Apr 02
AppZapper 1.3 is out BlogZOT!™ BlogZOT™

AppZapper 1.3 was released today. The uninstaller Apple forgot has teamed up with to run a special promotion for the release of their latest version featuring the new QuickZap™

AppZapper 1.3 is FREE! (or will be if we get at least 259 bloggers to mention it)

For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05

Our goal is to give away 1,000 copies of AppZapper to Mac users around the world. So, every Blog entry will be worth about $50.00 to the community.

Once they reach at least 259, AppZapper will be priced at $0.00 (FREE) to everybody who registers at or sends a simple email to after the time it becomes FREE.

GET STARTED! Email your favorite bloggers and tell them to blog up MacZOT so everyone can benefit! And then: Grab your copy of AppZapper 1.3 with the new QuickZap feature from


NOTE: AppZapper 1.3 will not be available until about 3:00 am PST. However, blog posts can begin immediately.

>> Post links to blogs as comments to this entry for them to count!

Learn more about AppZapper here…

MacZOT main page

NOTE: This offer expires at 11:59 PST on April 03, 2006

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  1. glennwolsey Says:

    Great idea macZOT!

  2. Darithraxiz Says:

  3. faedera Says:

  4. inner.geek » Blog Archive » Mmm… MacZot Says:

    [...] I’m posting this story to maybe scam me a free copy of AppZapper with what MacZOT is calling a “BlogZOT” — every post linking to MacZot will put the price down by five cents. If we get 259 posts about MacZot, 1000 people will get it for FREE…. wooooooot! Be in quick, there’s only like 2h45 minutes to go before the software will be available [...]

  5. Nightrose Says:

  6. Katanna Says:


  7. brab Says:

    Excellent idea. Here is my blog mentioning it:

  8. Keri Henare – macZOT! Says:

    [...] I’ve been a uni student and I’m about to be a tourist (a broke one) so I’ve learn’t all about being cheap. And nothing says cheap like free software. I also happen to be a huge fan of fun viral marketining initiatives which is why I have to link you to macZOT it’s all about promoting new software for mac. If you post about the website within the next few hours you could get yourself some cool new software for free.maczot [...]

  9. nissarup Says:

    And another one:

  10. kommentarstation Says:

    macZOT – AppZapper Aktion :)

    Ich hatte macZOT schonmal erwähnt, dass ist garnicht so lange her. Nun haben die Leutchen mit anderen Leutchen von AppZapper dort eine Aktion gestartet. Wenn hinreichend viele Blogger eben jenes folgendes bloggen, dann wird der AppZapper umsonst. Pr…

  11. vnoel Says:

    My contribution

  12. nechbi Says:

    MAcZOT and AppZapper what a great combination!

  13. Eugenia’s rants and thoughts :: Blog, get AppZapper for free :: April :: 2006 Says:

    [...] The macZOT guys are running an interesting promotion. They are asking for 260 bloggers to blog about their app, and when this happens, their application will be free for download to 1000 lucky users. Blog now and then post here your link (so they can count it in). The promotion ends on 23:59 PST, April 3rd. Filed under: Software – [...]

  14. Eugenia Says:

    I don’t know who posted this for me, but anyway, here’s the “official” submission: ;-)

  15. zhaneel Says:

    Nice idea.

  16. Confortablement Engourdi » ZOT! Says:

    [...] Une initiative originale : le site macZOT fait la promotion du logiciel AppZapper en déduisant 5 cents de son prix pour chaque blog qui parle de l’opération. Les licenses seront gratuites si le nombre de 259 liens est atteint. Alors voilà ma pierre à l’édifice. Aucun commentaire Flux RSS des commentaires | Adresse de Trackback [...]

  17. JackSim Says:

  18. intrascendencias Says:

    Good idea!

  19. Laurence Anderson Says:

    Great idea, how could I pass up the chance to add one more entry to my site and help out users wanting this app at the same time?

  20. Reinier Says:

    This is great! Funny and effective if you ask me!

  21. StuFF mc Says:

    Just made a new post on ! Also a funny bug in iChat on this post :)

  22. Stuff MC Says:

  23. MacPod Says:

    Excellent idea!
    Here is my blog only speak in german.

  24. mlik. » Blog Archive » do you macZOT? Says:

    [...] Today, they are offering a deal on AppZapper, which removes any left over files from your computer after a program is uninstalled. Usually, I think of this for Windows users, but Mac programs leave unwanted files on your hard drive too. It’s a good deal, check it out. Posted by dalton [...]

  25. dalton Says:

    Here’s mine. Good idea – it’s some crazy marketing for both of you!

  26. Gonzonia Says:

  27. Veerle Pieters Says:

    My little contribution: – Approved section at the bottom.

  28. paolo genta Says:

  29. Jan Says:

    Excellent idea!
    Here is my blog only speak in german.

  30. » Blog Archive » AppZapper for Free Says:

    [...] macZot will giveaway AppZapper for free if they can get 259 bloggers to mention it, so here is my contribution (link). [...]

  31. siuyee Says:

  32. Geoff Says:


  33. Kyle Says:

  34. Kirk Says:

    Here ya go!

  35. Nick - Nick Starr dot com » AppZapper for free Says:

    [...] For every blogger that blogs about macZOT teaming up with AppZapper today, they will take off 5 cents from the price of the software (this post counts towards that goal). [...]

  36. The Quest » AppZapper 1.3 For Free!!! Says:

    [...] For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  37. Dinesh Cyanam Says:

    Here on my blog too……….

  38. Nick Starr Says:


  39. Jason Says:


  40. » AppZapper offer at Says:

    [...] I highly recommend this useful goodie, and is currently running an offer for this utility. The price will go down $0.05 for each blog entry about it, so if you blog – read this! [...]

  41. Geir-Tore Says:

    Here too:

  42. Escape Journal » Blog Archive » AppZapper 1.3 will be released today. Says:

    [...] For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  43. Shawn Powers Says:

    Me too.

  44. SmellyBroom Says:


  45. Paul Bradley Says:

    Here’s a link to on my blog, hope it helps…

  46. Weiran Says:

    Here’s mine:

  47. Paul Bradley Says:

    Sorry thought it would auto-fill link – here it is:

  48. macZOT! at tarp for life Says:

    [...] If you dont know about macZOT!, it is awesome. They have a deal on ONE mac program per day…. so check this from their site!!! From macZOT!: if 259 blogs mention it, the price of AppZapper 1.3 will go down enough so that it becomes free. So if you have a blog, you know what you need to do. [...]

