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MyzteryZOT – Revealed: 7 Great Apps Saturday 4.08.06

The BlogZOT! contest is still going through the weekend.

If you ordered this bundle, please be patient, we’ll be rolling out the serials when the developers wake up and can get them to us.

World of Where World of Where
Pzizz - a personal life coaching system Pzizz

Matinee (Requires Tiger)


iScooper iScooper
Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab
Multimedia Tiler Multimedia Tiler
CastEasy CastEay
Thanks to ALL who had the trust in

104 Responses to “MyzteryZOT™ Revealed”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Thanks! Matinee and iScooper rock, prizz sounds pretty neat too, I should try it. I hadn’t even heard of these before. Cool!

  2. Ryan L Says:

    Wow, what a great deal. This and the BlogZot earlier this week. Can’t beat $15 for 8 great apps in one week!! You guys rock! Hope you can get even better and bigger stuff for cheap! LOL

  3. Marvo Says:

    Hmm…Not bad. Not bad at all. Matinee definitely looks interesting. I can’t wait to play Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab. With Cast Easy, I can now make a podcast that absolutely no one will listen to, except myself because I like the sound of my own voice. Overall, definitely worth the $15!

  4. FANLESS Says:

    Matinee! YAY!!

  5. rpaskowitz Says:

    World of Where and iScooper — guess a couple repeats

  6. Ryan Says:

    as soon as I saw mantinee i busted out my usb 2.0 HDD. haha im so excited.

  7. n0mmo Says:

    Fun Stuff!
    I read about pzizz before, but was definitely put off by the price. Sounds neat!
    Matinee I’m a bit skeptical about… but we’ll see. iScooper’s always fun. Casteasy will get toyed w/ a bit.
    I’ve gotta say, a VERY well rounded set of toys. Limiting it to 1 game was smart… some good utilities, a learning bit. There’s only one app in the set I’m really rather skeptical about, but I’d rather not mention it since I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here.

    Worth $15? Absolutely.
    I’m in for the next MyzteryZot… assuming they don’t happen every other day.. I mean I need to find the time to actually play w/ these apps right?!

  8. Harley Cooper Says:

    Wow I was really disappointed. I have no use for any of this. Except maybe Pzizz…. So I guess that sort of makes it worth it… Kind of.

  9. Gerardo Algarin Says:

    Wow, this is my first purchase here at MacZot, so what a nice way to start a compulsive thing like this, here (Mexico) it’s 1:30 a.m. and i am downloading my new toys…

    Keep the good work…

  10. matt Says:

    I have to say I’m disappointed; matinee is the only interesting looking one there, but I don’t have the hard drive space available to rip my dvd collection.

    Fool me once (last MysteryZOT, with all the widgets), shame on you. Fool me again, shame on me.

    Sorry, but I won’t be doing anymore MysteryZOTs.

  11. Ronel Says:

    Whew. I am glad I didn’t buy.

  12. turtlebud Says:

    while the applications all add up to $132 as promised, I’m a little disappointed. no, not cause I got ripped off or anything, cause it IS an amazing deal – it’s just that I don’t think I have much use for any of the applications…. oh well.

  13. Meme Says:

    Last time I tried matinee it only worked with VIDEO_TS folders. Who the heck rips DVD’s like this? Hugh amounts of wasted space. So unless this plays mp4, avi, or mov files too now, this is worthless. As are the rest of the lot for me. First and last Zot for me.

  14. Sam Says:

    Haven’t you offered two here beofre? The Geography World one and then also iScooper? Correct if I’m wrong…

  15. irulan Says:

    I concur to some statement above. This is an amazing deal but unfortunately most of the software is not useful to me at all. Too bad as I think it’s a good idea. But then again, I guess you cannot make everyone happy at the same time, right?

  16. Dean Says:

    Yup, World of Where and iScooper are repeats.

  17. crazysim Says:

    Manitee, oh gosh, who rips movies like that? It’s a waste. $15, at least I got pzizz or something out of it. That may be a useful placebo at worse. I was hoping for more content creation apps.

  18. Ben Says:

    I’m not going to lie… I’m disappointed–not in the package, but in the way things ran overall. I know this is being picky but, why make claims that you can’t stick to?

    - MyzteryZOT supposed to be revealed at 11:59PM PST Thursday night (failed–extended til Friday, 24 hrs later)
    - MyzteryZOT supposed to be revealed at 11:59PM PST Friday night (failed–yea this is picky seeing as he missed by like 5 minutes but if your’e going to pick a deadline, stick to it)
    - Only one repeat app (failed–World of Where and iScooper)

    As for the items in the package… I don’t know anything about any of them so only time will tell for that.

