Apr 07
MyzteryZOT value now at $131.85

MyzteryZOT Exploded

We got our bonus – a game by Freeverse Software.

We’ve been working hard to bring our fans a HUGE, HUGE deal.

I really don’t know if I’ll be able to pull off something like this again.

So, please, tell every mac person you know.

Tell them to invest $15.00 one time and be blown away with the value they receive in today’s MyzteryZOT.

For example, we are including 7 (seven) applications.

4 of them are more than the $15.00

No Widgets (that was a question)

How can we do this?

Our developers want to appreciate the trust you have in the Mac platform. They know you’re the true test of the quality of their applications.

If you like them, you’ll spread the word (and please do).

The total value of today’s MyzteryZOT is now $131.85 for only $15.00

Spread the word.

Save 88.4%

on Mac

Software Today

59 Responses to “MacZOT Exploded MyzterZOT bundle to $131.85”

  1. kodac Says:

    WooHoo! This deal keeps getting better and better!!! :) Wonder what it’ll stop at? *curious*

  2. Christian Says:

    I am impressed! I hope that this placates the hordes of first day whiners upset that they didn’t get to know what they were getting last night at midnight. I am happy to wait for quality (and in this case, quantity).

  3. dalton Says:

    Yup – pretty cool. This might be the best MysteryZot yet. I’m going to have to stay away from this website for a little while, I’m worried I might be getting addicted!

  4. n0mmo Says:

    Showing a preview of one of the apps was DEFINITELY a good move on your part.
    This is shaping up to be a really rocking deal.

    Look forward to seeing all of this come to fruition!

    ZOT on!

  5. the valrus Says:

    Honestly, I think the waiting constitutes at least 50% of what I paid for. Which means I’m getting a doubly good deal: twice as much waiting for the same price, AND $132 worth of software for $7.50!

  6. ZOT Says:

    Okay everybody: Go spread the word. ZOT worked through the night to get you this deal. I told all the vendors we’d get them some exposure.

    I leave it in your hands!

    ZOT out!

  7. Ben Says:

    Zot: I have one word for you that will probably summarize the view of many others–REDEMPTION :)

  8. Christian Says:

    Agreed. Good job – gonna go tell some friends.

  9. Dan Says:

    Yes, this makes up for my earlier disappointment at not finding out what I was getting at the end of day one. You’ve UPPED the value and revealed ONE item. An excellent solution!

    I have an idea for the next Mac ZOT: Tell us the exact number of items in the ZOT and have a contest — if you guess the exact contents of the Zot, you will the last EveryZOT! The FIRST person to post the correct contents of the Zot wins, and the person who suggested the idea of this competition also gets the second-to-last EveryZOT!

    Hey, that would be ME!!! :D

  10. Edward Says:

    Wow! You guys just don’t stop haha. This anticipation is killing me! But it is such a good deal, it has to be worth the wait. $15… ya can’t beat that with a stick.

  11. Bob Says:

    Great stuff, i really don’t understand all the people complaining they have to wait another day (for something they probably weren’t waiting for before they signed up for the zot, so it really doesn’t matter, good things come to those whose wait!!! – $15 (or ~£8 to me) is nothing in the grand scheme of things, people need to take a chill pill and, well… chill a little!)

    I’m not much of a game fan, The only thing i’ve played on the mac is Mah-Jong (it better not be in the mystery zot :P ), So the revealed zot wouldn’t entice me to purchase it more (I purchased it on the first day at about 1600 PST).

    Can’t wait to see what i get, and i’m glad it’s not more widgets, you should see my dashboard on my 12″ PB, no space left!!

  12. Kyle Says:

    Kind of hard to tell people about these companies and get them exposure when we have no idea who they are. MyzteryZots are great and all, but you can’t expect lots of people to jump on simply because it’s $15 for $131 of software. I just like supporting mac developers. If you want these companies to get exposure, it would be better to have the developers names. Otherwise, the praise comes after I recieve the goods because I can’t just praise non-existant companies.

    I don’t mind writing something up for my blog, and I did for the last blogzot, but that was because I knew it was AppZapper, and I can stand by that one because I’ve used it and I like it. I can’t say the same if I don’t know what I’m praising. I can’t praise something I don’t know.

  13. the valrus Says:

    >> MyzteryZots are great and all, but you can’t expect lots of people to jump on simply because it’s $15 for $131 of software.

    Apparently they can expect that, actually.

  14. Kyle Says:

    Takes the right kind of person.

  15. Kyle Says:

    Woah, woah, woah….

    We won’t be getting the MyzteryZot until the 10th? According to the new BlogZot, it doesn’t end until 11:59PST on the 9th. If those of us who purchased it yesterday, aren’t getting the software until the 10th, that’s just kinda not cool.