  49. Scott Says:

    On my blog now, c’mon everyone!

  50. Zach Holman Says:

    You’re all blogged up.

  51. Michael Says:

    I’m with you:

  52. » Blog Archive » Get AppZapper for Free! Says:

    [...] For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  53. wastern Says:

    here’s another

  54. Craig Says:

    I’ve wanted to try this out for a while now, I’ll post about it right now.

  55. KitKitNet Says:

    My blog is main audience Chinese Mac User, therefore my entry is in Chinese! Hope it is ok!

  56. Computer and Me - Kit's Weblog Says:

    免費 AppZapper..

    如果有用過 Mac, 可能聽過 AppZapper. 今日 Mac Website, MacZOT! 連同 AppZapper Developer, 推出一個 Promotion, 只要有一個 Blog Link 去 MacZOT! 佢地就會減 USD $0.05 直到免費 (FREE!!!). 所以作為一個 Mac User, 無理甅

  57. cba Says:

    TARP is at it again:

  58. David Rickard Says:

    Here we go!

  59. Scott Says:

    even better, a link to the actual post…

  60. Donald Vlahovic Says:

  61. Joe D. Says:

    My Blog Link:

  62. Andreas Says:

  63. Donald Vlahovic Says:

  64. sgardner Says:


  65. Mark Says:

  66. bitmuggger Says:

    Here’s a link. Looking forward to the product!!

  67. bitmuggger Says:


  68. Max Fun Says:


  69. Dave Says:

  70. AppZapper For Free, maybe at Digital Delusion Says:

    [...] MacZOT is offering a unique promotion. For every blog mentioning MacZOT and AppZapper they will cut the price by $0.05! [...]

  71. Tony Says:

    Here is my contribution:

  72. Mike Says:

    DO IT!!!

  73. David Bridle Says:

    I have posted to my blog

  74. Dave Says:

  75. Ryan Stone Says:


  76. George Says:

  77. 6ft5 Says:

    6ft5 covered it!

  78. Andrew Wirtanen Says:

  79. .. Says:

    [...] AppZapper version 1.3 has been released, and while I haven’t actually tried it out yet, it looks like it could free up some disk space on my mac. As it happens, OS X doesn’t actually uninstall programs as much as it just lets you throw away the apps. By design, it keeps around a bunch of files from deleted apps (such as preferences stored in the Library folder) that allows the program to run just like it did before, with all your previous settings intact, if you decide to reinstall it at a later date. Kind of convenient, but I bet I have at least a half a gig of junk in my Library folder just taking up space from apps I’ll never use again. Check it out if you need to free up some space, I guess! Published by Graham @ 15:20 [...]

  80. Graham Case Says:

    I done blogged it!

    This is awesome! Way to go macZOT!

  81. dizziness Says:

    Posted on my site:»-5-cent-blogzot™/

  82. Tim Says:

  83. David Says:


  84. Velvet Mantis Says: – Posted!!

  85. AppZapper Says:

    [...] I had blogged about macZot earlier in the year. As a way of promoting the site, macZot has teamed up with AppZapper to offer a very attractive offer. Simply blog about macZot and you can help bring the price of AppZapper down to $0. [...]

  86. Josh Says:

  87. Makki Says:

    AppZapper 1.3, Get It For Free!

  88. Leo Nelson Says:

    On the blog:

  89. Hacintosh Says:

  90. thekevinexperiment » macZOT! Says:

    [...] From macZOT!: if 259 blogs mention it, the price of AppZapper 1.3 will go down enough so that it becomes free. So if you have a blog, you know what you need to do. [...]

  91. cba Says:

    business, rants, stuff and general nerdness

  92. Bit Twiddler Says:

    Here you go gang:

    This is a great idea!!


  93. andy Says:



  94. David Says:

    Doing my part.

  95. JD Says:


  96. xxdesmus Says:

    great idea guys :)

  97. syamsul’s domain » AppZapper..for free?? Says:

    [...] AppZapper is a really neat application that provides an easy way to completely – yes completely – uninstall a Mac application, leaving absolutely no orphaned preference files behind! Now, there’s a promo running over at macZOT, and one can get it for free – if enough people blog about it. So check out the macZOT page now – a 1-day only promotion! [...]

  98. Matthew S Elmore Says:

    here we go :)

  99. Syaman Says:

    Here’s my blog entry!

  100. David Says:

    Just it case it wasn’t abvious, my name is the link. ^^^

  101. Steven Says:

    my mention of AppZapper

  102. A Burgess Says:

  103. Sidde Says:


  104. Retard Says:

  105. BOK Says:

    Wahay!! I like this way of getting a piece of free software (if we make it to 259 links). And I only started using Apple and Mac OS X less than a week ago.

    My post is here:

  106. derHostienschaender Says:

  107. Richard Testani Says:

    Here is my post.

  108. macZOT! - AppZapper 1.3 is FREE! (or will be if we get at least 259 bloggers to mention it) at oneinsane dot net Says:

    [...] For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  109. AppZapper. For Free. at Carbonite Life Says:

    [...] It’s time for you to get AppZapper, the popular Mac OS X application, for free. If 259 bloggers link to AppZapper, you’ll be able to get it for free, from macZOT! Let’s get rolling folks. share thisThese icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]

  110. Wronski Says: cool.

  111. Natal Says:

  112. Duane Says:

    I love this idea!

  113. Ron Says:

  114. bjoern Says:

  115. Justin Says:

    You got my vote.

  116. Shausha Says:

    Excelelnt idea peeps … here’s my mention …

  117. jimini Says:

    and another…

  118. Nimbus4DM Says: hier ist die URL

  119. Kin Zaru Says:

    Eclectic Corner->A touch of everything :-D

  120. Blue Mint Says:

    AppZap Promotion

    AppZapper 1.3 is FREE! (or will be if they get at least 259 bloggers to mention it)

  121. MacGunner Says:

    Posted –

  122. Noel Says:

    Here’s your link:

  123. AppZapper ¡GRATIS! * at Says:

    [...] *Maqueros si quieren que AppZapper sea gratuito solo hagan un post al respecto y coloquen un comentario en este enlace – A Linkear – [...]