    Overall a great idea, and seemingly a decent set of applications, but as of right now I don’t know whether I’ll be participating again…

  19. Ben Says:

    To add onto the last post… either I just never saw this thread by ZOT at exactly 11:59, or someone messed w/ the numbers in the database…

  20. Tim Says:

    Was over hyped, and now we all have to pay for it.

    Sadly none of the apps in the zot are useful to a majority of the people here. Brilliant marketing though, hype hype hype.

  21. Ben Says:

    Well, I have the hard drive space available, and do enjoy the quality and the quickness that movies rip through MactheRipper for Matinee to use but I must ask one question…

    Do you get ANYTHING extra for registering Matinee? I mean, it’s not required to use the application, and although I think it’s a worthy price to pay for it (even though I’d really like for it to support .mp4 or .avi, is this application theoretically free anyway? I’d assume we’re having a copy registered in our name, but still… just seems strange.

  22. Josh Says:

    Yup… over hyped. This was my first, and last MyszteryZOT.

    I decided to try it after it was extended, thought that maybe it might really be a great deal. I fully understand those that complained about it be extended, I would have been one of them voicing my frustration.

    Matinee looks like the only app that I might use out of this bunch… I already have a license for pzizz, and have no interest in the other apps.

  23. Amy Says:

    I think it would be interesting and possibly less disappointing for many of us to have genre-based MyzteryZots. For example, a MyzteryZot of games, or learning, or productivity, or media apps. That may serve everyone better (including Zot because it gives you specific developers to target ad a specific audience to market).

    This week’s Zot seems particularly heavy on media applications and I was using last week’s MyzteryZot (i.e., with iClip and Menuet) as a barometer. Unfortunately I missed last weeks Myztery.

  24. nertzy Says:

    I’ve been wanting Pzizz! Too bad I didn’t grab this while I could. Hopefully it will come up again.

    I did get the first MyzteryZOT and was quite satsified with it!

  25. ZOT Says:

    The negative comments are great and all, but why don’t we suggest actual applications we’d like.

    That would be very helpful, and appreciative.

    We’ve had emails commenting how boring it is to read these negative comments for what to many is a fabulous offering.

  26. Justin Says:

    I’m pretty chuffed with this selection – for $15, it’s worth it just to add to my ‘tools’ collection. Matinee will definitely be used on occasion, and CastEay is also something I’ve been looking for – I know there are other apps out there that do the same thing, but I do like the user-interface.

    I will continue to check what Zot has to offer, and buy if I like the application. Thanks for being different!

  27. Retard Says:

    I’m well impressed with this stuff – not bad for $15.

    Always liked these apps and now I can get them all – yay!

  28. ckm Says:

    For $15, I rolled the dice, and for the value of my money, I can’t complain. I think it’s a well-rounded sampling of apps. Here were my first impressions upon seeing the titles revealed:
    1. Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab (revealed early on) – A great title that I never felt compelled to register. Great…thank you! [verdict: sweet!]
    2. World of Where – Never heard of it. Upon reviewing its features, it looks like a great little reference app. I can’t see a whole lot of use for it from me, but I have 3 kids who will probably get some mileage out of it for school. Definitely a keeper for me.
    [verdict: nice]
    3. Pzizz – I’ve been intrigued by this application for quite some time, but the price had put me off. From what I understand, this application isn’t very useful without a MP3 player, but I’ll be getting an iPod in a couple of months, so I look forward to trying it out. Again, great value for the money…thanks!
    [verdict: sweet!]
    4. Matinee – Never heard of it, but after reviewing what it does — meh. Sounds marginally useful, but I’ll have to reserve judgment until after I’ve put it to use a couple of times. I can see something like this coming in handy on road trips to keep the passenger(s) busy without having to worry about losing or scratching DVDs.
    [verdict: meh]
    5. iScooper – Never heard of it, but upon reviewing its features, it looks like something I’ll use regularly. I look forward to trying it out…thanks!
    [verdict: nice]
    6. Multimedia Tiler – Never heard of it. My first reaction — WTF is with the icon? What does this application do? Oh, I can do a Brady-Bunch grid type thing with media files. I can see very limited applications for this, but maybe it’ll surprise me.
    [verdict: whatever]
    7. CastEasy – What a great addition to this bundle! I had heard good things about this app before, and I had considered purchasing it once before I realized I really didn’t have any ideas for content around which to create a podcast. Upon reviewing the app and its excellent documentation (including tutorial!), I can’t wait to get started podcasting…this’ll make it easier than ever to annoy the world!
    [verdict: sweet!]
    So, given the above impressions, the value for my money was excellent.
    Even lowballing the nicer titles at $10, the OK titles at $5, and ignoring the least useful, I’m still ahead by $25. ;)

    I mean, c’mon…6 or 7 titles for $15? That’s a no-brainer for me, even if it were only one useful application. I like Amy’s idea above for themed MyzteryZOTs, though.

