Apr 09
Podcastmaker $23.95

1000+ Podcasters Use THIS!

Podcast Maker is a tool for Mac OS X that makes podcasting
simple. Novices can become podcasters and professionals can
podcast with much less effort and time.

Podcast Maker creates the RSS feed, embeds metadata into mp3
and m4a files, and uploads everything to your server. All you
have to do is drag and drop fi les. You can also embed images
and links to your podcasts to create "enhanced
podcasts". It supports publishing to your .Mac account,
or a web server through FTP and SFTP. It has tons of preview
features so that there are no surprises after your podcast
goes live. Publish podcasts, vodcasts, m4v files, and even pdf
files to iTunes with Podcast Maker.

Podcast Maker got a perfect review from Macworld as a Mac Gem


5/5 Mice, March, 2006

Podcast Maker got another perfect review from Macsimum News

Macsimum News

10/10 rating, Oct, 2005

It was featured on Apple’s Main Download Page next to iTunes screenshot

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