  124. Dave Gebhart Says:

    Not really much of anything yet. But a good excuse to post something.

    You guys have the coolest ideas.

  125. afrael Says:

    Here is my contribution =)

  126. Steve Daly Says:

    Very cool idea!

  127. Ted Says:

    OS X Factor is doing it’s part…

  128. Stublag Says:

    Go Internet!

  129. bluemint Says:

    Free? Really?


  130. Dave Gebhart Says:

    Please disregard last comment. In my haste to register for the free copy I posted the incorrect URL. The correct one is:

    Hopefully my webpage did not just become a communal internet art piece.

  131. Jon Lane Says:

  132. Iyaz Says:

    My post:

  133. オタクペンギン Says:

    What an evil plan to take over the blogging world. Excellent.

  134. Mike N Says:

  135. John Bailon Says:

    I’m getting me a free appZapper :-D

    Blogged it in my carPC Project blog –>

  136. Tim Love Says:

  137. Candy Says:

  138. E.J. Says:

    Short blog entry on AppZapper and the MacZOT promo:


  139. j.verhine Says:

    I’ve been wanting this. Thanks.

  140. Samtherocker Says:

    My blog coverage for what its worth :)

    Great going MacZOT! You continue to deliver impressive deals.

  141. kart Says:

    spread the word!

  142. Justin Mazzi Says:

  143. mykoleary Says:

  144. trip foster Says:

    great idea and great app!

  145. Jonathan Says:

    This is a cool idea, wonder how many they can get. Even if it does not make it to be FREE is will still be a bargin when it is said and done.

  146. Ken Cavanaugh Says:

    Here’s my link:

  147. Life, it is a Travesty… » MacZot Discounting AppZapper $0.05 per Blog Post Says:

    [...] From their site: For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  148. Chris Hinojosa Says:

    Linked here at:

    Hey Austin, this is Chris Hinojosa, President of the SEU MUG. I’d like to thank you again for visiting us down here in the sunshine state. Love AppZapper and can’t wait to see more innovative products from you.

  149. The_Decryptor Says:

    Great idea guys!

  150. Says:

    Help Make App Zapper Free!

    By tracking back to the MacZOT site, I’m helping to make AppZapper free. If you don’t know what AppZapper is, it’s a little utility that helps you completely remove an application from your Mac. Not extremely useful, but free stuff is always nice….

  151. Hyphen Hyphen Says:

  152. kart Says:

    D’oh! forgot to post my blog link before.

  153. Charlie Says:

  154. Hyphen Hyphen Says:

    Interesting to note that your page does not specify the exact time at which this offer expires. 11:59 on April 3rd is a little vague without an AM or PM or Time Zone.

  155. Hyphen Hyphen Says:

    It is an especially great idea (for them) if their terms are not reached and they have to give away NOTHING in exchange for being mentioned on 250 blogs (plus who-knows-how-many AFTER the time limit expires).

  156. jenny Says:

    Great Mac Software!!

    macZOT is a discount software site for Mac users, with a twist. Much like WOOT, instead of offering a product list, they have exactly one deal a day. You have to visit first thing in the morning, decide if you like what they’re offering, and buy that day or it’s gone.

    Today, they are offering a deal on AppZapper, which removes any left over files from your computer after a program is uninstalled. Usually, I think of this for Windows users, but Mac programs leave unwanted files on your hard drive too. It’s a good deal, check it out.

  157. Peter Beninate Says:

  158. Gonzonia Says:

    Why wasn’t my earlier post counted?

  159. Anthony Morales Says:

    You have a post from me!

    btw, I love you guys, you make finding new mac apps fun everyday.

  160. Robbie Trencheny Says:

    Posted –

  161. Says:

    [...] today is the big appzapper give away, we just have to get 259 people to post it on their blog, so hey go post it on yours, post your link in the comments here [...]

  162. Dave Says:

    Posted :P

  163. G-Blog » Blog Archive » AppZapper 1.3 for FREE from! Says:

    [...] For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  164. fuzzz » Blog Archive » AppZapper free today… maybe Says:

    [...] UPDATE – If 150 bloggers mention it today it’ll be free for a limited time WOOT! [...]

  165. Javaddicts Says:

    AppZapper available for free

    The guys at MacZOT! are giving away the software AppZapper for free to 1000 users, if at least 259 people blog about it. In case you don’t now it, AppZapper is the uninstaller which Apple forgot to put into Mac OS X. It literally zaps any application …

  166. Geoff Myers Says:

    Here it is:

  167. dombi Says:

    Posted here:

  168. 3/25/84 » Blog Archive » Free AppZapper Says:

    [...] Looks like MacZOT software is making their AppZapper program, which they tout as “the uninstaller Apple forgot,” available for free today if 239 bloggers write about it. I’ve heard mixed things about the program itself, but, if it becomes free, I’ll definitely give it a shot. [...]

  169. cheap therapy » Blog Archive » AppZapper for free? Says:

    [...] The Deal: macZOT! will lower the price of AppZapper by 5 cents for every blog that links to them, until the application is free. [...]

  170. Normando Says:

    There we go!

  171. Shawn Says:

    Here is my entry:

  172. DIMEBAG Says:

  173. Logickal Says:

    Ooops, I mean:

  174. dombi Says:

    And here is another one about the promotion:

  175. Rustin Says:

  176. Toyman Says:

    Here’s mine:

  177. tk Says: :)

  178. dojob Says:

    There it is:

  179. Logickal Says:

    Dang. I’m seriously messed up this morning.

  180. The Digital world of KNK Says:

    Very Clever Marketing ;)

    MacZOT! is planning to give away AppZapper if 259 bloggers blog about it. This is very cleaver marketing in fact they have called it a “BlogZOT” … which is also a catchy name.
    AppZapper is a cool program it makes it much easier to rem…

  181. Curt Fiedler Says:

    OK, here’s my blog link to MacZot:

  182. cole orton Says:

    posted –

  183. Josku Says:

  184. Atomized » Blog Archive » AppZapper Says:

    [...] Well, supposedly macZOT will give away copies of AppZapper if 259 bloggers link to them. [...]

  185. KNK Says:

    Posted :)

  186. MacPhilly/MacNation Says:

    Very cool app, and now all my listeners will know about it too!

  187. Jimmy Says:

    Here’s my contribution to a really cool idea. Thanks maczot!

