Apr 06

MyzteryZOT Extended

If not, here’s your chance! Really!

Yesterday’s MyzteryZOT has gotten more valuable and extenended!

Are you willing to take a chance? You know we’re not frugal.

This week alone we’ve given away over $65,000 worth of software and sold thousands more at great values.

Do you trust the ZOT?

System requirements: Some apps may require Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or higher.

Normally $74.00+ a 81% savings.

ZOT Price: $15.00

(less than one new-release DVD for this much anxiety? – wow!)


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No Responses to “MyzteryZOT!â„¢ EXTENDED”

  1. Jared Says:

    This is BS.

  2. Harley Cooper Says:

    Extended until when?

  3. turtlebud Says:

    aw man, guess we have to wait for one more day huh?

  4. n0mmo Says:

    While I appreciate the added value… I waited on the premise of a mystery that would reveal at the end of the day.

    Another day? Ugh….

    Why would people request an extension? Couldn’t they pay in that amount of time?


  5. Harley Cooper Says:

    Well, then again, they had mentioned that the price came to more than expected, so maybe the quota was not met. I’d say it’s fair game to extend it by another day…

  6. Hal! Says:

    I guess after thinking abot it for a minute, this really is added value. My $15 is still good no matter when it gets realeased. . .

    Take your time, add more appz.


  7. nmeans Says:

    I’m fine with the extra time, sort-of. But I’d at least like to know how much extra time we’re talking here!

  8. bini Says:

    Its hard to distinguish between the despair and seduction. ZOT!

  9. gojou Says:

    Not diggin’ this. Paid $15 for my MyzteryZOT before the original deadline, now I’m penalized TWICE for being an early customer:

    - I’m forced to wait an extra day to find out what I got in my ZOT
    - I met the original deadline, but get less value for my $$$ than the guy who didn’t

    Seems more like MyzeryZOT to me — not diggin’ this at all.

  10. Dan Says:

    Yes, since we were thinking we’d find out what we would get at the end of the day, I agree there should be a bonus for day 1 buyers to be fair, or tell us now… I know you will do this, because you guys are very fair-minded! :)

  11. ZOT Says:

    - I’m forced to wait an extra day to find out what I got in my ZOT
    - I met the original deadline, but get less value for my $$$ than the guy who didn’t

    No, no, EVERYBODY from Thursday and Friday get the same UPGRADED ZOT!

    It’s better for you. Better. Not worse. Not worse.

    > wakes up in a sweat… “Did I miss it? What’s the Myztery?” — screams are heard down the hall (( What’s the Myz – ter – eeeeeeeeeee ? ))

  12. Dan Says:

    Oh, and also in the comments yesterday, you (ZOT) said the total value was $81.95, and some people bought after that… Now it’s less again?

    Did something actually go wrong, maybe?

  13. Dave Says:

    This is really a shame.

  14. matt Says:

    I still feel somewhat burned about the last mysteryZOT (four out of six items were dashboard widgets? gimme a break! … then again, I don’t use dashboard at all) and there has been nothing said about lack of duplication, so i’m holding off.

  15. gojou Says:


    Well, that makes me feel better. Sorry for the confusion — Friday’s initial ZOT description was unclear on this. Still bummed about having to wait an entire extra day to find out what I got…

  16. redsoxnation Says:

    Jeepers people. Cancel your order.
    At a maximum, they should have sent an email to all the day one people, let them opt out and take what they bought ($60 value) OR they could stay in at the $74 dollar value.
    relax people.
    I hope the added software is not software at all, maybe valium for the whiners.

  17. AK Says:

    to Matt.
    On yesterday maczot zot told there will be no widget and 1 duplication

  18. Ryan Says:

    Bummer on the wait. I think now its going to be a bit harder to meet everyone’s expectations.

  19. Anthony Says:

    I agree, while it may be a good deal, the peopel that signed up “on time” should either get something extra or go ahead and get the items delivered to them.

  20. Ryan Says:

    I’m pretty excited. This is my first MyzteryZOT

  21. Anthony Says:

    It was my first MyzteryZot too, all the more reason for the let down.