    I may well be inclined to do this again; thanks for a fun couple of days, MacZOT!

  29. ckm Says:

    Oh, and ZOT…don’t you ever SLEEP?!

    Thanks for what I’m sure was a lot of hard work putting this whole thing together.

    This whole MacZOT concept is a wonderful idea for exposing people to otherwise undiscovered treasures in the Mac shareware community. I hope you’re able to continue to offer (and derive ample compensation from) this great service without burning out too quickly. ;)

  30. Alexander Says:

    I do have to sa, at very first i was dissappointed.
    -I have panther so that knocks down matinee.(although i am thinking of an upgrade…..when i get a raise.)
    -World of Where. learn the capital cities and countries of the world. My initial reaction was ‘well that sounds completely educational.. next!’ but, as a student, this could be an alright reference tool (especially during a late-night research paper when the internet or power goes out) and hey, when im bored on a road trip, i might actually start learning these things. could be fun? (gosh i hate geography)
    -Then i see pzizz. at first, i had on my wtf face, but after sitting there and reading the about, im pretty excited. i fly at least twice a month, and am flying to hong kong this summer (24hr flight) this could be amazingg.
    -iscooper. i guess its alright, but when youre at a page with a bunch of images, arent they usually thumbnails?? oh well, ill give it a shot to impress.
    -burning monkey puzzle lab. eh.. when im bored. itll go in hand with marble blaster gold.
    -multimedia tiler. sounds have to see it first..
    -CastEasy. Sweeeeeeeeet. might have to start up a cast.
    overall, I might not do a mysterzot again, this was my first zot ever. But i love the zot. The zot does good things for us.. and i file no complaints, dont fight the hand that feeds.

  31. dalton Says:

    Dude. For $15 bucks? How is anybody complaining? This is an amazing deal, and I am totally psyched. Again, like last week, there are a couple of applications I probably won’t use, a couple of applications that I’ve never heard of that I’m excited to try, and at least two that I’ve wanted to check out, but probably never would have paid full price for.

    I’m not usually a believer in new-agey, hypnosis type stuff, but I’ve read the reviews and Pzizz looks like it could be really, really useful. I’m excited.

    Cheers, MacZOT!

  32. Jebediah Says:

    This is AWESOME. I look forward to the next MyzertyZot. My life has become consumed by MacZOT… I find myself staying up all night so I can snag the latest ZOT.

    Feed my addiction, bring on MORE.

  33. Alex Says:

    I don’t really have that much use for most of this, although I like the sound of Burning Monkey Puzzle lab.

    Just one really small problem- the link is dead. :-(
    It would be really appreciated for a mirror.

  34. Alexander Says:

    turns out casteasy is tiger only.
    thats a real bummer, that was the one i was excited about.
    darn you pantherr

  35. Loyd Says:

    Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab: $20. I paid $15 for the whole mysteryzot.

    I’ll get my money’s worth just in peace and quiet while the wife and kids play that game while one of them stands by with a towel to wipe the drool and reminds them to blink.

    I’d never heard of the game prior to seeing it on MacZot.

    World of Where: Got a kid headed to the 5th grade next year who is going to have geography classes. The 4 year old will get exposed to geography earlier while he watches his big brother use it. So that goes on the kid’s mac mini with their other edu stuff.

    I haven’t even looked at the rest yet but I know I probably wouldn’t have ever wanted some. But with the first two I listed out of the gate, I’m not going to complain one bit, and my wife/kids might think they’re great.

    I gotta say the reason I finally bit (on the first day, approx 1 hour before the mysteryzot was extended) was that Burning Monkey Puzzle lab was revealed.

    Once I saw that and checked it out I knew no matter what I’d be satisfied for my $15 and anything else I got would be gravy..

  36. Ryan Says:

    I purchased, and though i’m not at home on my mac to try out the apps, overall it seems good.

    Some app suggestions would be:
    FTP software
    Optimization software
    OSX Customization software

  37. Loyd Says:

    My kids just told me you guys need a MysteryGamesZot.

  38. Junyor Says:

    I just switched to a Mac, so I guess I was hoping for more applications I actually need, like a text editor, FTP client, OS X customization software, system backup software, a Terminal replacement, Trash management, etc. Give us something we’ll use every day and you won’t get many complaints.

    I’d also be interested in genre-based MyzteryZots.