  188. Scott Vandehey Says:

    Genius – posted on my blog:

  189. Andrew Says:

    Here’s my entry.

  190. Rob Says:

  191. Jake Covert Says:

    Blog entry posted:

    I’m geeked if this application does all it purports to…

    – Jake Covert

  192. Julien Says:

    You make a very good job with AppZapper !!!

  193. Harry Says:
    all the free goodness posted

  194. Abdulla Tammour Says:

  195. brandon Says:

    Posted too
    hope it helps!

  196. Saint Andreas Says:

    It’s a rellay great idea!!!!
    I’ve posted on my blog

  197. Dinesh Says:

    posted here:

  198. Tom Says:

  199. macZOT! - Software for Your (and my future) Mac at /home/nil/ Says:

    [...] I’m posting this story to maybe scam me a free copy of AppZapper with what MacZOT is calling a “BlogZOT” — every post linking to MacZot will put the price down by five cents. If we get 259 posts about MacZot, 1000 people will get it for FREE…. wooooooot! Be in quick, there’s only like 2 hours and 45 minutes to go before the software will be available [...]

  200. Jimmy Says:

    Weird, I’m pretty sure I posted the link to my blog, but didn’t show up in my post. Well here goes again. Sorry about that.

  201. MrsDotOne Says:


  202. Bill Bradford Says:

  203. Gayathri Says:

    Here u go guys:

  204. Jussi Says:

    Posted –

  205. Thomas Says:

    I’m confused, my last two comments were deleted. Anyone know why?!

  206. Hugh Says:

  207. CG5Addict Says:

    you’ve been added in my permanent links on my blog.

  208. ambimb Says:

    This link appears on two blogs: Ambivalent Imbroglio &
    Ambivalent Bits.

  209. Nil Thacker Says:

  210. Brian Says:


  211. Evan DiBiase Says:

  212. kitch Says:

    Here is my post.

  213. theKitch Says:

    macZOT and AppZapper

    OS X doesn’t come with a built in application or way to uninstall programs, you simply drag them to the trash. But for the more anal in the crowd (myself included) you want to get all the prefernce files and an…

  214. LD @ tok Blog » Blog Archive » macZOT and Free Shiz Says:

    [...] appZapper is free through macZOT today…if enough bloggers point to it.  It’s a fun concept, as is macZOT in general.  I have actually used appZapper and I love it.  It’s not just some junk I’m posting to for the hell of it.  I figure I can contribute a little time for 5 cents to help others out. [...]

  215. Ben Reubenstein Says:


  216. Simon Says:

    Posted –

  217. ndrake Says:


  218. Matt Grover Says:

    slap bang!

  219. Andrea Says:

  220. LD Says:

  221. Grant Says:

  222. stirman Says:

    Posted in sidebar “link” section:!

  223. James Young Says:

    Fun idea, blog entry posted:

  224. jim Says:

    come on people…

  225. Wally4u Says:

    Posted at etv

  226. Josh Says:

  227. StinkyLouie Says:

    AppZapper 1.3
    How excellent to no longer search in the finder for all associated files when deleting an unwanted application.

  228. Josh Lee Says:


  229. Nick Says:

  230. Magnus Nordlander Says:

    Now I’ve made a post too:

  231. John Evans Says:

    If 259 blogs link to appzapper then it will be free :)

    So go and do it here

  232. Tom Says:

    All Blogged

  233. Ethan Says:

  234. Wally4u Says:

    Posted at

  235. Kelly Dumont Says:

    The Educational Mac can be found at MacZot

  236. Kelly Dumont Says:

    The Educational Mac can be found at The Education Mac

  237. Michael Says:

    great app for unistalling apps on OS X!!

  238. Paul Says:

  239. irulan:dot:net Says:


    Wie wäre es mit Tipps guter Software für den täglichen Gebrauch? Wie wäre es mit Shareware, die deutlich unter Preis verkauft wird?
    Es wird Zeit für eine neue Idee: macZOT! Doch was ist das eigentlich genau?
    Die Betreiber sprechen sich mit Sharew…

  240. m@ Says:

    Excellent idea.

  241. Grant Says:

  242. Jim Says:

  243. EDR1084 Says:

    there we go

  244. ezKiel Says:

  245. AndyB Says:


  246. Gordon Lawler Says:

    A few links for you:

    Hope they all count.

  247. Shelby Says:


  248. ShadowBottle Says:

  249. yahtzeen Says:

    In a horrible state of disarray but I wanted to help give the people some free software today.

    Good luck.

  250. cavemonkey50 Says:

    I blogged about the promotion here:

    All I can say is great idea macZOT.

  251. Gordon Lawler Says:

    1 more:

  252. Preston Says:

    Posted. Great!!

  253. BOK Says:


    I thought I was missing something on Apple Mac OS X lately, an uninstaller for example. But I don’t have to look any further. AppZapper IS an uninstaller for Mac OS X.
    Normally it will costs around 13 bucks (dollar that is), but if 259 bloggers p…

  254. Hermann4000 Says:

    Posted on my Blog –

  255. crankygeek » Bringing down the price - on MacZot’s AppZapper Says:

    [...] macZot (a mac apps deal/blog/thing ) is trying out an interesting marketing tactic. Every blog post that links to their AppZapper offer drops the price $.05. [...]

  256. Thanasi Says:

    Posted –

  257. crankygeek Says:

    Bringing down the price – on MacZot’s AppZapper

    “The uninstaller that Apple forgot.”
    macZot (a mac apps deal/blog/thing ) is trying out an interesting marketing tactic. Every blog post that links to their AppZapper offer drops the price $.05.
    As a recent half-switcher, this is someth…

  258. Jack Brewster Says:

    Doing my part to stick it to the man…err…get free stuff.

  259. A Burgess Says:

    Odd, any reason why the last few blogs haven’t been added to the list?

  260. Gordon Lawler Says:

    Found another one:

  261. Jack Lear Says:

    and lo, t’was ‘blogged.

  262. Bill Psonis Says:

    here’s my post. Cheers!!!

  263. Gordon Lawler Says:

    Is it ok if I keep posting some that I find?

  264. stefano Says:

    259 AppZapper

  265. Jaime Says:

    The Unofficial Apple Weblog mentions your promo:

  266. John Dolan Says:

    Here’s my little gift back.
    Link to blog:

  267. Chris Malanga Says:

    Great idea… happy to help!

