Apr 09
Podcastmaker $23.95

1000+ Podcasters Use THIS!

Podcast Maker is a tool for Mac OS X that makes podcasting
simple. Novices can become podcasters and professionals can
podcast with much less effort and time.

Podcast Maker creates the RSS feed, embeds metadata into mp3
and m4a files, and uploads everything to your server. All you
have to do is drag and drop fi les. You can also embed images
and links to your podcasts to create "enhanced
podcasts". It supports publishing to your .Mac account,
or a web server through FTP and SFTP. It has tons of preview
features so that there are no surprises after your podcast
goes live. Publish podcasts, vodcasts, m4v files, and even pdf
files to iTunes with Podcast Maker.

Podcast Maker got a perfect review from Macworld as a Mac Gem


5/5 Mice, March, 2006

Podcast Maker got another perfect review from Macsimum News

Macsimum News

10/10 rating, Oct, 2005

It was featured on Apple’s Main Download Page next to iTunes screenshot

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to see the many podcasts out there already using this tool.

No Responses to “1,000+ Podcasters use THIS!”

  1. n0mmo Says:

    Not that I plan to do a podcast… but this software is ALMOST really really cool. It’s layout and functionality are 100xs better than CastEasy (which needs to ditch the transitions in favor of speed).. and it looks quite useful.

    My only beef with these various podcast softwares is their lack of audio recording/editing. Without that it’s largely an xml making utility/ organizational tool. The built in podcast enhancing features ARE quite nice. If it incorporated some minimal record functionality and multitracking it would be considered a complete podcasting solution…. until then it’s just a really nicely polished helper app.

  2. Alexander Says:

    Good pick macZot, i was hoping this one would show up. =P This is in my mind the best podcasting suite out there.

  3. geekdreams Says:

    n0mmo – I would rather have a really good app that does one thing well than a mediocre app that that does a bunch of things half-assed. Garageband comes pre-loaded on every new Mac, so “minimal record functionality and multitracking” is already available to most users, as is video editing/compression in the form of iMovie. Or should Podcast Maker have that too?

  4. ctannert Says:

    Podcast Maker is awesome. I am actually quoted on the first page. Cool! But yet. This program is amazing – short for recording/editing audio. If visit the website’s blog you will see they are going to go into beta testing some sort of Audio software. This is only a good sign. Encourage you all to get it if you are podcasting and/or tell someone that you know who is podcasting.

  5. n0mmo Says:

    Apparently comments are deleted from time to time. I wrote a longish responce to ‘geekdreams’ this morning… nothing inflamatory, giving the software it’s due props while pointing out why I felt it’d be even better for a company to market a full fledged podcast production studio… and now it’s gone.

    Basically what I said boils down to this:
    A full fledged podcast creation tool would be quite welcome and that I don’t understand why geekdreams feels the need to attack a request for a more full feature set to a software package.

  6. n0mmo Says:

    hmm… now my comment has returned… weird.

  7. geekdreams Says:

    Sorry, I wasn’t really attacking your request, I just don’t see the point of adding features that are better handled by a dedicated app.

    Personally, I wouldn’t use the audio-recording functionality if it did exist, because I’m using PM for a video-only podcast. As such, I wouldn’t want to pay more for these features, even though it took Andy more time to develop them. He would either have to keep the price the same and eat the cost of development, or raise the price and lose potential sales – never an easy call to make.

    Anyway, I think the OS X philosophy encourages developers to “do one thing well” rather than “be all things to all people.” Things like drag-and-drop support for all apps, the Services menu, and the Core* APIs make it relatively easy for disparate apps to work together in harmony.

  8. dalton Says:

    This is a really excellent program. Thanks for introducing it to me. I’m about to roll out a professional podcast, and have been searching for the perfect app. I think I’ve found it.

  9. shozen Says:

    How do I buy this through MacZot, I see no buy button.

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