Mar 22

What are they saying… MyzteryZOT?

The MyzteryZOT may not be revealed yet, but customers are already chiming in with positive feedback! Here are some comments from the blog:

ndrake said, “I couldn’t resist the pull of the MyzteryZOT! I’m in for one.”

mbazzoni said, “I am in for another mysteryZOT! The last one was good, can’t wait to see what apps we get this time”

zebra3 said, “I didn’t buy the first one not knowing if it would be new apps or a package of previous ZOTs but I did buy this one. What decided me this time around is that you announced how many apps are new ZOTs and how many are redux ZOTs, it’s a good idea imho. This my third purchase and probably not the last one, thanks for keeping up digging great apps for us.

Ecommerce Consultant said, “I’ve ordered. This is a cool site and a great idea. Just wish some other stuff hadn’t already sold out by the time I got round to visiting. Can’t wait to see what I get!”

That’s the good news. The bad news?

We’re well on our way to selling out! MacZOT! prepared 500 units of today’s MyzteryZOT and we’ve already sold 402 bundles. After selling out of 150 last time around we negotiated a bit more this time. And, it still appears that it won’t be enough.

Are you interested at all in potentially making your best decision for the day? If so, better hurry up! And thanks to everyone for already making this second MyzteryZOT a resounding success!

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3 Responses to “MyzteryZOT! News: Good and Bad!”

  1. Meg Q Says:

    I didn’t buy last time. Boy did I regret it. I bought early this morning. Even if you all give me five games (which I doubt) I’ll be glad I did. :^)

  2. Business Career Center Says:

    Business Career Center

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting

  3. MP4 Converter OS X Says:

    And thanks to everyone for already making this second MyzteryZOT a resounding success?