  268. CyclotronX Says:

    And another

  269. kp Says:

  270. Izzy Says:


  271. CyclotronX Says:

    Here’s two

  272.» Blog Archive » AppZapper…free? Says:

    [...] For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  273. Will Says:

    Posted –

  274. Ian Watkinson Says:

    Well, it’s interesting, viral marketing at work?

  275. Experimentos de marketing: AppZapper gratis! Says:

    [...] Los chicos de MacZOT están organizando un pequeño revuelo con su último experimento de marketing: un descuento de $0.05 en el precio de AppZapper por cada blog que enlace con un post de su blog. [...]

  276. Ian Watkinson Says:

    Learn about Ap Zapper here

  277. Chris Says:

    This is awesome! Posted here:

  278. RjL Says:

  279. dojob Says:

  280. Sofa Naranja Says:

    Experimentos de marketing: AppZapper gratis!

    Bueno, no exactamente gratis…

    Los chicos de MacZOT están organizando un pequeño revuelo con su último experimento de marketing: un descuento de $0.05 en el precio de AppZapper por cada blog que enlace con un post de su blog.

    De momento han c…

  281. FenderF4i Says:

  282. Ron Says:

    I can’t wait to 3 o’clock

  283. Melamorsicata Says:

    We are here:


  284. Mark Fleser Says:

    Spread the word!

  285. jim Says:

  286. Cayenne5 » Blog Archive » AppZapper for Free? Says:

    [...] AppZapper is a really neat application that provides an easy way to completely uninstall a Mac application, leaving absolutely no orphaned preference files behind! Now, there’s a promo running over at macZOT, and one can get it for free – if enough people blog about it. So check out the macZOT page now – a 1-day only promotion! [...]

  287. EndlessWinter Says:


  288. AuKestrel Says: – posted!

  289. Dave Sherratt > Personal Portfolio Says:

    [...] You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Add a Comment Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Homepage Your Comment (required) [...]

  290. Mark Says:

    There. It’s done!

  291. Iso Grifo Says:

  292. Brian Wyrick Says:

  293. The Covert Family Website Says:

    AppZapper 1.3 is out

    AppZapper, the little uninstall utility that lets you remove all the gunk from installing applications…

    Check it out.

  294. 1,000 Free Copies of AppZapper - Maybe at Karakui Says:

    [...] MacZOT!, a site that features “One Great Mac Software. Daily”, is running a pretty cool promotion for a chance to receive a free copy of AppZapper 1.3. Check out their site for more info and help out by linking to their site too. [Via TUAW.] iTuned: Painted From A Memory (1998) from the album “Painted From Memory” by Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach [...]

  295. Nalod Says:


  296. Chris Cummer Says:


  297. mbazzoni Says:

  298. Gordon Lawler Says: (direct link instead of the general one that I posted before)

    (Hope these all count. Do the authors of the blogs have to post the links themselves? Not too clear on this)

  299. the valrus Says:

    Good luck!

  300. El Segundo.Net » Blog Archive » macZOT! - AppZapper - El Segundo, California Says:

    [...] For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  301. Conrad Walton Says:

    Two posts!

  302. Normando Says:

    There we go: regional Mac user group in Italy.

  303. Gordon Lawler Says:

  304. Justin Says:

    Hope this works!

  305. Chris Says:

    Linked at
    Great promotional idea guys

  306. Justin Says:

    Try again…

  307. MacWin Says:

    Grate idea ;-)

  308. Justin Says:

    posted –

  309. Lilith von Fraumench Says:

  310. Reed Says:

  311. Beautifully Letdown » Blog Archive » AppZapper for free? Says:

    [...] AppZapper for free? No TagsThat’s what macZOT! is promising if 259 blogs link to the promotion. [...]

  312. oolaa Says:

  313. CharlesP Says:

    I added MacZot to my links area at.

  314. Novatlan Says:

    Kennt ihr App Zapper?
    Nein? Macht nichts.
    Jeder, der einen mac hat, kann diesen super Uninstaller gebrauchen.
    Und das Tollste: Wenn genug Leute das Programm bloggen, gibts 1000 Kopien umsonst!!!
    Also bloggt drauflos und dann ab zu

  315. editblog Says:

    Hmmm, I linked and then it was taken down… I don’t understand why.

  316. Berko Says:

  317. thavok Says:


  318. Andy Says:



  319. wowow Says:

  320. Sam’s random musings » AppZapper 1.3 going to be free…. Says:

    [...] macZOT! » 5 CENT BlogZoT™: AppZapper 1.3 was released today. The uninstaller Apple forgot has teamed up with to run a special promotion for the release of their latest version featuring the new QuickZap™ AppZapper 1.3 is FREE! (or will be if we get at least 259 bloggers to mention it) For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 [...]

  321. ZenoCosini Says:

    posted on =>

  322. Geoff Says:

    My own contribution even if I have already registered AppZapper.

  323. Sam D Says:

  324. Lucas YOung Says:

    Posted to my weekly internet article/blog, On The Net (New Zealand) at

  325. Gabri Says:

    This is my post!

  326. Nik Says: is my link!

  327. Lucas Yung Says:

    Published to my personal blog,

  328. Ken Cavanaugh Says:

    Anyone know why the links aren’t being updated?

  329. craigtheguru Says:

    I’ve posted a link on my development blog, here:

    As a smalltime developer I’m intrigued by this novel method of marketing the app. Can’t wait to see how far this goes by the end of the day. ;)

    See how the new MacBook Pro performs in my MacBook Pro Performance Analysis:
    Download BARTsmart BART Widget, the best BART schedule widget for Mac OS X’s Dashboard.:
    Go to the Homepage for details and more information:

  330. Peter Garner Says:

    I would have sworn that I already posted mine, but I don’t see it either here or on the list on the main page, so here it is again:

  331. Brandon Says:

  332. Hans Says:

    theres another .05 off

    Great offer. Great marketing idea!

  333. Simon Says:

    What a great idea to get some buzz about the product.

  334. Simon Says:

    What a great idea to get some buzz about the product.

  335. Michael Sean Becker Says:

    This little piece of software has saved me several times recently. And now it’s free – if enough people blog it.

  336. Michael Sean Becker Says:

    Forgot to say it’s posted to

  337. Foveros Says:

    I added the link to my greek language blog:

  338. Yves Gonzalez Says:

  339. Starbubz Says:

    Cool! Like cheap or even better, free!!!

