digging!

  4. Dave Says:

    Anyone getting any results at

  5. umijin Says:

    Ummm, searching for ‘maczot fans’ gives you no matches on Digg.

  6. Mike Edwards Says:

    Hey, I’ll help any way I can.

  7. Harley Says:

    Oh man I really hope they don’t ask questions in the last hour of play… I’m goin’ to sleep and my partner seems to have picked this week to NOT be his usual night-owl self…
    I’m screwed. :P

  8. michi Says:

    Help. I’m not much of a techie. Anyone care to offer suggestions with web design technical terms? I’ve spent the last 2 hours looking … feel I’m on the right page but haven’t a clue what words to look for. Won’t sleep until I have this answer …. zzzZZZzzzzz…..

  9. Mark Says:

    I know. I have done some coding. I found the app required but no joy here. Thank goodness for teamwork!

  10. GA Says:

    Yeah… How about a clue for the non-web developers?

  11. glennwolsey Says:

  12. Jimmy Says:

    any word on the prize listings or the winners from yesterday’s draw?

  13. Alex Kadis Says:

    michi .. email me : domain: user: akadis2 and I’ll help you out. I don’t want to say it here as it may ruin the surprise for some people :-)

  14. mofo-x Says:

    Grrr the only one giving me grief is the Potionfactory one, i have all the other ones.

  15. mofo-x Says:

    Grr the only one giving me grief is the PotionFactory one, all the others I have completed.

  16. bk Says:

    I’ll trade an answer for the answer to the unsanity date of birth question. I have all the rest.