  16. Tim Says:

    … but you can’t expect lots of people to jump on simply because it’s $15 for $131 of software. I just like supporting mac developers. If you want these companies to get exposure, it would be better to have the developers names

    Of course you *can* expect people to jump on: I just did.

    And of course I’ll be giving these companies exposure/kudos once the apps are revealed & I’ve had a chance to give them a spin.

  17. Paul Says:

    I wish I knew one more friend that had a Mac… so far, all of them have remained
    loyao to The Dark Side. Hard to get the word out… but looking forward to my
    second ZOT purchase in three days!

  18. Aaton Says:

    Interesting, this is my first ZOT. How are the programs delievered? Download or CD? I’m guessing direct download of the app and MacZOT will provide the Reg keys to fully unlock it. Right? Guess I’ll have to wait till tommorrow…

  19. Kyle Says:

    Tim, that’s really my point. There are people that will spend $15 to get $132 worth of software. There’s a bunch of them, but more to what I was saying, I can’t give kudos to a software company when I don’t know their name, or if their product is any good. Zot wants us to give these companies exposure, I have no problem with that, but the requirement is that I know the names and try the software first. Zot seems to want us to just blog about these “mystery” companies … that hardly leaves a lot to talk about.

    “So there’s these companies that seem to like giving away software for cheap. I’ve not tried their software because I don’t know what it is I bought, you should do the same.” Doesn’t really sit well with quite a few people. Sure, there are people, you, me, probably several hundred other users that are Zot shoppers, will spend the $15, but that doesn’t mean we should all go out and randomly praise companies and software we haven’t tried or even know about, simply because Zot promised lots of exposure.

    Seems to me they’re missing a lot of exposure and potential sales because it’s too much of a “mystery.” Sure, $132 is a lot and potentially great software, but I can’t provide exposure, only to MacZOT, which I’ve done, doing it again is just sort of annoying.

    Give me the names of the companies, and the ability to demo the software, and I’ll be happy to provide mini-reviews within a couple days. But I won’t blog about software I haven’t tried.

  20. Ben Says:

    Kyle: I believe you’re mistaking the BlogZOT thing w/ the MyzteryZOT. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but these two things are two entirely different things.

    ZOT: Please verify this is possible–this MyzteryZOT will be delivered at 12:00 mignight PST tonight, correct?

  21. Ben Says:

    I meant to put this in the last comment–I believe the BlogZOT just gives you the option to win one specific piece of software, along w/ a free MyzteryZOT. The times of the two things however, aren’t related. Once again, ZOT, please correct me if I am wrong.

  22. n0mmo Says:

    Kyle > I believe the CONTEST to win a free Myztery Zot ends on the 9th.

    There’s nothing that says that the Myztery Zot is being pushed back to the 9th… is there?

  23. html life » MacZot y su MyzteryZot Says:

    [...] Cuando he visitado la web, la promoción se había agrandado, ahora aclaraban que se trata de 7 apliaciones, por valor de 131.85 U$D, al mismo precio que ayer y en esta ocasión muestran que una de esas aplicaciones es un juego que vale, 19.99U$D. A este pack le llaman MyzteryZot. [...]

  24. ndrake Says:

    Aaton, you are correct. You’ll get an email with download links to the apps. The reg codes seem to come in a separate email.

  25. Random Access 3.0 Says:

    Interesting Shareware Site

    Scott turned me on to macZOT!, which is for Mac Users….

  26. IronTek Says:

    Okay…to everyone bitching about the concept of this MysteryZot thing (and it’s a lot of you).

    Time for Marketing 101! And lest you think I’m being an ass for this post, know that I’m an engineer not even in marketing…so, just so we’re clear, I’m being a super ass with this!

    Allow me to introduce you to “Viral Marketing.”

    If Zot gets the developers to, for example, only pay them a buck for selling their software in this deal, those developers really don’t make out on the sell. Zot does reasonably well though for a middle-man.

    Now, I, the buyer, don’t know what I’m getting. This is true. And so the developer really sees no immediate benefit.

    BUT…if I really like Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab, for example…well, there was no chance in hell I was going to pay 20 bucks for it! But I get it in this bundle and, wow…it’s fun! Then I go tell all of my friends how much fun it is. They try it out and then decide to buy it. Though Freeverse only got 1 dollar of my money, it’s a buck they never would have otherwise gotten from me AND they are now getting even more from my friends. So the more of these Zot sells, the more potential customers these developers will have in the future. They can win on both sides of the transaction.

    Can we please stop the whining now? Just accept the deal and be happy. And if you enjoy the software, tell your friends!