  340. ShaSpleen Says:

    Oh yes, another .05 cents

  341. porti Says:

    Here is my link

  342. lucky star Says:

    here are my 20 cents… 4 blogs that posted the link (from Digg)… i didnt see them on the list yet:

  343. Joshua Says:

    I just wanted to be popular.

  344. Nathan Says:

    Excellent idea! Can’t wait to see how this pans out!

  345. JubbaG Says:

    Posted to my iWeb:

  346. doblezeta Says:

    blogged it here

  347. Yves Gonzalez Says:

    hope it reaches the quota in time

  348. Tom Says:

    Here’s my blog!

  349. Kev Says:

    Here’s another one.

  350. O. Patrick Barnes Says:

    I added a blog entry to my blog at ( Below you can find the text of the blog entry:

    MacZot is running an interesting promotion where they drop the price of App Zapper $0.05 every time someone blogs about the promotion. No sales are allowed until the end of the day (3am PST tomorrow morning) so that everyone can get the same price, which could be free if enough blogging about it gets done!

    App Zapper is a really cool application that helps you get rid of any remnant files left by an application when you trash it. The App Zapper guys claim it’s the tool Apple forgot, and I agree with them. I already own it, and I use it. I hope you’re able to get a copy for free.

  351. Banana Lee Fishbones Says:

    Aight. I made with the linkies.

    Dig it.

  352. CyclotronX Says:

    Well, one blog complained about “chainmail” and “spam”. Sorry. I tried to explain to them the value of AppZapper and MacZot but they will have none of it. It makes me kinda angry. I feel I was doing them a favor…

  353. hunzydpoop Says:

    blogged it here :

  354. Exark Says:

  355. doblezeta Says:

    posted it on

  356. Silvio Tischer Says:

    This is now on my personal blog:

  357. Ryan Says:

    Trying this again…

  358. Davizinho Says:

  359. Starbubz Says:

    I love this little app. Seems to take all the guess work out of removing apps.

  360. bill.d Says:


  361. Chris O. Says:

  362. Grayson Says:

    My $0.05 cents:

  363. Ken Says:

  364. Friendly Tentacle Monster » Blog Archive » macZOT! » 5 CENT BlogZoTâ„¢ Says:

    [...] macZOT! » 5 CENT BlogZoT™ [...]

  365. kukkurovaca Says:

  366. MikesBuzz Says:

  367. Pi Says: Posted.

  368. Dan Says:

    there ye go –

  369. The Asiaerotica WebLog » Blog Archive » Get AppZapper for Free! Says:

    [...] For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  370. Jean Marc Says:

    A great Idea ! We are behind it all the way!

  371. Dave Says:

  372. Ed Says:


  373. Perry Says:

  374. rahina . info | b l o g » Blog Archive » Free Free AppZAP Says:

    [...] Free AppZAPper AppZapper 1.3 is FREE! (or will be if we get at least 259 bloggers to mention it) [...]

  375. Guitartech Says:

    Count me in!!

  376. rahina Says:

  377. Moth Says:

    There’s mine

  378. James B Says:

  379. Kyle Mistry Says:

    It’s everywhere, I say!

  380. YouHndsmedvl Says:

    great promo. great app.

  381. edmb Says:

    Is AppZapper still at $9.30? It’s been at that price since I first took a look over 5 hours ago?

  382. Tanner Lovelace Says:

    Hmm… I posted this once and it appears to have dissappeared

  383. Joshua Marshall Says:

    One more:

  384. Shad Says:

    On the side bar under quickbits:

  385. Dr. Dream Says:

    It is posted per your request. I hope it helps! Such a great idea for an application.

  386. joel burslem Says:

    Get AppZapper for Free

  387. akenemy13 Says:

  388. Joel Burslem Says:

  389. Isuro Says:

    on my blog, should be there soon

    great idea.

  390. macattack Says:

    Done –

  391. Enda Crowley Says:

  392. Dawan Says:

    Posted –

  393. Zio Says:

  394. W for Weblog » Blog Archive » AppZapper and MacZOT Says:

    [...] MacZOT is a website that sells one Mac software on discount every day. The software changes daily. Today it is AppZapper, a software that will uninstall an application completely. But there is an interesting catch: if 259 people mention this deal on their blogs, then AppZapper is free. This is an interesting way to promote the latest version of AppZapper. So this post and this link is my small contribution to this effort. [...]

  395. eastblu Says:


  396. kaarthik Says:

    Here is my link:

  397. |_0$3|2 Says:

    AppZapper 1.3 is FREE! (or will be if they get at least 259 bloggers to mention it)

  398. Jason QuestionMark Says:

    My .05$

  399. JP Dane-Castro Says:

  400. Ed Says:

  401. 3siculi Says:


  402. Cody Says:

  403. Paul Henry Schwebel Says:

    Linked on my blog at:

  404. Kevin Says:

  405. nmeans Says:

    Not sure why this got deleted first time around. Here’s a second try:

  406. Michele Says:

    a italian blog ;-)

  407. Bill Psonis Says:

    Sorry i forgot the url:

  408. fostlinger Says:

    As first blog on my nearly finished homepage!

  409. Jason Csizmadi Says:

    Posted –

  410. Rantings of a Crazed Geek Says:

    Free copies of AppZapper for everyone!

    AppZapper 1.3 was released today. The uninstaller Apple forgot has teamed up with to run a special promotion for the release of their latest version featuring the new QuickZapâ„¢AppZapper 1.3 is FREE! (or will be if we get at le…

  411. AppZapper 1.3 Released Today (and could be free) at b•o Says:

    [...] For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  412. Bwana Says:

  413. Iyaz Says:

    Here’s my link:

  414. Zeke Says:


  415. Kyle Says:

    To do my good deed…

  416. bill.d Says:

    Brilliant!! (repost – where’d my first one go???)


  417. Ameir Al-Zoubi Says:

  418. Foveros Says:

    Hmmm… I thought I had posted mine here already – oh well – must have been a hickup :-)

    My contribution (Greek Blog – unicode accessible)

  419. thomasjbradley Says:

  420. Jay Barbour Says:


  421. Jay Barbour Says:

    My link…

  422. Tim Says:

  423. John Says:

  424. Steve Says:

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  426. thomasjbradley Says:

    Too many z’s
    There are only 5.