  39. stainboy Says:

    phooey. i’ve purchased software from macZOT! before but this will probably be my one and only mysteryZOT. i already bought iScooper (here), passed on World Of Where, and the only thing in this package i think i’ll actually be interested in is Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab. but on the bright side, the whole package is $5 less than the cost of the game itself. still, i’m going to have to figure out how to transfer my extra iScooper registration to a friend.

    recommendations for future software:
    - RSS readers
    - system/file utilities such as finder alternates, get info enhancers, system maintenance
    - more polished shareware games (like BMPL or the Danlab games)

  40. Christian Says:

    I am thrilled! I never heard of most of these and they are fantastic – I expected to get turned on to some new cool stuff and I was.

    I also understand the comments f the guy who was hoping for some more utilitarian apps. Maybe theme based mystery Zots are a good idea. I’d be in! You asked for some recommendations – how about Airfoil, Audio Hijack Pro, iClip, Transmit & Graphic Converter?

    I have also wanted ‘Beer Alchemy’ for some time but it’s out of my pricerange. I think that it might be a little too niche to work well at the Zot.

  41. Alexander Says:

    from junyor – “I just switched to a Mac, so I guess I was hoping for more applications I actually need, like a text editor, FTP client, OS X customization software, system backup software, a Terminal replacement, Trash management, etc. Give us something we’ll use every day and you won’t get many complaints.”

    the thing is, the rest of us have most of these already. and check out

  42. t3knomanser Says:

    Now this is my first mysteryZOT, but I was under the impression that the keys would be getting emailed to me? I only have the key for the World of Where in my inbox- and that’s the one of these I’m not even gonna bother using.

  43. t3knomanser Says:

    Gah! I should have read the post more closely. Never mind- I’ll get them when I get them. N/P.

  44. Ben Says:

    I can’t speak for anyone but myself so here goes:

    Overall, I am very satisfied with everything and how it went. Like I said yesterday, I’m not sure how much of the software is going to be useful to me, but only time will tell. I guess you could say I more or less built a list of items I’d LIKE to see, and things from that list weren’t in this package.

    Essentially, I was hoping for apps that would be very useful for the most part, things that I would consider buying anyway just because of the benefit. This includes but is obviously not limited to: CandyBar, ShapeShifter, Pixadex to name a few. Maybe these are something we might expect to see in the next MyzteryZOT?

    I do have one more thing I’d like to say, and this is NOT to make a big deal about it, I just want to clarify. How did you manage to sell out? The idea in my head behind selling out means you already have a specific set number of licenses that you have on hand, ready to distribute. Did you come to an agreement individually we each developer that they’d all support say, 500 discounted licenses?

    I guess I just had the impression, ESPECIALLY since it sold out, that something like this would presume that you already had the product on hand, and that it would be distributed at the time of announcement. I don’t mind waiting (not to be a jerk, but there’s nothing worth getting overly excited about) but it just woulda been nice to be able to use these things at the time of announcement rather than “waiting for developers to get up.”

    Like I said, I am satisfied with the overall value of everything we received today. Will I use everything herer? Probably not, hardly anyone will. Will $15 of the software here become part of my daily/weekly use? Probably, and hopefully, which will make this a justifiable purchase.

    After some thinking I have to say that I’m looking forward to the next one, where hopefully some improvements will be made and I will be wowed rather than just satisfied.

  45. Justin Mazzi Says:


    Thanks for getting us hooked up. I do have 1 suggestion though. Next time can you specify wether they are universal(intel) or not?

  46. Jon Lane Says:

    For $15, I’m definitely not complaining. CastEasy alone is worth the price of admission. Matinee… meh, as others have said, would be nice if it had mp4 support, you can rip the DVDs and then run them through DVD2OneX to at least get them down to 4.7GB. World of Where, thanks for reminding me about how much I’ve forgotten my geography ;-) iScooper – I’ve got an automator action that does this — oh well. Multimedia tiler – as with others, I fail to see the purpose of this app, oh well. Pzizz – I’ve been playing with Brainwaves generator on Windows – I didn’t know there was a Mac app — sweet! And of course Burning Monkey a great way to procrastinate!

  47. John Says:

    This is a great package. I got a bit wary when the timeline was delayed. I have not heard of most of these. I would probably not have bought them on their own, but now I know I will use them a bit. The podcasting one looks fantastic. Games are good, always good. Looking forward to playing with them.

    The people whining here are out of line: They paid very little. The risk was always they wouldn’t get apps they sued that much. But all of these are worth the price. This is a very good mystery package. Well done.

  48. Glen Says:

    Thanks maczot, and too the complainers I’ve spent $15 more foolishly, I’m sure you have too!