  22. Ben Says:

    If I have to wait, I have to wait… but the thing that bothers me is that part of the “product” I was buying had a description of being delivered Thursday night at midnight PST. I went from being excited about this whole thing, to wondering if it’s just going to be extended again tonight when the titles supposedly are released.

    All I know is that the actual titles released with this and whether or not its actually released tonight totally gauges whether or not I’ll participate in future MyzteryZOTs.

    I’m just frustrated that those of us who got in Thursday cannot differentiate ourselves from those who get in today (assuming I got the right meaning from “No, no, EVERYBODY from Thursday and Friday get the same UPGRADED ZOT!”).

  23. Christian Says:

    Oh, give the Zot a break. They had a cool thing goilg that was building some buzz, and had an opportunity to give you even more cool stuff by getting another day’s worth of people on board. Everybdy wins, so what’s wrong with that? For those of you who stayed up to wait, you get extra stuff too, so you win and you still have a cool surprise coming.

  24. Justin Mazzi Says:

    Do us a favor and let us have what we paid for plus the extra stuff today. Go ahead extend it for other people, but give us ours early since we paid you yesterdaty. I don’t think I will be participating in another myztery zot. Im gonna come back tomorrow and its gonna say something like, “Due to popular demand, we have extended it another day!”

  25. ndegruchy Says:

    Re: Ben

    My sentiments exactly. I really would rather not have to wait until Saturday to get something I purchased Thursday.

    > All I know is that the actual titles released with this and
    > whether or not its actually released tonight totally gauges
    > whether or not I’ll participate in future MyzteryZOTs.

    Yep, as a first-time ZOT-er, a good first impression is the only thing that’s going to keep me here, purchasing deals.

  26. Paul Says:

    Wow, I have never seen a company make a move so EARLY to directly insult their customers. I think those that bought yesterday with the understanding that the mystery would be revealed at the end of the day AT LEAST deserve to know when the zot is being extended to…Also, as general feedback, I think these zots should have a numbering scheme. I understand that yesterday’s mystery was extended, but the main page notice is confusing saying “If you bought the First MyzteryZOT this week, You will receive this upgrade as well. No need to purchase again.” I think this is the third myzteryZOT, but I think some who bought the second one might think they are getting this one for free…I understand this is a new company, but I think it needs some policies. Kudos for a great idea, but I think if this is just a blog with a paypal link you are not going to go far as a company… Especially if you insult your customers by calling them whiners. That is not the customer experience you really want to foster. Very unmac, dude.

  27. Paul Says:

    also… you ask “Do you trust the ZOT?” That is a dangerous question to ask a customer point blank when you are giving them reasons not to trust you… OH, and its also not really reassuring to reply to a purchase with the statement “And, if you get nothing else out of this $15.00, you can prove to your friends and family that for small amounts of money, you’re willing to roll the dice!” Okay, I am done whining now.

  28. Ben Says:

    ZOT: I re-read the front page, and am in complete confusion. Are the items in todays MyzterZOT the same as yesterdays? It’s posted as “If you bought the First MyzteryZOT this week, You will receive this upgrade as well. No need to purchase again.” That almost implies that you get two separate MyzteryZOTs for the price of one?

    Am I the only one confused? Maybe if this was the case, and it was clarified, a lot fewer people would be frustrated…

    Please clarify if possible, exact differences between what people who purchased this yesterday vs today will get.


  29. ZOT Says:

    Thanks Ben. People who purchase today, or yesterday, will receive the same amazing bundle!

  30. ckm Says:

    The way I interpreted it was this:
    Due to the extension, if you bought anything from MacZOT earlier this week (Prior to the MysteryZOT), then you don’t need to buy again. I took this to mean that any earlier ZOTs from this week (AppZapper, for example) would be part of the “extended” bundle that was added due to the extension.

    Wait…now I’m just confusing myself…ZOT, please clarify!

    (this is still darn fun, though) ;)

  31. Justin Pahl Says:

    Give the ZOT people a break, I’m sure they have no malicious intent, I’m fine with waiting another day and if it gets more people on board, all the better. I would rather wait a bit longer than force the people running this site into a corner. Keep up the good work!!