  427. Simon Barratt Says:

    Here ya go!

  428. turtlebud Says:

  429. Micio Says:

    Great Idea for a Great Software!!!
    Check it out!


  430. tzon Says:

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    and one more!

  433. wukish Says:

    sorry one more here ::::::

  434. ZOP Says:

    Sure I’ll give everyone a $0.05 :)

  435. Brandon Says:

    i already posted but i wanted to post a link to the actual blog entry instead of just the blog itself:

  436. phoenix Says:

    Hmm-my previous link seems to have vanished; I thought I did a trackback too but it looks like it didn’t work. Ah well, here’s my mention of MacZot and AppZapper right here!


  437. Nate Says:

  438. Jim Says:

  439. Thomas 2 (no relation to Thomas) Says:

    Here’s my link!

  440. Jasmeet Says:

    Here’s mine:

    Also mentioned it here:

  441. Gordon Lawler Says:

  442. cbuck Says:

    Somehow my link got FUBAR. So here goes again:

  443. sam Says:

    here’s a-my post.

  444. Doug Daulton Says:


  445. Bobby Says:

    I love macZOT!!

  446. Ed Rodriguez Says:

    Here’s my blog link for the entry:

  447. mike Says:

  448. Gordon Lawler Says:

    There are definatly more than 95 Blogs listed here considering that there are 145 comments so far.

  449. Ian Watkinson Says:

    Ok, first 2 don’t seem to have counted.

    Third time lucky

  450. ryan Says:

    3rd attempt

  451. Jack Williams Says:

    Here you go!

  452. Bob Says:

    Wow, this must be a bit of a pain to keep track of all these blog links!

    here’s my getappzapperfree bid

  453. Bryan Says:

    Go bloggers Go!

  454. bgsneeze Says:

    Ok here is my blog
    Bgsneeze’s blog

  455. Bobby Says:

    Amazing site!!

  456. Dawan Says:

  457. :: r ya.ya n :: Says:

    Sent out the call to other friends. ::

  458. lyonelk Says:

    One more :

  459. Jay Barbour Says:

    Submitted already but could not find my entry in the comments…

  460. HazKid Says:

    Here’s my link!

    My Blog

  461. Morgan Says:

    Here’s another posting!

  462. Ryan Says:

  463. Brian Fitzgerald Says:

  464. B-O-K Says:

    And another link:

    It takes a L O N G T I M E before these links show up on the frontpage…

  465. Warwick Says:

    That’s another one.

  466. Postal-Code Says:

    Postal-Code has it –

  467. Says:


  468. Andrew Says:

    Here’s another nickel!

  469. Ben Briggs Says:

  470. Jimmy Says:

    Small Dog adds a blog posting!

  471. Abby Says:

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    Here’s my link:

  473. m1k3k Says:

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    Here’s my blog!

  475. Harv Says:

    Here’s a post from my blog!:

  476. Mike Says:

  477. Anders-Meyer Says:

  478. BoxNetwork Says: has it on the homepage.

  479. ringbark Says:

  480. Anoop Says:

  481. Malcolm McGrath Says:


  482. Rafael Blanco Says:

    Hey this is so cool I love their apps.

  483. Greg Norman Says:

    Driving the price down…

  484. Bart Says:

    Well here is my contribution! Nice job people hopefully we rach 259 blogs

  485. Lucas Young Says:

    Published to my weekly internet news blog,

  486. lenore Says:


    hope its ok, its rss

  487. Simone Says:

    My comment disapeared … this is my link

  488. Dave Says:

    Blog here:

  489. Ian Says:

    there she is.

  490. AppZapper 1.3 - Nokrev Says:

    [...] Huzzah! AppZapper has a deal where they lower the price of AppZapper by $0.05 every time somebody blogs about it, for today. Come on and post already, so we can get it free! Go get in on the deal! [...]

  491. Shah Says:

  492. Gordon Lawler Says:

    I hope the page is updated with the newly-posted blog links soon.

  493. Jeff Wheeler Says:


  494. Ed Mullin Says:

  495. fostlinger Says: since the first time it did not seem to be counted

  496. Matt Says:

  497. Frodo Larik Says:

    check it out at

  498. Rob Mientjes Says:

    I think I broke my WP install. I posted about this thing over here if you want to see it.

  499. TodW Says:

    Thanks for the sensational marketing ploy! I just added your blurb via EctoGrab to my blog. Here’s the link:

    Looking forward to more!


  500. matonmacs Says:

    Mine disappeared:

  501. JMerc Says:

  502. Jeff Says:

  503. djmori Says:

    My link…..

    I did a little promo-image too!

  504. Milty Says:

  505. Eric Says:

  506. quiksan Says:

  507. quiksan Says:

    and also here:

  508. jiggybyte Says:

    I posted a link earlier but it isn’t on the list yet…Just want to make sure my little bit of help makes a difference. has a post about MacZot and AppZapper.

    Yay for MacZot!

  509. simone Says:

  510. quiksan Says:

    Not sure if my comments posted, but here are my 2:

  511. Matej Says:

    One more.
    I like this promotion :)

  512. BlogZOT, AppZapper could be free Says:

    [...] Apparently if enough blogs link to MacZOT! it will make their latest AppZapper free. It seems like a handy little utility to help clean out files that apps leave around. So according to their post it’ll be free if 359 blogs link to it. So why not, I’d use it if it was free. :) [...]

  513. eastblu Says:

  514. Miraz Jordan Says:

  515. David Howe Says:

    Hey, a free copy? Cool!

  516. I like free stuff = If you build it, they will come (Apple users that is…) at Secret Weapon Labs Says:

    [...] So why post about this? In a nutshell, it seems that MacZOT has been forthright enough to say that if enough bloggers post to a referring link back to their site, they’ll make the application free.  They actually offer to reduce the the price of the app by $.05 for every blogger that does this.  The $12.95 price is reduced to free on or after the 259th comment.  Currently at 222, this seems like a worthwhile blog challenge The offer only stands until midnight  April 3, 2006 PST.  So hurry up. Here’s the link: [...]

  517. Chris Dollmont Says:

    Added an entry to my blog:

  518. Jabba Says:

    My 5c.


