Apr 07

MyzteryZOT – Revealed: 7 Great Apps Saturday 4.08.06

The BlogZOT! contest is still going through the weekend.

If you ordered this bundle, please be patient, we’ll be rolling out the serials when the developers wake up and can get them to us.

World of Where World of Where
Pzizz - a personal life coaching system Pzizz

Matinee (Requires Tiger)


iScooper iScooper
Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab
Multimedia Tiler Multimedia Tiler
CastEasy CastEay
Thanks to ALL who had the trust in
Apr 07
MyzteryZOT value now at $131.85

MyzteryZOT Exploded

We got our bonus – a game by Freeverse Software.

We’ve been working hard to bring our fans a HUGE, HUGE deal.

I really don’t know if I’ll be able to pull off something like this again.

So, please, tell every mac person you know.

Tell them to invest $15.00 one time and be blown away with the value they receive in today’s MyzteryZOT.

For example, we are including 7 (seven) applications.

4 of them are more than the $15.00

No Widgets (that was a question)

How can we do this?

Our developers want to appreciate the trust you have in the Mac platform. They know you’re the true test of the quality of their applications.

If you like them, you’ll spread the word (and please do).

The total value of today’s MyzteryZOT is now $131.85 for only $15.00

Spread the word.

Save 88.4%

on Mac

Software Today

Apr 07

BlogZoT! 1.1 – Words to Winnings!

If you have a blog, and some skills to go with it, you could find yourself with $90 in new Mac Software very soon.

We’re sponsoring a six-part challenge for bloggers. Here’s how to win:

Pick a category below and make an entry in your blog. All entries will be reviewed by MacZOT staff and volunteers to determine the winner of each category. When you make an entry, enter the number(s) of the challenge you’re competing in: E.g. "Here’s my entry [2,5]" (means you’re entering for challenge #2 and #5.

1. Best description of MacZOT –

Can you describe succinctly and completely what MacZOT does?

2. Best testimonial –

How has your experience been? What would make a newbie to the site trust us already?

3. Best Image for MyzteryZOT icon and page –

Handy with Photoshop or Fireworks?

Submit a 128×128 icon and a 300x300px image. The most beautiful or representative of the MyzteryZOT! wins.

4. Most creative plea to Mac software developers -

There are a lot of developers who haven’t heard of MacZOT or are not sure they should be involved. "Write a blog entry as if you were writing a letter to a developer who’s software you’d like to see on MacZOT. Explain why they should consider it. The most convincing entry wins.

5. Most comments by readers in Your blog -

Do you have a popular blog? Can you generate a post about MacZOT that gets readers to take action? The blog entry about MacZOT and/or BlogZoT! 1.1 with the most comments after it wins.

6. Random Drawing – Every blogger has a chance at this one!

For every 10 blog entries that contain links to and say, "MacZOT is for Mac users" example:

MacZOT is for Mac users

We’ll randomly award 1 complete MyzteryZOT valued at more than $80.

Blog URLs for consideration must be posted one-by-one in the comments for this post. So, if you have 14 blogs, you’ll make 14 comments, each one being a separate entry.


6 BlogZoT! Challenges

Post an entry in your blog, paste the link in as a comment here. The community and the MacZOT judges will view each entry and award the prizes!

Meanwhile, we’ll see if we can’t keep adding value to the EXTENDED MyzteryZOT!

The contest ends at 11:59 pm PST, April 09, 2006