  49. zachdn1992 Says:

    Some Suggestions:
    - Acquisition ~
    - Inquisitor ~
    - iWatermark ~
    - Button Builder ~
    - Audio Express ~
    If I find anymore i’ll post them here…

  50. editblog Says:

    Some of the apps do look interesting. I’ll try them all and in the end might not use any of them. But I think that’s kind of what the mystery was all about. I think a lot of the apps are thing we really don’t NEED but may find a place for. What I would LOVE is to see work specific MysteryZOTs. Like a Music MysteryZOT .. or for me a videoMysteryZOT!

  51. Chris Says:

    matinee link seems dead

  52. Jeff Says:

    Well worth the $15 for the two days entertainment waiting for the reveal.

  53. one1step1 Says:

    Cast Easy is slow and is at the bottom of the list. I am still waiting for registration to these apps. The games were the best part. I want to try the Pzizz.. but I need the code to put in on my iPod.

    Hopefully the reg codes will start coming soon.

  54. Thomas Upton Says:

    You asked for apps that we want to see on here?

    TextMate (I would buy this instantly if it were on here)
    DefaultFolder X
    Almost anything from Unsanity Software

    I’m seeing a pattern here… I think we want utilities. I’m not the only one who mentioned text editors, FTP clients, and OS X system enhancements. Yeah, podcasting is trendy, and watching VIDEO_TS folders is alright, but I’d much rather have something that helps me get work done.

    I love the idea for this site, and I hope its influence grows over time to include much more useful apps.

  55. Darithraxiz Says:

    I, for one, am not dissapointed in ZOT.

    I’ll probably end up using most of these applications, especially Cast Easy and Matinee. I have no idea if I have a use for pzizz, since I’ve never heard of it. But you can’t judge based on looks alone. I haven’t played the game yet, again, I can’t judge on looks. I will continue to buy the MysteryZOTs because there is always at least one program I can use.

    As for programs I’d like to see, I agree with a post above about RSS readers, even though I’m very happy with Safari’s built-in reader. In terms of specific programs.. I would -love- to see Delicious Library on MacZOT.

  56. Darithraxiz Says:

    An add-on to my comment before.. I’m a nut for utilities. I would love to see more of them on MacZOT, as well. The post a few back from mine captures my opinions on utilities well.

  57. Ryan Says:

    You’ll like games from freeverse… they are so addictive. I have bought Kill Monty in the past from them..

  58. Amy Says:

    I’m all for utilities. A UtitlitiesZot would be great.

    I’m interested in MenuCalendarClock. (The list price is way too hefty for what it does, but I like it.)

  59. Ernest Liu Says:

    Wasn’t too happy with most of the apps, but I still see this as a wonderful deal. Maybe that Monkey game will give me some fun for a while. I still have no clue what Pizz is… oh well. I’ll find out some day.

    Genre-based is a great idea. Anyways, just to throw up some things I’d like for MyzteryZOT’s or regular macZOT’s:

    Omniweb apps apps
    More games!
    Theming apps (

  60. johnny Says:

    I would like to see a few things…i would buy these instantly:
    unsanity software
    Panic software
    david watanabe software


  61. Sean Says:


    This “huge event” gets posted on Digg (aka spammed), I get emailed about it like five times, it gets delayed another day, and then it turns out nearly all of the applications are useless. And then the lie about only one repeat when there was two. Excellent job MacZOT!

    As for the apps: First of all iScooper and CastEasy are made obsolete by Automator and Garageband 3. Multimedia Tiler is just a useless laughable joke, World of Where is useful only to very young kids, and no one will use Pzizz.

    That leaves just Matinee, and the usefulness of that is also debatable. It doesn’t rip the DVD’s, it is just a launcher. The free VLC plays VIDEO_TS and so does DVD Player. And I’d say most of the people that store DVD rips on their hard drives are not keeping them around as VIDEO_TS but as AVI.

    Not only that but we still wait for our serials. Very disappointed in this Zot. Please get some actual decent apps like Candybar, Acquisition, NetNewsWire, Transmit, skEdit, SubEthaEdit, SuperDuper, USB Overdrive X, Unison instead of these joke apps.

  62. stretchdog Says:

    Pzizz + Burning Monkey = Deal in my book!
    The other apps might get used on my Powerbook, but probably not too often.
    I just really don’t see the point of Multimedia Tiler. It’s like a screensaver with less functionality. Can someone explain what it could be used for? Perhaps if was on a kiosk at a store display it could be cool, but for personal use it’s pretty pointless.
    Plus it’s 2:12 EST and I’ve only received one reg code (World of Where)?

  63. Aren Says:

    Waiting for all of the serials still. ZOT what is their ETA?