  519. Tyson Says:


  520. David Howe Says:

    Here is my posting

  521. Cameron Majma Says:

    I’m the same as Jay…

  522. Bill Says:

    Here’s my link

  523. Ryan Cates Says:

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    Here’s my link. Keep it up everyone :)

  525. Rodrigo Says:

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    My blog posting:

  527. Jason Says:

    Five more cents!

  528. jcsizmadi Says:

    my post:

  529. Kristian Says:

    Here’s mine.

  530. Wayne Lambright Says:

    Way to go Maczot, I just love this idea.

  531. michael Says:

  532. Noah Says:

  533. Dave Says:

    i’m doing my part…

  534. Beemer Says:

    One more on the way

  535. Jack Says:

  536. Pointlessism » Blog Archive » 5 Cent - BlogZOTâ„¢ Says:

    [...] For each blog that posts a link to, they’ll drop the price for everybody by $0.05 (Blog links should be posted to the Comment section at [...]

  537. Alan Chao Says:

  538. Andy Hume Says:

  539. Alex Says:
    and anotherone

  540. waikiki1 Says:

    Mahalo what a great idea…….

  541. Q Says:

    my blog!

  542. Lynne Says:

    We’ve posted it on our blog- I’m quite impressed with your marketing brilliance!

    AppZapper & MacZot

  543. Capricious Creativity » Maczot! Says:

    [...] Clearly Maczot appreciates the power of blogging and the power of viral marketing. My partner David is a huge fan of AppZapper which is today’s special at Maczot, and maybe now I’m going to have to give it a try ) [...]

  544. eMaculateConception Says:

  545. Sarah Says:

    My contribution to the effort.. :o) Great idea!

  546. Sir Not Appearing in this Blog Says:

    And another!

  547. waikiki1 Says:

    Mahalo what a great idea…….

    OK, here it is:

  548. jim Says:

    Weird. I posted at about 10am today, but now it looks like it’s gone. Anyway, here it is again:

  549. Tim Says:

    Blogs away!

  550. Shawn Says:

    Here is mine

  551. xian Says:

  552. Diana Says:

    Posted :)

  553. Here's one Says:

  554. Harley Cooper Says:

    An excellent idea! :D

  555. Chris Says:

    I keep telling myself I bought AppZapper at full price because I wanted to support the developer (instead of actually missing out on every MacZOT! promotion :) ).

  556. chiefted Says:

  557. Chris Says:

    Sorry, this will count:

  558. Chris Says:

    w00t i like appzapper, but i don’t like having to pay for mac software :(

  559. Blog Reader Says:

  560. macZOT! » BlogZOT™ 1.0 = Success Says:

    [...] We will provide a comprehensive list of all the people who helped. Stay tuned to the blog post for that. [...]

  561. adin Says: or

  562. Cody Says:

  563. Zot Stinks Says:

    WTF?!?! I’ve been reloading the front page for the past hour, and the price remained static at 65 cents. I was waiting for it to become free, reloading the page every ten minutes, and now the page finally (FINALLY!) gives a price of $0.00, but it also says it’s all sold out. What in Sam Hill happened? Did it sell out at the price of 65 cents, or did these scammers start giving them away without changing the front page?!

    I’m using the kindest language I can, but I’m angry & cheesed that I kept reloading this page all day, just to find a big pot of bubkes at the end of the rainbow of bull.

    Forget you, zot!

  564. Jiltanith Says:


  565. Mangee (jo) Says:

    Doing it for the common good.

  566. Brett Taylor Says:

    @ZotStinks: Dude, chill out and go to and get your free reg code there.

  567. Kyle Says:

    All you have to do is go down the page a bit. There’s a link to get a copy. It’s not sold out

  568. Pete. Says:

    Just click the

    To get your registration for AppZapper, please visit this page.

    I was pi$$ed too but it’s not sold out at all. And i’ve now got my serial. :D

    Mr Zot you make me Mr Happy.

  569. Mangee (jo) Says:

    Wow. I got mine.. easy. See and get yours!

  570. Darithraxiz Says:

    So.. you’re whining because you didn’t read the front page when they changed it, to realize there was a link there to get your free copy of AppZapper, a program that is not usually free. What do you have to complain about?

  571. Wronski Says:

    ahem… if you payed more attention you would have realized that there was a new post added to this blog; it includes a link where you can input your name and email to get your free license.

  572. Mangee (jo) Says:

    I got mine! A free serial.

    Cheers MacZOT! Awesome stuff. :)

  573. Sir Not Appearing in this Blog Says:

    I got mine at 6:40 p.m., PDT. Thank you, MacZOT!

  574. Switchblog » Blog Archive » Uninstall apps with AppZapper Says:

    [...] And for a limited time, it’s FREE! Yes FREE! Head on over at MacZot to find out more. [...]

  575. Joel Says:


  576. Scott Says:

  577. Derik Says:

  578. TodW Says:

    …hey, simmer down big fella.

    The server has probably been super-busy since word got out. I know that at 2pm I was trying and finally got through.

    Can’t you imagine that if two people post on their blogs and two people read each blog and post on THEIR blogs, that you soon have 512 people signing up.

    I wouldn’t say it’s a scam yet but I would say that things have probably been extremely busy there.


  579. James Says:

    Dude, just click on get a registration. Your serial should be sent to your email addy :).

  580. Chris Says:

  581. Bryan Oring Says:

    check it out!

  582. umijin Says:

    So, how do I actually GET the app now that I’ve registered and even promoted MacZot?!! I don’t see a “Buy” button anywhere.

  583. Emile Says:

    You obviously didn’t read the directions…

  584. phuong Says:

    Xin chao, Minh den tu HL, minh mong muon duoc lam quen voi tat ca cac ban. Thanks you

  585. Roger Says:

  586. Filippo Says:

  587. SKETCHi Says:

    I guess I’m late! :D.

  588. Bowler Says:

  589. 國生三年才開始 Says:


    一炮而紅的口碑式行銷 !!

    從早上開始,Mac user 間就開始流傳一個連結 (現已失效),這是 MacZOT! å’Œ AppZapper 一起辦的活動,玩法是這樣的:只要有一個人在自己的 blog 上面講這個活動,AppZapper …

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  858. Carson City Tahoe Relay, Solid State Relay Leakage Wire - Says:

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  859. Manual Do Dodge Dart, Dart Exhaust Duster - Says:

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  861. Toyota Echo Headlight Bulb Replacement Halogen Bulbs, Pb1000 Part Echo Diagrams - Says:

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