  32. ZOT Says:

    MyzteryZOT clarification:

    If you purchased the MyzteryZOT – you’ll be waiting ONE more day. We wanted to sweeten the deal for everybody and have managed to do so.

    However, please don’t purchase again today thinking it’s a whole new Myztery bundle. It’s not. But if you want one for a friend or family member, by all means, pick one up.

  33. Ben Says:

    ZOT: Is ckm’s translation true? What will the Extended ZOT include? Is it the same exact thing as what we would have gotten last night if it weren’t extended? Or is ckm’s interpretation true? Should I be expecting, on top of the 6 or 7 apps, also a copy of the Sudoku, AppZapper, etc?

  34. ckm Says:


    But one more question: are these licenses transferable?

    I’ve been on a shareware buying spree lately (Transmit, NoteBook, Yojimbo, Comic Life, Delicious Library, RapidWeaver, Duplicate Anihillator), so if I get any dupes, I’d like to be able to “re-gift” them to others.

    Would that be do-able?

  35. SupaFuzz Says:

    >>Thanks for your patience. BTW, we finally got our confetti-cut paper shredder we bought off woot. They take longer to deliver than we do.


  36. Rob Says:

    I think what will happen is this:

    If you bought during the week, you will not get this mysteryzot, unless you buy it specifically.

    If you bought yesterday, you will get the original mysteryzot, plus whatever else they added to it.

    If you bought today, you will get the same as the people who bought yesterday, the original package, plus the extras.


  37. ZOT Says:

    Rob is correct.

  38. Rob Says:

    Do I win a prize on top of my mysteryzot?

  39. t3knomanser Says:

    Of course, my Internet is out at home, so I’m waiting until MONDAY to find out what I’ve got. MONDAY people. Quit your whining.

  40. n0mmo Says:

    So, wait a minute… I’m a bit fuzzy on the details. If we ever bought anything from anyone ever… say a bootleg dvd from some guy on the street for instance… we’ll get all the zots, everything at, an olympic gold medal and a live bear in a box?

  41. Kajtus Says:

    For all you first time custumers: sit back and relax… Though macZot is young, they’ve been more than reliable. Yes, this extension is a little funny given the premise of the deal-a-day imported from Woot, but I’m certain they’ll smooth their opperation soon enough.
    This is my second mystery zot, and my only worry is that I’m getting a little addicted… All in all it’s just great fun.

  42. Ben Says:

    See, that is enough to keep me satisfied. All that needed to be said was “You have the possibility of getting something extra on top of what you were already going to get.” Another night up til 3am (EST) is what tonight will be, mwahaha.

  43. Skrud Says:

    The suspense is killing me! WHAT DID I BUY!?!?

  44. Derik Says:

    Are previous MyzteryZOT buyers going to see a lot of overlap? Yesterday’s seemed to suggest there would be.

  45. Derik Says:

    By previous buyers, I mean from other weeks.

  46. Rob Says:

    ZOT said,

    April 6, 2006 @ 4:39 pm

    Confirmed: There will be 6 or 7 Applications in this MyzteryZOT bundle.

    The 7th is dependent on if we make our goal or not.

    Only 1 of the bundle has appeared on MacZOT previously.

    Thats what they said yesterday, so little overlap

  47. Timan Says:

    Hopefully its not widgets this time, but useful apps.

  48. stainboy Says:

    all right, you ZOT me. i was glad i passed on the last mysteryZOTs but i’ll bite on this one, especially with the promise of little overlap and no widgets. hopefully i’m not disappointed….

  49. the valrus Says:

    >> Only 1 of the bundle has appeared on MacZOT previously.

    It better not friggin’ be AppZapper. ;)

  50. Rob Says:

    n0mmo said,

    April 6, 2006 @ 2:59 pm

    Woo Hoo! No Widgets!

    My GF is getting that extra app… assuming it’s AppZapper… which I am. :)
    ZOT said,

    April 6, 2006 @ 3:06 pm

    NO – AppZapper either

  51. James Says:

    How, exciting! I get to wait another day.

