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World of Where

World of Where is the easiest way to learn the countries, capital cities, flags, provinces and physical features of the world.

Navigate "atlas style" to one of the many colourful political maps or gorgeous physical maps within World of Where and click test to begin a customisable quiz of the countries, cities, flags or physical features of that continent.

World of Where also includes maps that teach the provinces/states and cities of countries including the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Australia making World of Where a great tool for students, teachers, travellers and anyone else wishing to achieve an impressive knowledge of our planet.

World of Where comes in English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese.

Its fun, educational and slightly addictive.

What are people saying:

MacUpdate Reviews:

- “Great App! It’s so easy to learn my geography with this”

- “Genuinely useful software made by a friendly guy.”

– “Great app, they should give it to every US citizen at birth, I actually talked to an American that thought the capital of the UK was France! ”

- “World of Where is awesome! I’m using this software to prepare my kids for geography class in high school! They learn, and have fun in doing so with this software! Keep up the good work!”

- “Wow! What a great piece of software! I am a geography student in highschool, and for me, this software is perfect.”

– “Great! Showed me how much I didn’t know about the rest of the world and helped to correct that”.

Version Tracker Reviews:

- “This is an excellent program. It is very full featured and easy to use. Perfect for learning all of the world’s capitals!”

- “This is a nifty app, its a quick and convenient way to learn your geography.”

- “Very helpful, friendly, kind and all the other things a Good Scout is. An excellent reference and a built-in quiz tool to expand your knowledge of geography.”

- “As a homeschool Dad, this app has come in handy in our geography class. My youngest thinks this is a lot more fun than the geography book that we no longer use”

Macworld Magazine:

“World of Where is a great way to learn geography on the cheap” I admit to learning the locations of a few tiny countries myself during my testing. And if you’re a teacher, World of Where can be an invaluable teaching aid.”


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World of Where :

Dozens of positive reviews



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