  27. SPeedY_B Says:

    Fantastic news. This has been my first Zot buy, and it seems to keep getting better :)

  28. Alex Says:

    I’d be happy to wait a week if the value went up by $15/day.

  29. Junyor Says:

    Are these apps universal binaries or shouldn’t I bother if I’m on an Intel Mac?

  30. Alexander Says:

    If I buy, my first zot ever! I’m excited.
    One problemo.
    I have 10.3 panther.
    Are all the apps compatable with my os??
    Thanks! Keep up the Zotting!

  31. n0mmo Says:

    Actually it IS a little bit of viral but also quite a bit of what WalMart does.

    They say to small developers… ‘Hey! Wanna make a quick pile of cash? If we can get you $2000 tomorrow would you give us a 1000 licenses?’ While it’s a much smaller amount a money than they would be getting by waiting for users to come purchase software through them… it’s a quick 2 grand (or whatever).

    So it’s largely the volume licensing that’s probably getting these small developers… the word-of-mouth advertising bit is the pie-in-the-sky bonus justification.

  32. Krishna Sadasivam Says:

    Okay, with the Freeverse game, I’m in.

  33. edmb Says:

    To Alexander, MacZot has said that some of these apps require 10.4 so you have been forewarned. On the last MyzteryZot I was a little annoyed to find that there were 4 widgets (requiring 10.4 obviously) and that I didn’t know this in advance. This time MacZot has done the right thing telling us up front AND they have made the deal a great bargain. Here’s hoping I REALLY like one or two of the apps, but even if I don’t I won’t whine about it like I did last time :-)

  34. Says:

    MacZot Amazing Deal!

    Ok, MacZot is offering $131.85 worth of software for only $15!. This ends tonite at midnight. I suggest you go over and buy the software while you can.

  35. Derek Says:

    I’ve already purchased two things from MacZot, but this is the first MysteryZot I purchased. Just wanted to let you know that I wouldn’t have done it, except that:

    A) You told us what one of the pieces of software was, and I figured, even if the other 6 aren’t that great, that’s still ok.

    B) You said there were no widgets.

    Keep doing that and I’ll likely keep buying MysteryZots!

  36. n0mmo Says:

    Umm… I don’t think you need to advertise on their own site. If this is for the contest do it ANOTHER blog.

  37. Kyle Says:

    n0mmo: that is a trackback… if you click his name it goes to his blog post about it. Trackbacks show up as comments on wordpress, they’re really a way to link blogs that post about other topics to the original blog in question. That way people reading this thread can see other blogs that link to this post.

  38. UsrBinBoy Says:

    That Freeverse game is addictive! Can’t wait to get my serial number! The other software is almost not important at this point. Almost…

  39. turtlebud Says:

    man zot, you’re going to set the bar so high with this mysteryzot, it makes me just want more more more!!!


    btw, thanks! i can’t wait til 11:59PST…. guess i’ll be waiting up tonight (unless zot decides to wait another day and sweeten the pot even more – I don’t know if I could handle that)

  40. Jeff Says:

    Gaaah! Five more hours!

  41. supenguin Says:

    First time maczot buyer… Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab sealed the deal. I love Burning Monkey games, but I wouldn’t pay $20 for the Puzzle Labs. $15 for that game and 6 other applications. I can’t wait to see what I get.

  42. n0mmo Says:

    3 hours!
    Please let the reveal happen @ midnight!

  43. Alexander Says:

    For the record, I live in the east coust, and yes, I am waiting until 3 a.m. for this one. I’m excited.
    (more coffeeee)

  44. Flounder Says:

    Ok.. I gave in… lets see what this has got

  45. Flounder Says:

    i can’t wait to find out what it is

  46. ZOT Says:

    We have 7 copies left.

    If you wanted one for a friend – it’d make a great gift.

  47. Ben Says:

    If it’s sold out, announce now! :) I’m so anxious!

  48. kodac Says:

    Would you look at that, it sold out…

  49. Cyberspread Says:

    So does his mean that in about 10 minutes this will be revealed? Im in colorado and it 12:55.

  50. ZOT Says:

    The silence is eerie!

  51. Ryan Says:

    AH, tell us! haha

  52. Greg Says:

    I stayed up late for this! I’m ready! I’m sleep deprived!

  53. Ben Says:

    It’s after 12 now PST, what did we buy???

  54. n0mmo Says:

    ‘Have a Great Weekend’… no, they’re not serious are they?

  55. n0mmo Says:

    AH HA! I see it on the rss feed!

  56. ctannert Says:

    Yahoo me too! Have never heard of most of this stuff…hope its good :)

  57. Flounder Says:

    Cool and I was going to buy Cast Easy eventually anyway

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