    I was hoping to receive it today as today is my birthday!

    Oh well, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


    PS: People sure do complain a lot. Is our society so obsessed with instant gratification and consumerism that we cannot wait one whole extra day? Well, since some of us may die before tomorrow, I guess it is important to consume as much as we can today! Hmm….intertemporal consumption under uncertainty.

  52. Greg Says:

    What?!??! This is outrageous!! How dare The Zot not deliver my mega-mystery package to me!! I am incapable of waiting one more day!!1!! It took me weeks to save up that $15, and I plunked it down on the Mystery Zot hoping that it is software that could bring my pet cat, Fluffy, out of her coma!!! This was a terrible idea! May the mighty god Zues rain down shimmering lightning bolts and steaming hot feta cheese on all of those who didn’t buy the Mystery Zot yesterday! Bow before me, for I am the all-powerful customer!!!

  53. Greg Says:

    That was satire, by the way.

  54. awwww Says:

    My god, the sense of entitlement in here is amazing. You people need a wee bit of perspective.

  55. mzgrafx Says:

    thanks macZOT for the extension. i was considering purchasing this when it originally came out, but opted not to. i was thinking that $15 for a bundle of apps sounds good but its not something i need and the money could be spent on something with a higher priority. however, now that you have added value, my priorities have changed. i am anxious to see the mystery resolved, but if you decide to add more apps to the bundle and take additional time to release it, i say DO IT! for $15, the more apps you add the better, even if it takes a few days. don’t mind the folks that have a quick tongue, and even quicker fingers, in the end they will look back and appreciate the additions.

    Once again thanks and keep it up.

  56. elroy Says:

    While I agree that the “sense of entitlement” being displayed by some is wee bit over the op, I don’t think that it is unreasonable, at all, for those who had put through their payment for the MysteryZOT on day one to have expected an email informing them of the extension.

    That said, I’m happy for the Zot folk to take their time and for them to continue to add value to this particular MZ.

    Now. lets use the rest of the time we have left for rampant speculation about the content of the MZ.. although I think that, given the timing of this MZ and Apple’s release of Boot Camp, it’s pretty obvious that one of the items in this Mystery ZOT is WINDOWS. :P

    ~ elroy

  57. turtlebud Says:

    whoa, it’s 7 apps worth $131 now and we know one of the apps – burning monkey puzzle lab (worth $20). That leaves about $110 to cover 6 apps – a little less than $20/app or if there are less expensive ones, that means that some are more than $20. hmmmmm… what could they be.

  58. Ryan Says:

    What the?? Now that it’s up to $131, I see no reason for complaints!

  59. Ryan Says:

    Don’t forget to update the text on the front page, it still says “”Normally $74.20+ a 81% currently a savings.”"

  60. Ryan Says:

    So, in order for the value to go up to $131, wouldn’t you need to replace some of the cheaper apps with more expensive ones? How does that work if you already made deals with dev’s for there particular softwares?

  61. Rory Says:

    Wow! This is worth extra day.

    I hoping for something like TextMate or SubEthaEdit. I need one of those.

  62. Rob Says:

    I’m with Rory, textmate all the way!

  63. Bob Says:

    textmate better not be in it :P, i alrteady bought it ages ago! :) Transmit too… :)

    J/K, i’ll give the reg’s away to a friend if they are in it, which i doubt since they don’t really need the exposure of zot since they’re very popular already.

  64. mrkwst Says:

    This is my first Maczot purchase. Can anyone tell me when and how we will be to download this Mystery Zot?

  65. Kyle Says:

    TextMate would mess up the whole scale for the app prices, it’s $50USD… besides, I think if Allan were to do this he’d do it as a daily zot because it’s not something your average user would use.

    I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be included in this.

  66. Kyle Says:


    At 11:59pm PST (3:00am EST for me) the offer is over. At which point sometime shortly afterwards you’ll get an email with a list of all the apps and their respective download links. Some serial numbers may be included, if they aren’t they’ll be sent by the developer/vendor a bit later. They’ll also post the list of apps on here.