    For everyone asking for top-notch apps like Acquisition, do you think that the developers would have any interest in selling their work for what must end up being about a tenth the price? I doubt it. MacZot is doomed (blessed?) to sell quirky little niche programs and plug-ins. And for me this is fine, excellent programs and their developers deserve the 20 bucks or so they’re asking. And MacZot is more about fun, or it was… right now without the serials I’ve got nothing for my money.

  64. the valrus Says:

    ZOT, you should make a post linking to the BlogZOT winners.

    As someone who’s never been able to nap, I’m curiously excited about Pzizz. I never thought I’d say that about nap software, but there you are.

  65. MacPod Says:

    Pzizz totally makes it worth it for me. I would never ever ever buy this software for $49 in my right mind unless I was on drugs or Bill Gates or both. That and World of Where!

    I have to say this is a fantastic idea. People are paying $15 or whatever the price to roll the dice. You can’t complain for losing the lottery and the same goes for MacZot. Plus, this is a lottery with no losers.

    I would love to see themed MysteryZOTs but then you know it’ll hardly be a mystery unless you put in mediocre software.

    Frankly, the two software mentioned above are the only ones I look forward to using (I’m afraid of the Burning Monkey since I already have trouble with diversions) but I definitely don’t regret it and would hate to see negative comments ruin such a great idea! Pzizz is the software I didn’t know I was looking for.

    One suggestion though. It would be nice if you could put together a MysteryZOT basket so people can mix and choose a maximum number of apps from two or three “basket” and also make things more “immediate” (registrations, revealing mystery, etc.). Still, none of this would be possible without the originality and hard work of the good folks behind MacZOT.

    I see MacZOT headed to greatness and I hope more developers are inspired by this to produce good things for the Mac or team up with MacZOT. One thing we need to appreciate is so much world class software on the mac is free and open source. It really takes skill to find good paid software and package it attractively.

  66. ndegruchy Says:

    Now, I understand that it’s on the developers to get us our licenses… but uh… what’s the hold up? I’ve, like others, only gotten World of Where. Any E.T.A or delays we should be notified of?

  67. Kyle Says:

    I’ve gotten all the registration info except for Matinee.

  68. Glen Says:

    Gross what a pita, the Burning Monkey code expires, this is from an email they sent me after registering:

    “The above code is good for 1-2 months following your purchase,
    then it expires. Should you need to re-register your game after
    the code expires, simply retrieve a new one using our Code
    Retrieval System”

    Also, has anyone found a website that iScooper actually does anything other than print out a message “no media”? Maybe I’m clueless on what this thing is actually supposed to do.

  69. frogkisser Says:

    Useless as any software I have ever seen.

    I would not have downloaded any of these at free.

    Live & learn.

  70. Paul Henry Schwebel Says:

    The negative comments are all sour grapes. Hey guys, it was a MYSTERY. If you didn’t get what you wanted don’t cry about it. It was your decision to buy. Good or bad, at the very least, take it like a true geek: with a sense of humor! The mysteryZOT was partly a chance (a CHANCE) to get interesting software, and partly entertainment! I was very entertained. I may or may not use any of the software, but it was fun, and who knows? This is my first ZOT, and it was lots of fun. I’ll keep checking for future ZOTS!


  71. Glen Says:

    ok iScooper does work on some pages. I’m not complaining about the apps, some of them will get the AppZapper treatment though :)

  72. Thomas Says:

    iScoop doesn’t find any media and I’ve tried lots of pages. What the heck?

  73. Darrell Says:

    iScooper is pretty limited, it only works for pages that contain direct links to images as opposed to links that generate images – see the FAQ section of the iScooper manual. So it’s not much use really – i was a bit disappointed about that one.

    Anybody mange to register Pzizz – couldn’t figure out what to put where in the license form?

    btw I’m happy with the deal.

  74. Kyle Says:

    Pzizz is easy to do. Enter the code in the Energizer one, along with your name I think. You don’t get the Sleep pack, just the Energizer one. Worked fine for me. I’m exporting a nap now to give it a try, see if it’ll help my extremely worn out mind. I hate the end of semesters.

  75. Danny Says:

    I must say I am very pleased with the bundle. And if I wasn’t, I would still participate next time. I am a big mac fan, and I support over 500 mac programs. Getting the lisence for these programs at a LOW price… Count me in!

    Thanks MyzteryZOT!!

  76. yahtzeen Says:

    Pzizz is worth the price alone. I used the demo a few summers ago and thought it was pretty neat, had a damn good nap but wasn’t sure if it was because of Pzizz or that I was just tired. But I wanted to buy it, other than the steep price. So getting Pzizz the other six could have been widgets and I wouldn’t have cared (don’t use dashboard).

