Apr 10

BlogZOT1.1 Winners

Thanks to all the people who participated in our BlogZOT! 1.1

Here are the winners for each category

1. Best description of MacZOT.

2. Best testimonial.

3. Best Image for MyzteryZOT icon and page.

4. Most creative plea to Mac software developers.

5. Most comments by readers in Your blog.

6. Random Drawing – Every blogger has a chance at this one.

13 Responses to “BlogZOT 1.1 WINNERS!”

  1. foofoohead Says:

    Hey the link to #3 doesn’t work, it adds /20%20% at the end of the url and breaks it. just delete those dealies and you may see the majesty of all design!

  2. Stridey Says:

    Congrats to the winners! (I don’t think #6 is used to this kind of traffic)

  3. Ernest Liu Says:

    Whoops, forgot to enter the #3 one, haha. Anyways, congrats to the winners =D

  4. debbie T Says:

    Awesome logo creation!

  5. foofoohead Says:


  6. the valrus Says:

    Do these people know how to proofread? And the highest number of comments was 2? Man, had I known the bar was so low (and had I not already paid the $15), I might have written my own entry.

    Yes, I’m an elitist jerk. I just expected the winners to have had a little more care put into them, and maybe a little more high-quality prose. Entry #5 is the most well-written, and the logo in #3 was good (although I was distracted by the totally incongruous use of the phrase “shear [sic] brute force”).

    Congratulations to the winners. You can use the money saved on the MyzteryZOT! to pick up a copy of Strunk & White’s “The Elements of Style.”

  7. foofoohead Says:

    Geeze leave a little humor on a blog and you get blasted… wow just take a pill would you. I was just posting from work and having a little fun. You would think I “owe” you something. Proper spelling and pleasing phrasing are at my discretion, in my blog…

  8. One Hoopy Frood » I’m a winner! Says:

    [...] Well, then I’m glad that the kind people at MacZot were able to appreciate my prose for what it is and saw that my entry was far and above better then all the other entries.  Wait, you mean I didn’t win in those categories?  Well, what category did I win in? (Random Drawing – Every blogger has a chance at this one.) [...]

  9. mbazzoni Says:

    Wow, I won 1 and 4! Thanks for the contest!

  10. the valrus Says:

    “Proper spelling and pleasing phrasing are at my discretion, in my blog…”

    This is true. And criticism of such is at my discretion, should I come across it.


  11. Dave Says:

    Does mbazzoni get two sets of the MysteryZOT! for winning two catergories? If so, I’d buy/take one of your hands mbazz. If he doesn’t, could I have it? :)

  12. mbazzoni Says:

    I have not heard about the prizes, I am sure the ZOTs will contact me sometime…

  13. Junyor Says:

    I haven’t heard anything about the prize, either….

    @the valrus: Thank you. :)