    This is the third mysteryZOT that I’ve bought and I’m going to continue since it’s always been interesting. I was pretty rough on the ZOTters the first week waiting for the registration codes but really you can use most of this software for the day or two it takes. It is all shareware after all.

    Lighten up. Like others have said it’s a mystery, you’re not supposed to get what you want otherwise it wouldn’t be a mystery.

    Some I would like if I could handpick would be SubEthaEdit, TextMate, ecto, endo, anything from Ambrosia or Panic…but i have to say I’m happy with how they’ve done so far. I would like to see more higher priced shareware during the week that isn’t a part of a mysteryZOT at a reduced price though.

    Themed ZOTS would be cool too, mostly I just want to know if widgets are involved.

  77. Rumor Says:

    A birdy tells me we might see TextMate as a daily zot soon.

  78. » macZOT MyzteryZOT Letdown » Blog on a Stick Says:

    [...] When I was introduced to macZOT a few days ago, I was very excited. Seemed like a great site with an interesting twist. However, I realize now that MyzteryZOTs are not for me. [...]

  79. MacPod Says:

    BlogZOT idea: I want that Pzizz sleep module!!! lol

  80. Loyd Says:

    heh I’m on the verge of buying that sleep module.

  81. zotbatman Says:

    3 Mystery Zots later, I am still pleased with each one.


  82. Milty Says:

    Does the pzizz come with teh sleep module?

  83. alex Says:

    I didn’t get Matinee registration yet.

  84. Chris Boulton Says:

    Excellent selection of Apps if you ask me.

    So far though, I’ve only received my license details for:

    Multuimedia Tiler
    Where of the World

    Not sure what is up with the rest.

  85. Krishna Sadasivam Says:

    Okay, time for me to chime in. This was my first MysteryZOT and I think I got more than a fair deal (and learned about some new cool apps along the way).

    I waited on the sidelines until one prize was revealed: Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab. I’m a fan of Freeverse’s games (and already own X-Words Deluxe and Burning Monkey Mahjong) so I was pretty confident that even if none of the other apps were decent, I’d still have a neat game for $15.


    I found some other neat utilities in the bundle that made the MysteryZOT a great deal. iScooper, for one – what a really cool little app. It works as advertised, and makes it very easy to view images from a website without having to navigate. Nice!

    Pzizz is great too – my wife and I tried it last night while we were lounging on our sofas and it really had a calming effect. I probably wouldn’t have bought this software at the price they advertised on their site – so this was definitely a bonus to score.

    World of Where has potential for geography buffs – though I don’t see myself using it too often. Looks like a really neat app for students though.

    Matinee – this one I won’t use very often either – I just don’t rip DVDs onto my hard drive so it’s kinda useless. Once I get a laptop I may use this to copy DVDs onto it, but for now – it’s a waste.

    Multimedia Tiler – not interested in. A dud for me.

    CastEasy – I don’t really podcast, but it looks like a really nice app if I ever decide to have one in the future.

    In summary, did I get a great deal for my $15? Yes. I did. Will I do another Mystery MacZOT? Most likely probably. ;)


  86. fred82 Says:

    I didn’t get Matinee registration yet.

  87. fred Says:

    I didn’t get Matinee registration yet also.

  88. fred Says:

    Anyone else that did not get the Matinee registration yet?

  89. ndegruchy Says:

    Nope, no matinee reg here, either. However, I’m not able to find a place to put any license info into in Matinee. In fact, when you click on “register” it opens your browser to a paypal donation page, where it states that you’re not “required” to register, just that he’d appreciate it.

  90. zotto Says:

    It would be great if we can get zot price for SyncupX, BurnAgain, CD Session Burner and of course for more games from Freewerse Sowtware!

  91. UnLogikal Says:

    Got an email from Brian, no need to register Matinee, it’s an honour system kinda deal.

    I second the desire for SyncupX. I’m a student so I can probably buy it for $10 without much trouble, but it’s a great app and the demo is pretty neat.

  92. Ensoniq Says:

    I have to agree those who were a bit disappointed with the contents of the package. Burning Monkey Solitaire is pretty much the one and only app I had ever heard of before, and the only one that complete leaves me feeling satisfied with the $15 I paid. But I am not sure anyone who bought the MyzteryZOT on the first day before BMPL was included would have been too thrilled with the results…

    Yes, it was only $15…we took our chances and rolled the dice, and we certainly got a value (on paper) of well more than $15. But it seems like even those who are NOT feeling disappointed have an overall feeling of “Well I kinda think these apps are neat, if not something I would use regularly.” It’s not about the money…it’s about “the deal”, and $15 for a bunch of apps that you’ll probably never use is not really “a deal” regardless of the price.

    MacZOT! – As others have suggested, to keep these MyzteryZOTs alive in the future, you will probably need to do the following:

    1 – Pre-announce at least one major app to be included, as you did with Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab. If the MysteryZOT is $15 then (like with BMPL) the app you announce needs to be at least $20 and from a well-known vendor. You do that, and we all know we’re getting a good program for a discount and the rest of the “junk” you throw in (like with this MysteryZOT) then maybe gets a pass. But I’m pretty sure you’ll never be able to sell another “completely blind” MyzteryZOT after this one.

    2 – While I agree that specific MyzteryZOT packages (Games, Internet, Utilities) may appeal to some, I think part of the disappointment some of us are feeling is because this last package was overly media oriented. As a first-time MacZOT buyer (AppZapper doesn’t count since it was free), I would have been happier with a wider mix of applications, not something so completely specific to one genre. Again, only BMPL saved the day for me on that one, and left me happy with MacZOT overall.

    3 – A little more disclosure on overall package value and details, while maybe hurting the “mystery” a little, would give the buyer a better feeling of control on their purchase decision. Saying “A package of 7 apps worth $131.85!” is a little misleading when one of the items (Matinee) is essentially free and has no real cost. The $10 “thank you” via PayPal shouldn’t be included in package pricing, as it’s an optional payment that is not required. Something like “A package of 6 apps ranging in price from $9.95 to $39.99, with a BONUS freeware item registered in your name!” would have been more accurate, and still sounds fairly exciting.

    Take these comments as what they are…constructive criticism. I am not bashing MacZOT as some others are. I am, however, coming at this as someone who worked in customer service for 10 years and knows how “gentle” you need to be sometimes with customers on the other side of that computer screen. :)

    Long live MacZOT!

  93. zotbatman Says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah, That is what I hear from comments like the one above me. 10yrs in customer service should also have taught you that you can’t please everyone. It’s kinda funny reading how everyone knows what is best for Maczot. If you don’t like it don’t buy. I keep coming back for more and probably will continue to do so. For those that want well known applications heres a hint, go buy them.

    Thanks again Maczot

  94. DCE Says:

    Though I don’t mean it in a punitive way, I feel compelled to add my voice to the chorus of disappointment. The previous mysteries featured at least one app with almost universal utility – AppZapper (which all of us who’ve followed MZ lately have heard enough about) and iClip.

    This group of apps, however, has no such “anchor” application that makes the whole bundle worthwhile. Instead, there’s an esoteric tiling app, a new age audio self-help recording (which might, it should be noted, be nice to sample from for DJ’s) a geography quiz, etc . . .

    Still, it was fun to wonder what I’d be getting. I suppose that’s what we’re really paying for. That said, the only positive thing that came of this particular bundle is that I had App Zapper at the ready to get rid of them all!

  95. quamen Says:

    Nice. Overall I am happy. Not sure I’ll use everything, but some things definitely sounds good.

    Here’s a request from me. DevZot!

    Tansmit, TextMate, A Better Finder rename 7, omni graffle / outliner…. you get the idea.

  96. zotbatman Says:

    For Quamen,
    That sounds great, but you forgot to ask for maybe Quickbooks, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. Come on guys lets get real for $15 you can go to a restaurant and get a burrito with a coke. Ok maybe you are right Maczot can you get us a Mystery Zot where there is no Mystery. I would like you to tell me what it is that I am getting first, then I would like it if you would let me trade in anything I don’t like for an upgrade, like maybe Final Cut…….

  97. taken Says:

    yeah, took a chance. not impressed, personally. learned my lesson. enjoy my fifteen bucks!

  98. quamen Says:

    zotbatman I never said it had to be a mystery zot. If maczot packaged up some useful developer tools for a nice discount I’d be in for buying it. Zot did request requests.

    Also, quickbooks and CS2 are in a different league to the programs I listed… and neither are developer tools.

  99. Flounder Says:

    I’ll go ahead and post comment 100

    While I don’t have much use for most of the software here I discovered pzizz which has helped me immensely in sleeping as recently I’ve been having problems doing so. So Thank you MacZot

  100. Joe Says:

    Just wondering, but when will the codes to unlock the programs be sent? I still haven’t gotten mine and it’s been nearly a week.

  101. someGuy Says:

    sorry, but this was a dog. too much media. won’t use anything except maybe an occassional spot on the game. miz it up more, 1 game, 1 system utility, 1 media, 1 internet utility etc

  102. Matt Says:

    Umm I’m still waiting on the codes is any one else?

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